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Chapter 72 - Water Bandits (2/3)

Chapter 72: Water Bandits (2/3)

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February 27, Leng Qian, with the letter to solicit Pei, sneaked into the stronghold.

Walking down the street, Leng Qian randomly pulled a bandit over to the side, ready to spread the rumors.

“Brother, have you heard of it? ” Mysteriously he asked the bandit.

“Heard of what?” The bandit was puzzled by the random question.

“Of what? Don’t you know yet? My cousin brother’s fourth aunt’s nephew works under the second leader, and he happened to tell me a big secret- Our second leader, Watersnake is about to do something big!” He acted surprised as though the bandit did not know anything.

“What is it? Tell me quick brother, what is the second leader planning to do?” As expected, it is human nature being gossipy, that includes everyone from the past, in the future, male, female, young and old.

“I can secretly tell you, but don’t spread it out, keep it to yourself! My cousin brother’s fourth aunt’ nephew will be punished!” Leng Qian continued on the acting. Only the rare and undisclosed news were more easily trusted.

“Alright, alright, I promise, I won’t tell anyone else. Now tell me quick!”

Leng Qian looked around, making sure no one was eavesdropping the conversation. He lowered his voice and said “I tell you, the 2nd leader is sick of the great leader sheltering the 3rd leader under his wings. Watersnake will have an insurrection, and be the great leader himself.”

“Ah? Is it true or not? He has the guts do it?”

“Heh, it is your choice to believe or not. Our second leader is dauntless, what fear does he have? You remember last year when he led an attack on the armies?” Obviously, Leng Qian had done his homework, else he wouldn’t know about the event.

“You are right. Ay, if that is the case, pawns like us will have to suffer again.”

“Sigh, what else can we do… I am only telling you this because I don’t find you annoying. We should prepare ourselves. Otherwise, we might be sacrificed unknowingly.” Leng Qian answered in a flurry tone.

“Yes, yes, indeed. Thank you brother, for telling me. I promise I will not tell anyone.”

“Good, remember! Don’t tell anyone!” Dramatically Leng Qian emphasized again telling him not to tell the secret to the others.

Just right after Leng Qian left his sight, he immediately told his second uncle’s third son, after he finished telling the secret, he stressed the importance of keeping the words as a secret.

Then his uncle’s third son continued on telling the secret to his neighbor Uncle Wang’s second son, and so the so-called “secret” spread over the whole camp within half a day. The whole stronghold was talking about it, people would gather around, whispering mysteriously, and in the end, adding a sentence asking the others not to spread the words.

It was already 11 AM when Blackdragon received the rumors. Two hours had passed since Leng Qian had created the rumors. Stronghold, Hall of Brotherhood, Blackdragon sat in the main seat, he had a somber, deep cold voice “Brother, brother… In the end, you still wanted to take the final step.”

In the Hall of Brotherhood, right below Blackdragon was his trusted strategist, puzzled by the strange news, he questioned its truth, “My great leader, this is strange… If, I mean if, the second leader is really going to do it, how would he allow the information to be leaked? This doesn’t make much sense.”

Blackdragon’s face turned darker, he asked, “Your words, you mean… there is someone behind all of this? Someone spreading fake news, stirring up the water and our relationship?”

“It is all merely my conjecture. But we still need to prepare ourselves, preventions are still needed.”

“Who? Who holds this motive?” Blackdragon questioned further.

His strategist’s face stagnant for a moment, reluctant to answer.

Blackdragon waved his hand, impatiently asking for his answer, “Speak whatever is in your head, there is no need to pull back. What’s more to avoid from at this point in time?”

“Then, I shall be bold and straightforward. In my opinion, it is the 3rd leader, he is the biggest suspect.”

“What? You speak of Donglai? How can it be possible?” Blackdragon was certainly surprised by the answer.

Since he had been bold and therefore there was no need to hesitate anymore. “Yes, my great leader, think about it, if you and 2nd leader raged a war. Who would benefit from it?”

“Would it be the Shanhai Town from the east? If we have an infight, they will benefit largely from it, no doubt they have such motives.”

Strategist nodded his head, and confidently he said, “I have thought so too, thinking it might be Shanhai Town. But according to our scouts, Shanhai Town had no movements, everything was as usual. They could still be immersed in the New Year’s celebration atmosphere. They probably are not even aware of our existence.”

Blackdragon was not convinced. He still has his trust in Pei Donglai. He stood up and walked around the hall, frowned, trying to see clearly past the thick fog and grasp the truth.

“You think, would this be just a slapstick farce by my 2nd brother. Trying to crush my trust in Donglai, so then he could have benefited from it.”

Blackdragon’s words struck his strategist's heart, the strategist paused and run the possibilities through his mind, It is highly possible. The 2nd leader gave himself the name of Watersnake, all because he admired Blackdragon’s cold-bloodedness and slyness. This whole plot seems much like his style of doing.

As his strategist stayed silent, Blackdragon knew exactly what was in his heart. It seemed like he had hit the jackpot. With a cold emotionless voice, he said, “Brother, brother… what a conscienceless man you are. In that case, don’t curse me for being ruthless. Give my orders. Send the men over and capture Watersnake, dead or alive. I want his body.”

“Yes, sir!” His strategist dared not stay longer. He left right after to gather the men.

As the main camp of the stronghold, the Hall of Brotherhood stationed a squadron of bandits. 70 ordinary bandits and another 30 elites were there, patrolling and guarding the Hall of Brotherhood, directly under Blackdragon’s command.

However, just when Blackdragon was discussing in the Hall of Brotherhood, Watersnake had already taken the first move. He understood too well his elder brother, whether or not the rumors were true, there wouldn’t have a place for him anymore in this home. Then why not seize the opportunity and risk it all?

As the 2nd leader of the raiders, Watersnake commanded 2 squadrons, 200 men including 60 elites, and 140 ordinary bandits. They were usually stationed in the stronghold. Watersnake sent his trusted subordinate to organize them out of the barracks by batches, and gather them in his courtyard.


Watersnake and his troops, from his courtyard, went straight over to the Hall of Brotherhood, the great number of his forces triggered a wave of fear and uneasiness among the other non-combatants. The rumor, what they had said this morning, was now really happening.

Once Blackdragon knew of it, he sent a messenger to seek help from the barracks from the back door, while he personally rushed to the front gate. The two factions that fought together before were now confronting each other. With a mixture of a sneer and smile, Blackdragon opened his mouth, “Brother, it was true you had the intention to replace me. Why so, wanting to replace me in place so fast?”

Watersnake replied the same facial gestures, “Aren’t you the same, brother? Since you have lost trust in me. Then this younger brother of yours can only say sorry to you too.”

Seeing that things were turning sour, Blackdragon took a step back. “Brother, dismiss your troops. I promise I will not pursue your wrong acts.”

Right at this moment, one of Watersnake’s subordinate came beside him and lowered his voice, “Leader, I think he is trying to drag the time. We should attack now, otherwise the longer we wait, the more the uncertainties.”

Watersnake nodded his head, “There is no need to pretend anymore brother. Everyone, ATTACK!”

Comparing the strength of both sides, Watersnake’s troops were twice the size of Blackdragon’s, clearly outnumbering him. Yet, Blackdragon’s forces were able to hold their grounds relying on the Hall of Brotherhood’s defense infrastructure, such as the sentries and fences.

While on the other side of the stronghold, Military Intelligence Division Deputy Secretary Leng Qian went straight to Pei Donglai’s courtyard after spreading the rumors.

According to his normal routine, Pei Donglai would only be in the barracks in the afternoon. He would usually stay in his courtyard in the morning. After all, there was a huge difference between bandits and the armies. There were no habits of morning drills, and most of them had rather a lax discipline. This was also the main reason why Watersnake was able to get his troops out of the barracks smoothly, else it would have alerted Pei Donglai.

Coming in as an outsider, Pei Donglai had no one in the stronghold and only had three or four servants in the courtyard. Leng Qian was able to sneak in without any troubles to Pei’s study room before alerting Pei.

“Who is it?” Pei questioned vigilantly the identity of the intruder.

“Greetings General Pei, I am a messenger from Shanhai Town, I bring the greetings from my lord to you.”

The study room went dead silent for five or six minutes before Pei invited Leng Qian in.

“Come in!”

Leng Qian exhaled in relief, and walked into the room, before that he was ready to make an escape. In the middle of the room sat an officer, holding an art of war book. His eyes, cold as frost ice, “How brave of you, daring to infiltrate the stronghold, and walking into my courtyard.”

Leng Qian answered in a calm manner, “I do not deserve such high praise from you general, please forgive me for this uninformed visit. My lord appreciates talents, and he had heard of your existence, thus he had sent me to pay you a visit.” He answered while taking out the letter wrote by Fan Zhongyan and handed it to Pei Donglai.

Pei Donglai opened the letter and took a glance, his rapidly changing facial expression could not be described and paused for a moment before he replied, “Your lord’s goodwill, I have received. But I am indebted to Blackdragon, for he had saved my life, and I had sworn I would not betray him. You may leave now. I will not hold you back.”

Leng Qian nodded his head, understanding Pei Donglai’s inner conflict between the one that saved his life and the one that appreciated his talents. It was truly a hard decision to make. But in the end, he chose to repay his debt to his savior and gave up his ambition. Such an honorable man.