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Chapter 141 - Battle of Zhuolu part 15

Chapter 141 - Battle of Zhuolu part 15

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When the sun rose up once again over the horizon, the Chiyou tribe which was in a tough situation did not escape but instead chose to defend in the valley.

Standing beside the Yellow Emperor’s chariot, Ouyang Shuo looked towards the Xiongli Valley and felt very emotional. Seems like this tough battle was finally coming to an end.

"Feng Qing, this time Chiyou didn't retreat and instead chose to defend, is he planning another scheme?" At the crucial moment, the Yellow Emperor still had faith in his prime minister.

Feng Qing shook his head and said,"Your majesty, going down south will be the Hutao river. I think Chiyou had already guessed that he wouldn't be able to cross the river under our eyes. Hence he decided to have a life or death battle with you in the valley."

The Yellow Emperor was delighted, "Great, Chiyou is looking for death." It was not a surprise that the Yellow Emperor was so delighted. Their military grain supplies were nearly used up and if they continued on chasing after Chiyou, their army would probably collapse even before Chiyou’s surrender. Luckily he had the blessing of the heavens, the Hutao river cut off Chiyou's last hope at surviving.

"I order the troops to sit at the pans and start cooking, after the meal, we will start our final attack. Let's take the valley in one strike and kill Chiyou!" The Yellow Emperor said excitedly.


This final battle didn't have any suspense, the difference in military power was too huge. The Fire and Yellow Emperor alliance had 80 thousand men. Apart from that, they also had 4 thousand player troops. In the Chiyou tribe, there were less than 8 thousand men and 0 player troops.

Ouyang Shuo didn't know if Xunlong Dianxue's choice was right or not. Before the battle, he made use of the advantage of the military grain pill and showed his crazy quest hunting nature, sweeping a lot of branch quests and getting 7500 battle contribution points. After the battle, Xunlong Dianxue's 200 men didn't make any waves and left the battlefield early.

At 9AM, the Fire and Yellow Emperor alliance officially launched their Attack.

The Xiongli Valley was like a little pocket, the outside was small and the inside was wide and spacious. The narrow opening of the valley made it such that you couldn't spread out your troops. Hence, even though the Fire and Yellow Emperor alliance had many troops, they had no choice but to launch their attack in waves.

To buy enough time for the troops that had escaped, Chiyou arranged all 8 thousand of his troops at the opening, not leaving any route to retreat to. At the same time, to raise the morale of his troops, Chiyou personally led his troops.

Hence, the battle which was originally one out in the wilderness now became a battle to storm a fortified position.

The alliance still had the absolute numbers advantage and made use of a strategy where they sent warriors in batches. Feng Hou split the troops into 8 groups and apart from one 10 thousand man group which acted as the backup, the remaining 7 launched attacks in batches. When the 10 thousand were tired, 10 thousand were swapped in. When the group had finished resting, they would go back up and this cycle would continue to repeat.

On the opposite side, the Chiyou tribe was not so lucky and had to keep up with a long period of fighting. However, it was not like they did not have any advantage. Their soldiers had the do or die mentality and had nothing to lose. Secondly, be it weapons or morale, the Chiyou tribe was stronger than the attacking troops. With that, the Chiyou tribe actually managed to stubbornly defend.

Not being able to get past, the Yellow Emperor was starting to get anxious. If this carried on, even if they managed to destroy them in the end, his troops will also suffer heavy casualties and that wasn't what the Yellow Emperor wanted to see.

The Yellow Emperor looked around and said seriously, "With the current situation in hand, does anyone have a good plan?"

Ouyang Shuo bowed and said, "Your majesty, the player forces would like to fight!"

The Yellow Emperor's eyes froze," Qiyue Wuyi, the war isn't a game. Do you have confidence?"

"As long as your majesty promises me two things, I promise that I will get the Chiyou tribe in one strike. If I fail, I'm willing to accept any punishment." Ouyang Shuo did not waste any time.

Yellow emperor jolted up, finally gaining back some confidence and saying loudly, "Okay, say your terms. As long as I can do it, I will."

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, "Your majesty, as you know our player force is not under one leader and thus is hard to command. Hence my first wish is for you to give out a battle quest to let all players pass their troops to my control."

"Okay, it is done." The Yellow Emperor did not hesitate.

As he heard that, Ouyang Shuo's ear sounded out with the system notification.

"Battle Notification: The Yellow Emperor has given a quest [The Final Battle].

Mission requirements: The Yellow Emperor Camp players has to agree to pass their troops to representative Qiyue Wuyi. Mission rewards: 2n merit points, 4n battle contribution points, n being the number they have.”

Using the lowest number of 100 men, purely using the mission rewards one would get 200 merit points and 400 battle contribution points. Other than that, the troops that they kill will be recorded under their respective lords. This kind of temptation was not what any player could resist. Even Di Chen couldn't bear to leave the rewards and gritted his teeth and accepted the quest.

Ouyang Shuo continued, "Your majesty, using only 4 thousand player troops is a bit thin. Hence for my second term, it would be for you to let General Limu and General Chang Xian to lead 5 thousand elites to assist us and attack together."

Hearing his terms, the Yellow Emperor became more confident in his plan and nodded, "Good, it seems like you aren't doing this on impulse. I agree."

"Thank you for your trust." Ouyang Shuo knew that if he won this battle, it would confirm his absolute advantage.

Ouyang Shuo turned towards the player forces and gathered Bai Hua and the others and started dishing out orders.

"In this battle it will be hard to use cavalry, hence we will mainly use sword shield soldiers and archers. I suggest that General Shi will be the main general and Mu Guiying will be the vice general. What do you all think?"

Bai Hua and the others were getting more and more confident and had utmost faith in him, naturally they listened to him.

After getting the agreement of his allies, Ouyang Shuo started to arrange the troops. In his plan, there was the absolute need to ensure that the generals had absolute control. Hence not only will Ouyang Shuo not participate personally, the other players who were generals will also not participate.

Luckily the remaining forces were allies of Shanhai Town. Di Chen's Handan Alliance only had 500 men. As for the other players, they only had 200 left. The other 3300 players were Shanhai Town and its alliance's.

Out of the 3300 men, the Shanhai Alliances core had 1600 men left. The player force had lost more than half as casualties and Shanhai Alliance only lost one fifth, it was really rare and difficult. The 400 that died were mostly sword shield soldiers and cavalry, the archers were barely hurt.

In the last calculation, there were 4000 men player force, 2000 of which were sword shield soldiers, 1500 were archers and 500 were cavalry. The cavalry, after 2 sneak attacks had lost the most. In this battle, they were immediately excluded.

After the player force was reorganized, Limu and Chang Xian had already chosen their teams and both led 2500 troops. Under the recommendation of Qianshou, the 2000 sword shield soldiers were to be at the front and go straight up against Chiyou. The 1500 archers will be the backup and provide cover fire. Limu's troops will be at the right wing and Chang Xian at the left wing.

After the arrangements were settled, they waited for the 10000 men squad to retreat. Ouyang Shuo wasn't going to give them any time to rest and this final trump card went straight up.

Before leaving, Ouyang Shuo talked to General Shi alone and had a detailed conversation. As for the contents of the conversation, even Bai Hua and the others didn't know.

The final battle had finally arrived.

The drained Chiyou tribe, seeing the sword shield soldiers at the front, were shocked. The well equipped sword shield soldiers made up for the difference in strength and morale. Especially the squadrons at the furthest in front, this time Ouyang Shuo had sacrificed his own troops and placed Shanhai Town's 3 infantry squadrons at the front. The elite barbarian warriors against the Jiuli tribe warriors, not lacking in the least.

As for Chiyou himself, he was intercepted by General Shi. This could be called the battle of the trump cards.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo's troop formation, the other players did not have any rights to say anything demeaning. Ouyang Shuo knew that to win the respect of other players, one needed to throw himself out during the crucial moment and make some sacrifices.

The bowmen and crossbowmen at the back started the assault.

Under Mu Guiying's accurate commanding, 1500 archers let the Chiyou tribe witness the strength of bows and crossbows from centuries later. The long distance and strong penetrative ability destroyed the Chiyou tribe. They were like wheat, getting harvested row by row.

The frontline was blocked by General Shi's sword shield soldiers and couldn't advance an inch. The left and right wings were blocked off by Limu and Chang Xian’s troops. The helpless Chiyou could only watch on and see his family and friends from his hometown die under the player army's strong bows and crossbows. The Jiuli warriors looked at the arrows in their chest, their faces filled with doubt.

Even the Fire Emperor and Yellow Emperor, who were standing far away, were stunned by the sheer power. The Yellow Emperor sighed, he did underestimate these players. Luckily they didn't belong to this world, if they did then who is the leader and who is the follower, it was hard to tell.