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Chapter 135 - Battle of Zhuolu part 9

Chapter 135 - Battle of Zhuolu part 9

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After Nuwa received Ouyang Shuo's gift, a system notification sounded out in his ear.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for obtaining a favourable impression from Nuwa, activating C rank side quest [Salvation].

“Mission background: The Fire Emperor is about to embark for Yellow Emperor city. Nuwa took the chance to secretly go out of town to the Hutuo river on the west side of the Fire Emperor camp. Unfortunately, she drowned.

“Mission requirement: Protect Nuwa and return her back to the Fire Emperor camp safely.

Mission rewards: 300 merit points, 800 battle contribution points."

Ouyang Shuo was stunned, he didn't expect the story of Jingwei Reclamation to appear in such circumstances. There were many rumors about the Jingwei Reclamation in real life although one knew that even though most were fake and made up, but they were able to touch one’s heart and soul.

Legends had it that the Sun God Fire Emperor had a daughter named Wa who wasn't of age. Everyone called her Nuwa. The Fire Emperor controlled the sun and every morning he had to go to the East Sea to command the sun to rise and only returned home after the sunset.

Nuwa was a well behaved kid and when her Father wasn't at home, she would play by herself. She often wore a pair of red shoes and ran in the wilderness, placing many flowers into her hair and dressing up prettily.

She looked at the red hot sun rising from the east, happily bathing in its sunlight and admiring the scenery around her. All living things grew under that light and the birds celebrated, making her feel proud because the warmth and light was brought by her Father.

Sometimes, she would go to the fields near the East Sea to look at the sunrise. When she saw the rays of light spreading everywhere and the red sun jumping out of the sea, she was delighted. She always wanted to go to the East Sea, the place where the sun rose, unfortunately she was too young and the Fire Emperor couldn't bring her there. This was because the place where the sun rose was billions of miles away from the East Sea and that place was very hot, children couldn't bear it.

Nuwa was angry because of that. One time she didn't listen to her father and after he left, she jumped into the East Sea and swam towards the sun. She swam and swam, soon finding that it was getting harder and harder. Suddenly, a wave struck and swallowed Nuwa up.

Nuwa sank into the east sea and never returned.

However, her soul didn't die and she hated the waves in the ocean. Her spiritual animal was a little bird which had wild flower patterns on its head and had red claws, she vowed to reclaim the East Sea.

To strengthen her power, the Jingwei bird bred with swallows, letting her spirit and goal pass down generations after generations to continue her work until she reclaimed the ocean. The children that they gave birth to, the males looked like Jingwei and the females looked like swallows.

The Jingwei bird never stopped and took rocks and twigs, throwing them into the East Sea. Every day, night, even when there were thunderstorms, they would travel through the rain. Sometimes, when they were too close to the water, the waves would swallow them, but they did not rest because they knew there will be new Jingwei birds to continue the mission.

The Jingwei Reclamation stunned the gods. The Water God admired the spirit of the Jingwei birds, thus he called down a flood which washed the mud and sand from the highlands into the sea, turning the sea water into a muddy yellow. Hence people started to call the yellow part of the East Sea the Yellow Sea.

When the sea found that it really was going to be reclaimed, it took measures and using the tides, pushed back the sand and mud to the shore. This formed the tideland and as it thickened and grew larger, humans boxed it up and made it into farmland.

The people wouldn't forget that this land was made by the works of Jingwei birds and thus taught their children and grandchildren that they must love birds, protect them and learn from their spirit, striving hard towards one's goals.

As for the legendary little girl, Ouyang Shuo felt very sad and pained for her. Since he took the quest, naturally he would make arrangements to ensure that nothing happens.


It was already 3pm when Ouyang Shuo came out from the Fire Emperor tribe palace. This trip was really special. Not only did he see the Fire Emperor of legends but also met with Nuwa. Who knows, he might actually change her destiny.

"Brother Wuyi, what will we do next?" Walking around in the camp, Mu Lanyue asked.

Ouyang Shuo didn't have any plans and said causally, "Let's just walk around, it wasn't hard to get here so let's see if we can get any side quests."


Unfortunately, Ouyang Shuo had used up all of his good fortune as until 5PM, they didn't find any quests. They had no choice but to leave the Fire Emperor camp and go to the campsite outside the city.

At this point in time, Li Mingliang had already brought the cavalry squadron and built the temporary camp. As it was only for a night, naturally it wasn't as well planned as the camp outside the Yellow Emperor city.

It even forced Mu Lanyue to share the same tent with Ouyang Shuo. Luckily players did not need to actually sleep in the game and could go offline and rest.

As the time ratio between the battle map and main map was 10:1, and the ratio of the real map to real time was 1:1, this resulted in the time when players get offline not being the morning of the next day.

For example, 2 days have passed in the battle map but it had only been 4 hours in reality. This meant that it was 1am in the morning when Ouyang Shuo woke up in the game cabin. In reality, he could only rest for an hour before going online again as it would be the next day in the battle map.

In the last life, many players didn't pay attention to the speed of time and wasted 8-9 hours in the real world before going back online, only finding out that 3-4 days had passed.

To maintain such a battle map with such a time speed difference, it took up a lot of capacity and running power. Hence it wasn't suitable to use on the main map. Even this battle map would be shut down the moment the quest ended.

He was a little hungry so he went to the kitchen to cook up a bowl of noodles. With his culinary skills, even simple noodles was well made and delicious.

At this time, Sun Xiaoyue suddenly walked out from her room, scaring Ouyang Shuo.

"Why are you awake at this time?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

Sun Xiaoyue who had just got out of the game cabin was still a little blur, "Going to the toilet.

"Wow it's so fragrant, you are making me hungry."

Ouyang Shuo shook his head at this food monster, "You go to the toilet first, I'll cook another bowl for you."

"Thanks!" Sun Xiaoyue said in glee.

After it was cooked, Sun Xiaoyue ate and asked at the same time, "Why are you up at this time?"

"The Battle of Zhuolu, have you heard about it?"

"Of course, such a big news, who wouldn't know. You joined?"

Ouyang Shuo nodded, "Yes. The time speed in the battle map and main map is different so I must go online soon."

Sun Xiaoyue didn't give up the chance to tease him and asked curiously, "Not bad, having the power to join the Battle of Zhuolu. There's only 100 lords in China that can join right? Tell me the truth, what's your name in the game?"

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, he wasn't dumb so why would he tell her.

"... It's fine if you don't tell me..." Sun Xiaoyue grumbled, but her mood changed quickly and asked, "Is the battle map fun? The wilds, have you seen Fire Emperor or the Yellow Emperor?"

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, "Yes, not only them but also Leizu and Nuwa. Their scenery and architecture are really amazing."

Sun Xiaoyue's face showed a lot of envy and jealousy.

After supper, it was just the right time to go back online.

In the tent, Mu Lanyue was still sleeping. He had reminded her before so he naturally did not worry that she will miss the time.

Walking out of the tent, the Fire Emperor camp not far away had started gathering the troops.

The Fire Emperor had moved 30 thousand troops with warriors as the main unit using weapons made out of stone. There were many different types like axes and spears. These weapons were ancient but their killing ability were still very strong. Apart from that, there was a small group of archers using the most basic wooden bow.

Li Mingliang walked up and said, "Sire, the Fire Emperor sent someone to tell us that they are leaving at 9AM and told us to get ready."

Ouyang Shuo nodded, "Mingliang, I have a mission for you."

"Sire please say."

"The Fire Emperor has a daughter called Nuwa. In these few days bring a few soldiers that are good in water and stay behind in the Fire Emperor camp. If you see her sneak out follow her immediately and protect her safety. Do you understand?" Ouyang Shuo said seriously.

Li Mingliang was puzzled and didn't understand how he could guess and foresee other people's movement. As respect and trust in him, Li Mingliang didn't ask and said, "Don't worry sire, I will get it done."

"That's good. After completing the mission, return to Yellow Emperor city and gather with the main force. The way I see it, the main battle is a week away."


At that time Mu Lanyue walked out of the tent, "Brother Wuyi are we leaving? It’s so noisy everywhere."

"Yes, we are leaving soon!"


Ouyang Shuo ordered his troops to pack up the tents and rush to meet up with Fire Emperor's forces. When he saw them, he didn't say anything, just asking them to join in.