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Chapter 488: War Continues (3)

Chapter 488: War Continues (3)
Translator: _Leo_ Editor: Kurisu

Three days later…

The farms on the yellow plain of the Molten River area were smoking and the mountains were burnt black. There were burnt marks and bloodstains all over the ground.

The green farms were deadly silent and the dark smoke was rising to the sky.

Blue light dots flashed in front of Angele's eyes; he slowly walked through the farms with a yellow cane in his hand. He was wearing a black hat and his long red hair was trailing down his chest.

It was afternoon. The golden sunlight illuminated the farms.

Angele glanced around.

'These are the farms around a city of the Molten River area… Why is there no one here?'

The area was empty, the only thing he could see were the farms.

On the far side, Angele could see tall mountains that looked like pyramids.

"Tarren Volcano mountains…" Angele muttered.

Suddenly, translucent energy waves appeared around the mountains, they looked like smoke rings that were disappearing into the air.

Minutes later, Angele noticed that the wind was getting stronger and his expression changed.

'The energy waves are so strong…' He stopped.

'I shall stay away from that area and find a location here.'

Angele walked down the path and found a relatively large hill.

He stood in front of the hill and grasped forward.


The yellow hill was damaged and a black crack appeared. The crack slowly turned into a dark tunnel leading underground.

Angele could see that mud, stones, and sand were solidifying—they were turning into the walls of the tunnel.

His face turned pale and his forehead was covered with sweat.

After about half an hour, he sighed with relief and lowered his hand. He walked straight to the crack.

He stepped into the crack, the tunnel was leading down. Angele had to keep digging so that he could keep advancing.

The underground tunnel he created was already more than one kilometer long after a while.

The tunnel was dark and the white fireball that was floating around Angele's body was the only source of light.

Angele stopped digging after the path in the front was blocked by minerals. He sat down with his legs crossed and the walls of the tunnel were slowly pushed back.

He took out many white magic stones from the mirror; the magic stones were covered with complicated runes, and Angele lined them up following a certain pattern.

The magic stones would start releasing bright white light after Angele put them down on the ground. Seconds later, there were more ten magic stones on the ground.

Also, the place was becoming more and more spacious every time a magic stone was laid down.

The end of the tunnel quickly turned into a large stone chamber and it was a perfect cube.

Angele put down the last magic stone and pressed on the ground while chanting some incantation.


All the magic stones on the ground released eye-blinding white light, they connected with each other and formed a complicated magic rune. The white light brightened up the whole stone chamber.

Angele stood up and nodded. He pointed at the tunnel and the tunnel quickly collapsed. The mud and stone melted; it almost looked like the tunnel was never there.

The whole stone chamber turned into a private area that had no entrance or exit.

Angele raised his hands slightly, creating a table and a set of chairs. He walked to the table and took out a dark crystal orb from the black mirror.

He put the crystal orb on the table and tapped it slightly.

Gentle white glow was released by the orb and an image of the farms appeared.

It was the scene that Angele saw before creating the tunnel.

Angele was not concerned, he bit his finger and started drawing a skull pattern on the table using his blood.

Strangely, white patterns appeared on the walls of the chamber as he drew on the table. It felt like there were invisible knives engraving them.

The irregular patterns on the walls looked like random circles and human-shaped creatures.

Angele finished the edges of the skull and he started adding details to the skulls line by line.

'It's a problem…' Angele's expression changed as he started on the details.

He noticed that his mentality was being pulled out of his body as he drew the lines. It felt like the skull was sucking his blood.

Angele almost thought that there was a creature sucking his blood through the wound on his finger.

Time passed.

Angele's face turned pale and he finally finished the details.

'It's the first sign and half of my mentality is gone… It felt like I'm signing a contract…'

He stood up and the wound on his finger quickly healed.

The sign was closely connected to his mentality wave. If the sign was damaged, his mentality would also be damaged.

'Alright, Bone's sign is done but I still need to work on the other ones.' Angele rested for a while and created another tunnel on one of the walls. The tunnel was also leading down.

Angele spent the next several days building two more stone chambers for Vapor and the man with a cape.

The signs of the lords were all completed in the stone chambers and he set up several hidden rune circles for alarm.

Angele still needed to collect the souls for the ritual after completing the signs.

He stayed in the chamber with Bone's sign and observed the crystal orb carefully. He was checking the situation of the war.

Four days later, things finally changed on the plain.

In the crystal orb, a small team of golden eagles landed on the farms. Knights wearing white armor who varied in gender were riding on the backs of the eagles.

The knights jumped off the eagles and checked their equipment. They started checking the surroundings immediately.

"Damn monsters! They should all be slaughtered and tortured!" A muscular knight cursed.

"Be careful everyone, we detected some energy movement here several days ago, there might be a trap!"

The female knight behind him had a blank expression on the face. She drew the silver dagger and carefully cut her left arm open.

Red blood spurted out of the wound and dropped to the ground.

Red mist permeated the air after the blood landed on the ground.

The female knight stopped the wound from bleeding and observed the blood mist. She shook her head after several seconds.

"Nothing? They probably left," a blonde knight spoke in a deep tone. "We still need to be careful. There was a fight in the south and it seemed like they initiated the fight."

"Come on, be brave!" The muscular man grabbed his ax and swung it several times. He swung the ax so fast that the blade of the ax blurred.

A team of dark-red vultures appeared in the sky as the knights talked; there were five dark knights on the back of the vultures.

The vultures looked like mutated vultures, but their claws were covered with silver needles. The claws looked like iron plates with spikes.

"Prepare to fight!" The female knight detected the enemy first, she grabbed the long bow and fired at the dark knights.

The black arrow left the bow and turned into three black strings, flying toward the dark knights.

Each of the black strings was followed by a shadow that looked like a monkey. The monkeys were jumping at the dark knights like crazy.


After the noise, the dark nights were all surrounded by a dark mist.

The arrows flew into the dark mist like stones falling into the water. It felt like the arrows did not do anything.

"It's a dark knight captain! We need assistance!" the female knight shouted.

Two of the knights nodded and jumped on the golden eagles. They quickly left the battlefield.


In the stone chamber.

Angele observed the situation carefully using the crystal orb.

Two eagle knights were fighting against two dark knights; however, it seemed like the dark knights were just playing around. They had many chances to kill the eagle knights but they were just blocking the attacks.

"They're just bait," Angele muttered.

The other dark knights were rotating in the sky, they were laughing while watching the fight.

The situation lasted for several minutes.

Dozens of golden eagles appeared in the sky; the leader was a young man in silver armor. He was a handsome man with a two-meter-long spear in hand that was reflecting the sunlight.

"Retreat!" The dark knights' expressions changed and they started retreating immediately.

One of the dark knights was slowed down by the man with an ax. His chest was pierced through by some blue lightning and he quickly fell off the vulture.

The dark knight exploded as he landed on the ground, his body turned into black smoke and disappeared into the air.

The soul of the dark knight sank into the ground and no one noticed it.

Angele sat in the chamber and narrowed his eyes.

He raised his head and saw a human-shaped soul coming down from the ceiling, flying to the skull sign on the table.

It only took one second for the soul to be absorbed by the sign.

'The soul of a dark knight is the same as a soul of a normal knight?' Angele's brow furrowed. The dark knight had the same power level as a rank 3 apprentice, but his soul was weak.