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Chapter 588: Quite A Bit Of Effort

Chapter 588: Quite A Bit Of Effort

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Even though the scene before him was pretty piercing for the eyes, Lin Fan was ashamed to admit that somehow, he was getting more excited by the moment as he continued watching.

"Lin Fan! How dare you humiliate me as such? I swear that I'll definitely kill you in this lifetime!"

"Kill me if you've got the guts! Even if I were to turn into a ghost, I wouldn't ever let you off! Ahhh! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

The mushy sensation that Luo Yi was feeling was causing his entire spirit to dissolve. Even though an Undying state being wasn't the most powerful being among divine celestials, this was still an existence not to be underestimated in the Ancient Saint World.

However, to think that he would be humiliated like a beast right now by this human! How could Luo Yi tolerate something like this?

"Hmph! Is this how you should speak to my Master? It seems as though you've fallen too far down into the deep abyss! Brother Long Xuan, please use your Flying Heavens to desecrate his anus!" The Thunder Trainer King turned his head around and shouted in anger.

This was the killing intent of a Buddha. Needless to say, the already perverted Thunder Trainer King was even more perverse to the max right now.

"Cough, cough!" The moment Long Xuan heard this, he faked a cough, pretending as though he had heard nothing.

"Hmph! Your Trainer King here refuses to believe that he can't train you up today!" The Thunder Trainer King was riled up right now. With that, the techniques in his arms got even stranger.

Right now, Luo Yi was nothing but a piece of fish on the chopping block, a puppet to be played around with. He was being shamed, humiliated, and toyed with by the Thunder Trainer King.


The ten fingers of the Thunder Trainer King began to squirm as lightning crackled out from his fingers, boosting the power of his whips, "Increase the voltage!"

"Yes, Headmaster!" By now, all of the reformed children were the assistances to the Thunder Trainer King.

"Headmaster! The voltage is getting stronger, as well as his heart rate! However, he's not giving up on resisting at all!" One of the children's expression was grim. It was as though this stubborn sinner was extremely firm.

"Hmph! Increase the voltage even higher! Raise it to the maximum!" The Thunder Trainer King commanded. "Your Trainer King refuses to believe that I can't have you reformed by the end of the day!"

Looking at the scene before him, Lin Fan no longer knew what he could say anymore.

What else was there to be played with at this point?

With the existence of the Spirit of Biggra as well as the Thunder Trainer King within his Paradise, things were definitely changing slowly but surely. Where was the dignity within the Paradise?

Would any enemy who found themselves in the hands of these fellas have any way out at all?

"LIN FAN! I, LUO YI, WILL NEVER EVER ADMIT DEFEAT! THE HUMILIATION AND TORTURE THAT YOU'RE RENDERING ONTO ME TODAY, I SHALL RETURN IT TO YOU A HUNDRED FOLDS ONE FINE DAY!" Luo Yi screamed out at the top of his lungs. Not only was he being inflicted with pain physically, even the magical powers within his body were being drained like flood water.

'What has it got to do with me? I'm not even the one tormenting you right now.' Lin Fan was a little displeased that Luo Yi was venting his frustrations upon him.

It was evidently the Spirit of Biggra and the Thunder Trainer King who were playing with this guy! Shouldn't he be throwing his curses on them? What use was it for him to curse at Lin Fan?

"Hmph, insolent still, aren't you? Seems like you won't be submitting until Your Trainer King here shows his true abilities, eh?" The Thunder Trainer King was thoroughly riled right now.

The Thunder Trainer King snapped his fingers. With that, the long whip of thunder appeared in his hands.

'The Dao of Training!'


The cracking sounds of the whip rang out through the void.

Luo Yi continued to wail sorrowfully as the flames of hatred raged within his heart. However, Luo Yi was extremely perturbed to find out that here was a different feeling that was bubbling within his heart right now!

Even though the feeling was causing him to feel some shame, it was feeling him to feel equal parts comfort!

It was as though every single whip that was lashed upon his skin was so soothing that it left him wanting to moan so badly.

However, how could Luo Yi allow himself to moan out openly as such?

These damned b*stards! He must definitely kill all of them!


As the whipping intensified in speed, Luo Yi was realizing in fright that he was almost unable to hold in the moans any longer!

It seemed as though the defenses within his inner heart were slowly being peeled, until there wasn't any room for resistance left!

"Ahhhh, it's so comfy…!"

Finally, Luo Yi threw in the towel. His face was flushed red as he cried out in pleasure. However, the Mythical Parasol Tree instantly unleashed its powers.

The magical powers and Paradise Shards within Luo Yi's body began to flow out into the Mythical Parasol Tree continuously.

"Please…spare me…!" Luo Yi struggled to open up his mouth. But the moment he did so, he disintegrated into ashes completely.

"Mythical Parasol Tree, couldn't you just hold on for that little bit more? Your Trainer King here had just managed to train him up, yet you sucked him dry almost immediately after! This is too damned infuriating!" The Thunder Trainer King was crossed.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing divine celestial level 4, Undying state Luo Yi.'

'Experience points +200,000'

After killing Luo Yi, Lin Fan did not receive any rewards other than the experience points. However, the core of Luo Yi's cultivation had all been absorbed up by the Mythical Parasol Tree.

His powers, his Paradise, the essence, spirit, and vitality within his body, all of it had vanished, and were playing their part in strengthening Lin Fan's Paradise right now.

Most normal people would require a great amount of powers in order to cultivate their Paradise. However, Lin Fan could easily snatch over what belonged to others. This sort of snatching behavior was extremely pleasurable.

Compared to the Paradise that was formed earlier on, it was much stronger right now.

If Luo Yi were to repeat his full power strike with that Supreme Graded Spirit Weapon once more, he would definitely not be able to break a hole in the crystallized walls of the Paradise again.

This was the rise in power, the difference in terms of quality.

'Thankfully, there's still an Ancient race being left. It's time to give him a good round of training.' The Thunder Trainer King turned his gaze around towards the Ancient race being. That initially dejected mood of his turned into one of elation once more.

However, just as this thought ran its course in the mind of the Thunder Trainer King, a single sentence of Lin Fan had him entirely disappointed.

"Alright, stop playing now. We're running tight on time. After all, we're still within the secret grounds." With a single point of his finger, the Ancient race being erupted out into pieces of flesh and meat that floated within the Paradise. Instantly, they were sucked up by the Mythical Parasol Tree, leaving nothing behind in their wake.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing divine celestial level 4, Undying state Ancient race being.'

'Ding…Experience points +200,000'

The Thunder Trainer King let out a sigh of helplessness. Afterward, he brought his little students with him back into the academy.

The rewards for this Fire Water Secret Grounds expedition were already pretty plentiful. Once all of this was over, it was time to give them a good round of cultivation.


Outside, Hongyun and the others had waited for a long time now. They did not know what in the world was happening within the Paradise, nor how the situation was unfolding.

"He's out!"

That boundlessly strong Paradise began to shrink considerably, eventually culminating in a single spot. From there, a figure appeared before their eyes instantaneously.

Lin Fan came before Fairy Hongyun and the others.

Elder Yun He and the others looked at Lin Fan with their jaws agape. Other than the lone figure of Lin Fan, the others, Luo Yi, Old Demon Kui Sheng and that Ancient race being, were nowhere to be seen!

There could only be a single possibility: Lin Fan had slain every single last one of them.

In the eyes of Elder Yun He and the others, it was utterly impossible that someone of a divine celestial level 3, Paradise state could kill 3 beings of the Undying state. How could this be even real?

"Are you alright? Where are the rest?" Hongyun asked.

"I've killed all of them. It took me quite a bit of effort." Lin Fan replied.

Actually, the only reason why Lin Fan said this was so that he could come off as a humble man and remain low profile.

However, Lin Fan did not notice that Yun He and the others had realized that he came out without a single scratch! Not only that, all it took was QUITE A BIT OF EFFORT in order for him to kill three Undying state beings that were beyond his level?

This was something that was way too terrifying in the eyes of Elder Yun He and the others.