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Chapter 183 - Boarding the Spaceship

Chapter 183- Boarding the Spaceship

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In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo sent the item and the handwritten letter to Sun Xiaoyue.

Following this, he walked out of the lord's manor. Under the company of Zhao Dewang, he started to inspect the completed 2nd city wall.

It took around 40 days for them to finally complete the 2nd wall. The completed city wall included the city gate, city tower, archer tower, soldier hiding hole, and various other installations. These parts had all been built and could be employed.

The two city walls didn't form the typical square within a square. Instead, the outer square was a bit upward, which caused the inner square to flush down. Hence, the east and west gates of the second wall were on the same line as the north gate of the first wall. Thus, the east and west gates of both walls weren't aligned, which increased the defensive ability.

The south gate was on the same center line. However, there was an inner city river, and the two south gates were 3 kilometers apart. Defensively, it wasn't weaker than the east and west sides.

In the 7th month, when Sun Xiaoyue and the others teleported over, they would see a brand new Shanhai City and the biggest lord player’s city in the world.

Ouyang Shuo returned to the lord’s manor and stayed in his office. He read for a while.

After this upgrade to grade 2 city, Ouyang Shuo still had many things that planned. However, as the migration was coming, he had to deal with that. Ouyang Shuo didn't have much time to start these projects.

6 PM, Ouyang Shuo went to the backyard and got offline together with Bing'er.

After they exited the game cabin, the two of them ate their last breakfast.

"Baby, do you remember what brother told you?" Ouyang Shuo nagged.

Bing'er nodded," I remember. Don't tell anyone, including little aunt, about anything in the game. Brother don't worry, Bing'er is very well behaved."

Ouyang Shuo nodded and brought her and their small amount of luggage out of the door. The federal government arranged unmanned buses which went straight to Shanghai. As for their game cabins, the sending channel would directly transport them to Shanghai.

10 AM, Ouyang Shuo reached Shanghai and met up with little aunt.

After the met up, they had a simple lunch at her house. Then, they took a bus to the spaceport.

As there were too many people, they didn’t wait until the 7th month, 1st day to board. From today onward, people would start streaming onto the spaceships.

Ouyang Shuo didn't want to stay too long at little aunt's house, so he decided to board the spaceship today.

Before they left, they had already changed into the federal-government-issued space suits. These space suits were very light and similar to sportswear.

As for the spaceport, it was already very full. Luckily, there was military personnel to maintain order.

Ouyang Shuo, Bing'er, little aunt Lin Jing, and Xie Siyun had joined the queue and prepared to board. At 5:30 PM, it was their time to board.

The machines directed them to lie in their own game cabin. These machines were in charge of transporting them to specific locations.

After he entered the game cabin, Ouyang Shuo directly logged into the game. In the near future, he would have no fate with the real world and would have to live in the game.

Ouyang Shuo walked out of his room and entered Bing'er's room.

Zisu stated in the room adjacent to Bing'er's. His arrival woke her up.

"Sire?" Zisu felt a little weird.

Ouyang Shuo nodded," I'm here to see Third Miss."

At this time, Bing'er got up from her bed on her own and ran out, "Brother!"

Ouyang Shuo was afraid of Bing'er being unable to adapt and purposely came to console her. When he saw that her emotions were still stable, he could finally relax and laugh,"Baby, for a long time, we will have to stay in the game world, are you afraid?"

"I'm not, I have Brother here. Anyways, Bing'er think it's fun here." This little brat really had no heart, maybe because she couldn't understand what galactic migration entailed.

While the two chatted, Zisu had already retreated out of the room to prepare hot water for Bing'er to bathe. She also asked the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

As Bing'er was okay, Ouyang Shuo returned to his own room. With Banxia serving him, he did a simple wash up. Then, he took the exquisite steel spear and started to practice.

This type of morning became the norm for the pair.

At 10 AM, Ouyang Shuo punctually appeared at the lord's office. He asked Bai Nanpu to call the combat logistics secretary Zhao Youfang over, as he had some things to arrange.

After Zhao Youfang entered, he appeared a little careful. Ouyang Shuo had frozen this secretary for a long time. Being called to see Ouyang Shuo at this time, he didn't know the purpose.

Ouyang Shuo sat at the lord's seat. He noticed how scared and careful Zhao Youfang looked, which caused Ouyang Shuo felt emotional.

Half a year has passed, and the smart and flexible-looking Zhao Youfang was unable to take up important tasks. The originally stiff-looking Zhao Dewang was able to manage the construction division well and Ouyang Shuo had rewarded him many times.

The first batch of people from Shanhai village had all taken up important positions, but they were pretty much at their limit.

Zhao Dexian being a city magistrate was already his max. After Qiushui City became a prefecture, Ouyang Shuo would have no choice but to change a person to become the magistrate.

Zhao Dewang becoming a secretary was also his maximum. At most, if there was a chance, he could be sent out to become a city magistrate. As the territories continued to upgrade, it would be hard to say if Zhao Youfang would be able to keep his secretary position.

Officials and generals were different. If a person didn't have the knowledge and only depended on training on the job, it was difficult to become good.

Ouyang Shuo passed the and the to Zhao Youfang and said, "Secretary Zhao, I will pass the production of these two to your division. In addition to the ladders, the combat logistics division needs to produce a large number of combat resources. The combat logistics division can work with the material reserves division to build a workshop to focus on such production."

"Yes, sire," Zhao Youfang said respectfully.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head and said warmly, "Youfang, this can't do, you don't have any elan. Where did the secretary that dared to voice out go? As for the building of the workshop, I want to hear your opinion and not your agreement."

These words stunned Zhao Youfang, and he seemed like he was feeling a lot of emotions. This period was a test for his emotional state, and if he could ride across, he might actually become a much better person and leader.

Zhao Youfang knew that his sire had given him a last chance. If he didn't take it, he would drop down the ranks.

In truth, after receiving the , Zhao Youfang had some thoughts, as production would require a workshop that took up a lot of space. After the new plannings of the city, each region had its own purpose.

Zhao Youfang thought about it, but he couldn't find a suitable place to build this workshop. Since inside the city wasn't possible, he turned his eyes to outside the city. The only thing that he needed to worry about was safety.

"Sire, do you remember the cave that the alchemical fire oil is stored?" Zhao Youfang asked.

Ouyang Shuo replied with uncertainty," You mean you want to build the military factory in the cave? Did you find a suitable cave?"

Since he had piqued Ouyang Shuo's interest, Zhao Youfang finally had some confidence," That's right. When we were storing the alchemical fire oil, we found many natural caves. These caves were of different sizes and heights. The big ones were the size of Shanhai Town, having high points of 20 meters while the average was 5 meters. There was also a river providing water and suitable ventilation. Hence, I feel that to build the military factory inside would be a good idea. We just need some slight modifications, and it'll be good to use."

Ouyang Shuo nodded. It seemed like he had not paid attention to this little fortune that hid in the mountain ranges. The earliest to use these caves were probably the wine workshop that used it to store the three flower wine.

At that time, he didn't pay much attention to it.

Afterward, there was the cave to store alchemical fire oil. As it was handed over to the combat logistics division, he didn't go to the ground to inspect it. He didn't know that such caves were so common.

Zhao Youfang was really a dedicated person, and his sharp senses found a strategic use for the caves.

"Not bad, Youfang. Your suggestion is good, and I'll approve it."

If they were able to build the military factory in the caves, then that would be the optimal choice. With that, they didn't need to care about the limited land and about the safety of the factory.

Moreover, the best part was that building it in the caves hid it well and away from enemy spies.

"Yes, sire!" Zhao Youfang replied loudly. This time, he was a lot more confident.

After Zhao Youfang left, Ouyang Shuo was still thinking about the caves. The way he saw it, there was a need to arrange the construction division to check and inspect the insides of the caves in the territory.

These caves in modern society would naturally be bomb shelters and the best military bases. It was very suitable in terms of both military production and weapon designing.

He couldn't be so careless and let such valuable resources go to waste. Of course, after learning more about the caves, there must be a systematic plan for the use of the caves. He couldn’t use all of them for the same purpose.

After Ouyang Shuo thought this, he acted immediately. He wrote a letter to plan out all his ideas out. He asked the clerk to pass it to the construction secretary Zhao Dewang.