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Chapter 184 - The World Online

Chapter 184 - The World Online

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On the 1st day of the 7th month at 4 PM, the last group of passengers boarded the galactic spaceship.

At 5 PM, the spaceships launched from all the space ports from all around the world. After they gathered in space, they formed a vast 1000 spaceship army and flew towards planet Hope.

The fleet brought the last hope of humanity and its thirst for a place of new life into the endless night sky into an unknown world. Based on the experience of the explorer squad, they needed at least 10 years before they could reach planet Hope.

At 8 PM, which was 8 AM in the game, a system notification sounded out.

"World notification: Earth Online has entered the state of the whole world being online. The game will undergo a huge patch, effective immediately. As for the specific changes, please go onto the official website to take a look."

Gaia had already set up the website in the game so players could visit it or the forums at any time to look for news. This was also the reason why Ouyang Shuo, who was an adventure player in the last life, understood so much about territory building.

On the website page, the top post wasn't about the new update but about a goodbye speech by the president to officially say goodbye to the Earth.

Most importantly, the president had revealed the secret regarding the asset tabulation.

During galactic migration, a significant portion of assets, houses, factories, machines, etc. were left on earth and were unable to be brought with them, so this caused many billionaires or famous people to become poor overnight.

The people of the world had in an instant become the same and had the same start. So when they got to planet Hope, how to measure one's assets was a crucial question.

If one didn't have any compensation, then it would be unfair to those who lost their fortunes, as these people had made so many contributions towards this galactic migration project.

The future planet Hope also needed this batch of entrepreneurs and artists to build a new society and contribute their strength. They couldn’t exactly let an entrepreneur become a logger. This didn't make any sense and was a colossal waste of resources.

Furthermore, the fortune that they lost was caused by nature, and they couldn't have prevented it. The federal government had an obligation to compensate them for that.

Of course, they couldn't compensate them all the riches that they had lost. As this sum had already been left on earth, they needed to set up a new compensation system.

To make a logical and fair system, the federal government worked with many mathematicians and economists to come up with many numbers and ideas. They also had to debate with the financial groups and multinational corporations, and it was certainly not an easy task.

In the end, the federal government with the help of the brilliant calculation abilities of Gaia decided to compensate everyone. To make this system work, they also created a new term which was achievement value.

This meant that their personal assets were weighed against a compensation value and what they got wasn't financial data but an achievement value.

The reason why they didn't get new financial data was that most physical assets were left on earth and an economic system without fixed capital was a bunch of useless numbers which couldn't buy you anything.

Achievement value was going to play an essential part in planet Hope. It was similar to merit points, which players could use to buy different permission levels.

The federal government split the permission levels into SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, F. Nine ranks, different permission levels would get you different resources and different statuses in society.

The SSS permission level was unique, and only Gaia had it. To activate this permission meant one needed to check the core data of Gaia and one needed to get 75% agreement by the people before he could use it.

SS permission level was also unique, and it belonged to the president, and it was only when he was in power. When his term ends, the permission level will be passed to the next president.

Which meant that the max that ordinary residents could get was the S permission rank.

The F rank required one to have no less than 100 points, and up every rank, the points required will increase by 10 times. So for one to get an S rank, he needed at least 100 million achievement value.

The compensation lowest value was 0.01, and the highest was 0.0001. The higher one's assets, the lower the compensation value. If a resident had less than 10 thousand credit, he would get the 0.01 compensation value. If he had more than 100 million credits, he would have 0.0001 compensation value.

In other words, a person with 10 thousand credits would obtain 100 achievement value. A rich man with 100 million credit would get 10 thousand achievement value and obtain the D permission level. A person with 10s of billions would be able to get A million achievement value and get the B permission level.

In the whole world, only the father of the Free City Lord Jack Dawson, Yabu Dawson had 100s of billions of credit and could obtain 10 million achievement value and obtain the permission level.

The compensation value didn't only take into account one's assets but also one's occupation. Of course, this targeted scientists, scholars, researchers, artists, etc.

Based on the results from Gaia, out of the billion migrants, 200 million got the lowest F rank, mostly underage kids who could only reach the basic 100 achievement value.

For example, Bing'er only had 100 achievement value. Her smart pet, Xue'er, was considered a personal item as you could bring it on board and thus wasn't calculated into private assets.

The remaining 800 million were mostly E permission levels. Those that got a D permission level were only around a million people, who were those with 100 million in net worth, including scientists, researchers and political personnel.

Those that obtained the B permission level had only 500 people including billionaires, national treasure level scientists and high-grade officials in the federal government.

As for the A level, there were less than 10. Their identities were kept an enormous secret. As for whether anyone got the S level, it was an even bigger secret. Ouyang Shuo estimated that there would be no more than 3 people.

Ouyang Shuo had obtained the E rank with 2000 achievement value, mainly because of the 800 thousand credits in his account.

Strictly speaking, the compensation system was a massive disadvantage for the strong powers. Rich folk would only be higher than an average person in regards to their permission level.

When the system was revealed, it faced much disagreements from the strong powers. Both parties took a step back and agreed that Earth Online wouldn't make any promotions and would start a year early to give these big powers a lead.

So why did they pay so much importance to Earth Online? Was it just only because there were authentic secret manuals? No, the reason was that there was a second chance to obtain achievement value.

This was to give commoners a chance to come back and have a higher starting point in planet Hope. It was also to calm down commoners from being angry that the rich who had lost everything still obtained such high permission levels. The federal government set that before reaching planet Hope, Gaia would calculate all the player's assets and based on a specific ratio change it to achievement value.

Please take note that this change didn't have any reducing factors, meaning that the higher your assets, the more achievement value you would receive.

This was also Ouyang Shuo's end goal to obtain a lead and raise his permission level and as such forge a strong base when he entered planet Hope.

Apart from that, there was a bonus for lord game mode players.

Based on the data from the exploring squad, the area of planet Hope was 10 thousand times that of the Earth. The land was very vast, and 1 billion migrants wouldn't make any waves when entering planet Hope.

This was normal as in the universe the earth was considered a small planet.

Such a vast planet needed people to explore. At this time, lord game mode players could be sent into the fray. This was the real reason for Earth Online being so real.

To be able to survive in the game, fight for 10 years, and be destroyed by others, such a lord had the rights to be a pioneer in reality.

In reality, there naturally weren't any refugees spawning or a teleportation formation. These two were the two enormous insurances for lord game mode players to gain a footing in the wilderness.

However, the many robots could entirely replace the refugees. As for the teleportation formation, the skytrain wasn't that bad an alternative.

As for a management squad, the federal government had a way to solve it for the lords which was cyborgs.

The NPCs in the game all had their own minds, and the federal government could transfer those into the body of cyborgs and make them seem as real as actual humans.

This meant that as long as the lord game mode players had a high enough permission level, they could replicate their generals and officials in real life to help them continue to build their territory and become a pioneer in planet Hope.

This was because the cost of making a cyborg was very high, considering it was half machine. Furthermore, they were split into different ranks. The higher the rank, the higher the cost.

So, the fighting in the game was significant, and one didn't have even a moment to rest.