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Chapter 142 - Battle of Zhuolu part 16

Chapter 142 - Battle of Zhuolu part 16

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In Xiongli Valley, the God of War, Chiyou welcomed the last battle of his life.

The powerful wargod faced the wild sky and gave a loud unwilling roar. He held a copper axe which had white bones inlaid within, fighting against General Shi.

Chiyou forgot about his original mission, forgot that he was fighting for the Jiuli tribe, forgot about the men who were behind him. The him now was just a warrior fighting to win this battle.

His strength and ability utterly ignited General Shi's fighting prowess and desire for battle.

Ever since he was summoned by Ouyang Shuo, he had never fought with all his strength as there was no one of his level. However, Chiyou was undoubtedly his best match.

Chiyou was undoubtedly strong. Not only did he have godly strength, but his technique was great too. His style didn't have any useless strokes and was trained and consolidated after countless battles on the battlefield.

In terms of strength, General Shi couldn't compete with Chiyou. However, he won in terms of the strength of his spear technique. Furthermore, his Bintie Spear, which was made with iron was several levels better than the copper axe. Adding the tiger scale armor, General Shi had the absolute advantage in terms of equipment.

Of the two men, one could be considered manly, using strength to destroy technique, while the other used technique to cover the lack of strength.

This battle was one that crossed generations, and it attracted everyone's attention. The soldiers on both sides had the tacit understanding to stop and leave a suitable enough space for the two to fight.

Although Chiyou had been fighting for a long time, as his body was different from a normal person’s, his stamina flowed on and was limitless. Even if General Shi had saved his energy and was fully recharged, the two of them would still be going neck and neck.

As the battle proceeded, General Shi got more and more excited. He displayed the burning sun spear technique to perfection, each move and stance showing the style of a real master.

To Ouyang Shuo, who was standing from afar, it was his first time seeing General Shi use the burning sun spear technique to such a level, making him look on in awe.

Zhang Liao also had a realization that the gap between him and a emperor-level general was so huge.

Facing General Shi's attack, the war god Chiyou didn't back down and waved his axe, turning all his attacks into nothing. From time to time he would find chances to counterattack.

Regarding the Bintie Spear and copper axe, both weapons were of similar length and the main poles were both made of wood. The only difference was that at the end one was iron and the other copper. As time went on, the advantage of the bintie spear started to show. As the spear hit the axe, one after another, holes and chips started to appear.

However, a war god was a war god. Even if his weapon was damaged, his spirit wasn't affected. The strong and powerful hacks gave General Shi a lot of pressure and close shaves with death. There were many times that General Shi wanted to pull off some spear stances but because of the difference in strength, his hand was numb from the shock.

The close battle had slowly reached its climax.

The dust from the ground spread all around until one couldn't see the opposite figure. The Warriors of both sides shouted the names of their generals, cheering them on.

As time flowed, General Shi slowly got the upper hand. He managed to display the strength of his weapon and attack Chiyou's axe, causing the white bones on it to shatter. This tactic was very strenuous on Chiyou's body.

At that moment, Chiyou, who was covered in blood, let out a huge roar. His muscles protruded out and at first glance, it seemed that he became bigger. A bloody scent exuded from his body, scaring everyone's soul.

The soldiers who were around were unable to withstand the evil scent. Even the injured soldiers were attacked by the scent such that they bled and died.

Such a shocking change stunned everyone.

"That's not good." The Yellow Emperor gasped in shock. "This is the devil god bloodline in Chiyou's body. It would multiply his battle ability. I'm afraid General Shi is not his opponent."

"Then what should we do?" Ouyang Shuo was anxious. If General Shi was killed by Chiyou, then it would be a disaster for Shanhai Town. Any reward wouldn't be able to help cover up this loss.

"There's no need to panic." The Yellow Emperor was calm. "With today's plan, we can only use our numbers to win. Chiyou activated his bloodline, but it won't last for long and as long as we block this wave, Chiyou is dead for sure."

The Yellow Emperor turned and looked at Feng Hou, saying, "Sound the drums and order Limu and Chang Xian to help corner Chiyou. We have to take him down."

"Yes your majesty." Feng Hou didn't dare be slow and acted immediately.

The battle boiled the blood of the two generals who were at separate wings. They yearned to join in. The moment they heard the drums, they charged towards Chiyou without any hesitation.

General Shi was in a tough situation. Luckily he had been through many battles, and such a close one was normal. The aura that Chiyou exuded did not have a huge negative effect on him. What was difficult was the terrifying strength which became even worse after the activation of the bloodline.

General Shi did not dare to go blow for blow with Chiyou. He tried to retaliate slightly and his whole hand numbed up. At this point, the vast experience of General Shi came into good use. When he realised the situation he was in, he immediately started to sidestep and engage in a slippery battle.

Chiyou hollered, such a crafty opponent gave him a feeling that he had a body filled with energy that he couldn't use. The devil god blood had corrupted his mind and made him even crazier. His style was less exquisite, and it was just random chops and hacks.

This was when Chang Xian and Limu both arrived. The brothers of Chiyou wanted to help but they were blocked by Zhao Sihu. He knew that protecting General Shi's safety was his main Mission. Hence, he definitely wouldn't allow Chiyou's few brothers to get him out of the situation.

A chaotic battle had opened up once again.

With reinforcements, General Shi heaved a sigh of belief. The opponent in front of him was not something he could use normal logic and conjecture to deal with. Activating a bloodline was something that only could happen during the wild era.

The 3 of them stood in a circle like how one would surround a wild beast, changing positions constantly to keep Chiyou in the center. Chiyou charged left and right, but he was simply unable to hurt the three of them. In a fit of anger, he let out a roar.

The war god Chiyou had walked onto his final leg.

After half an hour, the magic god blood that Chiyou had activated slowly wore off, and the negative effects started to show. His strength and speed was worse than usual. The strength and stamina that seemed to be endless before had started to slowly wane.

He slowly started to awaken and see clearly. Upon seeing the situation in front of him, he didn't choose to back off and hollered ‘Kill!’ before charging towards General Shi.

General Shi didn't retreat and screamed, "Kill!"

At that point, Limu and Chang Xian both retreated with a tacit understanding and left the battlefield to them two.

The two were once again engaged in battle, but the battle had changed. The wargod Chiyou couldn't suppress General Shi's attacks, and under his assault he seemed to start panicking.

At last, General Shi grabbed the chance and destroyed his copper axe with the spear. Losing his weapon, Chiyou was destined to lose. But he didn't back down and held the broken wooden pole and charged at General Shi.

Why would General Shi give Chiyou a chance? He used his spear to push aside the wooden pole and stabbed it directly into Chiyou's chest. Following which, General Shi used his ultimate attack, and one could see that his bintie spear started to quickly rotate and stabbed his heart into shreds.

This stab was the pinnacle of power and technique. One must know that once the spear was stabbed into the body, to pull it out one needed much strength, and needed even more to rotate it inside the body.

The burning sun spear technique's real skill was this stab. The rotating spear head would heat up and burn, burning the opponent into ashes and thus getting its name of burning sun.

Chiyou opened both his eyes and looked at General Shi in disbelief. He looked down at his chest. There was already a huge hole dripping with fresh blood.

If your heart were shredded, even a war god wouldn't be able to survive. The war god of a generation fell to the floor and covered the ground in blood, dyeing it red.

The moment he died, General Shi walked beside him and from his body found an old little bottle which he sneakily kept.

Seeing Chiyou die in battle, the Jiuli warriors couldn't muster anymore courage and the fight left them, their mouths agape in disbelief.

At this moment, the Yellow Emperor displayed the heart of a king. He walked forward and told the warriors, "Jiuli race warriors, you have tried your best. Surrender and I promise you will all be safe."

If one could live, no one would wish to die. Since their leader Chiyou was dead, their reason for fighting was already lost. At that time, surrender would be the logical reason.

The only ones that didn't surrender were Chiyou's few brothers.

Only after rounding up the remaining Jiuli tribe troops did the Yellow Emperor find out that some of the Chiyou tribe members had left the Xiongli Valley, and he immediately ordered Chang Xian to chase.

Of course, they would just try their best. Such a long time had passed. They would’ve already gotten across the Hutuo river, and catching them was harder than climbing the sky.

Killing Chiyou, the Yellow Emperor's prestige had risen to a whole new level. He had replaced Shennong, and the time was right for him to be the ruler of the land.

The excited Yellow Emperor beheaded Chiyou and brought the troops back to Yellow Emperor City to get their rewards. As the greatest contributor to this war, Ouyang Shuo had the right and the luck to travel beside the Yellow Emperor’s chariot.