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Chapter 64 - New Year’s Eve Part 2

Chapter 64 - New Year’s Eve Part 2

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After obtaining a gift like the butterfly fairy baby, Ouyang Bing was on cloud nine.

After which, she sat quietly beside her brother, accompanying her brother to watch the New Year’s Eve shows that have been playing for over 200 years. Xue’er sat on her shoulder, curiously staring at the television.

At 9:00 PM, Ouyang Shuo received a video call. He took up his phone to take a look, and it was actually from little auntie. As the only relative of the sibling, this little aunt had a special place in their hearts.

Little aunt was known as Lin Jing. Compared to her sister who was Ouyang Shuo's mother, she was younger by 15 years. Hence, she and Ouyang Shuo could be said to be from the same generation as she was only older than him by 6 years.

Under normal circumstances, Ouyang Shuo and the little aunt should've been very close, but it was the total opposite. It wasn’t that Ouyang Shuo didn’t want to get close to her, but she had hated men since she was born and her nephew was no exception.

It was because of such an eccentricity, since Lin Jing graduated from university, that she’d found another girl and married without getting the blessing of her family. Ouyang Shuo's grandparents did not have a son and only had these two daughters. The two elderly didn’t have good health, and after the double blow of their daughter died from a car accident and the other undergoing a same-sex marriage, in two short years both of them passed away one after the other.

As his paternal grandparents gave birth to his father late, not long after Ouyang Shuo was born, they kicked the bucket. Hence, his relationship with his maternal grandparents was very deep. This was also the reason why he drifted away from this little aunt and kept little contact. As for Bing’er who had seen the little aunt a few times, her impression of her was even more of a blur.

Hence, to receive a call from little aunt on New Year’s Eve shocked Ouyang Shuo. After picking up the call, the image of Lin Jing appeared on the screen. In truth, she looked exactly the same as his mother, inheriting the elegance and beauty of his grandmother.

Beside his aunt sat another beauty. She looked like a city strongwoman, exuding an aura of strength and confidence. Her name was Xie Siyun and she was his little aunt's partner, and was his "Aunt in Law".

After experiencing a rebirth, Ouyang Shuo cherished his loved ones even more. In his past life, because of his stubbornness, before he'd boarded the intergalactic spacecraft, he did not think about contacting his little aunt and exchange his in-game ID. 5 years in the game, he hadn’t met his aunt even once, becoming his biggest regret.

What happened in the past had already happened; one must learn to look forward. Ouyang Shuo wasn’t as cold in the past, calling Bing’er to his side and laughed,"Little Aunt, Happy New Year!"

Lin Jing was surprised by the actions of her nephew. She was already prepared for him to hang up the phone call; never did she expect for such a situation to occur. In the last life, Ouyang Shuo did hang up on her, never contacting each other ever since.

"Little Shuo, Happy New Year! The one beside you is Bing’er right? This little brat has grown up so much, she looks so much like her mother." Little aunt smiled as she said.

Only then did Bing’er remember that the woman in the video was her little aunt, immediately saying crisply, "En, Little aunt, I am Bing’er. Happy Chinese New Year!"

Hearing her master speak, the little Xue’er who was standing on her shoulder copied her and said," Happy New Year, Happy New Year!"

Xue’er's accent caused Bing’er to laugh. Bing’er held up Xue’er on her hand like how one would when she is presenting a prize, said,"Little aunt, little aunt, this is the pet that brother gave me. Bing’er gave her a name which is Xue’er. Is it cute?"

Although this type of smart pet wasn’t very common, Lin Jing still knows of it. However, she assumed that it was a normal smart pet and didn’t pay much attention to it, laughing as she said, "Cute, just like Bing’er."

Xie Siyun who was sitting beside Lin Jing recognized that Xue’er wasn’t ordinary, a flash of amazement and surprise appearing in her eyes.

After the greetings, Lin Jing recalled the reason why she’d made the call, turning to Ouyang Shuo and saying, "Little Shuo, have you heard of a game known as Earth Online?"

Ouyang Shuo was shocked, why did little aunt raise this up, don’t tell me she knew something? This wasn’t something that was impossible, after all, after she graduated she hadn’t returned to the State of Jiao and had remained in Shang Hai where she did her university education. After marrying, she lost all contact with her family and what she’d been doing, no one knew.

On the surface, Ouyang Shuo still kept his smile, saying with no change in emotion, "Earth Online? How special is this game that it’s worth little aunt to think about during New Year’s?"

"The exact reason little aunt cannot tell you. What I can say is that I recommend you to play it. If you need money, little aunt can transfer you some." Lin Jing was very careful and added.

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head. He could practically confirm that little aunt knew some of the hidden details of the game from certain channels. He was hesitating whether or not to tell everything to her.

He thought about it long and hard, after all the attention he was receiving and the animosity from Di Chen wasn’t what he wanted to get her into. If it got exposed, the outcome would be irreversible.

Ouyang Shuo purposely said with a relaxed tone, "No need, actually I do play this game."

"Ah? You have already started playing. That’s great, what’s your ID? Little aunt has some forces of my own in the game." Lin Jing said with surprise.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, "There's no need, I'm used to playing alone. Why not little aunt tell me your ID If there's a time when I can’t survive, I will depend on little aunt. Haha."

If Ouyang Shuo wasn’t her nephew, and that towards this nephew she hadn’t felt guilty, she would have already felt annoyed. This time, she could just bear with it, "Ok then, you are still so stubborn. Little aunt won’t force you. But remember, little aunt's ID is Snow Rose, if you have something, you must come find me."

Ouyang Shuo was shocked as the words left her mouth, "Snow-War Rose mercenary group?"

"Hmph! It’s good that you know. Let’s stop the conversation here. Bye bye!" Lin Jing's patience was already used up and she turned to Bing’er," Bing’er say bye to aunt. If I'm free I will go see you."

Bing’er obediently nodded her head and said sweetly,"Bye, little aunt."

After hanging up, Ouyang Shuo couldn’t calm himself down. He didn’t expect that his little aunt would be the vice-captain of the second-ranked mercenary group. Then Xie Siyun should be the captain, War Rose.

Fate really played a joke on him. If in his last life he didn’t hang up on little aunt, then he might have entered the game earlier. In the game, having the backing of War Rose, would he still need to wander around with Bing’er? Everything would have been very much different.

However, there were no ifs in life. This time, by accident he received such help, what kind of effect will it have on him in the game? Everything was unknown.

At the same time, between Lin Jing and Xie Siyun occurred an interesting conversation.

Seeing that Lin Jing had already hung up, the silent Xie Siyun said as if she were contemplating something, "Jing Jing, your nephew is not ordinary."

"That brat is so annoying. I originally wanted to help him, but he still dared to act cool. Saying he liked to play alone." Lin Jing was enraged.

Xie Siyun softly shook her head and smiled," You ah, you were bluffed by him and you didn’t know. Your niece's smart pet, do you know how much it costs?"

"How expensive can it be? Although it looked more exquisite, at most only 10-20 thousand!"

"You have no taste. That is the limited edition smart pet from ILAX. Its retail price is 1 million credits." Xie Siyun glanced at Lin Jing, saying calmly.

"Ah? So expensive, when did this kid get so much money? If I remembered correctly he just graduated this year!"

"That’s why I said he’s not simple. Talking back to Earth Online, how would a university graduate pay attention to such a game and be willing to spend money on a game capsule. That in itself is not ordinary. I guess he is probably a beta player like us." Xie Siyun deduced.

"Yaoyao, what you say makes sense. Hen, that brat even wants to lie to his aunt. I’m going to teach him a lesson." Lin Jing wanted to call his phone again.

Xie Siyun immediately prevented her, "Look at your nephew. he definitely isn’t a clumsy person. When he found out you were the vice-captain of Snow-War Rose mercenary group, he could stop himself from telling you his ID. It’s obvious that he isn’t as simple as a solo player. If you call back now, he definitely wouldn’t tell you the truth. The way I see it, let’s just spectate the situation quietly."

For Lin Jing to be the vice-captain of the second biggest mercenary group in China, she obviously wasn’t a simple person. After calming herself down, she agreed that what Xie Siyun said made sense and that it wasn’t the right time to ask for all the answers.

"Okay. Let’s follow what you said. Anyways, the reason for calling him has already been achieved. This can be counted as doing my duty as an auntie. What happens after this, let’s talk about it next time!" Thinking about her parents who’d passed away, Lin Jing felt down-hearted.