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Chapter 185 - System Update

Chapter 185 - System Update

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After Ouyang Shuo viewed the information on achievement value and confirming that it was the same as the last life, he turned his attention to check if the season update was too. He was terrified that he might’ve triggered a butterfly effect.

(1): Regarding death settings: Players’ death penalty wasn't like before where they would just lose 1 level. Instead, they would lose all their items other than those in storage and fall back to level 0.

The death punishment was to prevent players from swarming people with player quantities.

For example, Zhan Lang’s Blood Red City had formed an army filled with purely players. If players died and they only lost one level, while the enemy troops died when they were killed, then in the late game when players got to a high level, a player army would be unstoppable.

This kind of player quantity technique was entirely against the balance of the game and naturally wouldn't be allowed.

(2) Regarding the teleportation formation, now only people could be transported and not items unless the items were in the player’s storage bag.

For example, when Ouyang Shuo ordered Wang Yuanfeng to go over to Fallen Phoenix Town to help and bring over the triple-bow acruballistas, that was also not allowed anymore. Unless Ouyang Shuo had big enough of a storage space and could store the bed crossbow himself before personally sending it there.

The settings of the teleportation formation were to prevent players from smuggling.

That's right. It was smuggling.

If one smuggled things using the storage bag, as it had limited space, teleporting multiple times, the fee might even be equal to the trading cost, so it wasn't too worth it.

Of course, to prevent that was impossible, it was just to prevent rampant smuggling.

(3): Regarding the market setting: The advanced market would now have 2 platforms, mainly the resource trading platform, special items trading platform. At the same time, there would be a new auction platform which was a combination of the old one and also the business trading platform, it would allow players to list items instantly and would be called the super auction platform.

On the platform, regardless of are you a lord game mode or adventure game mode player, or an NPC guild in the system's imperial capital, you can list an item, place an order, take an order and also buy the item.

Placing an order would be to list your requirements and what you wanted to buy. Listing an item would be to sell your item. Taking an order would be to accept another player’s listing. Purchasing the item would be to buy the item that was put up for sale.

Every transaction completed at the super auction platform, the system would collect 10% tax from the buyer, as compared to the original 20%, it was half.

The main difference between the old and new systems was that there was now a price war mechanism. The price of an item would depend on supply and demand and wasn't like previously when it was based on a stable system price.

Another difference was that special items wouldn't be sold by the system, including building blueprints. Players had to go onto the platform to trade, it was not as quick, and there were not as many items as before.

As for building blueprints, they were only sold in the system imperial capital. The lord had to either find someone to buy it for him or buy it from sellers on the super auction platform.

Apart from that, there were new items on the list of unsellable items, including the military grain pill, the Xingjun tent, alchemical fire oil, etc. military resources. If the lord wanted to get such items, he had no choice but to smuggle them.

Such a setting was because the lords have all gone through half a year in the game and they wouldn't need to rely so much on the market anymore. Thus there was no need for the market to be like a babysitter.

The change in the market at the right time was also a test for lords.

(4) Regarding the relay setting: Players sending items including letters had to do so through the relay. The distance between relays, the weight, and size of the item and the value would all be taken into account to determine the price.

This meant that the relay would take over the pigeon letters for players to send information. If one wanted to talk, they could either use the channel or send the letter through the relay.

Removing pigeon letters was basically to prevent spies from spreading information on the battlefield. At the current moment, players could use the national channel, alliance channel and guild channel.

The method that Ouyang Shuo used previously to send the item to Song Jia had been banned, and if he wanted to do so, even with gold, he had to go through the relay.

The settings of the relay made use of this basic building from the grade 2 town. It also set a restriction on packages to prevent players from sending items anywhere, at anytime, and also to preventing trolls.

(5): With regards to time: All things in the game, like plants and animals, would follow real time, and the increased growth speed from before had been canceled.

This change was to increase the realism of the game further. For example, the wild pigs and cows that Shanhai City reared, which needed 3 months originally now needed half a year or even a full year.

(6) Regarding military settings, one is the adjustment to soldier ranks, officially adding rank 10-12 ranks above elite soldier, as an elite war soldier. The second was the change in military forces and to increase the specialty of the force. Divisions and above could undergo training, and upon succeeding, the division would obtain their own specialty.

After advancing the soldier rank, elite soldiers now had two choices: either change class to a basic general or continue to become elite war soldiers, adding combat power to the military.

Each had their pros, and it depended on the lord to choose.

These new settings increased the choices in military play and increased many possibilities.

(7) With free regards to the free mode setting, the items that players design had to be recognized by the system and given stats. If not, they wouldn't have any use.

(8): Regarding the lord’s rank: Above Duke rank, there were new ranks, from prince to emperor. When one reached prince, he could build his country and be called a king. The requirement of a prince was 2 million merit points, double that of a duke.

As for the game updates, it was just the 8 above. What kind of effects they would bring about, only time would tell.

Apart from the system update, Gaia also published an article on how to differentiate between authentic and fake secret manuals. Without thinking, the prices of the authentic secret manuals would rise dramatically. Ouyang Shuo wanted to know how much money he would be able to earn from the 120 gold secret manuals that he had accumulated.

Ouyang Shuo went out of the forums, the moment he got back into the game, a system notification appeared in his ear.

“System notification: Half a year has passed, and many heroes have appeared. The territory leaderboard, guild leaderboard and celebrity leaderboard have officially been opened.”

“System notification: Half a year has passed, and many heroes have appeared. The territory leaderboard, guild….”

“System notification: Half a year has passed, and many heroes have appeared…..”

The 3 most powerful rankings had been officially opened, Ouyang Shuo opened them and checked them one by one.

Firstly was the territory rankings, an important ranking for the lord players.

Ranking- Territory

1st- Shanhai City (Qiyue Wuyi)

2nd- Pill Sun City (Chun Shenjun)

3rd- Fallen Phoenix City (Feng Qiuhuang)

4th- Blood Red City (Zhan Lang)

5th- Consonance City (Bai Hua)

6th- Swordsman City (Feng Qingyang)

7th- Handan City (Di Chen)

Note: The rankings only took note of those of rank city and above, those of similar grade were split by who upgraded first

Ranking - Guild

1st- Blood Evil Mercenary Group (Blood Romance)

2nd- Snow-war Rose mercenary Group (War Rose)

3rd- Jianqi Zongheng (Yijian Xilai)

4th- 18 Horsemen of Yanyun (Yanzi Lisan)

5th- Jin Yi Wei (Xiuchun Knife)

6th- Liuguang Pavillion (Jun Yilao)

7th- Thread (Qing Sikou)

8th- Qingfeng Pavillion (Moon Shines Over The River)

9th- Tingyu Floor (Jianqi Leiyin)

10th- Laojun Temple (Priest Qingniu)

Out of the 10 mercenary groups, only Blood Evil Mercenary Group and the War Rose Mercenary Group were the strongest while the rest were pretty balanced.

Jianqi Zongheng mainly accepted paladins, 18 Horsemen of Yanyun mainly accepted generals, Jin Yi Wei primarily accepted runners, Liuguang Pavillion primarily accepted healers, and Laojun Temple primarily accepted priests.

Qingfeng Pavillion and Tingyu Floor mainly accepted spies and did intelligence work.

The Thread was the most special as they mainly took in work occupation players. They were the most different but could still get to the 7th spot, from that one could see how strong they were.

Ouyang Shuo also knew that Qingfeng Pavillion was the guild for Consonance Studio, and the guild leader Moon Shines Over The River was Bai Hua’s brother.

Yijian Xilai and Jianqi Leiyin were originally a couple, but after they had quarrels, they broke up and built their separate guilds in Earth Online.

Jianqi Leiyin was furious, and as such he changed his ID, treating Jianqi Zongheng as his enemy.