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Chapter 146 - Yellow Emperor Temple

Chapter 146 – Yellow Emperor Temple

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Walking out of the meeting room, Ouyang Shuo remembered that he still had not dealt with the wolf tooth necklace. He immediately left the lord's manor and prepared to make a trip to the ancestral hall.

Normally when he went, the ancestral temple would be very cold. Apart from the miscellaneous service workers sent by the culture and education division, pretty much no one would walk into the ancestral hall.

The moment he walked into the ancestral hall, a notification sounded in his ear.

"System notification: Found that player Qiyue Wuyi has special item: wolf tooth necklace, the item is highly compatible with the ancestral hall, will you use it?"


A white light shone across, the wolf tooth necklace flew up from Ouyang Shuo's hand and slowly towards the Yellow Emperor statue. It hung itself across its neck. Instantly, a golden light shone and the statue looked like it had come alive, becoming very holy and sacred.

"System notification: Shanhai Town ancestral hall, after gaining Yellow Emperor's special item, is renamed Yellow Emperor temple. Stats massively increased, player please take a look."

It was as that player in the last life predicted. Getting the Yellow Emperor's special item would trigger a change in the ancestral hall. Such a huge change was something that the player probably did not imagine.

To have such a big chance, Ouyang Shuo predicted that it had something to do with the wolf tooth necklace. That was the representative item of the Yellow Emperor, naturally it was uncommon.

After the name change, the Yellow Emperor temple looked brand-new and took up 3-4 times more space. Along with the Mazu temple, both looked grand and majestic.

Ouyang Shuo quickly checked the statistics of the Yellow Emperor temple to see what surprises it would bring. Name: Yellow Emperor TempleType: Hidden buildingFunction: Raises resident satisfaction by 40%, Raises territory fame by 10%Specialty: Ancestor protection (Raises resident body condition by 50%)Evaluation: The Yellow Emperor temple has the reputation of "World’s first temple". It’s the main place where the Chinese people pray to their ancestor Xuanyuan, the Yellow Emperor.Compared to the sealed Mazu temple, the stats of the Yellow Emperor temple were much stronger. Its specialty let the body condition of residents rise by a large amount, a huge benefit to the military-oriented people. Ouyang Shuo couldn't imagine how much stronger the mountain barbarians would get after the buffs.

Walking out from the Yellow Emperor temple, Ouyang Shuo returned to the lord's manor once again and sent an alliance invitation to Feng Qiuhuang.

After the battle map, all the Shanhai Alliance members agreed to let her into the alliance. With that, the Shanhai Alliance became a lot stronger.

Because Ouyang Shuo sent out the alliance invitation as the leader, after she accepted, she automatically became a member and did not need to repeatedly ask the other members for permission.

After Fallen Phoenix Town was added into the Shanhai Alliance, the structure of the Shanhai Alliance would be settled, and they probably would not accept any new members unless in special circumstances. Ouyang Shuo's alliance goal had pretty much been reached. The next step was to wait for everyone to get online before he put his plans into play.

Of the six members of the Shanhai Alliance, Shanhai Town, Consonance Town, and Mulan Town were in the Dali region, Fallen Phoenix Town was in Luoyang region, and Xunlong Town and Black Tiger Town were located in the Quanzhou region. Adding all of them up, they formed a triangle.

The Battle of Zhuolu let all members of the alliance get to know each other better. After the battle ended, the members lacked a communication channel. Using pigeon letters was inconvenient as you could only send each one to one person, and so they were unable to communicate in groups.

A realization hit Ouyang Shuo as he opened the Shanhai Town working interface, spending 400 gold to open the alliance channel. With this, they could have a channel to chat on. As compared to the global channel, the alliance channel had a one time off fee. After opening, chatting was free and very convenient.

The alliance channel was similar to online chat groups, where players had to apply before they were added into the channel. Since the channel would be used for discussions with allies, he hoped that only the higher ups would be invited.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo invited Feng Qiuhuang, Bai Hua, Xunlong Dianxue, Mu Lanyue and Gong Chengshi, giving them the status of admin. With this they could bring in other lords.

After receiving his invitation, Bai Hua and the others quickly accepted and joined the channel.

"Ya, the alliance has its own channel, that's great." Mu Lanyue was the first to speak.

"We made Wuyi spend again." Feng Qiuhuang knew much about the alliance channel.

"Haha, I can finally talk to the few beauties." That was Gong Chengshi.

In the game channel, not only could you type, you could also communicate via voice, even video. No wonder Gong Chengshi was so excited.

The whole chatting channel was like the other interfaces in the game, a virtual screen which appeared in front of the player. Other players, including NPCs, wouldn't see the virtual screens.

Players could open or close this virtual screen using their thoughts.

"Brother is a hooligan." Mu Lanyue didn't give Gong Chengshi any face.

"Hooligan +1" Ouyang Shuo joined in the fun.

"Big brother, don't laugh at me like that." Gong Chengshi was hurt.

"You deserve it, who asked you to not be able to hide it?" Xunlong Dianxue said.

"Haha." The quiet goddess Bai Hua was still so quiet.

"Everyone can invite the core players from your territory into the channel." Ouyang Shuo said, in fear that Gong Chengshi would invite random people in.

"Great." Bai Hua said and invited Zi Luolan, Hong Ying and Tsing Yi into the channel.

Feng Qiuhuang too invited her trusted subordinates into the channel.

Ouyang Shuo frowned. The original alliance was 3 guys and 3 girls, which was quite balanced. Now with the two women squads, it broke the balance, and the alliance channel became a women majority camp.

Only the pervert Gong Chengshi blew wolf whistles in the channel without trying to cover up.Mu Lanyue and Xunlong Dianxue were the same as Ouyang Shuo and were solo players. Their whole territory only had them. Gong Chengshi's territory did have one player, who was his buddy. His ID was fat tiger. One didn't need to think, just by looking at the ID one could imagine how the brother looked like.

More than 10 players joining in made the channel boisterous.

Out of all these people, most hadn't met in the game. However, as they were from the same alliance and were all young, it was easy to communicate with one another.

What definitely couldn't be denied was that the 4 flowers of Consonance Town had a little competitive spirit along with the 5 from Fallen Phoenix Town. After all, both territories were highly similar: both were women-dominated and had the desire to climb. This was normal.

Before Fallen Phoenix Town joined Shanhai Alliance, Consonance Town had been in 2nd place within the alliance. After Fallen Phoenix Town joined in, however, whomever was 2nd in the alliance was hard to say.

Based on qualifications, Consonance Town was the first to ally with Shanhai Town, and compared to a newcomer like Fallen Phoenix Town, it was older. Even Ouyang Shuo becoming the leader was suggested by Bai Hua. If she hadn't chosen to give up, the alliance wouldn't have been born so easily.

Talking in terms of strength, after the Battle of Zhuolu, although Consonance Town was catching up to Fallen Phoenix Town, Fallen Phoenix Town’s background was much greater. Even if Feng Qiuhuang was magnanimous, her little sisters wouldn't be willing to give up the 2nd place in the alliance.

As for the battle between the two sides, as the leader, Ouyang Shuo decided to keep neutral.

Both Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang were smart people, so their competition would definitely be positive.

"Wuyi, when will Shanhai Town apply to upgrade? Based on what I know, Di Chen has already applied." While casually talking, Feng Qiuhuang suddenly asked.

The message system instantly quieted down. Obviously everyone was very curious of the answer to that question. As the leader of the Shanhai Alliance, Shanhai Town's achievements and position was connected to the position of the alliance in the Chinese region.

Ouyang Shuo didn't want to keep any secrets and said, "What a coincidence, I applied today too."

"Wa, it's going to be a battle." Mu Lanyue shrieked.

"What battle? The way I see it, Di Chen is totally not big brother's opponent." Gong Chengshi had a bad opinion of Di Chen, which everyone was aware of.

"Wuyi, do you have confidence?" Bai Hua asked with concern.

"About 80-90% confidence!" Ouyang Shuo didn't have the confidence to say he was a 100% sure.

"Good luck!" Xunlong Dianxue showed his support.

"Brother Wuyi, do you need us to arrange backup?" Jokes were jokes but at this crucial time, Mu Lanyue was very supportive of Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo laughed and shook his head. This stupid girl still hadn't understood the situation.

"Silly girl, upgrading the territory is something that allies cannot help with."

"I didn't apply before, so it's okay if I didn't know that." Mu Lanyue replied.

"I heard that the America and Indian regions already had territories who applied. The system test will be in two days." The quest-crazy Xunlong Dianxue was sensitive to information, more keen than others were.

"Let's let the heavens decide!" Ouyang Shuo said helplessly.

"Brother Wuyi is the best. They definitely wouldn't succeed." This was another one of Ouyang Shuo's worshippers: Qingluan from Fallen Phoenix Town.

"Haha!" Ouyang Shuo burst out in laughter.