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Chapter 137 - Battle of Zhulou part 11

Chapter 137 - Battle of Zhulou part 11

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Before the army went out to battle, the Fire Emperor and Yellow Emperor tribe prepared a grand ritual ceremony.

The altar for the ceremony was set at the suburbs of the Yellow Emperor city and was made up of giant stone from a masonry. It was square in shape and 81 meters long with 5 levels, with the area slowly decreasing as it went up. At the southern part was the only staircase with a total of 80 steps, reaching the 4th level of the altar. At the two sides of the staircase were two giant cow skin drums.

The 4th level of the altar was the main ritual place, 4 huge torches were placed at each corner. Other than that, there were also two giant cow skin drums.

The 5th level of the altar was the most mysterious. It was 5 meters tall and in an octagon formation, each corner had a rock sticking out where talismans with words and patterns were written on.

Many flags of the various tribes were placed at the east and west side of the altar, while at the south side stood both the Yellow Emperor's and Fire Emperor's flags . Only the representative of the players, Ouyang Shuo, had the power to place the lord flag of Shanhai town on the north side.

After Ouyang Shuo placed down his flag, a system notification sounded.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, Shanhai Town flag has been blessed by the incensed flame of the altar of the Yellow Emperor tribe, an added effect is born- God's Protection (raise territory defense by 10%)."

Ouyang Shuo was delighted, asking Wang Feng who was standing by his side to remember to keep the flag and bring it back to the territory and hang it in the city gate tower.

Around the altar was a spacious empty land. The 50 thousand Yellow Emperor troops formed up south side of the altar. The Fire Emperor's 30 thousand troops formed on the west side of the altar. The other tribes' 40 thousand troops formed to the east and the 8000 players' troops formed to the north. An army of 100 thousand surrounding the altar made it look extremely majestic.

When the auspicious hour arrived, the ritual ceremony began. It was conducted by the Yellow Emperor tribe's witch and after the whole possession, it was already 9AM.

After which, the Yellow Emperor read the calligraphy insulting the Chiyou tribe.

Lastly was the dance ritual. The witch brought the women from the tribe who wore colorful dresses, danced witch dances, and chanted mantras. The soldiers started to dance their battle dance following the beat, looking grand and causing all the players to look on in awe.

Whether it was the witch dance or the battle dance, they were both very simple. It was just repeatedly swinging their arms and jumping from left to right. But through this, one could feel their strength and vigor, mysterious and violent; one could see their knowledge, easy but ingenious.

"Wow, it's really amazing!" Bai Hua said in awe.

"Yea, even if we didn't get any rewards, personally experiencing an old ritual ceremony was worth it." Feng Qiuhuang agreed.

Ouyang Shuo wasn't as sentimental as the two beauties. "You girls are happy like this? The good stuff is at the end."

As for his ignorance, the two beauties rolled their eyes at him.


After the ritual ceremony, the Yellow Emperor got all the troops and marched into the Zhuolu wilderness.

With the Yellow Emperor's force as the core, the Fire Emperor's as the left wing, the other tribes as the right wing, and the players' forces at the right of the right wing.

The Yellow Emperor's army was split into different totems: bear, wolf, leopard, dragon, etc, driving beasts to the battle was their secret weapon.

As the player representative, Ouyang Shuo had the power to arrange the formation. He arranged the 2000 men from the Shanhai Alliance into the deepest part of the formation, the other 3000 men covering them, and Di Chen's forces at the most outer ring.

To be the deepest in looked the most dangerous, but it was good in close combat with the Chiyou tribe's forces and gaining battle contribution points. Alternatively, those at the sides would have to fight with the players in the Chiyou camp.

Although Di Chen gritted his teeth at Ouyang Shuo, he had no choice but to swallow his anger.

In ancient times, there weren't many tactics in war, basically just straight up fighting. The two sides chose a spot and formed up. After the orders were given, both would dash towards each other and fight. There was no trickery or deception in play.

At most they made use of the weather changes like storms or drought. Like how the Yellow Emperor tribe used the flood to destroy Chiyou city, knowing how to use the land area was considered the highest of tactics.

Chiyou stronghold was about 10 kilometers away from Yellow Emperor city, and when the other tribes gathered in the city, Chiyou knew. Such a big mobilization obviously couldn't escape the investigation of the Chiyou tribe.

With his temper, how could he bear such provocation? He immediately gathered his forces and rushed out of the Chiyou stronghold for a life or death battle with the two emperors.

Both sides had 200 thousand people who formed up along the Zhuolu Wildlands. In the end, the distance between both troops was only 1000 meters.

The Yellow Emperor stood on the chariot and hollered, "Chiyou, today will be the day you die!"

Chiyou didn't back down and shouted, "Yellow Emperor, don't be too arrogant. This battle will settle who is the leader of the wildlands. Get ready to surrender to me, maybe then I'll spare you your life."

The 81 brothers standing beside Chiyou laughed out loud and mocked.

The Fire Emperor couldn't stand it anymore. He raised his stone sword and swung it forward, screaming, "Kill!"


Warriors from both side hollered as they charged towards each other. The short thousand meters was covered in less that 2 minutes. Blood and meat splattered, and the ground was stained red. Whoever viewed the fight from the sky would see that the two forces were colliding over many miles, so it was hard to differentiate between forces.

Compared to the basic warfare between the tribes, the battles between the players were much more tactical. The cavalry led the charge with the sword shield soldiers following behind. Even farther back were the archers.

When the two sides engaged, Ouyang Shuo paid attention. He ordered Zhang Liao to bring 500 cavalry, avoid the players' forces in front, and directly unleash them upon the Chiyou tribe, attacking together with the other tribes. He ordered Mu Guiying to arrange the archers to cover this group of cavalry.

This way, Di Chen brought his forces and fought neck and neck with Xiongba while Ouyang Shuo brought his forces and gained battle contribution points crazily. Even if they didn't kill players' troops they could still get battle contribution points.

The cavalry squad with elite equipment under the cover of both the allied tribes and the archers unexpectedly opened a hole in the left wing of the Chiyou formation. Especially the 50 heavy armored cavalry who were like an arrowhead, shredding any person in front of them. Lin Yi who led the charge was drenched in blood and looked like a devil that came out from hell.

The warriors of the Chiyou tribe could be termed as brave and ferocious, but how would any of them ever seen such a squad? After trying to fend them off, they were afraid and didn't dare to come near. Just like this, the 500 cavalry waltzed around the 20 thousand strong left wing of the Chiyou tribe, no one stopping them.

Seeing such a good opportunity, the Yellow Emperor made the decision to order Changxian to bring 5000 men to support the right wing and help destroy the left wing of the Chiyou tribe.

With Chang Xian's assistance. Zhang Liao's cavalry became more handy. Compared to Lin Yi, Zhang Liao's battle sense and battle reading were a level higher. He ordered his troops to not be greedy and make their main goal to destroy a large portion of the enemy. As long as they saw the enemy group up, they were to scatter them and not let them regroup.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo's troops killing and strutting their stuff, Di Chen and Chun Shenjun weren't idiots. With the internal battle between the players, although they could earn them battle contribution points, they lost far more. Both sides actually came to a mutual understanding and stopped fighting, leading their troops and charging towards the main forces, not bothering about much other than the contribution points.

Ouyang Shuo stood at the side, and upon seeing the situation, he shook his head. As expected, amongst the representatives of the strong powers, none of them were weak and stupid, how could he easily control and manipulate them? The reason he gained an advantage this time was only because he was the player representative.

Chun Shenjun and Zhan Lang led their men, and nicely blocked off Chang Xian's support. At that point, the battle reentered into a stalemate.

Since the players' troops had already stopped fighting, Ouyang Shuo ordered the rest to advance and aid the cavalry to kill the left wing of the Chiyou tribe.

The whole battlefield was like a chessboard, each piece closely relying on one another. Ouyang Shuo took the chance at the right wing, slowly causing a chain reaction and giving the Yellow Emperor tribe the initiative in the battle.

The troops of both sides killed for an entire day until nighttime, when they stopped and retreated.

The green wildlands were dyed red with blood. There were broken arms and legs everywhere, and broken axes and swords. Under the shine of the sunset, it appeared very majestic and grand.

Bai Hua and Mu Lanyue couldn't stand the blood and gore of the battlefield and had backed off. Even Ouyang Shuo, who had participated in several raider fights himself, found the scene hard to adapt to.

When retreating, Di Chen went passed Ouyang Shuo and said coldly, "Brother Wuyi, nice scheme, I respect that."

Ouyang Shuo smiled slightly. "Thank you for your praises. During the military meeting, I will tell the Yellow Emperor about your exploits."

Di Chen was stunned, only then did he remember that Ouyang Shuo had such power. He walked off without even turning his head.