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Chapter 130 - Battle of Zhuolu part 4

Chapter 130 – Battle of Zhuolu part 4

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After listening to his organization plan, Feng Qiuhuang felt that she had an added layer of understanding of Ouyang Shuo. She smiled and said, “Brother Wuyi's organization is great, little sister has no qualms."

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, “Since everyone has no qualms and nothing to say, we will split the tent areas based on the different forces. As for the specific arrangements, I'll leave them to General Shi and General Zhang Liao. Is that okay?"

General Shi and General Zhang Liao immediately got up. “Yes sire, we will not let you down!"

"I have to say before everything starts that the purpose of reorganizing the forces is to form cohesion and to face the final battle together. Throughout the process, if you need to individually complete missions, the alliance won't have any restrictions. Not only that, if you need help, we can also send backup." Ouyang Shuo explained.

Everyone was selfish. As the leader of the alliance, if he couldn't give a good response to settle the selfish side of them and made everyone sacrifice their personal gain for the team, this would only cause the alliance to split apart. Only by building the alliance upon mutual benefit and showing them that working together was the only way of winning would the alliance last for long.

Feng Qiuhuang and the rest nodded to express that they understood, seeming very pleased.

Bai Hua asked, “Wuyi, then what would the few of us do?"

"That's true, although we aren't generals and warriors, we ought to do something to help." Feng Qiuhuang added.

Out of the five lords, Ouyang Shuo and Gong Chengshi had side jobs as generals, Mu Lanyue as a tailor, Bai Hua as a doctor, and Feng Qiuhuang as a knight.

"As for the rest of us, we will also split jobs. I'll be in charge of contacting Yellow Emperor city and finding out news. Bai Hua and Feng Wu will be in charge of contacting other players and choosing the best players, excluding those arrogant ones or those with bad intentions. As for the rest, as long as they accept our organization of troops they can join in. As for Yue Yue, you will be in charge of coordination and contacting each of us." Ouyang Shuo thought for a while before saying.

Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang were both female lords with a lot of influence.

Out of all the professional players, Bai Hua held utmost authority, knowing a lot about each lord. On the opposite side, Feng Qiuhuang was playing for the first time and did not know much about the professional players, but about the various leaders of each power, she knew much more than Bai Hua. With both of them working together, they could cover each of their weaknesses. Adding their personal charm, having the two of them in charge of contacting other players was too perfect. ……At 2 PM in the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo brought Wang Feng and left the camp towards Yellow Emperor city.

In the , Si Maqian used simple but descriptive writing to describe the life and death of the Yellow Emperor.

The Yellow Emperor was the son of Shaodian. He was surnamed Gongsun and named Xuanyuan. Like many of the old people from legends, when he was born there was a natural phenomenon, and he could speak not long after his birth. Talent coupled with hard work and honesty made him grow into a well-learned, extraordinary talent that would be able to complete all tasks.

Gongsun Xuanyuan was born at a time when political reform was happening. The once-powerful Shennong was getting weaker day by day, wars waged everywhere, and the commoners suffered.

Shengnong had no power to help the weak, and at that time, Gongsun Xuanyuan, who was rising in power, grabbed his chance. He gathered his troops and started a crusade against tribes to use power to force them into following his will. There was one tribe that wouldn’t yield, and that was the Chiyou tribe, which was good at war.

Subsequently, the Fire Emperor, who was equally strong, had invaded the weak tribes, causing the weaker ones to flock under Gongsun Xuanyuan's charge in hopes of sanctuary. The Fire Emperor and Gongsun Xuanyuan couldn’t avoid a battle. Gongsun Xuanyuan used a series of methods to increase his power and strength like cultivating morals, organizing the military, studying the weather, growing grain, rearing a group of beasts like the Pixiu tigers, and preparing for the battle with the Fire Emperor. The battle which was known as the Battle of Banquan broke out, and after several intense battles, Gongsun Xuanyuan defeated the Fire Emperor.

At that point, he had become the leader of all the tribes and started giving them orders. After the Fire Emperor yielded, the Yellow Emperor ordered him to send personnel to different areas. The Fire Emperor sent Chiyou to the east, but when he arrived there, he started a revolt against the Fire Emperor. As he wasn't his opponent, the Fire Emperor retreated to Zhuolu and requested assistance from the Yellow Emperor.

Hence, Gongsun Xuanyuan ordered his men to gather up all the tribes for a war against the Chiyou tribe. The result was that the tribal alliance led by Gongsun Xuanyuan crushed the Chiyou tribe and beheaded Chiyou. After that, his reputation and authority flew upwards, all the tribes recommended him to be the Son of God, replaced Shennong as the leader sent by the gods, and named him as the Yellow Emperor.

History states that the Yellow Emperor tribe traveled here and there and didn't have a permanent living spot, living like nomadic tribes. The Fire Emperor's emperor calling had to do with fire, and people called him Lieshan, meaning fire mountain. Growing plants and grains in the wilderness, he probably came from a farming tribe. Chiyou came from the east, and they said he used metal weapons and was fairly advanced, probably coming from a farming tribe too.In truth, the nomads and the farmers probably did not split up, but they had differences in ideology. Hence the Battle of Banquan was a battle between farmers and nomads and also a battle between their ideologies. The Battle of Zhuolu was instead a battle between the Chinese ethnic group and the Dongyi ethnic group.

Shennong wasn't a confirmed person, but a sort of ideology that extended beyond a tribe which lasted for hundreds and even thousands of years. Hence, his legend was instead deemed as a period in time.

Fire Emperor, Yellow Emperor and Chiyou were all heroic figures during the Shennong period. On ideology, they were all like Shennong, only coming from different tribes. In a period when the main strength was declining, they all wanted to obtain land, people, and money. Hence, the war raged on and finally ended in the Battle of Zhuolu, making the Yellow Emperor the hero of heroes.The current event was just after Gongsun Xuanyuan had defeated the Fire Emperor and just before the Battle of Zhuolu. This period, both sides had been at a standstill for a very long time.

Because the Chiyou tribe came from far away, they had to build their own Chiyou city. The city was destroyed by water, making them build a stronghold up in the mountains. The Chiyou stronghold was made up of 3 connected strongholds and was less than 10 kilometres away from the Yellow Emperor city.

Apart from this, not far from the Yellow Emperor city was a Fire Emperor camp which was where the Fire Emperor tribe had gathered. Yellow Emperor camp players could rush there to find side missions.Ouyang Shuo and Wang Feng were prepared to enter the Yellow Emperor city via the west gate.

At the two sides stood two guards. They wore a black linen dress, and around their necks hung a necklace made up of beast teeth. They each held a stone axe in their hand, and it was made of a wooden handle and an axe head that was grounded from a rock, looking extremely sharp.

After checking his identity tablet, they allowed them to proceed.

Ouyang Shuo wanted to use gold to bribe them to ask for infomation. But if he thought about it, gold was something such a primitive society didn't know about.

After entering, he didn't go straight to see the Yellow Emperor.

Although he was the representative and had the right to see the leader, if he disturbed him for no reason, it would make him annoyed.

The Yellow Emperor tribe, apart from the Yellow Emperor and his bride Leizu, consisted of Fenghou, Limu, Changxian, and Dahong, 4 important officials. Fenghou was the prime minister, and Limu was the general. Changxian was the inventor, and Dahong was good at training troops.

Ouyang Shuo was ready to use Leizu as his breakthrough point. His confidence stemmed naturally from the unique coloured silkworm from Shanhai Town.

As the leader of females in the olden times, Leizu created the method of keeping silkworms and obtaining silk from them. She also made everyone respect the emperor, grew mulberry, forced people to wear clothing, started marriage laws, gift traditions, respecting one’s mother, and she cared about the welfare of the people. All this was started by her.

As the bride of the Yellow Emperor, she naturally lived in the tribe palace. Of course, based on the building levels of the ancient people, even if it was a palace it was just a mud building.

The palace was situated in the middle of the city, and there were guards at the door. It was extremely spacious and took up a tenth of the city, showing the importance of the king and his bloodline.

Like the other buildings in the tribe, the palace was built with a mud base and a straw roof. A wooden skeleton was strengthened with mud to make the walls, and the roofs were covered with straw.

There wasn't only one building in the palace, and it was a combination of 4-5 rooms which made it look very majestic. The main hall was 8 meters tall and the highest point was 10 meters. The stairs alone were already a meter high. The outer walls of the palace were made with yellow mud which hardened and that made it look very strong and solid. Once it dried, it wasn't afraid of the rain, and the color was vibrant.

An ancient society will always dig a fire pond in the house to use to cook and to keep warm during the winter. Hence to solve the problem of the smoke, a hole must be opened in the roof. If a hole was opened, however, it would leak, as such a thatched roof must be made. The whole system looked very reasonable and practical.

One had to admit that such primitive structures were wild but beautiful, easy but practical. Ouyang Shuo was thinking that if Sun Xiaoyue saw such structures, she would be in awe.