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Chapter 489: War Continues (4)

Chapter 489: War Continues (4)
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Raising his left hand, Angele noticed that some of his communication runes were fixed and a purple rune was glowing.

'So, they can't block the communication forever.' Angele activated the communication rune.

"Leader?" Turin's voice came from the rune. "I have good news and bad news here, which one do you want to hear first?"

"Why are you still calling me leader?" Angele chuckled.

"Well, you know we decided to serve you, right?" Turin laughed.

"I want to know the good news first," Angele responded.

"Alright, the good news is that Prince Evil Dragon fixed the communication and we can now send messages like normal. Also, Prince Evil Dragon is still treating you as his partner and he wants to know if you need help. He said he could send you an army when necessary."

Angele was a bit surprised after hearing these words. "Interesting, I didn't expect him to treat me like this. Tell me about the bad news."

"The bad news is… the Elemental Hand is in trouble…" Turin replied. "That's why Prince Evil Dragon wants to offer you help."

Angele remained silent for a second.

"Why does the Dark Wizard Tower hate the Elemental Hand so much? Because of me?"

"Do you remember the woman you defeated during the competition? She climbed her way up in the organization and she's going after you."

"Thanks, I needed information like this," Angele responded. "How many soldiers can Prince Evil Dragon offer?"

"About 1000 soldiers."

"I need the soldiers that move fast and know how to hide. Will that be a problem?" Angele wondered.

"It won't. I'll let Prince Evil Dragon know."


In an area around the Molten River area.

The grass on the plain was more than one meter tall, waving in the gentle wind.

The blue sky was decorated by the white clouds. Some purple clouds appeared on the east side of the sky and it looked like they were expanding.

A team of black robes was advancing on the backs of unicorns. They were trying to travel through the plain.

The team looked endless. There were many carriages in the team, protected by groups of knights wearing black robes.

There were also flying mounts rotating in the sky.

Several black robes were leading the team in the front, checking the surroundings constantly.

"This is the Molten River area, we should increase our speed," an old man in a black robe said as his brow furrowed.

"We can't. The Innova Mountains are ahead of us and the area is impacted by a natural magnetic field. We can't travel any faster," Vivian explained. "The First Elder's team might be able to travel faster, but we're too weak to do that."

"Is that so?" The old man scrunched his brow. "I have a bad feeling about this, I hope everything will go as we planned."

"There's nothing we can do without the Legacy Magic Circle…" There was a bitter smile on Vivian's face.

"Let's just move forward… There are too many of us, we'll be detected sooner or later." The old man shook his head.

"If anything happens, take your people with you and leave, Vivian. I'll secure a safe route for you."

"What are you talking about?" Vivian replied in a serious tone.

"It'll only take us three days to reach the Innova Mountains. We just need to be careful and everything will be fine."

The old man looked at the mountains and replied, "Hope so…"

He knew that Vivian was just trying to make him feel better.


A valley in the Innova Mountains.

In the vibrant green valley, there was a clean river with big white stones on both sides.

On the largest stone, a woman in white armor was sitting with her legs crossed. There was a translucent shadow of a large plate slowly rotating behind her and five different weapons were shown on the plate.

The woman suddenly opened her mouth and asked, "Legion Commander Kareen, have you finished hiding your army?"

A translucent face of a male appeared in the air, it looked like the image was created by clear water.

"Almost done. Are you sure you want to join the battle? You just reached a higher position and there's no point for you to fight."

The woman shook her head.

"Stop. That bastard defeated me during the competition and I'm seeking revenge. Also, I'll kill everyone that is related to him. They must pay!"

"What's your plan then?" It seemed like the Legion Commander knew the woman well.

"Green is nowhere to be found, he already betrayed the Dark Wizard Tower. I have the reason to eliminate him and his relatives. Wait, I should probably let Vivian live and turn her into a sex slave for the beasts in the Department of Change." The woman had a pretty face but the words she said were terrifying.

"The Counts from the Fairy Empire will enjoy a sex slave like her. She's a rank 4 wizard and they might be able to increase her reproduction ability. Ha, it'll be great."

"Whatever, just make sure that you don't put too much effort into it. We need three more days, just make sure you hide your energy waves." Kareen nodded and disappeared into the air.

"I understand." The woman nodded, she suddenly released some dark-red waves that were spreading in all directions and angles.

The red waves covered the whole valley and countless objects that looked like cannons appeared.

The cannons were all aiming at the same direction; there were also several invisible bunkers. The cannons and bunkers would only reveal themselves under the red waves. It seemed like they were set up a long time ago.

The woman sat on the large stone.

"Stay undetected, everyone. Our enemies will arrive in three days. Make sure you hide well."

"Don't worry, Master. We're the modified beasts and we'll complete the mission. With our power and your skill, we can easily finish off five rank 4 wizards." A high-pitched male voice came from the sky.

"Also, without the Legacy Magic Circle, they're very weak."

"We need to end the battle as fast as possible. Eliminate the major force of the Elemental Hand before their assistance arrives. They think our target is Prince Evil Dragon and it's our chance!"

The woman was torn apart by Angele and it was the most shameful battle she had ever fought.

The woman closed her eyes after finishing giving the orders. She turned into a red string and disappeared into the air.


"Innova Mountains?" Angele rubbed his chin and narrowed his eyes. He was sitting in the chamber, staring at a ball of black smoke released by the crystal orb.

"Master Green, we're sent by Prince Evil Dragon and we're just here to assist you, which means our power level is relatively low. It'll take a while until you can reach Innova Mountains but the battle will start in three days. We need to leave as soon as possible," the black smoke responded.

"Who's the commander of the Dark Wizard Tower's army?" Angele wondered.

"I don't know. We have no idea how many soldiers they have and how strong they are," black smoke responded. "We are interrupted by a strange energy wave and can't scout the area for you, so you'll have to give us orders."

Angele was still rubbing his chin.

"Maybe they're just testing our power?" He assumed.


"Alright, gather at my location within half an hour. I want to meet you."

"As you wish." The dark smoke turned into a small vortex and disappeared into the air.

Angele stood up and wiped the dust off his robe. He disappeared into a ball of lames.

Half an hour later, near the farms on the plain.

Angele looked at the three balls of smoke in the front with his arms crossed.




The three vortexes spoke.

"Reporting in."

"I'm glad that you're here to help me." Angele stared at the vortexes and said slowly, "I assume Prince Evil Dragon has already explained the mission to you."

"We received the message last morning and we noticed that the modified beasts were moving to a certain area. Prince decided to help handle the communication block to prevent ambushes and succeeded," one of the vortexes explained. "We're not sure what the enemies are trying to do, however, we're certain that they'll attack the Elemental Hand."

An arm that was formed by the black smoke appeared; with a wave of the arm, a red line appeared in the air.

The red line was twisted and there were black light dots flashing on it.

"This is the only path for the Elemental Hand to reach the battlefield," Viss explained. "Master, please looked at the line, there are two critical points on their path." He pointed at one of the black dots.

"This is the Innova Mountains that we'll be heading to. It'll take us around three days and we'll reach the mountains at the same time as Elemental Hand."

He then pointed at another black dot.

"This is the Innova City and also the City of Glass but it's already controlled by the Dark Wizard Tower. Not many people are aware of it yet, but the Elemental Hand will be attacked when they travel by this area.

"In my opinion, the Dark Wizard Tower is trying to test the power of our Prince and they won't send their strongest force here. We're all rank 4 wizards and we'll be able to handle the situation. Prince wanted to make sure that we could win the fight, otherwise, I think I can take care of the enemies just by myself," Viss spoke in a deep tone.

"We're the real target and I don't think they'll go too hard on the Elemental Hand, so we don't need to worry too much." The other black vortex joined the conversation.

"Agree," the three vortexes said at the same time.

Angele rubbed his chin and nodded.

"Your thoughts are reasonable, but…"