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Chapter 69 - Gathering part 2

Chapter 69 - Gathering part 2

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The students in the hall, upon seeing Yuanping bringing Ouyang Shuo into the hall with such zeal, they were shocked. Apart from him, the other person who had such treatment was the class flower Song Jia.

In the big hall, there were four tables. Yuanping led Ouyang Shuo to the first table and smilingly said, "Our handsome guy Ouyang Shuo, all of you could still recognize him right?"

Sitting in the first table, apart from the class flower, there was also Meng Fei Fei and Tan Xiaoli whom he had met while shopping for new year goodies. Upon seeing him, they smiled and greeted him.

After Yuanping left, Ouyang Shuo started chatting with the other classmates.

In this world, there never lacked people who made others envy. At the same table was one of them known as Zhao Qinglin. After graduating, with the help of his parents, he became an assistant of the manager at Bingfeng Corporation, the most famous real estate company in the State of Jiao. Out of all the students, he could be considered as a successful person.

To Yuanping's family background, Zhao Qinglin was really envious. He especially rushed down to join the gathering but didn’t expect that Yuanping arranged him at the first table and just left. Rather, he had treated Ouyang Shuo with so much warmth, making him jealous.

He said coldly to Ouyang Shuo," Old classmate, you are so impatient. Wearing the watch so quickly, you can’t afford to buy such electronics?"

Upon hearing his words, the whole table was quiet. Two of the school straight A students who were doing just okay now were embarrassed and hid their watches upon hearing that.

Ouyang Shuo laughed, however, he wasn’t the goody two shoes in school so upon being challenged he said," Yup I can’t afford it. Since your family background is so rich, why not learn from Yuanping and give all of us a handbrain?"

The students at the table laughed, lacking the awkwardness from before, they all looked at Zhao Qinglin to see what he would reply.

"You!" Zhao Qinglin didn’t expect Ouyang Shuo to be so shameless, admitting his lacking against him. It was true he had a good family background but that was only compared to these students, if not he would not need to rush here to get close to Yuanping. To ask him to take out 200 thousand credits for gifts, that was impossible.

Ouyang Shuo paid little attention to his embarrassed face, taking up the teacup and drinking casually.

Tan Xiaoli who was sitting by his left gave him a thumbs up and commended him," Wow! Is that the nerd and quiet Ouyang Shuo? You really changed our opinion. If I didn’t have a boyfriend I would chase you."

"Cough cough!" Ouyang Shuo choked on the tea. Are all the girls nowadays so open, bring up such daring topics.

"What’s with your expression, don’t tell me sister cannot fit with you? Although you are very handsome, sister has both bodies and looks okay?" Seeing Ouyang Shuo's expression, Tan Xiaoli expressed her sadness.

Ouyang Shuo raised his hand to surrender, "Student Tan, Beautiful Tan, I am wrong. Let me off this time."

"He! I’ll count it as you know the truth." Tan Xiaoli moved her eyeballs, walking to his side, "Aiyo, you don’t have a girlfriend right? Let me introduce you to Fei Fei."

Ouyang Shuo hadn’t said anything but Fei Fei who was at the side had already blushed red and grumbled, "I’m going to rip your throat."

Seeing the two women playing fools at the side, Ouyang Shuo helplessly shook his head. His eyes landed on Song Jia who was sitting opposite him. He paused for a moment before he nodded his head, greeting her.

Song Jia was like Yuanping, they both came from a well to do family. The Song family was top 2 in Lingnan and coupled with the fact that Song Jia was a beauty with an exquisite personality, making it hard for people to get close to her. Yuanping kept trying to chase her since the start of high school but sadly it didn’t work out.

At this student gathering, maintaining relationships was secondary, what was primary was his attempt at chasing Song Jia. Ouyang Shuo envied the determination of Yuanping, not giving up after 10 years.

Song Jia wore a white bead high waist dress, giving off the feeling of a goddess. Seeing Ouyang Shuo greet him, she raised her teacup. Ouyang Shuo raised his and they did a toast, it seemed like they had a tacit understanding.

This scene was seen by Zhao Qinglin and he was so jealous that he was practically going crazy. The goddess didn’t even look at him. His hatred towards Ouyang Shuo had intensified.

Not long after, all the classmates had arrived and the gathering officially began. Yuanping went back to the first table and sat at the head seat, his left and right being Ouyang Shuo and Song Jia.

A student gathering obviously couldn’t lack sharing and conversations. Acquaintances or not, soon everyone were drinking together and reminiscing about the past, giving a feeling of old friends reuniting.

Thanks to Yuanping, there were many classmates who had come over to drink with Ouyang Shuo. Some of which held good intentions while some had bad intentions. Ouyang Shuo wasn’t afraid of them because if one talked about alcohol tolerance, there was no one he was afraid of.

Of course, the brightest star was Yuanping and people who looked for him were endless. He was pulled around tables to drink.

"Old classmates let’s have a drink together!" The sweet voice of a girl sounded out in his ear. He turned around to see Song Jia, raising up a cup of red wine to him.

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head and poured some red wine for himself. "Ok, I’ll have a cup with our goddess." Ouyang Shuo gulped down the entire glass of wine.

What he didn’t expect was for her to finish it too, her cheeks flushing red instantly.

Ouyang Shuo remembered that when she had a toast with Yuanping, she had only taken small sips. He didn’t expect for her to favor him.

To speak the truth, during high school they didn’t have much interaction. One came from a rich family and had a cold personality, the other was ordinary and an introvert that didn’t talk much with others.

He couldn’t understand it but he didn’t mind. Taking the chance, he started chatting with Song Jia. After he started working closely with Fan Zhongyan, his speaking ability had improved a lot and the two of them got deep into conversation.

At that moment, Yuanping walked back and behind him was Zhao Qinglin. Seeing them two talking, he smiled, "I left for a while, didn’t think you two will be in such deep conversation."

Ouyang Shuo didn’t know if his words had any hidden meaning but he didn’t care. In reality, he was just a passing cloud, he laughed and said," The star of tonight, just sit and eat some food."

Ouyang Shuo tried to change the topic but someone was unhappy. Zhao Qinglin was like a clown jumping out from behind Yuanping's back sarcastically saying, "The way I see it, the toad is trying to eat some of the dove meat." The lapdog who followed Yuanping around jumped out to fight for his owner.

Ouyang Shuo's face darkened and just as he wanted to teach Zhao Qinglin a lesson and beat some senses into him. Song Jia had already jumped ahead and scolded out, "Some people want to be despicable I cannot prevent them. Ouyang Shuo is my friend, whoever disrespects him I will not let off."

Being scolded directly by Song Jia, Zhao Qinglin was stunned, he walked back to his seat ashamed. A pair of eyes stared at Ouyang Shuo, wanting to rip him apart.

Originally Yuanping didn’t think too much but this commotion made his face darken. Luckily he was a rich kid from an important family, so he had some manners, "We are all classmates. Come, I will drink with all of you."

Ouyang Shuo calmly picked up the beer glass and gulped it up. Although Yuanping had tried his best to raise the mood, it was a bit moody and awkward. An originally happy occasion was spoilt just like that.

One has to mention that Yuanping was a master at adapting. He took the chance to end the gathering early and say, "Fellow classmates, I have booked a suite in the ktv upstairs, let's go sing some songs."

Everyone cheered out, to be able to shout out songs when one was high was obviously a fun and good thing.

Ouyang Shuo did not expect there to be such an arrangement, and he felt embarrassed. He did not forget his promise to Bing'er to return home early and play with her. The original reason for coming was reached and he had already met the people he wanted to meet. They reminisced what they should have. Once youth once passed was like the wind, unable to recreate.

"Yuanping, I won’t be going to sing, there's someone waiting for me at home. Have fun guys!" Ouyang Shuo smiled as he said to the activity organizer.

Yuanping earnestly wished for him to leave in case he had any further dealings and relationship with Song Jia. He acted regretfully, "Ai, we could have sung a duet. Family is important and I won’t keep you. Stay safe on the way back."

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head and after saying goodbye to everyone turned and left the hall. He didn’t care about Tan Xiaoli, who said he didn’t give them face by leaving so early.