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Chapter 133 - Battle of Zhuolu part 7

Chapter 133 - Battle of Zhuolu part 7

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The next day, after Ouyang Shuo went online, he started to train using the Yang Family Spearmanship Technique and the Bajiquan

"Wa, brother Wuyi is so handsome." Mu Lanyue suddenly walked over and purposely acted in awe and said.

Ouyang Shuo didn't bother about her and continued practicing on his own.

Not long later, Feng Qiuhuang, Bai Hua and the others got online and surrounded him curiously.

He could only helplessly stop practicing and ended his training early.

"Brother Wuyi's spear technique is simply superb, it's cultivation rank must be high right?" Feng Qinhuang tried to probe.

Ouyang Shuo did not try to hide anything and said generously, "That's right, it's the emperor rank cultivation technique Yang Family Spear, I got it luckily on the market a while ago." He turned his head to look at Mu Guiying and he laughed, "This spear technique has the same origin as General Mu."

Mu Guiying appeared out of sorts, it had probably touched an old sad memory, she kept quiet and did not reply.

"Sister!" Mu Lanyue walked over to Mu Guiying, seemingly worried.

Mu Guiying jolted to her senses and regained her composure. She rubbed Mu Lanyue's head and laughed, "I'm fine."

Seeing that the atmosphere was getting a bit down, Gong Chengshi jumped out and hollered, "Aren't we going to do missions in the city today? Any beauty willing to form a team with me?"

Bai Hua and her sisters shook their heads with a tacit understanding.

"Why? My heart is going to break." Gong Chengshi said with much exaggeration.

Ouyang Shuo laughed at Gong Chengshi who was trying to liven the mood, "Today let's go by ourselves. I hope every one will have a good reward. Yueyue let's go."

"Okay." Mu Lanyue's emotions came fast and disappeared fast, becoming happy in an instant.


Walking into the Yellow Emperor city once again, apart from Wang Feng, there was another follower by his side.

"Brother Wuyi, where are we going to accept the mission?" Mu Lanyue asked like a curious baby.

Ouyang Shuo himself was thinking about the question. Out of all the important members of the Yellow Emperor camp, he didn't have anything on hand that they would please them. Just suddenly appearing would be difficult to achieve anything.

"Yueyue?" Ouyang laughed and called for Mu Lanyue like an old fox.


"Do you want to go take a look at the palace?" The old fox took out a treat.

"Great, it's going to be fun!" The little fox took the bait.

"Let's go!"


In front of the palace doors was the guard from yesterday, upon seeing Ouyang Shuo he asked, "Do you want to see her majesty again? I'll report."

Ouyang Shuo shook his head and smiled, "No, we came today to see the Yellow Emperor."

The guard froze for a while and said, "Sure, please wait a while."

After the guard left, Mu Lanyue looked at Ouyang Shuo with worship, "Brother Wuyi, you are so amazing, even the guard of the palace treats you so respectfully."

"It was because I came yesterday so he recognized me." Ouyang Shuo said helplessly.

The guard came back quickly and said, "The king will see you now!"

Ouyang Shuo nodded and followed the guard into the palace once again. On the way, Mu Lanyue looked around, and seemed really interested in the wild era palace. As this was a normal thing, Ouyang Shuo did not stop her.

This time, the Yellow Emperor chose to meet Ouyang Shuo in the main hall which was several times bigger and grander than the side hall. On the floor were dark grey rocks and its surface had flower patterns.

Walking into the main hall, there were 4 steps, at the two sides stood two guards with long spears. In front of the steps was an oval shaped wooden door similarly with flower patterns and showed the construction knowledge of the ancestors.

Across the oval door was the main hall. There were 3 small tables on the side which were very low, Ouyang Shuo guessed that one needed to sit crossed legged, it already had the courtesy of the business era.

In front of the two main halls were two steps and on top was the throne of the Yellow Emperor, behind it was a picture which looked grand and mysterious and filled with wild energy.

Seeing such a situation, even the energetic Mu Lanyue quieted down.

The emperor sat on the throne, he was wearing a black robe and a tiger skin belt strapped around his waist. On his back hung a black cape and there was a wolf tooth necklace around his neck, the middle of which was a black stone. Apart from that, there was no other jewelry.

He had bronze skin, a high wide face, thick eyebrows big eyes, his face lines were extremely tough, thick beard, loose hair, and was full of male masculinity.

"Representative Qiyue Wuyi (Mu Lanyue), greets his majesty!" Ouyang Shuo and Mu Lanyue bowed down, as for Wang Feng he was stopped by the guards outside of the main hall.

"No need!" The yellow emperor used a voice filled with charisma and said, "Yesterday, my wife told me about you and today you came to see me, do you have anything to report?"

"Sire, as the representative, I should tell you about the status of the player troops. Hence I came here to report to sire." Ouyang Shuo said, even he felt that his words were full of lies.

The Yellow Emperor nodded happily, "Not bad, it's not everyday that there's someone who is so smart."

"The player force has 8000 people and I can move 2000 anytime. In the final battle I can move 5000 and the remaining 3000 aren't ruled by me. The troops are mainly sword shield soldiers, there are also archers and cavalry." When Ouyang Shuo reported, he didn’t forget to leave some bait.

"How's your battle strength?"

"I won't dare to say for others but my 2000 men are strong warriors and are ready to fight for sire." This kind of sucking up made Ouyang Shuo embarrassed, even Mu Lanyue at the side couldn't help but snicker.

Although it was sucking up, but everyone liked to hear it. "Good, since it's like that I have 2 missions for you, are you willing to accept?"

"I'm willing to risk my life for sure!" Ouyang Shuo hollered in delight.

Mu Lanyue's mouth was agape, she didn't dare believe, "This, you got a mission by doing this?"

Ouyang Shuo didn't care about her and checked the system notification.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for activating D rank side quest [sending a letter].

“Mission Background: The main battle is upon us, the Yellow Emperor has started to gather the various tribes.

“Mission Requirement: rush to the Fire Emperor camp and tell him to get his troops to gather in Yellow Emperor city. Mission rewards: 200 merit, 400 war contribution points."

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for activating B rank side quest [Investigation] (can be shared).

“Mission background: The Yellow Emperor wants to understand the situation in Chiyou camp.

“Mission Requirement: make your way to Chiyou stronghold and investigate his military situation. Mission rewards: 400 merit points, 1600 war contribution points."

Before waiting for Ouyang Shuo to recover, a string of battle notifications sounded.

"Battle Notification: Player Qiyue Wuyi has activated a side quest, officially activating the battle contribution leaderboard, players please take a look.

“Reminder: There are three ways to obtain Battle contribution points, first is to complete side quests, second is to kill enemies and third is overall performance.

"Battle Report: Battlefield killing contribution points will be calculated as follows: Kill a normal soldier from the enemy camp, reward 10 contribution points; kill a normal officer, reward 100 contribution points; kill an important General from the enemy camp, reward 1000 contribution points; kill enemy camp leader, reward 20000 contribution points."

"Battle Report: Overall contribution calculation is as follows: After the battle, based on their overall performance, the contribution to the style and the help to the camp, calculation would be done and an extra contribution point will be tabulated."

"Battle Report: After the battle, Contribution points will be converted to merit points in a 10:1 ratio. Apart from that, based on the leaderboard, the 1st will be rewarded 4000 merit points, the 2nd 3000, the 3rd 2000, the 4th to 10th deducting 200 for every spot, from 11th to 20th 500 points; 21st-30th 400 points;31st-40th 300 points; 41st-50th 200 points;51st-100th 100 points; no rewards for anyone after the 100th position."

This kind of reward system was a typical pyramid with those at the top getting better rewards and the difference widens as the positions drop, forcing players to try their best. Under such a system, the huge disparity in rewards would further increase the differences in strength between the lords, causing the big winners to be able to increase their ranks faster than the others, thence, they could bring more soldiers into the battlefield the next time.

This type of system was a negative cycle for weak players. Alternatively, for the strong players it was a positive cycle. It was the typical jungle where the strong survive and the weak are eliminated.

After the battle reports, Ouyang Shuo heard more system notifications.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for activating battle contribution leaderboard, rewarded 500 contribution points."

Wow that was a pleasant surprise. However, 500 contribution points was only 50 points. To his current rank, it was just a minute amount.

In the first battle the number of troops were limited, hence to obtain contribution points through battle was also limited unless you killed their general or their leader. To get great rewards, one had to rely on the rewards from the leaderboards. If one could get into the TOP 3 the rewards were fabulous.

Talking about that, in the future wars, there will be 100s of thousands of soldiers so obtaining contribution points from killing enemies will become a viable option, it might even exceed the reward from the leaderboards.