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Chapter 52 - The Township

Chapter 52 - The Township

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The next day, early in the morning, the Salt Pan Division began to organize the sale of sea salt.

It was a lot of sea salt to move, with more than 20 fishing boats hauling it from the salt fields to the dock. The villagers all put down their tools and spontaneously pitched in to help get the sea salt from the pier to the Market by the village square.

After more than a month of production, as well as processing salted fish and bacon, the northern field had still produced 240,000 units of sea salt.

The huge amount of sea salt took all that time just to be moved. It took until 4 PM for all that sea salt to arrive in the Market.

Each unit of sea salt was priced at 20 copper, 240k units of sea salt meant 480 gold coins. Deducting the 20% tax, Ouyang Shuo pocketed 384 gold coins.

Adding in his previous gold, Ouyang Shuo now had 510 gold in his storage bag. This money he was no longer ready to use much of. Seeing there was half a month’s time before the first system auction, he had to think about accumulating funds.

The next batch of sea salt, Ouyang Shuo would wait until the end of March to sell.

Because he would upgrading to a grade 1 town tomorrow, he went back to the Manor after this, talking things over with his Secretaries and asking them to get their respective work sorted out. After the territorial upgrade, he would be holding a meeting talking about the expansion.


On February 15th, Ouyang Shuo walked into the central chamber to do the territory upgrade.

A white light strobed, and in the middle of the chamber, the golden stone rose once again. Ouyang Shuo placed his right hand on the stone, and the system prompts sounded out.

“System Notification: Detecting Shanhai Village upgrades conditions…”

“Condition 1: Population has reached over 1000 people and is past the population limit. The requirement has been met!

“Condition 2: All infrastructure completed. Requirements have been met!

“Condition 3: The Lord’s Title has reached at least Third grade Viscount! The requirement has been met!

“Condition 4: The political, economic, cultural and military indices have attained no less than 30 points! Requirements have been met!

“System Tip: Congratulations to the player Qiyue Wuyi for establishing all the upgrade conditions for Shanhai Village. Having met all the requirements, do you wish to upgrade?”

“I do!”

The golden light again surged up to the sky, turning into a golden halo that expanded out to the edges of the territory before once again disappearing.

“System Notification: Congratulations to the player Qiyue Wuyi for becoming the first in China to upgrade to a Grade 1 Town! Rewarded 1100 merit points!”

“System Notification: Congratulations to the player Qiyue Wuyi…”

“System Notification: Congratulations…”

The announcement caused an immediate uproar in China. In less than half a month’s time, Shanhai Village had actually upgraded to a Town. This was unbelievably fast. Before the players had even had time to recover from this blow, another slew of system announcements sounded out.

“World Announcement: Congratulations to the Chinese player Qiyue Wuyi for becoming the first in the world to upgrade to a Town. The reward is 2000 merit point, and you are given the title of The First Town!”

“World Announcement: Congratulations to the Chinese player Qiyue Wuyi…”

“World Announcement: Congratulations…”

Global special awards were only for the very first person, second place got nothing, and it was only for upgrading the territory across the Large Level Divide.

The reason why there was no global reward for the first village was that Gaia knew that the first to build the cities all had their own custom gaming capsules.

One, it would have been hard to separate first and second, and two, it was unfair to the other players.

Following the global Siege of Beasts, Qiyue Wuyi was now once again firmly in the center of the field of vision of the global players.

The world announcement, just like the local one, triggered a frenzy.

The United States, The Free Village

Jack Dawson muttered, “Mysterious Oriental country, and sure enough, many crouching tigers and hidden dragons! Really is amazing!”


Britain, Avic Fort

William gracefully said to the people around him, “It seems that there is still a long way to go to restore the glory of the British Empire!”


Japan, San Li Village

Honda Keisuke was flustered. “Eight curses, that person grabs the limelight again!”


Russia, St. Petersburg

Pushkin excitedly said, “Hey, only such a strong foe is worthy to be my opponent. Qiyue Wuyi, I wait for the day I can fight you!”


India, Bangalore Village

Di Lawa looked grim. “India is the representative of Oriental civilization. Qiyue Wuyi, you wait for me!”


The biggest shock was to the local area of China. It was proud. It was scared. There were people flustered.

“1st post: Hey, Qiyue Wuyi, really good show, you gave us Chinese a lot of faces!”

“2nd post: Qiyue Wuyi, the Chinese lords give way to no one!

“3rd post: The era of the hegemony of the Handan Six has officially ended. The era of Qiyue has officially opened!”

“4th post: China’s strongest lord, keep driving ahead!”


In Handan Village, Di Chen had completely lost his cool demeanor. He angrily shouted, “How? How could this happen? Less than half a month’s time!”

Watching him reveal his true self, Juedai Fenghua sat to his right, her eyes bright and her expression unreadable.


At Danyang Village, Chun Shenjun was sitting in his office, revealing an interested expression. He said to himself, “Qiyue Wuyi, do not think I cannot catch you even if you stay hidden. You refused to ally with Di Chen and chose someone else. You are like me, unwilling to be alone!”

He indeed had the deepest connections of the six former Tyrants. Chun Shenjun had been inquiring into Shanhai Village’s and Consonance’s alliance; it was very interesting.


In Consonance Village, the 4 Consonance sisters were together again.

“Simei, are you still insisting that our ally is a civilian player?” Bai Hua asked.

Tsing Yi pondered a moment before saying cautiously, “From the surface point of view, this is really difficult to understand, upgrading to the township in such a short period of time. However, I still stand by my previous point of view. Do not forget that in the last world task, he was awarded the full 600 gold coins reward.”

Zi Luolan shook her head and retorted, “I do not agree! Di Chen won 450 gold coins, but there was no movement on his end. And this time was not just a China first, but a world first!”

Bai Hua nodded agreement. “Anyway, it’s a good idea to reevaluate the ally, but fortunately, we are allies and not enemies.”


Lianzhou Basin, Mulan Village

Mulan spoke at the side of a female general, asking, “Sister, according to what you see, do we have to take the initiative and contact our neighbors?”

If people were familiar with the game’s history, they would have recognized Mu Guiying!

Mu Guiying nodded. “I think you can try. It is best to be able to ally in the Lianzhou Basin before the situation is clear and we become enemies.”

Mulan smiled. “I will do as my sister said!”


Lianzhou Basin, Broken Blade Village

Ba Dao was not convinced and said, “Well, Lianzhou will be mine. Qiyue Wuyi, I’ll let you show off first!”

Ouyang Shuo did not have time to talk about the outside world, and continued to upgrade his operation.

“System Notification: Congratulations to the player Qiyue Wuyi for upgrading to a first-grade town. City-level Lord’s Manor has automatically upgraded. Randomly selecting 3 town-level infrastructures, the player can choose one of them.

“System Notification: Random selection of three buildings is complete, please choose one of the basic brick kiln, cemetery, or orchard! Please choose!”

“I choose the basic brick kiln!”

“System Notification: Building automatically generated, player please view!”

Territory: Shanhai Town ( Grade 1 Township)

Lord: Qiyue Wuyi (Third Count)

Title: The World’s First Town (Enhancing territorial reputation 20%)

People’s Thoughts: 90

Security: 85

Territory population: 1000/2000

Flow rate of immigrants: 50 * (1 + 50%) = 75 / day

Territory area: 200 square kilometers

Territorial characteristics: 50% increase attracting migrants, 20% increase in attracting special talents, 50% increase in crop production, 20% increase in production capacity of residents, 20% increase in military promotion, 10% increase in talent breakthroughs.

Affiliated Village: No

Treasury: Four Seas Bank

Territory Resources: Basic Logging Camp, Intermediate Quarry; Basic Mining Field

Territorial Army: Cavalry Squadron

Territory Industry: Northern Salt Field (500 mu)

Political index: 40/100 (determines administrative efficiency and relationship with the people)

Economic index: 35/100 (determines trade prosperity and ability to pay taxes)

Cultural index: 30/100 (represents the degree of educational development and quality of life of residents)

Military: 40/100 (indicates military strength and morale)

Infrastructure: Lord’s Manor, Residential small homes, Public bathrooms, Village granaries

Agricultural Construction: Simple Farmland, Pigsty, Cattle Pen, Goat Pen, Mill, Mulberry Field

Commercial Buildings: Basic Market, Intermediate Blacksmith shop, Basic Grocery, Advanced Woodshop, Advanced Hospital, Village Private School, Advanced Martial Arts Dojo, Senior Tailor Shop, Beginner Pottery Kilnworks, Wine Workshop, Food Shop, Meat Shop, Cloth Shop

Cultural Buildings: Village Ancestral Hall, Village Private School, Lianzhou College

Military Buildings: Intermediate Barracks, Stone Outposts, Stables, Weapon Workshop, Arsenal

Special Buildings: Ferry, Wharf, Intermediate Shipyard

Secret Buildings: Mazu Temple (sealed), Recruitment Hall

List of Capital Construction Buildings:

Basic Brick Kiln: Furnace to bake bricks. Construction Requirements: Basic brick factory, brick kiln construction drawings, 200 wood, 800 stone. Construction time: 3 days (Note: this building has been randomly generated)

Cemetery: Cemetery to bury the deceased. Construction Requirements: 400 wood, 2800 stone. Construction time: 2 days.

Orchard: Planted fruit trees. Construction Requirements: Fruit trees, 400 wood, 200 stone. Construction time: 2 days.

Food shop: A shop to sell food. Construction Requirements: Food shop building plans, 300 wood, 200 stone. Build time: 1 day (Description: Built)

Meat Shop: A shop to sell meat. Construction Requirements: Meat shop building plans, 300 wood, 200 stone. Build time: 1 day (Description: Built)

Cloth Shop: A shop to sell cloth. Construction Requirements: Cloth shop building plans, timber 300, stone 200. Build time: 1 day (Description: Built)

Arsenal: Weapon storage warehouse. Construction Requirements: Arsenal building plans, 600 wood, 400 stone. Construction time: 3 days (Description: Built)

School: Intermediate educational institutions. Construction Requirements: Instructors, school building plans, 800 wood, 400 stone. Construction time: 3 days (Description: Built)