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Chapter 554: Explode and...EXPLODE!

Chapter 554: Explode and...EXPLODE!

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'Ding…Congratulations on smelting.'

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Divine celestial level 7, All in One state being, Sovereign King Wei.'

'Ding…Experience Points +3,000,000'

'Ding…Congratulations on levelling up.'

'Ding…Cultivation State: Divine celestial level 1, True state.'

Upon hearing the notifications from the system, Lin Fan instantly felt a burst of power surging through his body. The True Energy within his body was compressed into a bean sized pearl. At the same time, he could feel his blood, tendons, and cells rushing towards this pearl as well.


The pearl exploded suddenly as the fluid within flowed through every single part of his body. It was as though everything in his body had been concentrated into this fluid.

His body seemed to be churning repeatedly.

Lin Fan could evidently feel the power level within his body rising up.

The moment Lin Fan's Mythical Parasol Tree within his inner world felt this surge of energy, it began to germinate and grow even larger.

'Indeed, all things beneath a divine celestial are nothing but ants. One would only tread on the true path of cultivation upon reaching the divine celestial cultivation state.'

The living beings of the thousands of races out there were at the top of all the spirits of the world, as the energies of the Heaven and Earth culminated within.

Upon entering the divine celestial cultivation state, one would open the doors of the so-called Emperor Forbidden Realm.

'The ark of wisdom is isolated, without limits for all powers.'

Upon entering the divine celestial cultivation state and breaking through into the Emperor Forbidden Realm, one's wisdom would be like an ark which could carry everything along with it, resisting all evils from penetrating through.

Within Lin Fan's mind stood various figures of deity spirits. An image of Buddha was producing golden lotuses with a bright, golden glow, which removed all impurities in the world.

In this state, one's powers would be boundless. Using one's wisdom as a foundation, they would carry forth with them all the energies of the Heavens and Earth.

This was a mysterious and amazing feeling. If one had not experienced it for themselves, they would never know how wonderous this feeling could be.


Within Lin Fan's mind, a long river of powers began to flow down rapidly, filling up all parts of his body. Every single cell of his began to absorb this power at a frenzied speed. Those empty cells were now filled with powers and shone brightly like a crystal.

This boundless power found itself replenishing every single portion of Lin Fan's body. A single wave by him was enough to cause an earthshattering and devastating reaction.

At this moment, his wisdom began to spike as well. The boundless amount of wisdom allowed Lin Fan to comprehend many more things. In fact, every single one of his skills were laid out before him in his mind right now.

Every single skill that he had once learnt, every single thing that he had ever forgotten, all of them appeared in his mind in that instant.

In this miraculous realm, Lin Fan could visualize multiple forms of his very existence. With that, every single Lin Fan was performing a set of skills on their own.

Purging the impurities and collecting only the essence.

Even if his skills could level up with the help of the system, there would still be unnecessary impurities gathered along his way up to the top. If he hadn't discovered them by himself right now, he might never be able to comprehend them fully.

'At the end of the day, one must always depend on oneself. The system can only be taken as a form of assistance and not a form of reliance.'

Every single thing that had slipped away from his memories were flashing by his head like a cinema reel right now. Lin Fan felt as though he had gone through multiple cycles of reincarnation at this moment.

Opening the Emperor Forbidden Realm allowed Lin Fan to comprehend a world of logic. At the same time, his view of the system was gradually shifting as well.

While the system was invincible, it wasn't invincible at the same time.

It worked as an assistant.

Lin Fan could control the system, but he could never allow the system to control him.

The moment this thought appeared in Lin Fan's mind, he buried it down within his heart.

Now that he had entered divine celestial level 1, True state, his powers were way stronger than before by at least ten, no, hundred times. At the same time, the amount of energy that was gathered within his body was way more robust than before as well.

'Ding…Congratulations on levelling up.'

'Ding…Cultivation State: Divine celestial level 2, Realm state.'

Suddenly, all his powers went berserk as they gushed out madly. The surge of power had not ended just yet as he found himself ascending into a state that could only be described as mysterious beyond mysterious.

With the wave of his palm, a massive surge of energy ruptured out. With his body as a centre, it rippled out in a circular shockwave around him. He suddenly found himself aware of every single living being and thing in the vicinity.

Every single move and action undertaken by anyone were within his knowledge.

It was as though he was the one true god within this entire realm.


'Black Tiger Steals Heart!'

'True Origins Crushing Kick!'

'Thunder Trainer King!'


In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan released all his skills. Relieving themselves from Lin Fan's control, they turned into golden talisman papers and floated into the realm.

'Who reigns supreme?'

Suddenly, all the skills that had delved within the realm began to duke it out. This was a duel to determine who would reign as the king of the realm.

Lin Fan slapped out with his palm. While it was a gentle slap, the amount of power possessed by it was immense, as he shattered all the talisman papers altogether.


It was simple for Lin Fan. He wanted to craft out the strongest realm personally.

The impetuousness of Biggra.

The imposingness of Black Tiger Steals Heart.

The crushing sensation on one's nuggets of True Origins Crushing Kick, et cetera.

It was time to fuse all of them together to form the most terrifying realm ever.

Under Lin Fan's command, all of these skills began to wisen up and fuse together obediently. In that instant, rainbow coloured pearls spread with bright light shimmering from them as they floated gently within the realm. Eventually, all of them rose up and diffused themselves within this misty realm.

Suddenly, Lin Fan opened up his eyes as a bright beam of golden light pierced out at the world.

He could see through everything now.

'Divine celestial level 2, Realm state.'

The rising amount of energy pleased Lin Fan to no ends. He had not expected to level up twice without any interferences just by killing the Sovereign King Wei.

"But, aren't the amount of experience points way too little?" This wasn't Lin Fan's greed that was speaking. The question was, why in the world did a bloody divine celestial level 7, All in One state powerful being provide so little experience points?

This didn't make sense! No sense at all!

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Sovereign King Wei's Paradise Shard.'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Sovereign King Wei's Undying Bloodline. 1 drop.'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Sovereign King Wei's Essence Spirit Shard.'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Sovereign King Wei's Law Shard.'

'Indeed, it was as I had expected. Someone as grandiose and mighty as the Sovereign King Wei couldn't possibly provide so little experience points. This should be due to the fact that he was smelted. As such, all of his cultivation state wasn't converted into experience points entirely, but were turned into remnants of his cultivation state's comprehension.'

Upon entering the divine celestial cultivation state, Lin Fan had a much better understanding of things.

He would have to spend a fair amount of time moulding to every single cultivation state he was in, so that they could reach the peak status. By the time he was to enter the Law state, the power of Law within his body must definitely have reached its peak state as well.

Therefore, the reason why he was stuck at the Realm state right now was because his mastery of the Realm state hadn't reached its peak yet. The key to him moving on to the next cultivation state would be to mould this current state into perfection.

'Seems like the system must have understood this point from the start. Hence, it did not convert the Sovereign King Wei into experience points entirely, but chose to leave his cultivation comprehension into remnant shards instead, so that I can use them to work on.'

The moment Lin Fan thought of this, every single doubt in his mind began to make sense.

'Paradise Shard: Divine celestial level 3, Paradise state. Usable.'

'Undying Bloodline: Able to raise one's Physical Body State. Usable.'


As for the remaining two items, they were items that Lin Fan could not make use of just yet. However, it would be good to keep them for the future.

'Use Undying Bloodline.'

Lin Fan started without any hesitation. After all, one's Physical Body State was of great importance.

'Ding…Use Undying Bloodline.'

'Ding…Eternal Immortality levelled up.'

'Ding…Eternal Immortality evolved into Eternal God Body.'

'Ding…Physical Body State levelled up: Desolate celestial upper level.'

'Ding…Eternal God Body levelled up.'

'Ding…Physical Body State levelled up: Desolate celestial full cultivation.'

'Ding…Physical Body State levelled up: Divine celestial level 1.'


"HAHAHA! THIS IS AMAZING!" Lin Fan was so excited that he was about to burst into tears. The BOSS was not the BOSS for nothing! To think that he would provide such rewards post his death!

The spike of his cultivation state was just like a rocket bursting into the sky. Even his Physical Body State had bolted all the way up to the divine celestial state!

Right now, Lin Fan's confidence towards the future was rising rapidly as well. As long as he continued on this path, he would definitely be an utmost god figure one day.