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Chapter 530: One Smack To Fall!

Chapter 530: One Smack To Fall!
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The four commanders had not expected for Lin Fan to appear in another direction altogether! They were all glaring intently at this weird looking smelt the entire time, awaiting the exit of Lin Fan. To think that he could have escaped their watchful eyes?

Suddenly, the first commander shouted with a shrill voice, "Gu Zhantian, go over there and delay the human! We'll take down this treasure of his!"

"Alright." Gu Zhantian nodded in agreement, "He's now all alone without his treasure. I'll definitely be more than enough to take him down!"

"Hmph. Wanna steal my treasure? Dream on!" Lin Fan gave off a holler. Instantly, the Heaven and Earth Smelt shook violently as though it wanted to break through these obstructions and return to Lin Fan's side.


The three commanders smirked coldly as they slapped out with a flurry of palm strikes. Each and every single one of these palm strikes turned into a thin line of their own, eventually forming a gigantic net that covered the entire Heaven and Earth Smelt. With that, that entire region around the Heaven and Earth Smelt was sealed entirely by the three commanders.

Looking at that, Lin Fan grinned as well.

They fell for it.

But of course, they wouldn't have done it if he hadn't given them that bit of pressure.

'To think that this treasure would try to resist!' The three commanders looked at the constant ramming of the Heaven and Earth Smelt. With every single ram the Heaven and Earth Smelt made, the strength of their seal decreased by a little.

"We'll convert it over now! Gu Zhantian! If you can kill that human, do it by all means! If you can't, delay him! Once we're done converting this treasure over to our side, we'll join in and assist you!" The first commander, Gu Haitian, slapped out with a flurry of palm strikes once more, firming up the seal even further.

"Don't worry! He's just a mere human. I can take him down with the back of my hands." Gu Zhantian glared at Lin Fan coldly, his fighting intent bursting through the Heavens.

At this moment, Gu Zhantian was like a longsword that had descended from the firmament itself, his aura ever so menacing.

An aura of this level was terrifying beyond words. It was so strong that the void around him was rippling due to his might, as beams of bright light pierced through the void from him.

Suddenly, a blood red pike appeared in his hands.

'Soul Rendering Pike!'

There were a lot of weird looking runes and symbols inscribed on the body of the pike. At the same time, there were two burning balls of light around it. It was as though the scorching sun was plucked down from the Heavens and infused directly into this pike.

Medium grade dao weapon, Soul Rendering Pike.

The moment the fourth commander, Gu Zhantian, wielded this pike in his hands, his power level seemed sturdier than ever, as though a sword had just been unsheathed.

Piercing through the void, the battle intent was unparalleled. It seemed as if no one could stand against him.

"Human, you ought to feel proud of yourself. There has been no other ant from the thousands of races out there who had been able to force out my Soul Rendering Pike. Today, I shall use your fresh blood as tribute for my pike!" Gu Zhantian looked at Lin Fan with a cold glare.

The ancient race was the ancient race indeed. To think that he could easily produce a dao weapon just like that, and a medium grade at that.

Lin Fan's only goal right now was to take down this commander. Otherwise, no matter how strong he was, the combined strength of the four of them was still something tricky to deal with.

At the same time, if this Gu Zhantian could possess a medium grade dao weapon, the three of them should most definitely have their own as well.

Lin Fan took a look at his experience points. He was about to level up right now. After taking this fella down, he should be able to level up once more and receive yet another spike in his power level. By then, he would stand an even greater chance against them.

"Go to hell!"

Suddenly, a massive glow of light burst forth from Gu Zhantian as the Soul Rendering Pike in his arms started to swivel. The head of the pike swirled violently and pierced through the void like a dragon on its own. With a gentle jerk, ripples burst forth from its head, expanding out in all directions, and gradually getting bigger till the entire void was covered.

'Heaven's Energy Strike!'

Gu Zhantian had a good mastery of the pike. Just this single move was enough to block out all possible paths of escape for Lin Fan. In fact, the ripples that were appearing now in all directions were filled with the intent of the pike as well.

'He's getting stronger now. Making use of his Soul Rendering Pike, Gu Zhantian is able to deploy his strongest pike skill. This is way more powerful than when he was fighting barehanded.' Lin Fan frowned. Wielding the Eternal Axe, he clashed head-on with the Soul Rendering Pike. In fact, Lin Fan could even feel the other party having the upper hand in terms of fighting strength.

'Flying Heavens!'

Without anyone noticing, Lin Fan had already kept his Flying Heavens hidden underground. Even though he did not know if this would work out, as long as it could even disturb Gu Zhantian, then it would have served its purpose at the very least.

"To think that a single human like you would be in possession of this many treasures! Even this axe itself seems pretty extraordinary!" Greed was spelled all over Gu Zhantian's face. Twisting his wrist, his pike jerked as the two balls of lights bolted out towards Lin Fan, trying to seize this opportunity to take him down. However, at that moment, something happened beneath the ground.

"What's this?" As a desolate celestial full cultivation powerful being, Gu Zhantian was naturally sharp towards his surroundings with his refined senses. Nothing could escape from him, let alone this massive surge of disturbance.


Gu Zhantian did not dare to act carelessly. Flinging his Soul Rendering Pike, he flung away from the Eternal Axe and escaped from his initial position.


Flying Heavens burst forth at where he was. However, it hit nothing.

Lin Fan did not panic due to it. He was in no hurry to kill Gu Zhantian. Pointing out his finger, he tore a hole in the void. Making use of the confusion, Lin Fan's palm shook gently as a white mist gradually entered the void.

"Hmph, the human race is despicable indeed. However, I've seen through all your tricks! Let's see what else you've got!" Gu Zhantian laughed coldly. Stepping forth, it was as though he was one with his pike. At the same time, before he employed his pike techniques, he had already deployed numerous other skills, hiding them within his pike arts.

As long as Lin Fan dared to receive the blow, the damage dealt would definitely be devastating.

Through his exchange with Gu Zhantian, Lin Fan was beginning to realize his shortcomings. He calmed down his heart and began to focus slowly.



Even though he had only unlocked two of the Heaven Splitting three stances, the consumption of True Energy was incredibly scary.

"Not bad! But, that's far from enough!" Gu Zhantian's eyes glimmered. With a single sweep of his pike, he was bent on splitting the entire world open.

'Soul Rendering Pike, Total Annihilation!'

With a maddened holler, Gu Zhantian unleashed his ultimate move. The three other commanders who were busy trying to refine the Heaven and Earth Smelt looked over and smirked as they saw Gu Zhantian's move.

Seemed like this was it for the human.

However, a strange phenomenon suddenly occurred.

"W-what's this?" Gu Zhantian was bewildered and confused by the mist of white smoke that had appeared before him suddenly. Just as he was about to slap it away, he realized that something strange was happening within his body!

"Heh! Seems like it's still useful." Lin Fan smirked. He bolted towards Gu Zhantian with his left hand behind his back. And of course, a bright, red brick appeared in Lin Fan's left hand.

'Doomsday Calamity God Fist!'

Lin Fan's right hand turned into the shape of a pummelling fist as his energy rumbled. The spirit of the towering Doomsday Calamity God appeared howling from Lin Fan's fist.

Gu Zhantian did not know what this b*stard had done to him. However, he could sense a surge of energy he had never ever felt before rising through his body, taking over his entire soul.

But how could he just give in to this thing and let it have its way? He tried to use his True Skill seed to suppress the urge. First, he had to take down this damned human!

"GO TO HELL!" Gu Zhantian yelled as the Soul Rendering Pike turned larger. Piercing through the void, he charged at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan's expression did not change. He was going to clash with the Soul Rendering Pike with his indestructible body!


"WHAT?" Gu Zhantian was startled. How could this human's physical body state be this strong? To think that the pike could only pierce through his body a little and could not penetrate any further! It was as though it was stopped by some unknown force!

Suddenly, Gu Zhantian's face changed as well. He could tell of the evil intents on the smirking face of this human!

'Nine Five Legendary Brick! One smack to fall!'