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Chapter 138 - Battle of Zhuolu part 12

Chapter 138 - Battle of Zhuolu part 12 done

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Ouyang Shuo returned to the camp to listen to the casualty reports.

In the battle, although they had obtained the initiative, there were still many casualties. Of the 2000 strong Shanhai Alliance troops, 200 died. The cavalry that charged in front especially lost the most.

The 3000 allied troops also had many injuries and deaths. In the battle with the other players, there were 400 odd injuries and deaths. Some unlucky lords had lost all their troops.

Of course, the one that had the most casualties was Di Chen's 2000 strong alliance troops as well as the 1000 men from the various lords. Di Chen had lost 400 men on his own and the various lords had lost nearly all of their troops. Those casual players fought alone and weren't cared for by the other players. In such a big battle, they were the best choices for cannon fodder.

After the battle, the casual players realised that the battlefield was not a place where they could do as they wished. They went to find Ouyang Shuo and express that they were willing to accept Shanhai Alliance's command and reorganisation.

Ouyang Shuo smiled and accepted all of them, adding them into the allied forces that had many casualties. As for his own force, he would definitely not allow these people to infiltrate it.

At 6 PM, Ouyang Shuo received a notification to ask him to the main tent to join in the military meeting.

In the main tent, the people seated were pretty much the same as during the last military meeting. However, the only difference was that their gazes towards him were totally different. The player army displayed strong fighting strength that they were awed by.

The Yellow Emperor opened up. "In today's battle, although we had the advantage, their main troops were still unharmed and perfectly fine. If we want to destroy them it will be very difficult. Do any of you have any ideas?"

One of the middle-sized tribe leaders stood up and said, "Your majesty, since our right wing got us our lead and destroyed their left wing, why don’t we continue to attack their left wing and grab onto their weakness to deal the killing blow?"

Ouyang Shuo was stunned and slightly shook his head.

The Yellow Emperor was actually paying attention to Ouyang Shuo and as he saw him shaking his head asked, "Qiyue Wuyi, you did great today and I will reward you after the battle. As for the plan, how do you feel?"

Ouyang Shuo got up and bowed. "Your majesty. Today we destroyed their left wing and tomorrow they will definitely reorganise their troops to cover that up, not leaving any weaknesses."

The Yellow Emperor nodded. "Then what's your suggestion?"

"The enemy has a limited amount of troops, and since they want to aid the left wing, it will definitely cause other places to weaken. The middle army is the core and won't be easily moved. The highest possibility is to use the right wing. If that's the case then we will have an opportunity. Hence I suggest that in the battle tomorrow, our right wing will focus on defense while cavalry will hide in the left wing and find a chance to destroy the right wing of the enemy. If both their wings are hurt, even if their core is fine, we will have the absolute advantage." Before Ouyang Shuo came, he had sought advice from Qianshou, and this plan was what he told him. If not, he would’ve suggested the same thing as that leader to totally destroy one side of the enemy.

"Genius idea!" Feng Hou hollered, looking at Ouyang Shuo in amazement.

The Yellow Emperor was pleased and he nodded. "Not bad, we attack where they are not prepared."

Ouyang Shuo had gained the recognition of the Yellow Emperor and said, "Another thing is that to prevent the Chiyou tribe from copying our tactic today and attack our right wing, we have to warm our player force to defend against their player force, not giving them any chances."

At this time, Chang Xian stood up and said loudly, "Your majesty, I have something to say."


"In the battle today I was ordered to lead 5000 troops to help the right wing. We originally had the chance to destroy their left wing. Because their player force blocked me, we wasted all our forces. The root cause was that our player force had failed. Hence with Qiyue Wuyi's suggestion, I agree. I suggest that we need to have a squad to keep a lookout on the player force." The reason he said that was firstly because it was the truth, and secondly to provide an explanation for his loss in the morning. Conveniently, it aided Ouyang Shuo in his goal. With this, be it Di Chen or Chun Shenjun, they had fallen right into his plan and couldn't escape.

In his heart, he was extremely annoyed by Di Chen's act today. "We will follow what you suggested. Tomorrow you will lead 5000 men to help the right wing. One task is to strengthen their defence, and the second is to monitor the player force and ensure that they follow orders."

"Yes sire!"……

After the meeting, Ouyang Shuo happily returned to the central big tent. He did a report about the meeting to Bai Hua and the others.

"Brother Wuyi, you are so bad." Mu Lanyue giggled.

"How is it my fault, it was all Mr. Gongyu's idea." Ouyang Shuo said innocently.

Mu Lanyue didn't care and teased. "I don't care, you are bad."

Bai Hua joined in. "If Di Chen knew that it was you, he will be angry to death."

"He deserves it." Gong Chengshi said with a gloating face.

Only Feng Qiuhuang kept quiet and raised his head to look at Ouyang Shuo. Luckily she had chosen to join the Shanhai Alliance. If not, she didn't know what kind of bad situation she would’ve been in.

Ouyang Shuo didn't bother about them and turned to Zhang Liao. "General Zhang, in the battle tomorrow bring the cavalry of our allies. We must break into their right wing without arrow cover. It will be difficult, so the troops must be ready for battle."

"Sire, don't worry." Zhang Liao was calm as usual.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and had nothing more to say.


The next day, the battle began again.

Just as Qianshou had predicted, Chiyou tribe had reinforced their left wing. As for his own left wing, with Zhang Liao in charge, he was not worried.

Di Chen was nearby and looked towards Ouyang Shuo asking doubtfully, "That's weird, why don't we see Shanhai Alliance's cavalry unit."

Sha Pojun pouted and said, "They might’ve looked so glamorous yesterday but the number of casualties was certainly not small. Based on what I see, Qiyue Wuyi felt pained and didn't let his cavalry fight."

Fenghua Juedai shook his head and said, "Qiyue Wuyi is farsighted, and maybe he has some scheme, so we must defend against it."

"That's right." After several mistakes, Di Chen had started to treat Ouyang Shuo as a proper opponent and wasn't as arrogant as before.

"Take a look!" Wufu pointed at Chang Xian's forces which were rushing over and said, "It seems like they purposely planned this, is it to monitor us?"

Di Chen was furious. "This must be his scheme. He must have complained about us to the Yellow Emperor during the military meeting."

Fenghua Juedai helplessly shook his head. "This time we have no choice but to face the player forces head on. We have no choice but to accept our fate."

"Next time, we definitely can't be in the same camp as that fella." Di Chen said hatefully.

"Yes." Fenghua Juedai nodded in agreement.

Wufu was stunned, since when did Di Chen actually openly yield to Qiyue Wuyi. This wasn't a good sign and he was doubting if his decision to join was right or not.

Ouyang Shuo wasn’t in the mood to care about what Di Chen thought, as he was focused on the military formation.

In the battle yesterday, the Chiyou tribe had lost 10 thousand men. Even though the Fire Emperor and Yellow Emperor alliance had the initiative, they too had lost 12 thousand men.

If not for Ouyang Shuo’s success at the right wing, their casualty situation would have been much worse. Copper against stone, it wasn't difficult to see who won.

This time, neither the Yellow Emperor nor Chiyou shouted and just straight away ordered the attack. The troops that had a night's rest screamed as they charged towards the enemy. Some got chopped up, and some chopped up others. It was brutal.

Not long after the battle started, Chun Shenjun and Zhan Lang had worked together and joined their cavalry forces, copying what Ouyang Shuo did yesterday, and attacked the fire yellow camp's right wing.

Unfortunately, they were doomed to fail.

Ouyang Shuo ordered General Shi to use the sword shield soldiers to block at the front. The ones furthest to the front were the heavy armoured infantry who wore the infantry armor. At the same time, Mu Guiying led the bowmen and crossbowmen unit to start a rain of arrows to stop the cavalry's attack.

Not waiting for the cavalry troops to get close, they were already badly injured or dead. The light cavalry couldn't proceed an inch forward when facing the infantry, which was led by General Shi with the added help of this special level general.

At this time, Chang Xian's group had come to assist. As for Di Chen, under such a strong enemy, how could they dare to play tricks? They had no choice but to try their best and fight against the player force of the enemy.

On the opposite side of the battlefield, Chun Shenjun looked on as his cavalry squad faced problems, shaking his head. He said to Xiongba and Zhang Lang, "It seems like we underestimated Qiyue Wuyi. Not only is their cavalry strong, but his infantry is not any weaker. Definitely a difficult opponent."

"Now what?" Wandering Magic said.

"Zhan Lang, any ideas?" Chun Shenjun didn't make the decision and instead asked him for his opinion.

As the representative of the military, his understanding of war was higher than that of others. "Since we can't break their right wing, why don’t we give up on that thought and destroy their player force? I took a look, and Qiyue Wuyi's cavalry is missing. His infantry needs to defend against our cavalry. With this, only Di Chen and other lords’ armies will be left, thus we’ll have the absolute advantage."

Chun Shenjun's eyes brightened and he said, "Ok, we will follow what Zhan Lang said."