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Chapter 174 - Zhennan Pass

Chapter 174 - Zhennan Pass

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Mu Lanyue switched off the Alliance channel and went to look for Mu Guiying, telling her about Ouyang Shuo's suggestion.

After hearing what she said, Mu Guiying kept silent and didn't utter a word. Apparently, this was a difficult choice. Based on her original intention, she wished for Mulan Town to be able to run independently. But now because of the lack of funds, the town had been progressing slowly and her time and effort had been diverted, making her unable to focus on the military.

After a long while, she looked towards Mu Lanyue. "Xiaoyue, let me ask you, how much do you trust your brother Wuyi? Apart from allies, do you have any other feelings for him?"

Mu Lanyue was stunned and didn't understand why she would suddenly ask that. As she trusted her thoroughly, even if she found it weird she would answer adequately. "Brother Wuyi is an ally and also a brother. Although he isn't my real brother, I can feel that he is sincere and real."

Mu Guiying nodded. "Then let me ask you, as for the future of Mulan Town, how do you consider it? Both us and Shanhai City are in the Lianzhou Basin and are bound to face each other one day."

"I don't want to hide it from sister, but I've thought about this problem. Sister, you already know that Father and Mother will be separated from me for a long time so I need to run Mulan Town to make them proud of me when they return. As for the future, merging into Shanhai City would be the best choice. However, before that, I want to use my own ability to run Mulan Town well." Mu Lanyue gave such a reply.

"I understand. Since it's like that, I agree to open a branch of Four Seas Bank in Mulan Town. I can also focus more of my energy on the raiders and nurture an elite force for our territory to defend the Zhennan Pass."

Mu Lanyue was ecstatic. "Ok, I'll go tell brother Wuyi."

After receiving her reply, Ouyang Shuo got up and went into Yingyu's office.

"Big brother!" Yingyu stood up and invited Ouyang Shuo to sit.

After he sat down, he described the thing about Mulan Town to her and said, "Yingyu, I would like to shift Yang Yun from Beihai Town and send her to Mulan Town. What are your thoughts?"

Cui Yingyu took a moment before smiling. "I think it's okay. She was part of the building of the Four Seas Bank and is clear about how it runs. She also took charge of the Beihai Town branch and accumulated a lot of experience."

"Ok, then send a letter with the authority of the Financial Department for her to return to the main camp. As for the person to replace her, the Financial Department can decide that."

"Understood." Yingyu nodded and asked, "Big brother, on the side of Mulan Town, how much gold are you going to prepare?"

To that question, Ouyang Shuo had a rough draft. "If we prepare too little, it won't do. The first sum will be set at 2000, which is all our spare cash. This sum should be able to last for a while. When it's used up, then we will invest further."

"I agree." Yingyu was from a business family and she was clear that once the bank was settled, it was a money vacuum, the early investment was needed for future returns, and as such, she agreed.


At 2 PM, Wang Yuanfeng brought 3 sets of 3 bow 8 cow bed crossbow and teleported to Fallen Phoenix Town. After sending him off, Ouyang Shuo returned to the lord's manor.

At 4 PM, Yang Yun had returned to Shanhai City and rushed straight back to the lord's office.

After Ouyang Shuo told her about her new appointment, he reminded her. "Mulan Town’s lord Mu Lanyue is my friend, and this branch opening is a normal business activity. When you are there, you must be neutral and not interfere with their economic matters and not much of their management affairs. Do you understand?"

The Four Seas Bank was a sharp dagger, and if the wielder didn't have a clear head, it could cause substantial damage. Ouyang Shuo naturally trusted Yang Yun, but because of the significance, he still had to remind her.

She nodded her head solemnly. " Don't worry sire. I understand what to do."

"That's good." Ouyang Shuo waved her off and said, "What I need to say has already been mentioned. It's not early already, so you should make a trip to Director Cui and see if she has anything for you. Tomorrow morning, I'll personally send you to Mulan Town.”

"Yes!" Yang Yun replied and took her leave.

Yang Yun wasn't sent alone. Apart from her, the Financial Department chose two elite personnel to be her helpers. As for the preparation job for the Four Seas Bank there, Mu Lanyue would be in charge, including the selection of the basic workers.

At the Mulan Town teleportation formation, Mu Lanyue and Mu Guiying waited.

After both sides met, Ouyang Shuo introduced both parties. If the Four Seas Bank wanted to do well here, it had to have her support, and they would have many opportunities to work together. This was why Ouyang Shuo had to help them build a bridge.

Ouyang Shuo let Yang Yun and her two helpers discuss with Mu Lanyue about the Four Seas Bank, while he walked out of Mulan Town and towards Zhennan Pass under the company of Mu Guiying.

Zhennan Pass was 20 kilometers away from Mulan Town, and it guarded the only route from Lianzhou Basin to the Guangxi region. Now it was taken by a bunch of mountain thieves.

At the center of the 50 meter wide canyon seen from afar, a little majestic mountain stood. The whole pass was washed by time, leaving down time’s legacies.

The Zhennan Pass was split into the main pass and the east and west side gates. The main pass was 20 meters high, 30 meters wide, and made of stone. The bottom of the pass was where the only opening was, which was 10 meters tall and 8 meters wide. It had 3 city gates which were all closed.

The main pass extended towards the side until the cliff wall. It was slightly lower at 15 meters high. Each side had a small gate which was 6 meters tall and 4 meters wide for people and goods to enter.

"General Mu, how much do you understand about the mountain thieves?"

These mountain thieves were a tumor, and Ouyang Shuo was planning to work together with Mulan Town and eradicate them and allow Mulan Town to take over.

Mu Guiying shook her head. "You should have seen that our spy has no way to even get close. The moment she gets near, she would be exposed to the guards.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded and asked, "Then what do they do to survive, why doesn't Rhu come out of the pass to rob? Especially with Mulan Town within their sights, why weren't they disturbed?"

Mu Guiying frowned. "This was the part I found weird. Based on my conjecture, they probably amassed a significant amount of resources when they had taken over the pass, and it was enough to last them. Secondly was that there were people that would go through the pass, and they’d take fees which were enough for them to survive. Hence that's why they were cooped inside and rarely came out to rob. After all, they were people too, and unless that had no choice, they wouldn’t risk going out to rob and kill others.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded and agreed with Mu Guiying's conjecture, laughing. "It seems like they aren't a random group of people. Their leader isn't simple. Not only can he think clearly and think far ahead, but he should also have a high prestige in the group."

"How so?" Mu Guiying was curious.

"Think about it. Just as you said, a large portion of the mountain thieves are living blissfully. That is because they were forced onto this path and had no choice. They only wanted to feed themselves and thus wouldn't be willing to take risks. However, there is also a group of evil man who finds happiness from robbing and killing. This bunch of people wouldn't be willing to be cooped up at the pass and enjoy their normal lives. The leader being able to suppress this bunch of evil men, this leader must have prestige." Ouyang Shuo explained.

Mu Guiying nodded and agreed.

"So for the long term, we must think of a way to remove them. If not, what if one day the leader couldn't control his bunch of thugs? It would be a ticking time bomb towards Mulan Town, able to explode at any time." Ouyang Shuo reminded.

"I understand, Mulan Town will increase the patrol around the Zhennan Pass, to understand their strength in the shortest amount of time."

"If you need my support just ask for it." Ouyang Shuo promised.

"Of course."

When the two of them returned to Mulan Town, Mu Lanyue was still discussing with Yang Yun about some matters. Ouyang Shuo didn't stay for long and passed the 2000 gold for the bank over to Mu Lanyue for safekeeping. After the bank was built, she would make use of the player storage function to store the gold in the bank vault.

Ouyang Shuo then returned to Shanhai City through the teleportation formation.