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Chapter 140 - Battle of Zhuolu part 14

Chapter 140 - Battle of Zhuolu part 14

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Just as everyone was at a loss, Ouyang Shuo spoke up. "Your majesty, I have an item that can break the fog."

The Yellow Emperor was delighted. "What item is it? Quick, quick, take it out."

Ouyang Shuo nodded and took out the south-pointing chariot and explained. "This item is called the south pointing chariot, and no matter how it turns, the wooden hand will point south. Before we leave, we just take note of the direction, and we can get past the fog."

"Is this item really so magical?" The Yellow Emperor had his doubts.

Ouyang Shuo confidently laughed and said, "Please try it and you will know."

The Yellow Emperor signaled Feng Hou who was standing at the side. She understood and tried out the south-pointing chariot. The outcome was obvious and it worked. The south-pointing chariot that Ouyang Shuo had been planning since he’d entered the game had finally been put to good use. This was a chess move that was planned so far in advance.

The Yellow Emperor was a really daring person, and upon confirming that it worked, he reorganised his troops and dashed into the fog with the guidance of the south-pointing chariot.

On the way, Bai Hua and the others stared at Ouyang Shuo like he was a monster. In the end she couldn’t help but ask. "Wuyi, how did you know that this battle would need the south-pointing chariot?"

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, as he knew that they would ask. "Actually, I wasn't sure. Ever since I knew that the first battle map was the Battle of Zhuolu, I looked up information of that specific battle. You all know that this battle was one of legends and any truth was immortalised, so any clue would be very minute and small. I made a conjecture and what interested me the most was actually that the Yellow Emperor was the one who invented the south-pointing chariot."

"It was apparent that at that time he had no ability to make it. It should’ve been done by his descendants who gave the credit to the Yellow Emperor. Then I thought that since it was recorded in history, maybe he was really trapped in fog only that they used a different method to break through. So I thought that if I was able to make a south pointing chariot, that it would come to good use in the battle. In the end the fog really did appear just that it wasn't caused by a volcano as legends said but by Chiyou."

Ouyang Shuo's words was obviously made up. He had the advantage of knowing the future and just prepared beforehand. However he couldn't tell that to them, so he just made up a white lie.

Listening to his explanation, everyone respected and envied Ouyang Shuo even more.

"Brother Wuyi is so amazing, I’m starting to worship you already." Mu Lanyue said in awe.

Bai Hua was also stunned and gave him a thumbs up. "Wuyi, incredible. To grab the chance from a small clue in history. The way I see it, your acute sense is similar to Xunlong Dianxue’s, that mission-crazy person.

Ouyang Shuo didn't want to stay on this topic and said, "Ok, you guys can stop praising me. The way I see it, once we get over the fog, there will still be another big battle.

"We will indeed."

Just as he said, under the guidance of the south-pointing chariot, they got out of the fog. Not far from them was the Chiyou tribe forces who were sitting down and rearranging themselves.

He couldn't believe that the enemy could so easily get out of the fog. Hence, Chiyou didn't worry and let his forces rest. He was still thinking after they were rested to counter attack and surprise them. Who would’ve thought that they would miraculously get past the fog? This was a huge blow, and all of the sudden the morale plummeted.

On the opposite side after crossing the fog, the troops were even more confident in the Yellow Emperor. They didn't know that the south-pointing chariot was given by Ouyang Shuo, and thought that it was the work of the Yellow Emperor himself.

The Yellow Emperor made the choice to not leave them any chances, directly ordering the troops to charge forward. The big battle started again, and this battle lasted to the dead of night when blood flowed like a river.

The Chiyou tribe defended and retreated at the same time, hoping to once again escape the destiny of being killed. The Fire and Yellow Emperor Alliance chased closely behind, wanting to exterminate all of them before stopping.

This battle lasted one whole day, and only when night came did both sides decide to stop. At that point, Chiyou tribe had less than 50 thousand people. The Fire and Yellow Emperor Alliance had over 100 thousand people. A few lords who didn't want to lose more men had already taken their troops and escaped. Since the Yellow Emperor's goal was Chiyou, he wouldn’t care if some of his troops deserted.

Under their influence, more and more players decided to sneak off in the dead of the night. In the end, only the Chunqiu Alliance and Blood Metal Alliance were left. Both added up to less than 4000 men. The only reason they’d stayed was to get more points and also to keep their position at the top 10 leaderboard. They also thought that maybe Chiyou would give them some quest. Hence, neither Chun Shenjun nor Zhan Lang could bear to just leave.

The Zhuolu Plains in the darkness was one location where no one dared to fight in. Not only could nobody see anything, but there were beasts who came out at night which made it even scarier.

Hence, they grouped up, started fires, and arranged people to keep lookouts. Only then could people be at ease and not get killed.

Even so, the Yellow Emperor didn't loosen his monitoring of the Chiyou tribe. As long as they made a move, he would instantly attack.

Luckily, Chiyou wasn't impulsive and both sides had an uneventful evening.

Seeing the situation, players like Ouyang Shuo didn't go offline and just rested in the tents. If not, and if they didn't go online on time, it would be a tragedy.

Around early morning the next day, before the sun came out, Chiyou tribe started to keep their tents.

When the Yellow Emperor received the news, he ordered his troops to do the same. Both sides knew that they were rushing against time, and they couldn't afford to delay. Last night, all the troops had slept with their armor on and items packed to be ready to go at any moment.

When the sun rose up, the life and death chase resumed once more.

The reddish sunlight didn't give the Chiyou tribe warriors any warmth. They were like onions, shaved off layer by layer. Those in the middle felt a cold sense of desperation.

At that time, even Chun Shenjun couldn't stand his troops dying. After discussing with Xiongba, they took their 3000 strong force and left the battlefield. Now only the 1000 strong Blood Metal Alliance was left. Zhan Lang was from the military, so he obviously didn't desert.

Unfortunately, not everyone had the same honor as Zhan Lang. The other members of the Blood Metal Alliance were not from the military. At first they respected his decision, but as the battle got worse and worse, they left him. In the end they were only left with the 300 men from Blood Red Town.

This chase that was destined to be recorded in history continued for 4 whole days. Both sides were quickly running out of grain. As they went south, even when they went past the stronghold they didn't dare to stop and resolutely rushed towards the main camp that they had set in the south.

On that day, they successfully escaped to the Xiongli valley. Any more south would lead to the Hutuo river. The river originated from the Fire Emperor tribe territory, joined with the Fuyang river, and flowed into the Bohai sea. The main camp of the Jiuli tribe was south of the Fuyang river.

Chiyou knew that the Yellow Emperor wouldn't give him the chance to cross the Hutuo river. If he continued to escape, he would be destined to lose all his troops. As the leader of the Jiuli tribe, he had the responsibility to leave something for this tribe.

On that night, Chiyou gathered the few brothers that survived and said, "Seems like the Yellow Emperor is dead bent on killing all of us. I can't be so selfish to bring you all on this road. For the future of the tribe, I've decided to fight to the death with the Yellow Emperor. You are all my brothers, and I can't let the Jiuli bloodline die like this. Hence, I chose 4 people to lead a group of elite to leave the valley in the darkness, cross the Hutuo river, cross the Fuyang river and continue down south. They’d bring our people into the mountains. Who is willing to take up this responsibility?"

"Big brother I won't go, I'll fight alongside you."

"I won't go too."

"Even if I die I'll die with brother."

Of Chiyou's brothers, none were cowards and wanted to escape. He was touched, but helpless. In the end he chose 4 smarter brothers and forced them to leave.

After that choice, Chiyou looked for Zhan Lang and gave him an a rank branch quest to send this batch of elites to leave the Xiongli valley.

Zhan Lang was shocked and surprised; his determination had been rewarded. One must know that the basic rewards of a rank quest were 500 merit points and 3200 battle contribution points. This trip was really not a waste.