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Chapter 190 - Medical Department

Chapter 190 - Medical Department

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7th month 2nd day, 3 PM

Dr. Song walked into the lord’s manor, feeling a lot of emotion.

He could be considered one of the old generation of Shanhai City, coming here on the second day of the village. He was also the first advanced talent in Shanhai Village, even the Financial Director Cui Yingyu was under his care before.

After the thing with the apprentice, Dr. Song placed down his self esteem and stayed in the hospital to take care of patients and also take care of apprentices. In half a year, he produced 50 apprentices of Shanhai City, 20 basic doctors, and 5 intermediate doctors.

When he just came to Shanhai Village, he was a valuable person. However today, as the territory continued to upgrade, the Lord’s manor became more and more strict and not everyone could enter.

Last time when Ouyang Shuo had business with him, he would go personally to the hospital. Today, even if Ouyang Shuo sent someone to the hospital to invite him, it would be a huge honor.

In just half a year, Dr. Song had a feeling of being a nobody.

Seeing Dr. Song enter, the clerk Bai Nanpu stood up and smiled. “Elder Song, Sire is waiting for you in the guest room, please follow me.”

Before he even walked into the guest room, he heard sounds of talking and laughter spread out from within.

He had a face filled with doubt and asked, ”Mr Bai, does sire have any guests?”

Bai Nanpu smiled slightly. That's right, the one in the guestroom is a famous doctor that came yesterday, Elder Qian. Dont worry Old Song, Sire asked you here today for a good matter.”

Dr. Song nodded and didn't say anything.

Walking into the guest room, sire was seated on the main seat, and below him was a white-haired old man, both of them in deep conversation.

“Sire, Elder Song is here.” Bai Nanpu reminded.

Ouyang Shuo turned around and upon seeing Dr. Song, he laughed. “Elder Song, please sit.”

Dr. Song sat down at the other side on the lower level.

Ouyang Shuo naturally wasn't as emotional as Dr. Song and said directly, “Elder Song, let me introduce to you, this is a doctor I’ve invited here, Elder Qian.”

Elder Qian was one of the 30 professionals, and in reality he was a top-grade surgeon.

Before Elder Song arrived, Ouyang Shuo had asked Elder Qian to teach him the difference between Chinese and Western medicine.

Based on his introduction, Chinese medicine focused on preventing illnesses from happening. Western medicine emphasised curing the illness by immunization, diagnosis, operations and saving. Both of them improved each other and could co-exist but it was hard to integrate them.

Elder Qian was being honest that he had looked up to Chinese medicine for a long time and upon hearing Shanhai City had an Advanced doctor, he was excited. Hence upon hearing that Ouyang Shuo was willing to build a Medical Department, he automatically gave up the lead and wanted to be the deputy director.

In truth, to Ouyang Shuo, Elder Qian was of greater use. This was because he could develop military medics and send them to each unit to lessen the number of casualties.

After a simple introduction,Ouyang Shuo said, “A long time ago, I talked to you about a Medical Department. Now the time is right and i announce that Elder Song will be the director of the department while Elder Qian will be the deputy director. The Medical Department has a official background but doesn't have any administrative or political powers. It mainly focuses on developing doctors and military medics while also saving lives and curing patients. The Construction Division will build a department building for the Medical Department in the residential area, the territory medicine government could help to provide medical resources to the Medical Department.”

Ouyang Shuo treated the Medical Department as a modern institution.

Dr. Song, who have always wished for such a thing, stood up emotionally and bowed to Ouyang Shuo. “Thank you sire! I won't let you down!”

Ouyang Shuo rushed to help him up and said, “I'll have to busy you, Old Song!”

After that, both Dr. Song and Elder Qian left together and discussed about the Medical Department.

After Ouyang Shuo sent them off, he finally had time to open the letter he received in the afternoon and read it.

This letter was from Song Jia.

In her letter, she said that she had already passed the letter to her grandpa. As Ouyang Shuo’s identity was revealed, The Song family was naturally shocked and they felt conflicted.

They were happy that they didn't rush the marriage with the Yuan family, if not they would have missed the chance to get such a powerful ally like Shanhai City. They were also worried that they were revealed to be materialistic in front of Ouyang Shuo and they were afraid that they were unable to earn his trust. They felt all that from Ouyang Shuo not being willing to get them into the Shanhai Alliance.

Hence, they spent a whole day discussing before coming to a conclusion.

The Song family had a huge business and the wealth was spread out amongst the hands of many family branches. During the calculation of the achievement value, the one with the highest was Song Jia’s grandfather who got a C permission level. Apart from that, there were 5 more D permission levels which included Song Jia’s father and her brother.

To fulfil their hope that their family could rise again in planet Hope, the Song family decided to all step back and only act as consultants, not participating in any decisions in Tianshuang Town. Song Wen was deemed as the heir to the family and thus he was given the managing rights of the town.

Hence, the cooperation between Tianshuang Town and Shanhai City would be managed by Song Wen. In Song Jia’s letter, she mentioned that her brother was different from her grandfather and was more warm and kind-hearted.

As the family had just entered the game not long ago and have not adapted, Song Jia wanted to wait until everything settled down before moving to Shanghai City to reunite with Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo placed down the letter and opened the territory operation interface. As expected, he saw Song Wen’s ally request which he accepted without hesitation.


In the next half a month, the game was calm and nothing much happened.

Be it the territories or the guilds, they were all digesting the changes from the system update and consolidating and adjusting their men.

The only huge news was that Xiong Ba’s King Town had became the 8th City in China. Hence, in the territory leaderboard, there were only two empty names left.

During this half a month, Shanhai City has also been very busy.

The busiest was the Construction Division. Apart from continuing with the refreshing and renovating of the city, they also started work on the Xinan University. Other than that, there was also a series of municipal engineering projects.

Based on the standards that he had set, the main road, which was the central axis of 2nd grade roads, was 150 meters wide. The two smaller roads, which were the central axis of the third grade roads, were 100 meters wide. The 3rd grade roads, which were on the central axis of each region, were 60 meters wide. The 4th grade roads, which would separate the region, were 40 meters wide. 5th grade roads, which would further separate them into streets, were 20 to 25 meters wide.

Each road would have the middle portion higher and the sides lower, each side having a 2.5 meter wide drain with various wild plants and trees growing around it. All the drains would lead to the inner city river, through that to the canyon, and lastly into the North Sea.

All the materials used to make the streets were the same and were a mix of sand and mud. To prevent dust, a layer a small sand was placed on followed by a layer of green stone. Be it sand or stone, Shanhai City had lots of them. All the sand came from Beihai City, and it was very convenient to transport them.

This project would have Hui Tuban as the main architect.

Secondly would be the bridge and the water-gate projects.

As the inner city river was on both the west and east sides, passing through the 2nd city wall. To not leave any weakness in the city defences, water-gates were designed at these two spots. The water-gates were made using iron rods which through soldering, and were wielded into a hollow huge iron net, not only ensuring water flow but also preventing enemies from entering.

On the inner city river, there were 5 stone bridges. The suspension bridge outside the core region’s north gate was removed and changed into a huge wooden door. In front of the north gate was 3 stone bridges, one main and 2 auxiliary ones leading to the main door and the side doors, respectively. Removing the suspension bridge was because Ouyang Shuo was confident no one would be able to attack the core area.

Apart from that, in the east area and the residence region, around the middle of the inner city river was a stone arch bridge to make in convenient for residents to travel.

The next step was to build a bridge across the river at the Friendship river, Qiushui river and the canyon to join up Shanhai City, Qiushui City and Friendship City.

Wuchi was in charge of this project, and he was the main architect.

This series of projects were only at the starting phase and to complete it all, it needed 3 months and over 8000 gold.

Out of the “three male gods” in Fallen Moon guild, the name of which they came up with by themselves, the third member also had heavy responsibilities.

Jiu Duanxian led a 100 man team and started to map out the entire area of Shanhai City, getting the coordinates of each landmark and the places of resources, as well as the rivers and seas.

This project was also going to take a long time.

Apart from the Construction Division, the Agriculture Division also had much to do.

The first season’s rice harvest in Qiushui City and Friendship City had been harvested and they had obtained 13.2 million units of grain, exactly what Ouyang Shuo had expected.

Qiushui City and Friendship City, based on the 30 to 1 tax, would get 440 thousand units of grain. These units would be given to them as military grain, and they didn't need to give it to the main camp.

As they did not have sufficient funds, the Resource Division didn't start to buy the grain. They needed to wait until the end of the month before buying it all. The farmers, apart from the grain they needed to eat, were to sell the rest at 10 coppers per unit to the Resource Division.

The Resource Division then sold it to the people for 11 copper per unit. The price difference was for the storage fees and sales costs, and it wasn’t that they really wanted to take the people’s money.