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Chapter 667: Ancestor Dragon“s Reincarnation

Chapter 667: Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation

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"Long Yushen and Long Tiangang, to think that it would be the both of them!"

The moment the members of the Phoenix race caught a sight of the two of them, they felt their inner hearts clenching immediately.

"How are they still alive right now? Didn't they get killed by an elder of our Phoenix race back in the previous great war?"

Long Yushen and Long Tiangang stood side by side together. Their formidable dragon might burst forth from them boundlessly while rumbling.

"Hmph! To think there would be young ones from the Phoenix race who knew about our existence. That's right! We WERE killed by Feng Wuyi back in the previous great war. However, both of us have cultivated one of the three heaven revolting skills of the Colossal Dragon race, the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation. We were reborn afresh, and could only get stronger from there on!"

"What? The Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation? No Colossal Dragon has managed to cultivate that skill successfully for the past 10,000 years! To think that you guys would have done it!" The moment everyone from the Phoenix race heard this, their faces changed.

They had been dueling with the Colossal Dragon race for many generations now. As such, they were really clear on their background.

There were three heaven revolting skills amongst the Colossal Dragon race. Out of them, the hardest one to master was the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation.

However, if one were to successfully master the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation, they would become extremely horrifying. It would be rare to find someone who could match them at the same cultivation state in terms of power.

The nine cycles of the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation were one of the top tiered techniques of the Colossal Dragon during the old ancient times.

Back then, only the most powerful Colossal Dragons of that time were able to master this skill to its ninth cycle. Ever since then, there had been no one in the later generations who could do so.

"Yushen and Tiangang can be considered as abnormal prodigies within our Colossal Dragon race. They're the only Colossal Dragons who have the most hope of bringing our Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation to its prime once more." The Tenth Prince smirked.

As one of the three heaven revolting skills of the Colossal Dragon race, the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation was inaccessible to most of the ordinary Colossal Dragons.

Back when the Tenth Prince had first come across Yushen and Tiangang, he was deeply impressed by these two strange prodigies of the race. He then recalled the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation.

However, the Tenth Prince wasn't someone who would train up any enemy of his. Therefore, before he had even handed them the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation, he had already taken control of them under his wings.

From there on, even if Yushen and Tiangang were to truly master the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation to its peak, they would be no more than the dogs of the Tenth Prince that he could control to their deaths.

"Oh! The Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation is indeed some really high level technique. Seems like the Colossal Dragon who had invented this must have been some sort of a genius as well, right?" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"HAHA! You ignorant human! Naturally, the one who could create the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation was a genius of the Colossal Dragon race! He is the Forefather Dragon God of the old ancient times!" The Tenth Prince burst out laughing.

"The path of reincarnation is one composed of both Yin and Yang. If one wants to cultivate the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation, they require the Qi of both Yin and Yang. And, if a living being could be full of both Yin and Yang within their bodies, they must be natural born trannies!"

"As for whether these Yushen and Tiangang can master the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation, it seems that they must be in possession of these requirements as well."

"HAHA! Seems like the Dragon God of the Colossal Dragon race is none other than a Yin Yang person! If word of this were to get out, wouldn't you guys be a laughing stock!"

Lin Fan possessed the system. Therefore, he was entirely clear about the situation of these two Colossal Dragons before him.

"What's a Yin Yang person?" The chicks of the Phoenix race asked in bewilderment.

Lin Fan, "…"

"SHUT UP!" At this moment, the Tenth Prince was angered.

"Oh, don't turn your embarrassment into shame now. Unless you mean to tell me that what I'm saying is wrong, eh?" Lin Fan was exasperated now. He was just a straightforward man who meant everything he said.

As for these Colossal Dragons now, they were simply way too far off the cut. How could they not seek out the truth at all?

The Tenth Prince was enraged right now. To think that this human would be able to tell the truth as it was!

The Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation was a skill that was only passed down within the Colossal Dragon race itself! How could a mere human know of the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation's requirements?

And something as such was meant to be a secret that shouldn't be told to the outside world. After all, it was as much a pride as it was a humiliation.

Therefore, the Colossal Dragon race took the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation as a forbidden skill. However, they did not erase it from existence.

"Kill this human there! Dead men tell no tales!" The Tenth Prince was incensed right now as his eyes shone with a killing intent.

"Yes, Prince!"

In the blink of an eye, Yushen and Tiangang struck. After cultivating the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation, both of them were extremely formidable in their strength. Even if the Tenth Prince were to go against the both of them, he might not be their match now.

However, Lin Fan could only smirk. Exchanging Yin and Yang, twisting the Heavens and Earth.... Ah, it had been such a bloody long time since he had used that move now.

However, this Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation was indeed a skill that was quite befitting of its heaven revolting status. If he could cultivate this, his achievements in the future would definitely be pretty decent.

"Seems like it's Yours Truly's duty today to slay these two Yin Yang Dragons!" Lin Fan burst out laughing as he took out his Eternal Axe.

Shifting his body nimbly, Lin Fan disappeared in a flash and reappeared before the two Colossal Dragons. Cleaving out with his axe, a bright flash of light shone forth from it.

"Human! How dare you offend our Tenth Prince? You must die!" Yushen and Tiangang punched out with their fists as they roared along with the infinite dragons. The incessant reincarnation brought with them a relentless aura.

"HAHA! Your cultivations are pretty decent indeed. However, it's far from enough." Lin Fan burst out laughing, "Little chicks of the Phoenix race, open your eyes wide now. It's time for me to let you guys know what's a Yin Yang Dragon! Once you head back, share this secret with the rest of your Phoenix race so that they have a better understanding of it! Not only does the Colossal Dragon race have men and women in their midst, they have a different gender as well!"

The members of the Phoenix race were unnerved for a moment before they fixated their gazes on the scene before them. They were filled with curiosity in their hearts as well. What in the world was a Yin Yang Dragon like as well?

"Bare Nudeness!"

Lin Fan's speed was lightning fast. It was so fast that no one actually caught sight of what he did.

That was the deployment of a godly skill.

It seemed as though there was no one who could remain covered up in the face of Lin Fan between this world. A streak of rainbow flashed by as a saintly light encompassed everything.

The bodies of Yushen and Tiangang were covered up by this saintly light, as though something unable to be unseen was about to happen to them.


All of a sudden, a shrill shriek rang out.

"How could there be such a gender amongst the Colossal Dragon race? Impossible! Definitely impossible!"

"HAHA! This is a great piece of news! Seems like the body type required for one of the three heaven revolting skills of the Colossal Dragon race, the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation, is something like this! Then, how must the Dragon God of the Colossal Dragon race have looked like in the past?"

"If the world were to catch wind of this, the Colossal Dragon race would definitely be a laughing stock out there!"

At the scene before him, the Tenth Prince was almost going berserk.

"Just what sort of an evil skill is this man using? How could he possibly strip them naked in the blink of an eye!"

"It's this move again! How is this bloody human so despicable?" At this moment, the stark naked Long Yumo was completely stumped at the sight before him as well.

Lin Fan sighed out in exasperation. This Bare Nudeness was simply way too cruel and inhumane. This was an utter disruption of the morals of the world!

However, Lin Fan felt that this was the way to deal with his enemies.

First, he had to attack their hearts so that they could experience an endless amount of shame. After that, he would then take them down harshly.

"KILL HIM!" The Tenth Prince screamed at the top of his lungs. He was in a frenzy of madness now.

To think that this human would do something as such!



Long Yushen and Long Tiangang were entirely outraged right now. This was a part of them that they had never ever wanted the world to catch sight of. To think that this human would dare to unveil this forbidden side of theirs!

A dragon had a reverse scale, and anyone who touched it would die.

"Hais! You guys should be ready to face your own flaws with an honest heart! You can't get angry over it now." Lin Fan said exasperatedly.

"Aiyo, holy sh*t! You guys are really mad, eh?"

At this moment, two dragon roars rang out.

Long Yushen and Long Tiangang had reverted to their true bodies entirely.

In the blink of an eye, two dragons that were hundreds of thousands of feet long soared into the sky, covering the entire Heaven. Their might was boundless, causing one's heart to rattle.