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Chapter 171 - Undercurrent

Chapter 171 - Undercurrent

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Just as Ouyang Shuo was recruiting people and building bridges in real life to bring in more talents for his territory, the lords in Lianzhou basin had a peculiar occurrence.

May 30th, Broken Blade Town.

The lord of Broken Blade Town, Ba Dao, had brought all the core members of his territory and waited beside the teleportation formation. Not long after, 5 players walked out of the formation and started talking with him.

The 5 who’d teleported over were the lords of Tianfeng Town, Gushan Town, Guangshan Town, and Youngye Town, who were Xiaofeng Canyue, Dengtai Baijian, Chengfeng Polang, and Heise Pifeng, respectively.

Adding the Broken Blade Town, the 6 territories were the other towns apart from Shanhai City and Mulan Town in the Lianzhou Basin. Out of all of them, only Broken Blade Town and Tianfeng Town participated in the Battle of Zhuolu. The other 4 territories had just upgraded to a grade 1 Town recently.

As the migration news was revealed, hundreds of millions of players swarmed into the game. This also pushed many territories to upgrade quickly. A large number of grade 3 villages upgraded to grade 1 towns. From today onwards, towns were the average of players in the game.

As more players joined, many lords could handle the pressure and started recruiting players to their territories. Out of the recruited players, a significant portion was family and friends.

A lord would have several close relatives like aunties and grandparents. Adding cousins, colleagues, and friends, this was already a huge group. Apart from his, as for relatives of friends and friends of friends or colleagues of friends, these groups added together consisted of hundreds and thousands.

Based on the players' thinking, instead of slugging away and struggling alone, why not stay in a territory controlled by a friend?

Unfortunately, the cruel war between territories would destroy their beautiful dreams.

Obviously, lords weren't fools, and apart from recruiting their friends and family, they would also recruit different types of work occupation players. As for combat occupation players, because there were many conditions, the lords were very careful when hiring them.

When the lords hired players, they had to be very careful and couldn't recruit players who had other motives. In the last life, some groups made use of other lords' recruitment and acted as they didn't know each other before joining the territory. After which they moved against one another to obtain the lord's trust.

The lord thought that he had obtained talents. In the end, the players that joined the territory took control and became the lords of the territory.

This was only one example, and there were many others. After all, the Chinese region had too many smart people. One couldn't deny that lords were the elites of the game, but if one talked about social experience, they might not be up to the level of some of the game's rookies. These rookies were probably those that were molded by the harshness of society.

There were also professional fraud organizations which were much scarier. As these group of people entered the game, it would make the game more chaotic.

Hence, when this storm brewed, Ouyang Shuo pointedly reminded his allies to be careful when recruiting new people.

Out of all the allies, Feng Qiuhuang was the least susceptible as she was backed by many elites of various prominent families. No organization would dare to touch her and have ideas about her.

Siege Lion who didn't look the part but in truth he paid a lot of attention to detail. His eye for details and understanding of the lord game mode had amazed Ouyang Shuo. Hence, Ouyang Shuo didn't worry much about him. Anyways he also had Fat Tiger to help, so the chances of them messing up were much lower.

Ouyang Shuo was more worried about the crazy quest finder Xunlong Dianxue. He was the typical guy that was good at a game but had low EQ. Ouyang Shuo roughly remembered that Xunlong City in the last life had a crisis and in the end, it was solved. As for what exactly was the crisis about, Ouyang Shuo wasn't in the loop.

Bai Hua's Consonance Town was considered a special territory.

In Consonance Town, there were many players already, and the vast majority were members of the guild they created in previous games. Hence in this player wave, Consonance Town had an additional 3 thousand people, getting them close to the 10 thousand max population of a grade 3 town.

In theory, their risk was the greatest. However, in truth, Ouyang Shuo wasn't worried. In the last life, it was proven that Bai Hua had to control and deal with such elements. If not Consonance City wouldn't have become one of the enormous rulers.

The one that Ouyang Shuo felt terrible about was Mulan Town. As expected, the changes that happened in the last life had occurred once again on this poor Mulan Yue.

Mulan Yue's parents were both scientists that worked on the mars base. To continue their research, after analyzing 10 years of the change of earth, they decided to remain on Mars temporarily.

The federal government had left a spaceship and twenty years of supplies for the workers on the mars base. After they complete their mission, they could sit on the spaceship and rush to planet Hope.

Mulan Yue wanted to stay on the mars base with her parents. However, which parent would want their kid to suffer with them, so they resolutely declined.

Hence, the little lady that was going to take this new path alone had felt very down recently. When they knew, they all teleported to Mulan Town to console her. Ouyang Shuo promised that when they reached planet Hope, he would let her stay by his side.

The consolation from friends had finally let her, to have lesser of an emotional change as compared to the last life. Apart from feeling a little down, nothing significant has happened.

Ouyang Shuo also finally understood why she had worked so hard to run her territory. She wanted to build a good base for when her parents arrived.

Because of this change, Mu Lanyue had become much closer with Ouyang Shuo. Under his recommendation, Mulan Town temporarily wouldn't recruit other players.

Closer to home, the meeting of the 6 lords of Lianzhou basin at Broken Blade Town was highly unusual.

The Qiushui River and friendship river which intersected in a Y shape had split the Lianzhou Basin into 3.

At the V portion, it took up half of the land area of the Lianzhou basin. This was the territory of the nomads. Apart from Milan Town that was in the south part, very few territories could survive here. Even if there were players who could build their territories here, it was highly likely to be destroyed by the nomads.

On the east and west side of the Y, there were 30 odd territories. Broken blade Town and Tianfeng Town, the two winners of the Lianzhou basin in the last life were on the east and west side, at the uppermost point of both rivers. Beside them were the two vast lakes in the Lianzhou basin, the east lake, and the west lake. They were back facing a mountain and sides facing the lake, with this kind of geological advantage, it was no wonder why they had an advantage in the last life.

Yishui Town was near the middle flow of the Qiushui river. It's lord Ruoshui Sanqian was the only female lord in this meeting.

Gushan Town was at the Southeast edge of the Lianzhou basin and was built at where the eastern mountains met the southern mountains, a very good place to defend. It's lord Dengtai Baifang ever since knowing that Shanhai Town had mountain barbarian warriors, he wanted to come into contact with them and had already obtained some progress.

The future Gushan Town would be the closest competitor to Shanhai City to get the mountain barbarian tribes.

Guangshui Town was in the middle of the friendship river, similar to that of Yishui town. The lord Chengfeng Polang was a medium-sized family prince.

The last Yongye Town was built on the north-west corner near the Yongye forest. The forest on the west of Shanhai Town was the border of the Yongye forest. Hence, Yongye Town was the territory that was closest to Shanhai City.

The lord Heise Pifeng was a vicious person.

It wasn't hard to imagine that these 6 territories held significant strategic land in the Lianzhou basin and would be the most significant obstacle to Shanhai City claiming control.

Their meeting was to create an alliance. The 6 of them stayed at Broken Blade Town for an entire day and officially formed the Sky Knife Alliance. This alliance used a dual-leader style, and the two leaders were Ba Dao and Xiaofeng Canyue.

Apart from that, Tianfeng Town, Yongye Town, and Guangshui Town had formed a triangle while the other three formed another. The Sky Knife Alliance was already split between two parties.

The 6 members of the alliance surrounded Shanhai City from many directions. Their goal was to work together to clean Shanhai City out. If not, as Shanhai City continued to develop, they wouldn't have a place to stand on in Lianzhou Basin.

The Sky Knife Alliance was a typical military deal. The alliance deal was to not fight amongst themselves before they dealt with Shanhai City. At the same time, in future territory battles, everyone must work together and chase out the lords from the territories which were weaker than them.

This was the typical big fish eating small fish. The small fish were scared, and allied to attack the big fish while also not forgetting to eat the little shrimps to strengthen themselves.

This kind of an interesting situation would be the norm in territorial wars. After all, such conflicts were cruel, and it was either you die, or I die, there was nothing much to be said.

Whether or not the Sky Knife Alliance would achieve their goal, only time would tell.

About this kind of an undercurrent, Ouyang Shuo knew nothing, but he was a step ahead and asked the Military Intelligence Division to gather information about the other lords. When the time came, he would destroy anyone who dared to stand in the way of Shanhai City.