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Chapter 555: His Terrifying Moves!

Chapter 555: His Terrifying Moves!

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Within the center region of the Ancient Saint World, eight splendid and majestic buildings stood towering over the Heaven and Earth. These eight towers formed a circular shape. In the middle of these eight buildings existed a black hole of unfathomable darkness. A dense series of light beams existed on the surface of the black hole that were strung together like the web of a spider.

Within one of those towers, an ancient being was seated on his jewel throne lazily, as he twirled a spherical ball in his palm. This spherical ball was sparkling and translucent, while a grey light swirled within.

"Lord Utmost Being, Sovereign King Wei has died." Just then, one of the ancient race servants appeared from within the darkness. His head was lowered with a look of fear on his face, not daring to look at the utmost being seated on his jewel throne straight in the eyes.

"Ok." The ancient race being on the jewel throne let out a deep and soft sound. However, this servant clearly understood that the silence of the utmost being meant another thing altogether. The lord was thoroughly angered right now.

"Lord Utmost Being, your underling here shall take his leave then." As though he was feeling repressed by the rage, the servant could not wait to leave this suffocating place immediately.

"Do you wish to be an overlord and look down on the masses as ants?" Suddenly, the ancient race being on the jewel throne spoke up once more. The voice was hoarse and cold, without a single strain of emotion. It was as if all beings in this world were nothing but ants to him.

"Lord Utmost Being, I…I…!" The ancient race servant's face changed. He was emotional right now. However, it was mostly due to fear. After all, the lord utmost being was the most fearsome existence for all the ancient race beings out there.

Suddenly, a cold light flashed by.

The mysterious bead that the ancient race being was toying with in his palms floated gently above the head of the ancient race servant.

"From this day forth, you shall be the new the Sovereign King Wei." These were the words of this ancient race being, one of the eight Utmost Beings.

From that bead, a mysterious aura burst forth and caged the ancient race servant within.


Suddenly, the ancient race servant howled out tragically as his body expanded crazily. It was as though something was trying to find its way out of his body right now. A terrifying surge of energy erupted out of his body.

This aura was pretty similar to the the Sovereign King Wei of before in strength.

"HAHAHAHAHA…!" Looking at the servant before him, the ancient race Utmost Being who was seated on his jewel throne burst out into laughter.

"Just who is it that could have killed Your Utmost's dog? To think that I couldn't sniff out that guy. Also, even that little bugger, the Marquis of Despair, has disappeared into thin air. Just where in the world is he?" The Utmost Being of the ancient race rubbed his chin as though he was just contemplating something really casual.


If Lin Fan were there to witness the scene, he would have frozen up immediately. After all, the Utmost Being of the ancient race was way too sick!

To think that he could create yet another Sovereign King Wei with almost no effort at all! What sort of psychotic strength should one possess in order to do something of this level?


Right now, Lin Fan was relishing that massive amount of energy within his body. The experience of being in Realm state was something he could never get bored of. After all, he truly felt as though he was the one true god within that realm of his.

The realm possessed all sorts of skills. Fusing together into one, the amount of power that was emanated from the convergence was even more horrifying.

This was especially the case for Biggra. Lin Fan did not believe that there could be anyone in this world who could defend against Biggra.

As long as he entered this realm, a boundless amount of Biggra would surge out along with all sorts of heaven-defying skills. For anyone in this world, entering this realm would be equivalent to entering Hell.

"Yours Truly's path to an ultimate massacre is truly initiated today! Now that I'm at the divine celestial level 2, Realm state, as long as I don't meet some sick psycho, I can probably duke it out against most other people!" Lin Fan was excited beyond words.

Standing between the Heaven and Earth, he reared his head into the sky and revealed a calm smile.

It'd be better for him to leave this place as soon as possible. After all, the ancient race must have already been notified of the Sovereign King Wei's death. However, since the Heaven and Earth Smelt was isolated from the world itself, even if they knew that he had died, they wouldn't be able to uncover the identity of the killer.

Despite that assurance, it'd still be better to move out of this place.

Without any hesitation, Lin Fan shifted his body nimbly as he disappeared from the area. With that, Despair City was now just an empty city, without any dangers to the future.

Now that Despair City was taken down, this was an incredibly big piece of news for those who were going to ascend from this day forth. This would ensure that their ascension would be much safer than before.


Taking the beings of the thousands of races with them, the members of the six major sects appeared at a distant place.

"They're back!" Some of the disciples who had been forming a defensive formation in their wait exclaimed out excitedly as they noticed the flickering of their formation.

All of these disciples who had been patiently awaiting their return felt extremely emotional.

The flicker dissipated.

Looking at their surroundings, the rescued captives breathed in the fresh air around them. Now that they were far from that place of endless torments, they could not help but clamor out in excitement.

Surveying his surroundings, Dulong heaved a sigh of relief as well.

"Brother Du, congratulations on your return." From the distance, a middle-aged man with a sturdy aura was beaming on Dulong's return. However, there was a slight look of incredulity on his face, as though he was finding this to be somewhat unbelievable.

"Eh…?" The moment he caught sight of the beings of the thousands of races and all the disciples who had gone for the expedition returning safe and sound, he was extremely bewildered.

Hadn't this gone a little too well?

Of course, it wasn't because he was hoping for any disciple to fall. However, all of them were well aware of the ancient race's strength.

It was pretty much a miracle for all of them to return without a single casualty.

"Brother Wang, we've made an earth-shaking discovery this time around. During our journey to Despair City, we met with this Motherf*cking Human King. When the Marquis of Despair appeared, the Motherf*cking Human King not only slain the Marquis of Despair, he took down the son of the Sovereign King Wei as well!" The moment Dulong thought of this, his heart began to thump furiously once more. After all, this was a joyous piece of news for all of them from the thousands of races.

"What?" The moment the middle-aged man heard this, his face turned into one of disbelief immediately.

"Brother Wang, let us discuss about this matter later on. Right now, I've got to meet the Grandmaster to report on this matter. Please arrange for our disciples to take care of them first." With that, Elder Dulong turned into a streak of light as he shot off into the distance.

All of the beings of the thousands of races and the disciples of the six major sects were now sharing the tales of today's happenings with everyone else who wasn't able to be there to witness the entire show. All of their faces were filled with exhilaration.

"That Motherf*cking Human King was way too strong! With a single slam of his hand, all of the million ancient race soldiers were killed instantly! That was some horrifying strength he had!"

"HUH? SO STRONG? Did you guys truly witness this yourselves?" The moment the other disciples heard this, their mouths dropped apart, finding it hard to swallow.

"Yes, we have! Not only were the ancient race soldiers taken down, even the four commanders couldn't escape death in the hands of the Motherf*cking Human King!"


Everyone who heard this took in a deep breath of cold air. At the same time, they were now immensely curious towards this Motherf*cking Human King, hoping to be able to catch a sight of him one day.

Even their own Grandmaster wouldn't be able to take down a million ancient race soldiers just like that!

Just what sort of an existence was this Motherf*cking Human King?!

And just as these beings of the thousands of races were busy revering Lin Fan, something was going on.

Far away from them, Lin Fan was completely stuck in this problem that had come before him…