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Chapter 68 - Gathering (Part 1)

Chapter 68 - Gathering (Part 1)

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After settling the situation with the culture and education secretary, Ouyang Shuo was finally free. He got up, left the manor, and went towards the stables to look at the Nian beasts.

On the way there, he contemplated about how he should take care of them.It didn’t seem wise to keep them in the horse stables as it didn’t suit the image and status of the territory protectors.

Ever since they became protector beasts, the Nian beasts had weakened their edge, they weren't as fierce and scary. Rather, they had an extra aura of an auspicious beast, the Qilin bloodline in its body was also starting to be stimulated.

As it saw Ouyang Shuo, the male beast gave out a soft groan as a form of saying hi. Black Tornado in the adjacent stable wasn’t as carefree. It trembled and hid in the corner. As it looked into the eyes of its owner, it gave out a very humane and wronged look. Apparently, it was scared really badly by the Nian beasts.

As Ouyang Shuo touched the horns of the Nian Beast, he smiled. "I will give you guys a place to live, I won’t wrong you." Subsequently, he walked beside Black Tornado and touched his head, petting his mount.

Returning from the horse stables, Ouyang Shuo found the Construction Division secretary Zhao Dewang and discussed on building a resting place specifically for the Nian beasts. "Zhao Dewang, where do you think we should place this?"

"Based on sire's thoughts, what requirements do you have for their home?"

"Oh let me think. It must have a huge space and good view. They can't stay in a confined space and it's better if they are set free. It must be private so they won't be disturbed. It must also be safe and can't be too far away."

Zhao Dewang nodded his head saying, "Based on your requirements, I can think of a place that fits it."


"Behind the Manor there is a small mountain and it only has some small and short trees. It is spacious and mysterious. Since it’s near the manor, safety is guaranteed." Zhao Dewang said confidently.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said," That’s good, let’s set it as that. Get some men to secure the mountain. As their resting place, it’s best to put some wild rabbits and small beasts to provide food."

"I understand and will do accordingly." This small thing wasn’t too hard for him.

In the afternoon, the secretary of the Agriculture Division Zhao Dewang went into the office and reported, "Sire, the new year has just passed. As they say, 'The most important part of the year is the start.’. Does the agricultural division need to continue expanding the scale of the farmlands in preparation for the planting of crops before the Qingming festival? The current scale seems too small."

Ouyang Shuo shook his head. "The farmlands will naturally increase but not in Shanhai town."

"I don’t understand. Please tell me!"

"Shanhai Town is the main base and will be focusing on handicraft and commerce, agriculture is only a secondary business. Hence, at this stage, it isn’t smart to open up more farmlands in the core areas of the town and use up city space. If not, when the town develops, we need to redevelop the farmlands." Ouyang Shuo explained.

"The logic is right but without enough farmland, how could we ensure the territory gets enough grain? Obtaining them from the market isn’t a long-term solution." Zhao Dexian still couldn’t understand.

"This would be solved by the secondary bases. When the town gets to grade 2, we could build a secondary village and this 2nd village will be the center of agriculture. After the setting up of that village and large-scale development of farmlands, it won’t be too late." Ouyang Shuo had already thought it out. As such, he said it calmly.

Zhao Dexian said respectfully, "Sire has thought it through, I envy you.”

He continued, "Since you have thought it out, then its fine. In this period of time, there had been no new additions to the farming population and all new people were sent to the town wall or river moat projects. After the projects are completed, all these people could be transferred to the Agriculture Division and into the new village.”

As for the arrangements of the new villagers, the Household Registration Division had worked under the order of Ouyang Shuo. On the surface, it seemed unfair to the Agriculture Division. Taking the chance, Ouyang Shuo felt it was right to explain it to the secretary so that he would understand.

Speaking about the secondary village, Ouyang Shuo opened the topic, laughing. "I’m just saying, if I send you to manage the development of the second village, would you like to do so?"

Zhao Dexian was shocked, his heartbeat slowing down by half a beat. The difference between the village head and secretary was that one had control of the whole thing and the other a huge part of the main city. The difference in importance was hard to say.

However. for someone who was a village head, to be able to rule again was more tempting. The concept of a secondary village was totally different from Zhaojia Village. It could level up multiple times and it wouldn’t be long until it became a city. It couldn’t be compared to his old village.

He tried his best to not show his eagerness, calmly saying, "I’ll listen to your arrangement."

That’s good, at least he isn't too hot-headed. Ouyang Shuo nodded his head and said, "Please, this is just the first thought, just keep it in your heart. In this period of time, give chances to Sun Yannong, your vice secretary. If I send you there, he has to take over you."

Listening to the meaning in those words, he understood that sending him to build his secondary village wasn’t too far away. It seems like in this period of time he had to teach Sun Yannong, that little kid so that he wouldn’t drop the chain.

The fourth day of the new year.

After having breakfast, Ouyang Shuo changed into casual wear and shaved cleanly, fixing his nails. He looked a lot sharper and fresh.

Bing'er pouted and sat in the living room looking miffed. That little brat was sad that her brother wouldn’t bring her to the gathering. Xue'er sat on her owner's shoulder and ruffled her hair, flying around, not caring about her feelings.

Ouyang Shuo came out from the shower and saw her pouting. He shook his head and sat beside her, lifting her onto his leg. "Baby, brother is going to a student gathering, it isn’t convenient to bring you there. They are all big people and there are no small children to play with you. It will be so boring. Brother promises you that I will be back early to spend time with you."

Only then did the little brat unwillingly nod her head. "Pinky swear. Brother must come back early."

"Ok, pinky swear." Ouyang Shuo patted her head and walked out of his home.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo leave, Bing'er shifted Xue'er onto her palm and said, "Xue'er, now only you are here to accompany me."

Xue'er smiled and said, "Swing… Swing..."

When Ouyang Shuo rushed to Huifang garden and saw the sign: "State of Jiao First High School 2180 Student Gathering" at the hotel, it seemed like the class monitor had made a big preparation.

Ouyang Shuo walked into the hotel and went to the reception. There, the signing in was undertaken by the hotel staff, and they had even prepared a gift for every person.

Opening it, it was a t-shirt and a new model Apple smartwatch. This Yuanping was rich, for a total of 35 people, it cost more than 200,000 to buy all of that.

Ouyang Shuo placed it on his left hand and wore the t-shirt, and under the guidance of the hotel staff, walked into the hall where everyone was gathering.

Walking in, most of the students had already arrived. Yuanping stood at the door to welcome them. Seeing Ouyang Shuo, he rushed up and grabbed onto his hand. "Ouyang Shuo! So many years and you are still so handsome. I am jealous."

Ouyang Shuo smiled, "Compared to your wealth, I am nothing." He shook his left hand and said, "Thanks for this."

Yuanping's eyes gleamed, the confidence and magnanimity that Ouyang Shuo had displayed shocked him. Such gatherings, especially when everyone entered the world, was not so pure and full of warmth.

Taking this gift, there were some people who felt bad and didn’t want people to see them with the gift. Others would keep it and say words of jealousy.

Until this date, only Ouyang Shuo wore it confidently and even thanked him for it. Yuanping could feel that Ouyang Shuo was honest and not mocking or faking it. This showed that he was confident enough to openly accept all of the gifts.

Yuanping, who was amazed, laughed and said, "Let’s go meet our old classmates. There are surely many people who you won’t recognize."

Ouyang Shuo laughed and followed him into the hall. He wasn’t surprised that Yuanping was shocked by his changes. After being reborn and the 2 months as a lord, his aura has lost that pure and naive nature. and had more of a leader's authority.