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Chapter 131 - Battle of Zhuolu part 5

Chapter 131 - Battle of Zhuolu part 5

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Ouyang Shuo brought Wang Feng with him and went to the door of the palace.

The two guards stopped them and warned, "The palace is a sacred ground, random people can't get close. Who are you? Please leave."

Ouyang Shuo smiled and respectfully said, "I'll have to busy Brother to report that representative Qiyue Wuyi has something to give to the queen."

The guard was stunned. Ever since he was named as the representative of the Yellow Emperor camp, all the NPCs in the camp automatically learnt of his existence.

Hence, when they saw that he had come up to the door himself, they didn't dare to be disrespectful and their attitude changed by 180 degrees. They said embarrassingly, "Oh so it's representative Qiyue Wuyi, please wait for a moment, I'll go and report."

"Thank you." Ouyang Shuo nodded.

After 10 minutes, the guard returned and said,"Her majesty invites the two of you to enter."

Ouyang Shuo and Wang Feng followed behind the guard and walked into the palace. Along the way, he looked at the design of the palace, it was simple and practical, a typical wild style.

The guard brought them to a side hall and said,"You guys can enter yourselves, her majesty is waiting for you inside."

"Thank you for your help." Ouyang Shuo expressed his thanks once again.

Walking in the side hall, Ouyang Shuo saw a young and beautiful woman sitting on the main seat, her features were distinct and her nose had a high bridge. Her long hair was let down without any jewellery on it, seeming very natural and warm. She was wearing a white sleeved gown, the end of the gown only reaching her knees, displaying a pair of healthy and beautiful legs.

On her shoulder hung a yellow shawl and was tied around her waist. On her forehead was a gemstone that was tied by a chain, making her look honorable. Apart from that, a swallow shaped jade hung around her neck. This was definitely her majesty Leizu.

In the sides of the hall sat 3 young women and 1 cute little girl. Their dresses were similar to Leizu, only lacking the jewelry on her forehead. One of the girls looked ugly and Ouyang Shuo guessed that she should be the Yellow Emperor's fourth concubine Momu. With that conjecture, the other two women should be Nujie and Tong Yu.

As for that little girl who looked to be 11 or 12 years old, Ouyang Shuo could guess her identity. There was a chance that she was the Yellow Emperor's Daughter. She looked very dainty with long eyelashes, large eyes, and white succulent skin making her look like a little doll.

She was wearing a silk gown which showed a pair of soft arms. The gown was pure white and didn't have any patterns, only being tied around the waist by a belt made up of numerous gemstones. The gown covered till her knees and she wore a pair of boots made of deer leather. Her straight black hair moved in the wind and there were small braids tied with a white silk string at the sides of her head with a few white feathers stuck into it.

She also wore a flower wreath, and around her neck was a swallow shape gemstone, even her right hand had a bracelet made up of gemstones, making her seemingly wild and playful.

Ouyang Shuo didn't know what exactly to call Yellow Emperor's concubines and wife and used the most formal way, bowing forward and saying, "I'm representative Qiyue Wuyi, greetings ladies!"

In his eyes, their clothes were filled with the style of the ancient wilderness. However in their eyes, the outfits of Ouyang Shuo and Wang Feng were also very weird and special.

As it was a battle map, Ouyang Shuo was obviously dressed as a general. Be it the Mingguang armor or the Tang sword, in their eyes it was like god weapons.

One must know that in the era that they live in, it was the stone age, even the Chiyou tribe only used copper weapons. Weapons and equipments made by metal was something that they couldn't fathom.

The little girl was very lively and active. She wasn't afraid of strangers and upon seeing Ouyang Shuo, she ran down from her seat. It looked like she wanted to touch Ouyang Shuo's armor, especially the shining circle guard at the front of the armor.

Leizu warned, "Mei'er, don't be rude."

Ouyang Shuo was surprised, this young girl was the Yellow Emperor's daughter Xuanyuan Mei, the girl which legends say were super ugly? But she looked totally different from what they described, such a cute girl, how was she ugly? I guess it must be what their descendants had guessed and made up.

Ouyang Shuo liked Xuanyuan Mei and took out a small dagger from his storage bag, handing it over to her and said, "This is a little gift for the princess."

After being warned by her mom, although she really liked the dagger, she didn't dare to accept it. She looked at it sadly with her big eyes while turning back and looking at Leizu.

"Since it's a gift, accept it!"

"Thank you, Mother!" Xuanyuan Mei giggled and accepted the dagger thanking Ouyang Shuo, "Thank you, visitor from afar, I really like your gift."

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, "It’s good that little princess likes it." After Xuanyuan Mei returned to her seat, Ouyang Shuo said, "Respected queen, I have a gift for you, I hope you allow it."

She nodded, after the little situation with Xuanyuan Mei, her impression towards Ouyang Shuo was very good and she also became very warm, "What gift? If it's too expensive then I rather not."

"Don't worry, although it is rare, it is useless in other places. Only you can use it to its true value." Ouyang Shuo explained.

"Oh, there's such a thing?" Leizu's interest was piqued.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and told Wang Feng to bring up the gift that he prepared. It was held in an exquisitely crafted wooden box and inside were 30 colored silkworms and some unhatched eggs.

The reason he brought the eggs was because he was afraid something would happen to the silkworms during the teleportation.

Leizu signalled the maidservant to get the box and place it on the table. Upon opening it and seeing the slowly crawling coloured silkworms, she was both shocked and surprised, "Is this a type of silkworm?"

"That's right." Ouyang Shuo nodded, "It's a very rare type of coloured silkworm, not only are the colours on their body different but the silk that they spit out are also coloured."

She smiled, "Very good, I really like this gift."

Ouyang Shuo's preparation was far more well done than what she expected. He took out the 7 coloured silk from his storage bag and said respectfully, "This was made from the silk for you to admire. If you don't mind, please accept it."

The reason he took out the silk was to prove that he didn't lie and that the coloured silk was true and secondly was to give those as gifts to the other three concubines. When giving gifts, the worst thing is bad preparation and missing out on people. If that is the case, one might enrage people and that was a mistake that Ouyang Shuo naturally wouldn't make.

If one of the concubines didn't receive a gift and hated Ouyang Shuo because of it and fanned some flames in front of the Yellow Emperor, then all his hard work would go to waste.

As they say, everyone has a spot for admiring and understanding beauty. Seeing the silk, all the ladies were unexpectedly touched, their expressions became more warm and wasn't as expressionless as when he had just entered.

Ouyang Shuo was delighted as he knew that his plan had worked.

As the main wife, Leizu was obviously very smart and Ouyang Shuo's little antics didn't escape her eye. She was very impressed by his planning and smiled, "For letting me keep such a gift, I will give you one in return. What do you want?"

Ouyang was stunned, before he came he did not expect such a situation. The reason he gave the gifts was to make her like him and increase the good feelings that the Yellow Emperor has on him and make it more convenient and easy for him to do things, he didn't expect there to be a reward.

Ouyang Shuo said sincerely, "It's just a small gift with my thoughts, as long as you like it, it's okay, I don't need a gift in return."

Leizu shook her head, "No. The coloured silkworms are of great help to the tribe and it could be said to be an epoch-making contribution, making the colours of our silk more vibrant and exciting. Such a contribution has to be rewarded. Why don’t I give you a manual to grow the silkworms to complement it."

Leizu took out a book made of leather and asked the maidservant to pass it to Ouyang Shuo.

He took it, had a look and was amazed, saying, "Thank you queen for your gift!"

[Leizu’s Sericulture Handbook]: After using, raise silk production by 20%.

After receiving the reward, Ouyang Shuo was very smart and knew that he should not stay any longer, "Queen, it's already late and I have to rush back to the camp outside the city, please allow me to leave first."

She nodded, "Since it's like this, I won't keep you for any longer."

"Yes!" Ouyang Shuo said and with Wang Feng, they slowly left the side hall under the lead of the maidservant and walked out of the palace.