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Chapter 187 - Meeting Up Part 2

Chapter 187 - Meeting Up Part 2

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Dali, Fallen Moon Guild base.

"Grandpa! Ouyang Shuo has sent us a letter!" Sun Xiaoyue walked into the little house, as her face bustled with excitement.

At that moment, her grandpa was playing chess with a few elderly fellows. When he heard those words, he lifted his head and acted angry, "That brat, he exaggerated so much on the phone and now he leaves us in Dali for one full month. I'm going to beat him up the next time I see him."

The others followed suit and teased, "Old Sun, with your old bones, are you sure you can beat him up? Do you need my help? Haha."

Old Sun was furious, "Old Li, you aren't any better, and you still dare to say that to me."

Sun Xiaoyue gave up, as she couldn't deal with this bunch of old kids, "All you grandpas, do you all actually want to leave Dali? If you want to, let me finish!"

"Say say!" Old Sun asked everyone to quieten down, "I want to listen and learn who exactly is that little brat in this game, making it so mysterious and making us wait."

Sun Xiaoyue playfully laughed, "Grandpa, you will be shocked when I tell you. He's actually the strongest and most mysterious lord in China, Shanhai City lord Qiyue Wuyi."

"What? Shanhai City? The only grade 2 city in China?" He was expectedly shocked.

"Ya, there is only one Shanhai City in China..."

Old Sun's calmness was a lot better than Xie Siyun, as this bunch of old men had seen so many things. He stroked his beard. This beard was what he had specially added when he created his character in the game. He gleefully said, "Not bad, that kid is not bad."

"Grandpa, are you going to teleport there now or wait for me?" Sun Xiaoyue asked.

"What do you mean little brat? You aren't going now?" Old Sun was confused.

Sun Xiaoyue nodded, "I need to go to Cui Manor to help spread some words from Ouyang Shuo."

"How much time could that waste? We have already spent a month here, so what's a few hours difference? You brat, it's better if you go together with us," Old Sun cared a lot about his granddaughter.

"Ok, grandpa. I'll make a move first."

10 Am, Liumo and his parents arrived in Shanhai City.

Ouyang Shuo received the system notification and had reached there early to receive them.

Luckily, the teleportation fees could be deducted from the Four Seas Bank account. If not, the poor Ouyang Shuo couldn't even afford their teleportation fees.

"Ouyang!" When he saw him, Liumo became a bit emotional.

Ouyang Shuo walked up and hugged him, "Brother Liu!" Following this, he greeted Liumo's parents.

After the greetings, he invited them to the Lord's manor to sit.

When he saw the majestic manor, Liumo was amazed, "Ouyang Shuo, it's really not bad."

Ouyang Shuo looked on quietly. He obviously knew that Liumo would be amazed. In his last life, both of them had lived tough lives, and they even had to cause Bing'er to have a tough life too.

In truth, Ouyang Shuo had advised the Construction Division to build 100 exquisite little houses in the west region. These buildings were the official living quarters for these special people and their family.

10:30 AM, Linjing and Xie Siyun came together.

Ouyang Shuo let Mr. Xiwen accompany them to the guest room, while he walked out of the Lord's manor to welcome little aunt. Before he left, he also specially went to the backyard to bring Bing'er along.

When she heard that her little aunt was coming, Bing'er was delighted and brought Xue'er and little black along.

"Little aunt!" As Lin Jing walked out of the teleportation formation, Bing'er dashed up.

Lin Jing adored this cute niece. Although they haven't met many times, they had a close bond.

Lin Jing, carried her and asked, "Bing'er, are you used to the game?"

"En!" Bing'er nodded saying happily, "Little aunt, it's so fun here. There are so many good food and nice clothes!"

Only then did Lin Jing notice Bing’er’s clothes, a red princess dress. Master tailor Qing’er sewed the dress from colored silk and made it exquisite and beautiful.

Lin Jing nodded, "It seems like little Shuo had taken good care of Bing'er."

Ouyang Shuo looked over to Xie Siyun and nodded in greeting. To this “uncle-in-law”, Ouyang Shuo really didn't know what to call her and how to talk to her, which made the atmosphere a little embarrassing.

"Little aunt let’s go to the manor. There are also a few guests there," Ouyang Shuo laughed.

"Sure, who else came?" Lin Jing couldn’t resist.

Ouyang Shuo didn't mind. Ever since the spaceships launched, he had nothing to worry about,
"It's a Brother that I met in real life. He's a thermal weapon specialist."

"Thermal weapon." Xie Siyun who had kept quiet couldn’t help but react. Not only did she have acute senses, but she also had a good understanding of the game. As such, she instantly had a series of thoughts.

"That's right."

"Little brat, you are really ambitious, ah."

Ouyang Shuo laughed, but he didn't say anything.

When she walked into the lord's manor, Lin Jing became amazed and teased, "Little Shuo, your manor is so huge, even bigger than our guild base."

Before Ouyang Shuo could reply, Bing'er started bragging, "Little aunt, the house I'm staying in is much prettier than here, and there's also a garden."

In the guest room, Ouyang Shuo did a simple introduction of both parties.

When Ouyang Shou saw that Liumo's parents were a little out of place, he laughed, "Brother Liu, let's go and take a look at the house I arranged for you. If auntie and uncle aren't pleased, we can add other things!"

"Great!" Liumo was also a person that wasn't good with words. In front of the two beauties, he felt weird and wanted to get away.

Ouyang Shuo called for Yingyu and asked her to accompany little aunt and Xie Siyun. Bing'er suggested to bring little aunt to view her room.

Ouyang Shuo brought Liumo and his parents out of the west gate and into the west region.

The west region was the officials’ living quarters, so the living conditions were superior to elsewhere. The green brick build houses took up to 400 to two thousand square feet.

Apart from the group of houses, the official living quarters also had a farmer market, a relay, hospital, a private college, a dojo, a pharmacy, a jewelry shop, a hotel, and more facilities.

Hence, it was pretty much a self-sufficient region.

There were many different trees planted on the two sides of the roads. There was even a 10 thousand square meter public park planned in the middle of the residence quarters.

Today, this park was named Nanfang park, and it was still being built.

Including all these amenities and facilities, the number of courtyards in the residence quarters still reached 2500, which was enough to last until it reached a prefecture. One must know that during the Tang Dynasty, the number of inner officials was only around 2600 people.

Such a huge region obviously couldn't be finished in such a short time. It would at least take a year.

Ouyang Shuo specially planned for the 100 courtyards to be designed differently. It wasn't like the olden southern closed-type courtyards but the modern day villas. Each courtyard had its own back garden and took up 1000-2000 square meters.

To date, 50 villas in the villa region had been built. In a month, the rest will also be completed.

Ouyang Shuo led them to a two thousand square meter villa and laughed, "This was the house I prepared for you. How is it, can you stay here?"

Liumo shook his head, "Of course we can, even in real life we couldn't afford such a place. Compared to our house in Dali, it's like comparing heaven to earth."

"As long as you are pleased," Ouyang Shuo turned, "Uncle and auntie, from now onward, Shanhai City is your home. I won't disturb you anymore."

Ouyang Shuo said goodbye and left, giving them some space.

"Mo'er, seems like you really made an incredible brother. You must work hard and not let him down," his Father said strictly.

Liumo nodded, "Father relax! Let's go into our house!"

Ouyang Shuo didn't bother Liumo to view his own house and went back to the Lord's manor.

The concierge told him that they were all in the back garden.

Ouyang Shuo strolled in and expectedly heard her crisp laughter.

Ever since the territory upgraded to grade 1 city, Ouyang Shuo had very rarely come to this garden. Bing'er, on the other hand, had become a frequent visitor.

The whole garden was similar to Suzhou Park but also had elements of Guangxi and Lingnan, which made it very unique.

The park had many natural elements and being in a bustling city, going into the park could allow one to relax in nature. The changes in the Four Seasons and the differences it brought to the plants allowed one to be able to have a feel of the wilderness while still being in a city.

In the park, there were ponds and small hills. There were also many different flowers and plants, so it was a very interesting place.

Definitely what attracted Bing'er the most was the different flowers and the fruit trees.

The fake mountains and pond became her playground, and she would spend the whole day here. Sometimes, she would even drag Zisu and Banxia to play hide and seek with her.