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Chapter 189 - Xinan University

Chapter 189 - Xinan University

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7th month, 2nd day, 10 a.m. Shanhai City meeting hall.

Ouyang Shuo gathered Fan Zhongyan, Xu Shuda, Elder Sun, ElderLi, and Sun Xiaoyue for a meeting. Elder Li was that old grandpa that was bickering with Elder Sun. He was the only architect out of the 30 professionals.

Last night, after he sent off all the professionals, Ouyang Shuo returned to the Lord’s manor to think about the new structure of Lianzhou college.

When Lianzhou college was first set up, it was to develop civil servants. Today, with the addition of several professionals, it wasn’t suitable to still call it a college. In the end, Ouyang Shuo decided to use the Qing Dynasty education system and renamed the Lianzhou college as Xinan University.

Ouyang Shuo looked around and introduced everyone to the structure of the new Xinan University, "Xinan University will temporarily set up three colleges, which are the economics college, natural science college, and the architectural college. The original economics, politics, and law departments will all be drafted into the economics college. They will remain in charge of producing civil servants. The remaining computing department will be in the new natural science college. Apart from that, business, economics, and auditing will all be in the economics college. They will be responsible for producing talents for the financial department and auditing division."

"Natural science college is like the name suggests, as it is the college for the sciences. A large portion of the professionals will become professors here. As for the last one, the architectural college," Ouyang Shuo turned toward Sun Xiaoyue, "The core members of Fallen Moon Guild are mostly graduated from the imperial city architectural college, and they also specialize in different areas. Hence, these members would form most of the architectural college."

"Currently, Xinan University would only have three colleges. In the future, there might be more."

Ouyang Shuo’s change for the Lianzhou college was obviously nothing in the eyes of Elder Li and the modern people. However, in the eyes of Fan Zhongyan and Xu Shuda, it was something shocking.

Luckily, neither of them were stubborn. Moreover, Ouyang Shuo had used them a lot in the past half a year, so their thinking processes and views had slowly changed. They had slowly begun to accept modern thinking.

And this was what Ouyang Shuo really wanted.

After all, it wouldn’t be suitable to make these officials into cyborgs in the future if he wanted them to help him deal with the real life territory without modern thinking.

Fan Zhongyan was the fastest to react, "I agree with the change to Lianzhou college."

Xu Shuda followed and expressed agreement.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, "Xu Shuda will be the principal of the Xinan University. The dean of the natural science college will be Old Sun; the dean of the architectural college will be Old li. As for the dean of economics college, Shuda do you have any suitable choices?"

Shuda pondered before he replied," Sire, I recommend professor Suze."

"Mr. Suze?" Ouyang Shuo felt a little surprised and asked with doubt," Mr. Suze is obviously a great choice, but he has said he is not interested in this career, will he agree?"

Shuda nodded, "Sire doesn't know that although he doesn't want such a career, he is very concerned with the teachings in Lianzhou College. Additionally, being the dean of the economics college is different from being a dean in Lianzhou college. You don't need to take control of everything and just one small piece. I have confidence that Suze will accept it."

"Good! So that’s settled. The name change to Xinan University, the hiring of professors, and the expanding of the campus will be left to the culture and education division."

"Yes Sire!" Xu Shuda replied.

"The first stage of the expansion should be at least 50 times that of Lianzhou College. In the west region of the core region, a third was left for Xinan University. This time, they not only needed to increase classrooms, student hostels, canteens, teaching staff hostels, halls, tracks, garden, and more, but they had to make a beautiful environment for the students. The culture and education division must work together with the construction division and also invite some of the students from the architectural college to participate in the design. Then, allow me to inspect it," Ouyang Shuo described the future of the Xinan University blueprint to them.

"Yes sire!" Ouyang Shuo’s description amazed Xu Shuda, who was really excited to begin.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and looked at Elder Li, "Elder Li, the overall design will be handed to you. For you to be the main architect, is that okay?"

Elder Li laughed, "Of course. Not bad, you're even making the blood of an old fogie like me boil."

Ouyang Shuo assigned 1000 mu of land in the core area to build the Xinan University. With that, one could see how much he focused on education and developing talent.

After Fan Zhongyan and Xu Shuda left, Ouyang Shuo turned and looked toward Elder Li and Elder Sun. Then, he laughed, "Elder Sun, Elder Li, I didn’t ask you for your opinions just now. I hope you didn’t mind."

Elder Sun waved him off, "Ouyang, since we are staying in Shanhai City, we will naturally follow your orders. You are the lord, so it's okay to respect us old fellows, but the one who makes the final choice is you."

"I’ve learned!" Ouyang Shuo clasped his hands.

Elder Sun nodded," It's okay, us bunch of old men have been lazing around for a month, so it's time for us to do some work. You can relax and pass the natural science college and architectural college to us!"

After Elder Sun finished, he left together with Elder Li.

In the end, only Sun Xiaoyue and Ouyang Shuo were left in the meeting hall. Yesterday, Ouyang Shuo was too busy, and both of them hadn’t had a proper conversation.

"Xiaoyue, this time, I need to really thank you. Without you talking to your grandpa, Shanhai City wouldn't have gotten such great people," Ouyang Shuo said sincerely.

She looked at him with a complex expression, "We have not met for a few days and you really make me look at you differently. Ouyang, you really shock me."

Before the migration, Sun Xiaoyue always thought that Ouyang Shuo was being too safe for not even telling her his ID and acting so mysteriously.

When the truth was revealed, she didn't expect for him to be such a big fish, a big shark.

When Sun Xiaoyue saw Ouyang Shuo attending to the administrative matters with such focus, barking orders here and there, making historical figures like Fan Zhongyan listen to him, she really couldn't connect him to the homeboy in real life.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, "Xiaoyue, stop teasing me. I’m very happy that you came. You don't know how much that little brat Bing’er misses you."

After he mentioned Bing’er, Sun Xiaoyue froze before laughing, "You have spoilt that little brat, she's practically a princess here in Shanhai City, and everyone is spoiling her. She even has maidservants following her around, why would she remember me?"

Ouyang Shuo laughed in embarrassment, "Are you jealous? You, ah, you really don't understand her? This kind cares a lot about relationships, and she has very flown close people. You are definitely one of them," Ouyang Shuo continued, "She even came to me last night to beg me to let you move into the Lord’s manor, but I chided her. From this, one can see how much she relies on you."

Sun Xiaoyue was naturally living in the official residence quarters with her grandpa and family. In reality, circumstances had forced them to live apart previously. Now in the game, she had no reason to live away from her family.

The ones living in the Lord’s manor were naturally Ouyang Shuo’s family. Even though both of them had a little spark or that little misunderstanding, they could only be considered good friends.

"Oh ya," Ouyang Shuo remembered, "I feel geniuses that graduated from imperial city architectural college cannot be cooped up in Xinan University. The construction division is rebuilding and refreshing the territory. There are many places that need your help. I did some slight research and found out that those few of your friends are all talents."

"Based on my understanding, Shanhai City’s constructions are nearly completed, so is there a need for us?"

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, "Why wouldn't there be? It looks good on the surface, but in truth it's still very much lacking. Not only is there the Xinan University, there are also water systems, bridges, and dams, because of the lack of guidance, these haven't been started. In this aspect, you are all the professionals."

"I understand," Sun Xiaoyue understood, "You want to modernize the city?"

"Smart!" Ouyang Shuo commended," In this period of time, you all need to inspect the city and raise up what you think needs to be changed. As long as it’s logical, I will support it."

"No problem," Sun Xiaoyue replied.

"And also, after you settle down, as a guild leader you need to motivate the Fallen Moon Guild to do more quests and try to get the guild to silver rank. Fallen Moon Guild is the only recognized guild here. I estimate that the 1000 members will not be enough."

Sun Xiaoyue burst into a smile, "So, that means I as a guild leader still has something to do?"

"Of course. You are the future leader of our player group!"

"Okay, I will ask them to do quests. Furthermore, ranking up the guild will increase the specialty, which will be good for everyone. I don't think anyone will reject it," Sun Xiaoyue assured.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and agreed.

After Sun Xiaoyue left, Ouyang Shuo also left the meeting hall and walked out of the Lord’s Manor.

Ever since the system upgraded, the two buildings by the side of the square in front of the Lord’s manor had some changes.

Beside the east face of the teleportation formation, there was an eight meters tall stone hall and a squarish huge stone box. Even though it was a new building, there were fern and creepers growing on the walls, which made it look mysterious, and it seemed like a place that strangers shouldn’t enter. This was the famous reincarnation hall.

All the players who lived in Shanhai City, after they died, they would reincarnate here.

The west side advanced market had also changed. The original market was a wooden hut and a small square, but now it became a huge building. The small square was not within it.

Inside the building, it was no different from the wooden hut.

Ouyang Shuo opened the super auction platform to search for authentic secret manuals. As expected, the price of a gold level secret manual had already risen to 400 gold. Moreover, it was still rising.

Ouyang Shuo remembered that in his last life, at the peak, an authentic gold secret manual cost 800 gold, but that was already the second year.

Ouyang Shuo naturally didn't want to wait until that time. As he saw it, if it rose to 700 gold, he would be willing to sell it.