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Chapter 134 - Battle of Zhuolu part 8

Chapter 134 - Battle of Zhuolu part 8

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Ouyang Shuo opened the battle contribution leaderboard only to see himself alone and lonely with 500 points. Behind him were just a string of blank spaces waiting to be filled up.

The activation of the battle contribution leaderboard signaled the start of the Battle of Zhuolu.
At this moment in time, Di Chen had just went online only to hear the battle report. He fumed. "That brat got ahead once again. How is his luck always so good?"

"He was just lucky." Sha Pojun who was standing by his side said.

"No matter what, after this battle is over I will immediately apply to upgrade to a grade 1 city. We will see how he reacts then." Di Chen said coldly, memories of what had happened during the auction still fresh in his mind.

"Wouldn't that be too rushed?" Juedai Fenghua frowned.

Di Chen shook his head. "We can't wait anymore. Any longer and Shanhai Town will also apply to upgrade. At that point it would be too late to regret. This time we must crush that arrogant Qiyue Wuyi. If not, how will we survive in the Chinese server?"

Juedai Fenghua kept quiet. The way she saw it, Di Chen was ruffled by Qiyue Wuyi and was like he was being possessed by a devil, not listening to any of her advice or warnings. This was not a good sign.

Ouyang Shuo walked out of the palace, and he searched for the others who were still looking for quests in Yellow Emperor city.

"Wuyi, have you received a quest?" Bai Hua asked.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. "That’s right. I got two quests which are to deliver a letter to the Fire Emperor tribe as well as to investigate the Chiyou tribe. The B rank branch quest [Investigation] can be shared, so we can complete it together."

"That's great. We walked around the village but couldn't get anything." Bai Hua laughed.
Ouyang Shuo opened the quest menu and activated the sharing of the quest.

"System Nnotification: Please select players to to share the B branch quest [Investigation]. Reminder: You cannot share with more than 5 people."

"Bai Hua, Feng Qinhuang, Mu Lanyue and Gong Chengshi."

"System Notification: Shared to 4 people, after completing the mission, the person who started the quest will get 50% of the rewards while the rest will get 25% each."

This was the benefit of the quest sharing. Although his rewards were cut in half, adding the team rewards, the rewards became more instead. If the completion rate of the mission was high enough, there would be additional bonuses.

"This investigation quest will be led by Hong Ying and Gong Chengshi. I will arrange a scouting team and a cavalry team to help." Ouyang Shuo said.

"You won't go take a look yourself?" Gong Chengshi asked doubtfully.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head. "No, with you and Hong Ying I'll have no worries. I also need to go deliver a letter to the Fire Emperor."


After discussing who would lead the mission, Ouyang Shuo left Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang to continue to look for more missions in Yellow Emperor City while he brought Gong Chengshi and Mu Lanyue back to the camp.

After returning to camp, Ouyang Shuo explained simply to the secretary of Military Intelligence Song San and the captain of the 2nd cavalry squadron Sun Tengjiao, telling them to work together with Hong Ying and Gong Chengshi to complete the mission.

As for Ouyang Shuo himself, he brought Mu Lanyue and the first cavalry squadron towards the Fire Emperor tribe.

The Fire Emperor tribe was located west of Taixing mountain, which was 10 kilometers away from Yellow Emperor City. Between the two cities were no roads and was full of wild grass, making it very hard to travel. It took him four and a half hours to get to the Fire Emperor camp. Luckily on the way there, they didn't meet any spies or troops from the Chiyou tribe.

The Fire Emperor's building style was similar to the Yellow Emperor’s. Ouyang Shuo reached the city door only to be stopped by the guards who warned, "Who are you? State your name."

Ouyang Shuo shouted, "I am the representative Qiyue Wuyi and am here under the orders of the Yellow Emperor to deliver a letter to the Fire Emperor."
The guards didn't relax and said, "Do you have any proof?"

Ouyang Shuo got off the horse and passed his wooden tablet over.

The guard took the tablet and after taking a glance, not knowing how he recognised if it were real or fake, said, "The tablet is real. You can enter. However, the troops you brought in can only wait outside the city."

Ouyang Shuo nodded to show that he understood. This was already a usual practice and thus he was not surprised by it. He turned around and told the first squadron captain Li Mingliang, "Captain Li, find a safe place to set up camp. Based on the time it took us to get here, I don't think we can get back in time and will have to spend the night here."

"Roger that!"

Ouyang Shuo brought Mu Lanyue and Wang Feng, and followed behind the guard into the Fire Emperor camp.

As this was a letter from the Yellow Emperor, the guard didn't dare to be careless and led them directly to his palace to meet him directly.

Compared to the Yellow Emperor City palace, the Fire Emperor's palace was more pure. The Fire Emperor tribe was a very big tribe in Shennong, even when it weakened, losing to both the Yellow Emperor tribe and the Chiyou tribe. Such a palace that was built a long time ago, however, wasn't something that the Yellow Emperor tribe could compare against.

After receiving the guard's report, the Fire Emperor was waiting in the main hall to meet the messenger Ouyang Shuo.

The Fire Emperor, who was sitting on the throne in the main hall, looked relatively older around 40-50 years old. Compared to the young and strong Yellow Emperor, he looked old. The Fire Emperor tribe treated fire with respect and hence most wore dark red linen clothing. As for how they dyed it, no one knew.

Compared to the Yellow Emperor, the Fire Emperor was very handsome, and it was easy to imagine what he looked like when he was young. His hair was neatly combed and he was cleanly shaven. It was apparent that compared to the Yellow Emperor, the Fire Emperor paid more attention to his image.

On his forehead hung a chain with a long jadestone. Although one could see his white hair, and even his mustache had turned white, he looked very energetic, especially his eyes which were brimming with energy. The once king-level figure was still trying his best to keep his dignity and protect his tribe.

On the left side of the main hall sat a 30 odd year old woman. She wore a black linen dress and her long hair extended beyond her shoulders. On her chest hung white jewelry made of an unknown material, on top of which was also a huge jade tablet.

What was most obvious was the paint on her face. It was mostly black, with white to complete it at her temple and jaw areas. The painting on her temple was like an arrowhead, and it faced downwards splitting into 3 parts. The one at her jaw was like a ribbon, the middle was 5 circles, four black ones on the top and bottom, and a red one in the middle, looking very mysterious.

Ouyang Shuo guessed that this woman was the witch of the tribe, her position only lower than that of the Fire Emperor.

"Representative Qiyue Wuyi (Mu Lanyue), greets the Fire Emperor." Ouyang Shuo and Mu Lanyue bowed.

"No need. Yellow Emperor sent you here for what reason?" The Fire Emperor said warmly and politely.

Ouyang Shuo took out the letter and said politely, "The battle is coming and Yellow Emperor requests for Fire Emperor to assemble the troops and gather with the main force in Yellow Emperor City. This was the letter he penned personally."

Ouyang Shuo passed the letter to one of the servants at the side.

The Fire Emperor took it from the servant and opened it. After keeping silent for a while, he said, "I understand his intention. I will gather my troops tomorrow and meet in Yellow Emperor City. You can follow us back."

"Thank you your majesty!"

In Ouyang Shuo and Mu Lanyue's ears sounded the mission completion notification.

"Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for completing the D ranked branch quest [Sending a Letter]. Rewarded 200 merit points, 400 battle contribution points."

Because this mission was accepted by both Ouyang Shuo and Mu Lanyue, it wasn't counted a shared mission. Hence, both of them got the same rewards. With this, Mu Lanyue became the 2nd player to enter the leaderboard, making her laugh in glee.

Just at that moment, behind the main hall ran out a 7-8 year old girl who was smaller than Yellow Emperor tribe's Xuanyuan Mei but even prettier. She had a pair of captivating eyes and exquisite facial features, looking like a well-behaved girl. She wore a flower wreath on top of her head and wore a pair of red shoes, making her look very beautiful.

"Nuwa, did you not see that father is meeting guests?" When Fire Emperor saw the girl, he acted like he was angry.

She was totally not afraid of the Fire Emperor and ran in front of him and sat on his leg, grabbing his beard and said, "Father, you didn't play with me."

Towards his daughter, the Fire Emperor doted on her, saying helplessly, "Father is very busy. I will play with you later, so be nice."

She turned around and looked at Ouyang Shuo, saying angrily, "You are a bad person, snatching my father."

To this person who left her mark on legends, how could Ouyang Shuo be angry. He took out a cloth doll from his storage bag and said, "I'm sorry I made princess angry. I have a gift to give to you. I hope you won't be angry anymore."

Seeing the doll, her eyes opened wide. She had never seen such an exquisite toy and immediately fell in love with it.

What made him surprised was that she didn't run to grab the gift and instead tuned to the Fire Emperor. From this we could see that her degree of maturity was much higher than that of Xuanyuan Mei.

Seeing her father nod, Nuwa happily jumped off her dad and ran to Ouyang Shuo to take the doll. "You are a good person, Nuwa will forgive you."

Ouyang Shuo smiled. "As long as princess likes it."