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Chapter 144 - Battle of Zhuolu part 18

Chapter 144 - Battle of Zhuolu part 18

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When Ouyang Shuo walked out of the teleportation formation, a system notification sounded in his ear.

"System notification: The Battle of Zhuolu has officially ended. The Yellow Emperor tribe, Fire Emperor tribe, and Jiuli tribe have automatically entered the game and are hidden tribes. Players can search for them."

Hidden tribes meant that they hid themselves off from the world and wouldn't proactively interact with the outside world. The historical figures in the tribes were also very difficult for the players to persuade. If players were so lucky to find their tribe, the largest possibility would be to get a reward. Overall, it had little effect on the wilderness.

This was also because historical figures in the wild era were termed as unrecruitable bosses who lived in their palaces and didn't go out. As for the others like Limu and Feng Hou, in the later eras their ability was normal, and there was no recruiting value.

The whole battle process looked long and arduous, but in truth the real map was only the 16th day of May, so not even 2 days had passed.

After returning, Ouyang Shuo let the troops return to their respective units and ordered the Military Affairs Department to deal with the payments to and compensations for the dead soldiers.

The entire Battle of Zhuolu, including teleportation fees, material costs, and military losses, cost 3500 gold. This huge cost gained them 15 thousand merit points, 3 books, a small bottle, and a wolf tooth necklace.

Ouyang Shuo returned to the lord's manor and into his office. He took out 3 books and checked them out one by one. The first one was the , after its use it would increase the production of silk by 20%. There was nothing further to be said about this, and Ouyang Shuo was ready to pass this to the textile association.

The second book was given by the Yellow Emperor. With a beast skin cover, it looked old and antiquated.

[Wild Beast Taming Technique]: The wild era's taming technique can raise the taming rate of wild animals by 20%.

Ouyang Shuo was amazed, as the secret of the Yellow Emperor tribe beast taming was within this book. The Yellow Emperor was really nice, teaching his tribe's secret technique to Ouyang Shuo.

Without hesitation, Ouyang Shuo directly learned it.

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for learning the Wild beast taming technique. Reputation points has increased by 500."

The 3rd book was also from the Yellow Emperor, and it was the manual of dreams.

Name: Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique Manual (Emperor rank cultivation technique)
Level: 1/12
Attribute: For every level raised, body structure +2, comprehension +1, all acquired stats +1
Specialty: Unique item, cannot be dropped, cannot be traded
Evaluation: Yellow Emperor internal cultivation focuses on building up chi, and is one of the strongest internal cultivation techniques. After completion of training, one's internal chi will be golden in color.
Note: This cultivation technique can be combined with others. As for the rest, the player must find out on his own.

Ouyang Shuo was really excited, and pressed his right hand on the book, the system notification sounding out.

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for obtaining the emperor rank cultivation technique , will you learn it?"


With a 'shua' sound, the book turned into a golden light and shot into Ouyang Shuo's temple.

In an instant, all the information about the technique rushed into his mind, waiting for him to digest and understand it.

A full hour later, Ouyang Shuo slowly opened his eyes. After all, it was the strongest internal cultivate technique in history. It has too many mysteries and secrets, causing Ouyang Shuo to be engrossed in it. He even had the urge to cut down on the territory work and train in it, although that wasn't very practical.

After training the Yellow Emperor internal cultivation technique, Ouyang Shuo finally heaved a sigh of relief. Of the locks that were restricting him, another one was resolved, making him much more confident.

After dealing with the 3 books, Ouyang Shuo took out that old bottle which General Shi found from Chiyou's body. Just recently, what Ouyang Shuo had discussed with General Shi had been exactly this small bottle.

In truth, people in the battle map wouldn't drop any items. Only the leaders of the army camp would, and once they did drop one, it would be a gem of an item.

Chiyou Blood Essence: After its use, it activates the wargod talent

The specialty was very simple, but also very shocking. Ouyang Shuo till date had not activated his talent, and Chiyou's blood essence was the perfect fit.

In the battle map, during the battle between Chiyou and General Shi, Chiyou had activated his magic god bloodline. The only weakness was that after activating it, he would lose his sanity and even have some side effects.

Ouyang Shuo laughed. Maybe the heavens destined him for greatness. The Yellow Emperor internal cultivation technique solved this weakness, as the golden internal chi was the weakness of the magic god bloodline. As long as he trained hard, he could remove the negative side effects of the magic god bloodline. Maybe even Gaia didn't expect that a player could get both of these items during the Battle of Zhuolu.

Ouyang Shuo stopped hesitating and opened the bottle, swallowing the drop of Chiyou blood essence. A burning sensation spread across his body.

Ouyang Shuo didn't dare to be too careless and immediately sat up and activated the Yellow Emperor internal cultivation technique that he had learned. Instantly, a weak golden chi formed in his dantian. It followed his meridians and went across his body. Sure enough as it went across the body, the burning sensation dissipated.

An hour later, Ouyang Shuo's body regained calmness, and a notification sounded in his ear.

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for consuming Chiyou blood essence and activating the wargod talent. For specific content, the player must check it himself."

Ouyang Shuo immediately opened his stats to check for changes.

【Name】: Qiyue Wuyi

【Title】: Patriot ( Increases NPCs’ relationship by 25%)

【Occupation】General (part time)

【Territory】: Shanhai Town

【Level】: 48

【Merit】: 30400 / 52000

【Rank】: 1st class Earl

【Reputation】: 13350/100000

【Body Structure】: 18+2

【Comprehension】: 21+1

【Luck】: 5

【Charm】: 8

【Command】: 63 + 10

【Force】: 26+5

【Intelligence】: 15

【Political】: 52

【Talent】: Wargod (Permanently increase combat power by 20%)

【Speciality】Devil Possession (Raise combat power by 200% for 30 minutes, followed by a period of added weakness)

【Internal Aart】: Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique (layer 1/12)

【Technique】: Ba Ji Fist Art (Become Proficient), Yang Family Spear Technique (Learnt the fundamentals)

【Art of War】: “Liu Tao” (Wu Tao Volume)

【Skills】: Advanced Collection, Intermediate Diplomacy, Advanced Scouting, Advanced Weapon Proficiency, Wild Beast Taming Technique (Basic)

【Mount】: Elite Qingfu horse (Platinum)

【Equipment】: Exquisite Composite Bow (Gold), Exquisite Iron Sword (Gold), Exquisite Iron Spear (Gold)

【Unique Items】: Talisman of Blood Thirsting, Talisman of Vitality, Talisman of Rapid Marching

The Chiyou blood essence was really amazing. Not only did it activate the war god talent but it also birthed an added specialty of magical god possession. Additionally, after training in the Yellow Emperor internal cultivation art, he had activated the internal force stat. The first layer of the Yellow Emperor internal cultivation technique had an upper limit of 100 internal force. Only after maxing out the internal force could he level up to the next layer.

The effects that it brought definitely wasn't only that. It not only added points to the bone structure and comprehension, but it also added points to acquired stats. Every increase in a layer was the same as an increase of 5 levels.

After dealing with the blood essence, Ouyang Shuo took out the last item, which was the wolf tooth necklace. There was a reason why Ouyang Shuo had risked getting the item.

[Wolf Tooth Necklace]: The Yellow Emperor's precious accessory. Has magical effects. Player please find out yourself.

The wolf necklace wasn't something that a player could equip, but a special item. In the last life, there were players who speculated about what would happen if one placed the precious accessory of the Yellow Emperor in the Ancestral Hall, and what changes would occur.

After all, the Yellow Emperor was the ancestor of humans. The Shanhai Town Ancestral Hall was a place to pray to and respect the Yellow Emperor. Unfortunately, that speculation had no chance or opportunity to be tested.

This time, Ouyang Shuo held a train attitude to test out this conjecture. That was the reason why after he received such a reward, he had further asked for a precious object. He was afraid that upon hearing his request, the Emperor would take back the books and leave him with nothing.

Luckily, the end result wasn't bad and could even be deemed perfect. The Yellow Emperor actually gave his necklace to Ouyang Shuo.

One must know that such an accessory had tremendous meaning during the wild era.

In the short trip back to the wild era, Ouyang Shuo realized that be it the two emperors, Chiyou, or even Mazu or Nuwa, they all wore similar accessories. On the other hand, normal people like Feng Hou and Limu didn't have the rights to wear such accessories.

One could see that such an accessory was the symbol of the royal family.

Ouyang Shuo really wanted to know what changes would occur if he placed the necklace that the Yellow Emperor had given him in the Ancestral Hall of Shanhai Town.

Unfortunately, it was already 6 PM, and there wasn’t enough time so he could only visit the Ancestral Hall tomorrow.

Ouyang Shuo walked out of the office and went into the backyard. After he greeted Yingyu and Qing'er, he returned to his room and went offline.