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Chapter 527: Isn“t There A Worthy Fighter?

Chapter 527: Isn't There A Worthy Fighter?
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There was now a gigantic hole spanning tens of thousands of feet in the gigantic, massive wall surrounding the Despair City.

In the past thousands of years, Lin Fan was the first being of the thousands of races out there who had dared to seek trouble at the Despair City.

In the past, there had been powerful beings who had grouped up together and came forth towards the Despair City. However, all of them were nothing but ants in the face of the powerful Despair City. Their outcomes were the same: Corpses to be hung on the walls of the city, serving as a warning for any other potential intruders.

The authority of the Marquis of Despair was not to be questioned.

"To think that some mere human would dare to infiltrate the great Despair City? You deserve death for your actions!"

A tribunus of the ancient race stood tall and mighty, towering in the midst of the Despair City.

"Human! I shall use your blood and meat to decorate the walls of our Despair City!" Hollering out, the tribunus waved his pitch black hands, "Arrest him!"


The ancient race soldiers were lined up in an orderly manner, emanating a thick killing intent from their ranks. This killing intent materialized into a murderous gigantic dragon, swiveling in the air and roaring out towards Lin Fan.

These were trained soldiers of the ancient race. Their killing intent was intense, something that any mere ancient race being could not compare with.

On the other hand, Lin Fan could hardly care about these ancient race beings. Weak, too weak! Even though they were massive in numbers, they were nothing but paper in the face of his absolute powers.

"Get the Marquis of Despair out!" Lin Fan said calmly.

"Lord Marquis of Despair isn't someone you can see just like that! Take down this human, and we'll have his blood painted on our walls!" The ancient race tribunus cried out in anger. The killing intent on that hideous and ugly face of his was certain, as a massive aura burst forth from him, shooting straight up into the Heavens.

"Eat him up!"

"Kill this human!"

Tens of thousands of ancient race soldiers burst forth at Lin Fan. Ten chiliarchs were heading the charge, behind whom were ten centurions each.

If this were in the past, things might have seemed a little sticky for Lin Fan. However, for the current him, this was nothing to be afraid of.

"Oh, you cheap little ancient race sh*ts..." Lin Fan shook his head and sighed. Since they courted death, so be it. No matter how little it was, they still provided experience points after all.

'Demon City!'

Lin Fan slapped out into the skies with his palm as the gigantic supreme grade dao weapon, Demon City, appeared in the void. The howling figure of the big ancient demon grew larger gradually.

The Demon City, which was only the size of a palm, had expanded into a gigantic city instantly, which covered the entire sky. The imposing might of the big ancient demon burst forth immediately.

The unparalleled Demonic Qi spread through the entire sky as the Earth spirit river rippled out through the Heaven and Earth as well.

With a stretch of his gigantic palm, the big ancient demon took down the Heavens as he grasped out at the pitch black army of ancient race soldiers.

The moment the ten chiliarchs caught sight of this colossal palm, their hearts jerked for a moment. They then hollered out before exchanging glances with one another.

'Ancient Heaven Piercer!'

Suddenly, the ten chiliarchs joined hands together, and their auras fused immediately. A ball of flame rose up rapidly. Within this surging flame stood a gigantic giant of the ancient race, that was 10,000 feet tall. With a maddened howl, he stretched out both of his arms, punching through the layers of void, as though he was bent on taking down the big ancient demon.

"Hmph. I've got to admit that you guys have got some tricks. However, you really think that you can go against Yours Truly after just combining into a mere giant?" Lin Fan laughed coldly. No matter how many of these ants came forth, he would just kill them all.

Even though this giant was a result of the fusion of ten chiliarchs, it was far from enough to garner any bit of respect from Lin Fan.


The Heaven and Earth quaked once more as the devastating fist of the big ancient demon destroyed everything in its way. That 10,000 feet tall giant began to crumble into blood water while wailing out tragically.


The might of that fist was unparalleled in this world.

The firm ground began to tear apart under the tremendous force produced by that fist. In fact, the moment it landed on the ground, even the entire Despair City began to quiver against it.

"Damned human! You're courting death!" Looking at the mighty punch, the tribunus snapped back to his senses as he rushed forth towards Lin Fan.

"Die under my might! I shall have you know a fate worse than death!" The fury that was burning within the big ancient demon's heart was boundless. Intolerable! To think that ten chiliarchs that he had spent such a long time grooming would fall under that single fist! And that was not even counting the number of centurions and decani that had perished along with them!

"Human! No matter how powerful you are, there's no way you're getting out of this alive!"

'Severing Demon Slash!'

The body of the tribunus shone brightly as he delved into the void. He was wielding a blood red saber, which was gleaming with a ghastly aura. Slicing out, that single shockwave of berserk strength ripped out towards Lin Fan.

Severing Demon Slash was the tribunus's ultimate move. It was a mysterious and dark skill. Even if the void were cut by it, they wouldn't regenerate for an extremely long time.

Any mere man would definitely find their bodies being ripped apart in the blink of an eye, without even knowing how they died.

'So Near, Yet So Far!'

Lin Fan, who was standing there casually, suddenly disappeared from where he was, as though he had disappeared from the entire world.

The tribunus's face crumpled up as a look of horror spread through his entire face. He couldn't locate the figure of that human anymore!

Where did he go?!

However, in the blink of an eye, the body of the ancient race tribunus shuddered once more as a look of fear entered his eyes as well. From the reflection of his pupils, one could catch sight of a face filled with a beaming wide grin.

A seemingly normal hand grabbed out at him. The tribunus roared in anger, "B*STARD! I'LL CLEAVE YOU INTO TWO!"

The tribunus was filled with glee right now looking at how the impudent human daring to receive the blow with his bare hands. With the rush of adrenaline, the force that was emanated out increased ever so slightly, as the muscles of the tribunus bulged up.


"You…!" The ancient race tribunus could not believe his own eyes. To think that the human could break through his Severing Demon Slash with a single hand? Not only that, the human continued pushing forth, causing his saber to crumble.

Wait, he wasn't stopping! Next thing the tribunus knew, Lin Fan was grabbing at his neck.

"Azure celestial full cultivation... You're the weakest tribunus I've ever met." Lin Fan continued calmly. In his eyes, this tribunus was just way too weak. Extremely, extremely weak!

It was so weak that he couldn't even get excited in the least bit!

"LET ME GO…!" The ancient race tribunus howled as that massive body of his struggled. However, the human' grip was dead locked, and he couldn't even move a single inch from his position!


With a single pinch of his fingers, Lin Fan snapped the neck of the tribunus and tossed him far into the distance.


Those beings of the thousands of races out there no longer knew what was going on right now.

That single quake early on had caused their hearts to shudder. Within each and every single one of their hearts, there was a burning desire to live on. They hoped for a miracle secretly. However, in reality, they knew that the chances of that were second to none.

In their eyes, that human that had arrived was most probably already dead.

Those ancient race beings in charge of tormenting them were waiting patiently as well. Suddenly, all of them burst out into laughter.

"HAHA! That human must be dead by now!"

"To think that he would dare to come to Despair City so brazenly! He's just seeking death!"

"All of you ants right here! Enjoy your despair happily! That man will not be able to save you guys!"


Those eyes of the captive beings that had lit up with hope earlier on gradually began to dim down once more. These ancient race beings were right. How could anyone possibly be here to rescue them? Despair City was a place that was filled with prisoners brimming with despair.

However, right at that moment, a loud voice rang out across the entire skies.



The earth trembled as a colossal giant appeared in the distance, with the gigantic Demon City above his head. He was so imposing, as though he could pluck down the moon from the sky itself.

The moment that gigantic being opened its wide mouth, tons of ancient race beings were sucked into his tummy to be converted as nourishment.

It was so horrific a sight that their hearts froze up for a moment there.