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Chapter 132 - Battle of Zhuolu part 6

Chapter 132 - Battle of Zhuolu part 6

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It was already 4 PM when Ouyang Shuo came out of the tribe palace. As he was thinking about the progress of the camp, Ouyang Shuo did not stay in Yellow Emperor City.When he went back to the camp, the camp had already undergone a big change.

With the combined efforts of 2000 men, the wooden wall of the camp had been completed. On top of the wall, there were soldiers patrolling and making rounds. At the 4 corners of the camp were arrow towers. Apart from that, at the main gate of the camp, which was at the east gate, were two arrow towers. At the front, there were two rows of horses.When the camp guards saw Ouyang Shuo, they bowed. Seeing that, Ouyang Shuo smiled and replied in kind, making the soldiers feel a little warm inside.

Walking into the camp, tents one after another were placed neatly in rows, separated into different camp areas. Between each area, the drains were already dug.

Ouyang Shuo passed his horse to Wang Feng, and walked alone into the central big tent.In the big tent sat 20 odd players, seeming a little cramped. Seeing Ouyang Shuo walk in, they all stood up to greet him. Ouyang Shuo smiled, nodded, and replied to each and every one of them. He also didn't forget to greet Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang.

Bai Hua helped get Ouyang Shuo out of the situation and smiled. “Wuyi, let me introduce you to the 20 players. They were chosen by Feng Wu and me. They agreed that in the final battle, their troops will be led by us."

Ouyang Shuo was stunned and immediately understood Bai Hua's words. These players still had their qualms and weren't like Feng Qiuhuang, who was willing to openly cooperate with the Shanhai Alliance. These people only wanted to borrow his status as the representative to obtain the initiative in battle. Only in the final battle would they follow his orders. Before that, everyone would do their own thing, and even their camps wouldn't be all in the same place.

Ouyang Shuo kept silent, as it seemed like his prior estimation was too positive. China had a saying that in china, 1/4 were dragons while the rest were bugs. Although these words were insulting, they also reflected that Chinese people wanted to be heroes and fought for their own benefits.

From this, one could see that only the alliance members were trustworthy. After this battle, a meeting should be called to accept Fallen Phoenix town into Shanhai Town. Since her attitude was so resolute, Ouyang Shuo had no reason to refuse such a strong ally.

After understanding their motives, Ouyang Shuo treated them impatiently and said, "Welcome to the Shanhai Alliance, as for the details, we will discuss them next time."

Ouyang Shuo's change in attitude was felt by all the people. Some of them looked embarrassed and some acted like they didn't care, so there were various reactions. Luckily it was already late, so after seeing Ouyang Shuo, they all said goodbye and left.

After sending off all these players, Ouyang Shuo returned back to the tent, gathered the 4 in the alliance, and easily opened a meeting. Everyone reported and discussed the matters that they had on hand.

Feng Qiuhuang did a summary of the twenty players and said, "Each of those players has 1-200 strong forces, and their overall force is 3500 men, mainly sword shield soldiers and bowmen. The specific numbers, I have just calculated. 2300 sword shield soldiers, 700 bowmen and 500 cavalry. Adding in our own original force, we now have 3000 sword shield soldiers, 1500 bowmen and crossbowmen, and 1000 cavalry for a total of 5500 people, taking up the majority of Yellow Emperor's camp forces."

Ouyang Shuo nodded. He didn't feel any delight and laughed bitterly."Such a small number of forces split into 20 hands. When the time comes, whether we can form a collective power is a huge question mark. These people might agree now, but once changes happen in the battlefield, they might change and desert us. The way I see it, the 2000 of us must form a collective power. As for the players that have thrown themselves to us, we must evaluate them and allow only those that are reliable to join our forces."

Feng Qiuhuang and Bai Hua nodded together and said, "No problem, leave this to the both of us."

Towards the two of them, Ouyang Shuo had the utmost confidence, continuing, "Out of all these players, do any of them have any generals or strategist-type historical figures?"

The reason Ouyang Shuo asked that was because he had his own reasoning. The Chinese region had 20 king rank or higher summoning talismans, and based on the estimate rate, half would summon generals or strategists. Splitting into each camp, they would have 5-6. Shanhai Alliance had 3 spots, and deducting Wufu, there would be 1 or 2 left.Feng Qiuhuang nodded. "Wow, it was really guessed by you. Qingyun Town has a historical general Chen Tang."

"Chen Tang?" Ouyang Shuo started to recall details regarding Chen Tang. For the past half a year, he had been reading up and replenishing his historical knowledge. As for the famous generals in each dynasty, he had a good understanding.

Chen Tang was the famous general of the Western Han. During the Han Yuan Emperor reign, he was the vice captain of the western region. He and Gan Yanshou had attacked Xiong Zhi, who had went against the West Han and had caused a stalemate from the north to the south. They stabilised the south and east frontiers of the Han Dynasty before attacking a 3000 mile stretch to destroy Xiong Zhi.

"People who insult me, however far I must go, I will punish them!" This was the letter that Chen Tang had written to the Hanyuan emperor. He was promoted to captain and worked in Zhonglang. He was further given the title of marquis, and passed away in Chang-An.

What was interesting was that this person had many problems, and his reputation wasn't good. When he was young, his family was poor and he relied on begging to survive. When his father passed away, he was waiting for the court to finish with the personnel allocation, and didn't go home and send his father off, failing his duty as a son. Not only did he not become an official, but he also got caught and locked up in jail.

Even in his most famous battle to destroy Xiong Zhi, he faked the emperor's orders and used the troops on his own. He was also greedy, loved money, and getting credit. He wasn't good at being an official and giving commands, so this was insulting to many people. Hence, his later years were sad and tough. However, the negatives couldn't wipe out all the positives, and no matter what, his military affairs were still out of the ordinary. His experience was vast, so he could be considered a great leader.

"If there's a chance, we can make contact with Qingyun Town." Ouyang Shuo said.Feng Qinyang nodded her head to show that she understood his meaning.

Ouyang Shuo looked at Gong Chengshi and asked, "Do you have any news about Di Chen?"Ouyang Shuo had specially ordered Gong Chengshi to pay attention to Di Chen before he had left for Yellow Emperor city.

Gong Chengshi shook his head and said helplessly, "So far we only know that they have set up camp on the east side of the city. As for how many people joined his camp, we do not know at the moment. As we can't use pigeon letters, even if someone wants to reveal news, it will be difficult to spread."

Ouyang Shuo nodded, It seemed that Di Chen has some capable people by his side, knowing to avoid the north and south sides of the city, and choosing the east side which was directly opposite to them. They also did a good job keeping it secret and not leaving any signs.

Ouyang Shuo said, "Seems like we still need to send out the Military Intelligence Division to explore. Without knowing what they are up to, I can't be at ease. On the other hand, we must also patrol our camp well and not let any of their people infiltrate it."

"That's right." Gong Chengshi agreed and nodded.

"The camp has already been built and starting from tomorrow we will split up and act. From the news that I've got today, the final battle doesn't seem to start anytime soon. Making use of this time, you can do some side quests. Maybe there will be shocking rewards."

"Has Brother Wuyi already gotten some quest rewards?" Bai Hua asked curiously.

Bai Hua was undoubtedly the player with the most acute senses, and Ouyang Shuo nodded."es, a small gift."

"Ya, we were busy in the camp and Brother Wuyi went to complete a quest, how biased!" Mu Lanyue pouted.

"Cough cough." Ouyang Shuo was speechless towards her innocence. "The main motive of me entering the came was to build a good relationship with the npcs. As for the reward, it was an unexpected surprise."

Mu Lanyue had just said this casually and didn't mean much. "Brother Wuyi, can you bring me tomorrow? It's so boring staying in the camp!"

"Sure." Ouyang Shuo agreed without much hesitation.

"Yea!" Mu Lanyue was happy like a victorious little fox.

Ouyang Shuo gave a forced smile and shook his head. After that meeting, everyone went back to their own tents and prepared to go offline.