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Chapter 70 - Crush

Chapter 70 - Crush

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As Ouyang Shuo left Guifang Park Hotel, he walked to the side of the road and was just about to hail a taxi. Suddenly, a red Ferrari screeched to a stop in front of him.

He raised his head to look, it was actually Song Jia. The beauty opened her lips slightly, smiling as she said, "Where are you going? I'll drop you off!"

Ouyang Shuo really couldn't understand the girl in front of him. If what had happened at the banquet table was vague, then what happened now made him certain that Song Jia had taken an interest in him. But why? When he was in high school, he was just an unappealing nerd, which part of him was worth the favor of this attractive gem?

Seeing his hesitation, Song Jia teased, "Why? Are you afraid that I'll rape you?"

Ouyang Shuo couldn't tolerate that and without saying anything, opened the door and sat in the co-driver seat. "Ha, what am I scared of? If there's rape, it will be me raping you."

Song Jia giggled. She didn’t even ask him for his address, directly revving up the sports car and diving into the busy traffic.

At that moment, the atmosphere in the car became very awkward. The two of them have not met in 5-6 years, now both being in such a confined space, all of the sudden both of them were at a loss of words.

Ouyang Shuo tilted his head, sizing up Song Jia, his eyes filled with doubt and inquiry.

Being stared at so shamelessly by Ouyang Shuo, even an elegant women like Song Jia couldn’t take it. Her face blushed red as she grumbled, "What are you looking at, you little pervert."

"I'm looking at a beauty, do you want to look together?" Ouyang Shuo continued shamelessly. He didn’t believe that he would not be able to force out her true colors.

"You have changed a lot." Song Jia didn’t bother about Ouyang Suo's teasing, saying out of the blue.

"Became more handsome?"

"Tsk, ok you smug. I've not seen you in so many years, your ability didn’t grow, but your face skin has certainly grown a lot thicker. I remember you weren’t like this last time." Song Jia covered her mouth and laughed softly.

"How was I last time? I can’t remember?" Ouyang Shuo asked curiously.

"You ah, let me think. In my impression of you during high school, you were a handsome and very quiet cute little boy. You were a little cool and didn’t like to interact with people."

"Oh please, please don’t use cute to describe a guy okay?" In the face of compliments from a beauty, truthfully, Ouyang Shuo felt a little sweet inside. However, he couldn’t show it in his words.

"Haha, during that time, you were just 13-14 years old. In my memory, you were cute!"

"Okay, I admit defeat. Say the truth, you paid so much attention to me. Was it that you had a crush on me?" Ouyang Shuo jokingly said.

"Yes, I had a crush on you that time."

"Ha?" Ouyang Shuo's eyes opened wide, his mouth agape with shock. "Stop joking, you were the school princess then, you were proud like a peacock. The guys who chased after you could form a few lines around the school track. Why would you crush on an unappealing little boy?"

Song Jia smiled slightly, "A princess will also look out for her white knight. Those guys that chased me were filled with lust, they were so annoying. Only your eyes were so clear, making me fall head over heels over you. Do you remember the valentine’s day that year when you received chocolates? That was my gift."

"Ha, I was saying, which girl would give me a gift and not leave her name?"

"Sadly, I was too reserved then and even until our graduation I did not dare to confess."

"You can still make it up now, I wouldn’t mind." Ouyang Shuo knew that a teen's first love looked like a great memory, but it could not withstand the test of time. So much time passed, what was left was a sweet memory. Hence, Ouyang Shuo dared to make such unscrupulous jokes.

"You smug kid. I won’t like a slippery tongued little pervert." Song Jia laughed.

Ouyang Shuo exaggeratingly grabbed his heart with both hands, imitating Stephen Chow's accent and saying sadly, "In the past, there was a pure love right in front of my eyes, but I didn’t cherish it. Only until I lost it did I start to regret, this is the most painful thing in the world…"

Song Jia acted in concert with him, saying emotionally, "If the heavens could give you another opportunity, what would you say to the girl?"

Ouyang Shuo turned his head and looked into Song Jia's eyes, purposely saying with deep emotion, "If the heavens gave me another opportunity, I would tell the girl, ’I love you, if I were to add an expiration date to our love, I wish it to be 10000 years!’"

Being looked at with such deep emotion, Song Jia's face blushed red. She awkwardly turned her face away, her heart beating profusely. Although she knew Ouyang Shuo was playing a fool, when the words "I love you" came out of his mouth, she couldn’t help but be touched.

If not, why would people say that the first love is the sweetest. Even after many years, that sweetness would still last and would not fade.

The atmosphere in the car became ambiguous, even catching Ouyang Shuo himself off guard. When he said those three words, he didn’t know why but his heart slowed down half a beat, making him sure he was emotionally affected.

"Cough. If it’s convenient, can you send me to White Cloud area in the Tianyuan district? I live there." Ouyang Shuo shook his head, shaking off that feeling off from his mind, instantly changing the topic.

"Oh, okay." Song Jia turned the steering wheel and passed her phone to Ouyang Shuo at the same time.

"What are you doing?"

"Save your phone number in, you are really a piece of wood." The beauty grumbled.

"Oh, okay." Ouyang Shuo took the phone, unintentionally touching the tender fingertips of Song Jia. It was like touching electricity, he quickly withdrew his hand.

After clumsily saving his number, he returned the phone to Song Jia. Their fingers naturally touched again. However, this time it appeared more natural.

In not more than half an hour, the sports car was already parked at the door of Tianyuan district. This was the first time that Ouyang Shuo felt a hatred for sports cars. Why did they have to travel so fast?

"I've arrived."

"Oh. You aren't going to invite me up?"

"Ha? Let’s forget it."

"Why? Are you keeping a mistress in your golden house?"

"How could I?"

"Hahaha. I'm just joking. Let’s keep in touch. Bye Bye."

"Bye Bye!"

Wait, that’s not right. Did she just tease me? Shouldn’t I be the one who should be saying those words? As he gazed at the disappearing sports car, Ouyang Shuo's heart was unsettled, unable to calm himself down.

When he reached home, Bing’er ran over happily, passing him his slippers. Ouyang Shuo smiled and said," Baby, today I wasn’t home, were you well-behaved?"

"Hm. Bing’er was so well-behaved."

"That’s good, come. Let brother give you a reward." Ouyang Shuo took off the smartwatch from his wrist and helped Bing’er wear it. In his eyes, the smartwatch was only suitable to be a toy for Bing’er.

At 9 PM, after coaxing Bing’er to sleep, Ouyang Shuo returned to his room and logged onto the game.

After going online, he routinely practiced an hour of spearmanship on dummies. Following which, he practiced the Bajiquan which he had just learned not long before. Now in Shanhai Village, everything was very orderly and the things that needed his attention were little to none. Taking the opportunity of such carefree times, Ouyang Shuo took out more of his time to practice martial arts.

Even if he might seem like a civil officer, placing himself in the base from the start and taking care of the operations of the base, but the truth was he still had martial arts in his bones because if not, he would not have chosen the officer class in his past life.

To be honest, which men weren’t hot-blooded and yearned to conquer the battlefield. Even if they did fall in battle and die, they would have no regrets. His current strength, compared to the basic level Lin Yi, was insufficient, not fitting of his identity as the general of the entire army. Hence, he wanted to make use of this time and train up.

At noon, Ouyang Shuo made a trip to the back mountains to take a look at the two Nian beasts who had made it their home. According to legends, the Nian beasts spent their lives at the bottom of the ocean, only coming to shore on New Year’s Eve, claiming the lives animals and humans.

Ouyang did not know whether the legend was real or not, but it was true that the Nian beasts loved to eat ocean fish. Hence, the Resource Division had to prepare 50 units of fresh ocean fish every day for the two Nian beasts. Thankfully the village was right beside the ocean. If not, feeding the two beasts would be a big problem.

Returning from the back mountains, Ouyang Suo rode Black Tornado as he brought his bow and galloped out of the town.

The wilderness in winter was a solemn picture. The wild grass was withered yellow, in the vast scenery, as Ouyang Shuo rode his horse, he felt relaxed and free. In the whole world, there existed only him.

Riding on his horse, Ouyang Shuo's mind suddenly filled with Song Jia's figure. She turned around and smiled, her youthfulness arousing his heart. For whatever reason, Sun Xiaoyue's image also appeared, causing him to feel upset. Since when did that little brat leave an impression in his mind? This was such a mess.

If there was a second person there, they could with a single glance see that Ouyang Shuo's spring had arrived.

In the five years in his past life, Ouyang Shuo did not have a proper relationship because of Bing’er. It was not that no girl chased after him, but he had rejected them. How could a person who wandered from place to place talking about falling in love?

In this life, the development of Shanhai town was smooth. Unexpectedly, a few pretty girls also entered his life, stirring up his calm heart.

He did not remember if during the student gathering in his past life, whether he had such a conversation with Song Jia. The past him was a tired man, even if he’d met Song Jia, he wouldn’t have the courage to joke around. He only remembered that after that gathering, he did not keep in contact with any classmate, including Song Jia.

What had happened in the past rushed into his mind. This did not reduce his determination as he wasn’t a person to worry needlessly. Different experiences warned him that an emperor's dominance did not have any space for slacking. The country belongs to me; beauties too belong to me.