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Chapter 136 - Battle of Zhuolu part 10

Chapter 136 - Battle of Zhuolu part 10

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2 PM in the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo followed the Fire Emperor army and returned to Yellow Emperor City.

The Yellow Emperor led his group of officials and welcomed the Fire Emperor. Ouyang Shuo didn't join in their greeting and left on his own towards the camp site.On the way back, Ouyang Shuo received a notification that the other side quest [Investigation] had been completed, and he was rewarded 200 merit points and 800 battle contribution points.

In the camp, the meeting tent.

"What’s the situation with the Chiyou tribe?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

Gong Chengshi looked towards Hong Ying and said, "Their camp is split into three parts: mainly the Chunqiu Alliance, Blood Metal Alliance and the rest. Out of which the strongest is the Chunqiu Alliance with 5000 people under them. The Blood Metal Alliance depends heavily on Zhan Lang and has only 2000 men. The remaining forces formed up into a separate alliance of their own."As for the player camp, Ouyang Shuo did not bother much. "What about the Chiyou tribe itself, what did you find out?"

"Because of the city gates, we had no way of entering the stronghold. Last night we kidnapped two of their guards and got some intel from them. Chiyou has 81 brothers, and each one of them is big and strong. They have around 80 thousand men with a large portion of them warriors using copper weapons. Compared to the stone weapons that Yellow Emperor tribe was using, they were much more advanced." Gong Chengshi said.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. Compared to the martial law in Yellow Emperor City, it was not hard to imagine the situation in the Chiyou stronghold. When he received the system notification and found that he’d only received the basic reward, he knew that the completion rate wasn't high. He didn't dwell on the problem and told everyone about what he heard and saw at the Fire Emperor camp.

Within this period of time, Bai Hua and Feng Qinhuang had gotten some side quests in the city, but they were all E rank with limited rewards.

During their casual conversation, Bai Hua suddenly laughed. "Wuyi, guess what happened? This morning Di Chen went to the Yellow Emperor, asked for food, and got rejected."

"He deserves it." Gong Chengshi laughed sinisterly.

"Did the other players all start to lack goods? Do they know about us having army grain pills?"

"That's right, as you predicted, most players forgot about the preparation of supplies and thought the main camp would settle it for them. Those players that were willing to cooperate with us want us to lend them some army grain pills, how do you see it?" Bai Hua asked.

Ouyang Shuo laughed. "That's simple, only the players who agree to let us command their forces will be helped by us. If not, they can go hunt themselves."

"Wouldn't it be a case of daylight robbery? It wouldn't make them happy, and it will be bad for future cooperation." Bai Hua hesitated.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head. "Cooperating with them was only a business deal, after the battle we wouldn't count on working together again. As long as we don't form an alliance, everything is fake."

"Ok, we will follow your decision."……

In the next 4-5 days, there were many small and medium sized tribe leaders who brought their forces to gather in Yellow Emperor City. Based on the size of the tribe, a medium sized tribe brought 2000 men, a small one brought 4-5 hundred, sometimes close to 1000. Regardless of tribe, they all tried their best to fight for their race. From this, one could see how much pressure and threat the Chiyou tribe posed to the Fire Emperor and Yellow Emperor alliance.

Those medium and small sized armies had a total of 40 thousand men, and were all housed at the southern part of the city. As for the north, that was where the 30 thousand strong force of Yellow Emperor tribe stayed. Both of them protected separate sides against the threat from the Chiyou tribe.

At this period of time, Di Chen and his group were busy hunting and gathering food, not having time or energy to look for any missions. Only Ouyang Shuo's group benefited and found quest after quest. Especially after the medium and small sized tribes arrived, giving them a large number of quests. Ouyang Shuo arranged everyone to split up and make good use of the opportunity.

As for the Chiyou camp, they too had food shortages and theirs was even worse. On this side, it was a city that was built for a long time and they had some food stored up, giving players the chance to exchange for some. However over at their side, the stronghold was just formed and little food was gathered so the players were all on their own.

At this time, Xunlong Dianxue showed his crazy nature and swept all the side quests in the Chiyou camp, the battle contribution points that he got were even more than what Ouyang Shuo got, making everyone envy him.

With that, the whole battle contribution leaderboard was pretty much all Shanhai Alliance members. The influence of the alliance was deeply rooted and difficult to shake.

Position: Name - Battle contribution points1st: Xunlong Dianxue- 7500 points2nd: Ouyang Shuo- 4200 points3rd: Feng Qiuhuang- 2400 points4th: Bai Hua- 2200 points5th: Mu Lanyue- 1800 points 6th: Gong Chengshi- 1400 points7th: Huo Hua- 1000 points8th: Xiongba- 800 points9th: Zhan Lang- 600 points10th: Di Chen- 400 pointsHuo Hua was the lord of Qingyun Town which had the historical General Chen Tang. Under Ouyang Shuo's help she managed to thrive. The saddest was Chun Shenjun, who was the leader of the Chunqiu Alliance, and focused his energy on gathering food, not even making it on the leaderboard.

During this period, Li Mingliang succeeded in his mission. Muwa had sneaked out of the palace and went to play in Hutuor River. Luckily with Li Mingliang looking out for her safety, she was able to return safely. After Fire Emperor learned of the news, he specially rushed to Ouyang Shuo's camp to thank him. ……

On this day, Ouyang Shuo received a notification to make a trip to Yellow Emperor palace to join the military meeting. He knew that the final battle was imminent.

Walking into the main hall once again, it was filled. The Yellow Emperor sat on the throne with the Fire Emperor by his side. Although the Fire Emperor had been defeated by the Yellow Emperor in the Battle of Banquan and gave the position of leader to the Yellow Emperor, his position in the alliance was still very revered.

In the hall, on the left sat his important officials including Fenghou, Limu, etc. At the corner were the other medium-sized tribe leaders. As for the small tribes, they didn't have the rights to enter the meeting.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo walk in, everyone stared at him with curious eyes. Ouyang Shuo didn’t bother about them and chose to sit at the last seat on the right, not making a sound. The two emperors, upon seeing him walk in, nodded their heads in acknowledgment.

The Yellow Emperor glanced around the room and said, "Everyone, Chiyou is violent, greedy, and doesn't respectfully follow the road of a man. He led his troops to take control of the west to try to rise against me. With such danger, we must work together to fight him. I believe with all your help, we will definitely win. Feng Qing, report both camps’ current situations."

As the prime minister of the Yellow Emperor tribe, he was actually not even 30 and was very young. He was handsome and full of grace. His knowledge made him the think-tank of the emperor.

He stood up and after bowing to the two emperors said, "Yes your majesty. Apart from the player forces, we have 120 thousand. In terms of numbers, we exceed them, who only have 80 thousand. But their copper weapons are sharper than ours. However, our strengths shouldn't be comparable. They also came from afar, and their supplies is a tough question. They have started planting crops for food, and soon it will be the grain harvesting season. If we let them successfully harvest food, then this battle will be a long one. Hence we need to attack before they can harvest their supplies, destroying them while they are still lacking."

The Yellow Emperor nodded. "Your words are right, do any other people have something to say?" The Yellow Emperor purposely looked at the Fire Emperor.

The Fire Emperor understood and said, "I agree!"

"We agree!" The middle tribe leaders said.

The Yellow Emperor laughed happily. "Good, we will start the attack in 3 days. Representative Qiyue Wuyi, do you have any suggestions?"

Ouyang Shuo was stunned and didn't expect the Yellow Emperor to seek his advice. Luckily Ouyang Shuo had long before gotten used to such situations, and even when such an authoritative figure asked him, he wouldn't panic. He calmly got up and bowed to both of the emperors, saying slowly, "Your majesty, the country's big business I don't dare to intrude. I have one sentence, which is: as the representative of the players, I understand them. Although they have small numbers, their equipment is good and can't be underestimated. I suggest using our player forces to fight theirs during the battle."

The Yellow Emperor was stunned. The reason he’d asked was because Ouyang Shuo's previous performance gave him a deep impression, so he held a trying attitude. He didn't expect that Ouyang Shuo really had such a good plan and said, "Such a master plan, we will do as you say."

"Thank you your majesty!"