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Chapter 517: Actually, Lin Fan Is Really Sharp!

Chapter 517: Actually, Lin Fan Is Really Sharp!
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Patriarch Azure Saint was leaping with joy in his heart. 'Refine it! Hurry and refine it!' As long as True Energy surged in, that would be the blossoming of his spring once more!

He had been sealed in this place for a really, really long time now. It had been so long that he had even lost track of time.

The Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm was a cursed place to Patriarch Azure Saint. 'Damn it! Those of the human race are damned b*stards. To think that they'd dare to seal me here!'

He had been sealed here for tens of thousands of years now. The energy that was powering the seal was, in fact, the killing intent of the secret ground.

This killing intent possessed the battle hunger of powerful beings from all the thousands of races out there. As long as this battle hunger did not disappear, he would never be able to make it out.

But to top it off, the infuriating thing was that if the killing intent were to disappear entirely, the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm would cease to exist, and so would he!

Therefore, for the past tens of thousands of years, Patriarch Azure Saint did not know what he would do, and could only endure the loneliness and suffering of being trapped here.

However, his opportunity had finally arrived! To think that an ignorant being of the thousands of races out there would use a unique skill to suck up all the killing intent within the place, leaving just that bit left that was enough to sustain the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm!

This was the opportunity of a lifetime for Patriarch Azure Saint! How could he let this slip!

And the most heartening thing right now to him was that this being of the thousands of races out there had lost himself in the face of this treasure, and was completely trusting his words!

Patriarch Azure Saint understood that the beings of the thousands of races out there craved for power as well as these immensely rare opportunities.

To these beings, he as the Patriarch Azure Saint was the type of opportunity they were waiting for.

'Refine…Hurry up and refine it!'

Patriarch Azure Saint had had enough of being trapped in this godforsaken place. As long as this naïve being would refine the so-called Heaven Saint Imperial Talisman, he would be able to swap bodies with the latter and finally rid himself of this world of torment!


"Senior, I shall begin refining then, alright?" Lin Fan grinned.

To the Patriarch, this grin was ever so laughable and cute.

He had not expected himself to get this lucky by meeting a fool for this precious opportunity of a lifetime!

"Little buddy, refine with utmost ease! As fellow comrades of the thousands of races out there, we must stand firm against the ancient race together!" Patriarch Azure Saint urged Lin Fan on.

"Alright!" Lin Fan chuckled. But just as he was about to refine it, he stopped, "That's right, senior! Do you think that those of the ancient race are not only stupid, but really despicable as well?"

Patriarch Azure Saint was stunned for a moment. He did not know why the other party was asking questions as such. However, there was no time for him to be hesitating right now as he replied hurriedly, "That's right! The ancient race is incredibly stupid! All of them are despicable!"

Even though Patriarch Azure Saint was a little angered within his heart, his tone remained hurried. After all, no matter what he had to say, the main thing was that he had to get out of this place right now!

Lin Fan chuckled out, "That's right. That's what I think as well!"

"Little buddy, hurry up and refine it! You're the only one in this world deserving of a treasure like this!" Patriarch Azure Saint continued.

Lin Fan smirked as he fondled the 'Heaven Saint Imperial Talisman' in his fingers. Suddenly, a True Skill seed churned as Biggra surged within Lin Fan's body.

"Senior, I'm already transferring my True Energy within it. Please receive it with my regards!" Lin Fan spoke up.

"Sure!" Patriarch Azure Saint was excited right now. However, he suddenly frowned, "What did you just say?"

"Heh. Small fry, you want to play with Yours Truly? Alrighty then, prepare to receive this massive gift of Yours Truly!" With a cold laugh, Biggra burst forth from within Lin Fan's body.

This boundless amount of Biggra turned into a huge dragon, diving headfirst into the talisman.

The effects of Biggra were Heavenly defying. No matter what sort of a living being it was, as long as they were alive, they would definitely be doomed by it.

The 'Heaven Saint Imperial Talisman', also known as Devil's Switching Talisman, was directly linked to the Patriarch Azure Saint. However, even if he were to find anything amiss right now, it'd all be too late.

"What's this?" Patriarch Azure Saint found himself on the receiving end of a large amount of energy. He had thought that this was True Energy. However, he realized in horror that this energy was extremely invasive! Even though this was only a strain of his consciousness, it could penetrate right within his entire will!

"NO…!" The patriarch burst out into a roar. That initially feeble strain of consciousness suddenly turned extremely lively.

The burst of this energy came at the cost of his body's source.

A desire he had never once felt before surged within his mind right now. He wanted to resist it. However, he realized that this energy surpassed and bypassed every single thing as it went straight into the root of his soul!

"JUST WHO IN THE WORLD ARE YOU?" The patriarch howled out, unable to believe everything that was happening before him.

"I've no wish to reply that question of yours. Alright, listen up then. Yours Truly is just a man that makes you horny." Lin Fan replied frostily, "Don't you want my True Energy to swap with my body? Alright, Yours Truly shall fulfill your wish today and let you enjoy yourself thoroughly!"

"H-HOW COULD YOU HAVE REALISED…?" Upon hearing these words, Patriarch Azure Saint panicked. He had disguised the Heaven Saint Imperial Talisman perfectly! Even a powerful being of desolate celestial state wouldn't be able to tell at all!

But what he did not account for was the fact that even though Lin Fan's innate cultivation state wasn't that high, he had the strongest system ever. In front of the system, any cover-up was meaningless.

"HAHA! Haven't I made myself clear from the start? Every single one of the ancient race beings are dumbf*cks! And you yourself have agreed with me! Well, at this point of time, can you deny the fact that you're all dumbf*cks?" Lin Fan chuckled out.

Right now, with the keen observation of his Biggra, Lin Fan discovered that this was just a single strain of consciousness that possessed no real harm at all. It could only mystify and deceive others.

"Hmph, you're just a strain of consciousness without any cultivation state at all. How dare you play the fool before Yours Truly? Yours Truly shall let you know the consequences of doing so today!" With a holler, Lin Fan shifted and dashed towards the mountain cave.

Patriarch Azure Saint was in a dazed state right now as his consciousness reverberated wildly, "You cant enter here! The seal of this mountain cave isn't something you can remove…WAIT, WHAT?"

Even though the situation had unfolded as such, Patriarch Azure Saint wasn't afraid of Lin Fan in the least bit. While he could not make head or tails of the situation, he knew that it was going to be a dream if this guy thought that he could just enter the cave to take him down.

After all, the seal of this mountain cave was something that even a desolate celestial full cultivation being wouldn't able to take down at all.

However, he realized in shock that this fella was able to make his way in! To think that the seal would do nothing to him at all!

"N-NO! IMPOSSIBLE…!" Patriarch Azure Saint howled madly, unable to believe what had just happened.

Lin Fan did not know what this fella was whining all about. Even though this Patriarch Azure Saint was just a strain of consciousness without any cultivation state, Lin Fan knew that he must definitely be some powerful being out there. Therefore, this strain of consciousness must be impossibly strong as well. If he could absorb this within Demon City, it would definitely be a huge boon!

"Little trash! Yours Truly is here! A piece of junk like you had better heed the words of Yours Truly carefully! Acting tough is costly! How dare you impersonate a powerful being in front of me? Courting death!" Lin Fan yelled crazily before he darted into the cave.

The butcher knife had long been raised.

Lin Fan was determined to butcher this guy today.