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Chapter 186 - Meeting Up Part 1

Chapter 186 - Meeting Up Part 1

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Finally, there was the celebrity leaderboard—the only leaderboard that took into account all players in the game.

1st- Qiyue Wuyi

Evaluation: Shanhai City lord, first rank earl. He has climbed to the top of the world three times and has become the number one celebrity. To make so many waves, he deserves his ranking.

2nd: Blood Romance

Evaluation: Leader of the blood evil mercenary group, 1st rank out of the adventure mode players. In terms of both personal combat ability and guild strength, he is at the peak of the China region.

3rd; Di Chen

Evaluation: Handan City lord, 3rd rank earl. He was originally in the top 10 of the world but the times have changed and he has dropped. To be able to climb back up, he is certainly a fighter.

4th: Feng Qingyang

Evaluation: Swordsman City Leader, Qingyang sword sect sect leader, rank 3 earl. Built the first sect in the China region, having both the brains and the brawn.

Note: The celebrity leaderboard only records people with huge influence, so if they weren’t famous people or influential, they wouldn’t be able to get in.

The celebrity leaderboard is the most stringent ranking and only accepts four people at the moment. Everyone would not only get a system evaluation, but they can also get an extra reward.

As expected, a system notification rang in Ouyang Shuo’s ear.

“System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for being ranked first on the celebrity leaderboards. 10% increase to historical figure’s favor, rewarded 10 thousand reputation points.”

To date, this was the highest reputation point reward he had obtained.

After he checked the leaderboards, Ouyang Shuo finally had some time to contact little aunt, Sun Xiaoyue, Song Jia, and Liumo. Unfortunately, as there was no more pigeon letter, he could only go back to the office and write a letter to them.

To little aunt, Ouyang Shuo had nothing much to say. He only invited her and Xie Siyun to come to Shanhai City to look around.

In the letter to Sun Xiaoye, Ouyang Shuo wrote about his identity and asked her for a list of names that her grandfather had gathered. This would let Ouyang Shuo add them to the teleportation formation.

Apart from that, the members of the Fallen Moon Guild that were willing to move to Shanhai City could also send a list of names.

At the end of the letter, he also asked Sun Xiaoyue about the situation with the Cui family. He instructed her to teleport over only after she made contact with them.

In the letter to Song Jia, he told her his identity, and also raised up the topic of working together with Tianshuang Town.

Ouyang Shuo wrote that he couldn't allow them to enter the Shanhai Alliance at this time, but Shanhai City could have a one-way alliance with Tianshuang Town. This alliance would give them similar weapons and equipment buying permissions.

Ouyang Shuo had so much to consider, so he couldn't be too personal. He also had to fulfill his promise to her.

To the weapon specialist Liumo, Ouyang Shuo directly added his ID Zidan Chutang to the teleportation formation and asked him to teleport over. Of course, it was best if he could bring his family along.

In reality, Ouyang Shuo had a few conversations with Liumo. Ouyang Shuo knew that he had gone home to reunite with his family after Ouyang Shuo had persuaded him, so they should be in the game together now.

After he finished the letters, he called his servant to send the letters to the relay. After the city was refreshed and reorganized, the relay was now at the second northgate, located five kilometers away from the lord’s manor. Obviously, Ouyang Shuo wouldn’t send it himself.

As for the sending costs, it was just one to two silver. He could ask Zisu for it when he returned. The second day that Zisu came to the Lord’s manor, Siqin passed the treasurer position of the jewelry shop to her. Zisu also became the manager of the Lord’s manor.

After he learned this, Ouyang Shuo allowed Siqin to manage the blusher powder shop.

Of course, be it the jewelry shop or the blusher powder shop, they all belonged to the Lord’s manor as Ouyang Shuo’s personal property. As such, all the profits would go to him.


Jianye, the base of the Snow-War Rose mercenary group.

Lin Jing took the letter from the postman Then, she covered her mouth, as she laughed.

Xie Siyun asked curiously, “Jing Jing, who’s the letter from?”

“Your guess?”

Xie Siyun pondered, “Was it your nephew?”


Xie Siyun shook her head and said, “So, can you tell me now who exactly is your nephew?”

Lin Jing’s mood was exceptionally good, and she smiled, “You say, who is the most famous in the China region?”

“Who is the most famous?” Xie Siyun thought about it, “The most famous one would be the guy on the top of the celebrity leaderboard, Shanhai City lord Qiyue Wuyi.”

Xie Siyun’s mouth was agape, as she struggled to speak. This kind of situation rarely happened to this ice queen.

“Jing Jing, you… you wouldn't be telling me that Qiyue Wuyi is your nephew, right?”

“Bingo, you got it right.”

This made Xie Siyun utterly speechless, “No wonder you and your nephew have been so secretive lately. Even when you reached Shanghai, he didn't want to stop and immediately boarded the spaceship.”

Lin Jing opened the letter and took a look and smiled, “No matter what, this is a huge help for our mercenary group. You should know that Little Shuo has won three weapon and equipment crafting manuals during the auction. Are you confident in the cooperation now?”

Lin Jing was gloating. Her nephew was so strong and even shocked the usually calm Xie Siyun beyond words.

Xie Siyun was also a special talent, so she was able to quickly calm herself down, “Jing Jing, you are right, Shanhai City is a very suitable partner. What did he write in the letter?”

Lin Jing nodded, “En, Little Shuo invited us to visit Shanhai City. I guess it's to discuss future cooperation. So, are you interested?”

“Of course. That's the first city in the world. Of course, we have to go and take a look.” Xie Siyun agreed.

Quanzhou, Blacksmith Shop.

Zidan Chutang, who was Liumo, had received Ouyang Shuo’s letter and laughed,”My brother is actually so incredible.”

Liumo placed down the letter and told the manager of the shop, “Manager, I want to resign!”

“Resign? Young man, you have only been working for how long? You can't be too ambitious and think that you have learned a bit and become so arrogant.” The manager’s words were a little harsh.

Liumo didn't really care and waved it off, “Manager, you don't need to try and persuade me. You don’t need to give me the remaining salary.” Following these words, he walked out of the blacksmith shop. He gave the other apprentices in the shop a chic back view, as he walked out.

Liumo walked through the streets and alleys. Finally, he reached the house that he had rented. It was old and squeezy and the hygiene wasn't good either.

However, such conditions were already considered good amongst players. One could imagine what it was like for each system imperial city to suddenly have tens of millions of new players.

When he reached home, Liumo instantly wrote a reply letter and told his parents’ IDs to Ouyang Shuo.

After he sent the letter, he smiled, as he said to his parents, “Dad, mom pack up, we will move to a new place.”

His parents were both over 50. They didn't expect that they would have to live in such conditions when they entered the game. These conditions were even worse than their house in real life.

Luckily, their son had decided to come back to their side, which was more important than anything else. Furthermore, when they saw their son work so hard at the blacksmith, the two elderly felt bad. They felt that they were burdening their son.

When they heard that they were going to move, they thought that Liumo was facing some problems. They asked worriedly, “Son, did you face difficulties at work?”

Liumo’s eyes were wet. Ever since he came back to his parents’ side, he realized how sorry he was and how much he had owed them, “Dad, mom I’m fine, it's a good thing.”

“Good thing?” His parents were confused.

Liumo nodded with conviction, “That's right. Do you still remember the little brother I met when I was living alone in the old city?”

“Mo’Er, are you referring to the guy that persuaded you to come home?” His parents were a little emotional.

To the person that managed to persuade their son to change his mind, the two elderly were very grateful.

“Yes, it's him. He sent me a letter and told me his identity in game. He's actually the most famous guy in the game, the lord of Shanhai City. He has invited us to live at his territory,” Liumo explained.

The two parents were emotional but also worried, “Mo’er if we go like this, will we disturb him and create problems for him?”

“Don't worry, this brother is a very bold person. Furthermore, we won't be freeloading off him when we go to Shanhai City. Based on what he said, he could use my talent when I am there.”

“Good good good!” Only then were they at ease. They were really a bunch a cute and traditional Chinese people.


Quanzhou, Tianshuang Town.

Song Jia opened the letter. After she read it, a smile appeared on her face, “Stupid blockhead, you really were not bragging.” In truth, Song Jia liked Ouyang Shuo as a person. No matter what he achieved in the game, she would only feel happy for him.

She was happy now, as his achievements were definitely enough to stop her family from preventing them from being together.

Now, she was curious. What would happen when this letter was passed to her grandfather, and what reaction would that stubborn old man have? After all, Song Jia was still a bit angry at her grandfather for not telling her and arranging the marriage with the Yuan family.