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Chapter 51 - Agriculture Division

Chapter 51- Agriculture Division

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Back at the Lord’s Manor, Ouyang Shuo didn’t go anywhere, concentrating on reading in his office.

Gu Sanniang called in, “Lord, there is a call for you outside, from Wang’er, here to see you!”

“Wang’er?” Ouyang Shuo asked, confused.

“Yes, it is a mason, he said that you had told him to come find you.”

Oh ho, he remembered now, the young man at the work site wanted to come find him as a witness to his marriage. He hadn’t thought the young man would be so quick!

“I know who it is, let him in!” Ouyang Shuo told Gu Sanniang.


Soon after, two visitors came in just behind Gu Sanniang. Entering the office, one said respectfully, “Commoner Wang greets the Lord!”

Ouyang Shuo nodded and smiled, saying, “You have come, I know why. Tell me, when is the wedding?”

“My Lord, this small person’s wedding is tomorrow evening,” Wang’er said cautiously.

“Okay, tomorrow evening, I will be there, you can rest assured!”

Hearing Ouyang Shuo promise this, Wang’er bowed happily, saying, “Thank you, sire! Thank you!”

Ouyang Shuo waved his hand, picking up the cup on the table to drink the tea. Gu Sanniang took the hint and led Wang’er out of the office.

In the evening, San Gouzi from the Military Intelligence Division brought some good news.

“Lord, the Military Intelligence Division has fulfilled its mission, and finally found some mulberry tree seedlings outside of the territory,” San Gouzi said hurriedly after coming into the office.

Ouyang Shuo was overjoyed, saying, “Finally, there is a result! This was all about our upgrade to a grade 1 town. If I didn’t find one, I might lose my race to the rankings.”

San Gouzi smiled widely in return, “Sir, this is not the only good news. Not only did one of the cavalry searching found mulberry trees, but there were also wild goat traces nearby. At this moment, General Shi is out with the cavalry squadron, making sure that he doesn’t miss them once again, and is planning to stay out all night.”

“Oh, good things in pairs! Get the mulberry saplings to the Agricultural Division!” Ouyang Shuo ordered him with a smile. He wasn’t worried about the night action of the cavalry. The Military Intelligence Division had long been clear with its investigations, there were no other threats near the territory past the bandit camp that they’d already eliminated.


At 10 AM the next day, February 13th, hundreds of goats, driven by more than fifty cavalry, came rumbling into the village.

Seeing the wild goats, Construction Division secretary Zhao Dewang hurriedly jumped to his feet, cursing as he arranged for workers to quickly build a goat pen.

Fortunately, the wild goats were more docile animals, not scurrying around, quietly staying together as a group. Seeing this scene, Du Xiaolan arranged for people from the warehouse to come out with fodder to feed them. Since the day they had cattle, the warehouse had always reserved some fine forage, and it came in handy this time.

In the afternoon, the goat pen was built. Ouyang Shuo looked at the goats and had a few thoughts. Heading back into the Manor, he summoned Fan Zhongyan, Tian Wenjing, Cui Yingyu, and Zhao Dexian to his office to discuss things.

Fan, Tian and Cui, these three people were secretly called the Three Giants by the administrative staff. With the Three Giants together with him in the head office, Zhao Dexian felt a little apprehensive.

Ouyang Shuo did not waste time, going straight to the point. “With the further expansion of raising livestock in the territory, coupled with the upcoming mulberry, the agriculture in Shanhai Division is slowly coming onto the right track. It is now necessary to set up specialized divisions to coordinate management.”

Zhao Dexian’s heart skipped a beat, and was starting to get eager. According to what Ouyang Shuo was saying, that meant he was going to set up a strong department covering agriculture, forestry, fishing, and animal breeding. Looking at the few seats here, everyone else already had an important position. Was this position going to fall on him?

Fan Zhongyan threw Tian Wenjing a glance, asking, “Does the lord mean that he is moving Animal Husbandry out of the Material Reserves Department?

“In accordance with the general pattern of jurisdictions, such industries as Animal Husbandry should be placed under the Administration Department.”

The Material Reserves Department grew too strong during Cui Yingyu’s period, but she also had Ouyang Shuo’s trust. Coupled with the fact that animal breeding was very weak and unimportant, no one said anything. Now, it had grown into an important issue.

After taking over the Administration Department, Mr. Fan had been carefully assuming his powers, but had not found a suitable way to expand. With the potential of the wild goats and Ouyang Shuo bringing this up, he took the initiative to mention the jurisdictional issue, naturally adding fuel to the fire.

The newly appointed director of Material Reserves Department was as blank as a mirror, nobody could see what he was thinking.

Ouyang Shuo pretended to not know anything and continued, saying, “Not only that, fisheries have to be taken out from the Material Reserves Division. In addition to the control of materials and resources, the Material Reserves Department's responsibility were more inclined towards the management and storage of materials, rather than controlling the production rate from the source.”

Tian Wenjing nodded, calmly saying, “I agree with the view of the lord. With the territory developing subsectors of the economy vigorously, the establishment of more professional and effective departments cannot wait.”

Cui Yingyu, sitting at the side and seeing these people playing politics, could find nothing to say. Moreover, the crux of the problem didn’t lie with her. So, she had nothing to say.

But seeing Tian Wenjing withdraw on his own initiative, Yingyu smiled and asked, “Big brother’s meaning, this new division should be called by what name, and who should be the new officer?” Saying that, she did not forget to glance at Zhao Dexian.

“Since it will naturally be in charge of agriculture, forestry, fishing, and animal breeding, it will naturally be called the Agricultural Division. I don’t need to set up a new department, I will transform it directly from the original Reclamation Division. The appointments and affiliation of the Agriculture Division are unchanged, “ Ouyang Shuo said with a smile.

Yingyu nodded, that arrangement was not surprising. At this point, the Agriculture Division had just become one of the most important departments in the Administration Department.

With the dust settled, Zhao Dexian rose, bowed deeply, and said, “Thank you for your trust, lord!”

Ouyang Shuo waved his hand. “Elder, your ability as a secretary, whether in the Construction Division before or the Reclamation Division more recently, you have performed very well. I hope in the new division you can also achieve success!”

“I will not disappoint you, my lord!” Zhao Dexian said calmly and firmly.

In Shanhai’s local training of civil servants, Zhao Dexian was second only to Yingyu and Gu Xiuwen, and much better than Zhao Youfang and Zhao Dewang. Having served as a village chief, Ouyang Shuo naturally decided that now was the time to give him a broader platform.

That evening, Ouyang Shuo took Er Wazi to the residential area, to participate in the wedding of Wang’er and Cui Hua.

Ancient weddings were a 6 part process. The climax of which was welcoming the bride. The groom will open the carriage door and welcome her out. before the elders will start tying a heart knot with a red rope and giving it to the couple.

The two were holding a red rope as they crossed into the hall, avoiding the threshold. The threshold represented the facade, the bride must eventually cross the threshold. The bridesmaids will shine a bronze mirror on them in hopes of happiness and bliss.

The conditions in Shanhai were simple, the villagers were mostly alone and with few family - no parents or elders, few friends and family. So the whole wedding ceremony was very simply designed, and not strictly in accordance with the six procedures.

Fortunately, the Material Reserves Department was ordered by Ouyang Shuo, and had sent over red silk cloth, rice, fruits and other items, so the scene didn’t look too shabby.

Ouyang Shuo arrived with Er Wazi at the small courtyard of the Wangs, and Wang’er met him at the door.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo arrive, he hastened to come forward, saying firmly, “It is our great honor to have the lord visiting our home.” He had visited the manor this morning to have Mr. Gu teach him some proper manners.

Amused, Ouyang Shuo nodded happily, and Er Wazi sprang forwards to present his gift. It was a good silk, he had bought it from the Market. As a lord personally attending a wedding, he naturally could not have a shabby gift.

This time, Ouyang Shuo had not said anything to the secretaries, as all of them coming would have been far too overwhelming, and not at all fun. Even Qing’er, clamoring to join in the fun, he did not bring over. Only Er Wazi came over with him, to serve him if needed.

The new home of Wang’er was the typical small farm courtyard. Through the main entrance was a small courtyard. In the corner of it a jujube was planted. Next to that was a well. On the east and west sides were respectively the kitchen, some firewood and a chicken house. There were only three small rooms in the main building, the middle was the main hall and a place for people to eat. The rooms to the left and right were bedrooms.

The yard was small, but spotless. Wang was a diligent person, cleaning up the courtyard to make people feel comfortable.

Inside the courtyard, wine were placed on the tables. The ones attending were either acquaintances of the new wife, or fellow workers of the mason. By the numbers, their popularity was pretty good.

Wang’er personally led Ouyang Shuo to the hall, and gave him the head seat. Er Wazi was smart, taking the initiative to go to the yard and find his own place to stand.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo, Zhao Dewang got up to say hello. Wang’er belonged to the carpenters, and was under the jurisdiction of the Construction Division. He was certainly brave, as he had even invited the Construction Division secretary to his wedding.

Before coming, Dewang hadn’t expected to see Ouyang Shuo there, and so was very surprised. He was glad to see Ouyang Shuo out. If the lord sees how much he cares for his men, he would treat him better too.

The fact was, Ouyang Shuo was relieved to see Zhao Dewang. At least he now had someone to talk to instead of sitting there in boredom.

Before the opening, Wang led his bride Cui Hua up to Ouyang Shuo to get his blessing. Ouyang Shuo said a few auspicious words, and let the bride go back to her room. In ancient weddings, the bride were not allowed to reveal her face easily. Only because he was the lord did he get such differential treatment.

A wedding, and all the bustling around.

After the opening, Ouyang Shuo ate something just for symbol, and then got up and left. He also knew that after his words, nobody was going to open up and have fun totally. It was better to leave early, and leave the evening to the bride and groom.