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Chapter 203: The Battle of Muye (5)

Chapter 203: The Battle of Muye (5)

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11 AM, Chun Shenjun, Zhan Lang, Xiongba, Sha Pojun, and the others led 3,000 cavalries and rushed out of Mengjin toward Muye.

At nightfall that day, they were already within 10-kilometers of Muye. They set up a camp and settled down for the night.

Surprisingly, Di Chen did not follow them. Instead, he only sent one of his basic officers and 500 Handan cavalries.

Sure enough, the others called his decision cowardly and timid.

Juedai Fenghua was puzzled too, “Why didn’t you follow them? Is there anything wrong?”

Di Chen locked his brows. Then, he spoke in a solemn tone, “I have a bad feeling about this, I have dealt with Qiyue Wuyi quite a number of times already. Do you think that he is such a careless man? Such a big flaw and he did not realize it, giving us the chance to reap the slaves and earn easy merit points? Their own arrogance blinds Chun Shenjun and the others.”

“Then, why did you still send over our troops?” Juedai Fenghua was still puzzled.

Di Chen shook his head, “The families are now talking to each other and seeking cooperation. It is a very sensitive time, so I do not wish to destroy the peace and unity of the alliance. In any case, if my conjectures are wrong and I send no one, I would miss a good chance.”

Juedai Fenghua finally understood and felt relieved. The shrewd and deeply subtle Di Chen was finally back after taking a few blows, which was more important than anything else.


As Chun Shenjun and the others were busy settling down, a little bird passed them and flew to the north.

5 AM the following day, Military Intelligence Division Secretary Song San received intelligence from the hummingbird. He did not dare to delay and immediately rushed to Ouyang Shuo’s tent.

The guard stopped him outside of the tent and whispered, “The lord is still sleeping. You cannot enter.”

However, Song San was anxious, “This Intelligence is of great importance, so it can’t be delayed.”

Only after they heard this did a guard walk into the tent to wake Ouyang Shuo up.

But even before the guard had walked in, Ouyang Shuo had already woken up. Practicing the had greatly enhanced his senses, so he could pick up the little changes in the surroundings.

Song San entered the tent and greeted Ouyang Shuo, “My lord, the enemies have indeed appeared. They have 3,000 cavalries and are 10-kilometers away from Muye. They can have arrived at Muye by this morning.”

Ouyang Shuo rose with force and spirit. The fish had finally taken the bait.

If Ouyang Shuo wished to win this battle, he would have to pay great attention to the Zhou players. The players added up to a force of 60 thousand soldiers, comparable to the Zhou military force.

For the past one or two months, Ouyang Shuo had killed countless brain cells in an attempt to figure out how to turn the tide of the war. He had taken in every possibility and consideration. The worst of all situations he took into account was that Di Chen and the likes reuniting together and fighting as one, which had happened.

Therefore, the first step in his plan was to get rid of them.

No matter how many strategist advisors they had, in the case of asymmetrical information, they were still blind men.

“Guards!” Ouyang Shuo shouted.

“Sire!” a guard entered in.

“Get General Zhang Liao, General Qin Qiong, and General Lin Yi to the tent. I have important news for them.”

“Yes, sire!”

When the three generals arrived, Ouyang Shuo skipped the formalities and directly said, “Gather the cavalries and follow me to Muye.”


Two days of joint training had allowed the cavalry to gather within half an hour.

Such a big move naturally alerted the other lords. When the troops were gathering, Ouyang Shuo had approached Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang. He explained the situation and tasked them with further explanations to the other lords.

Since the lords were willing to accept Shanhai Alliance’s jurisdiction, Ouyang Shuo did not need to report every single detail to them every time. Otherwise, how could he rage a war? Time would be wasted on explanations.

The 10 thousand cavalries marched from Zhaoge toward Muye.


8 AM in the morning, under the watch of the royal guards, 600 thousand slaves started the work of the day. Trenches were dug and started to form a pattern that looked breathtaking from afar.

However, an hour later, darkness fell upon the land.

3,000 cavalries of Zhou players made their appearance and charged toward the slaves.

It was morning, and the sunlight brought brightness and warmth, but the 3,000 calvaries of hell came out of nowhere, bringing forth darkness and sanguinary. Without a word, they rode into the sea of slaves, swinging their blades and splattering blood down on the land. How could these empty-handed slaves defend themselves against these cavalries? They were like a flock of sheep. Although they were large in number, the lesser wolves chased them, which caused them to run and flee around with no direction.

But the slaves were too large in number, so even the cavalries could not slaughter them all at once. At critical moments like this, if one desired to live, they would have to run faster than the others. Fetters of iron chained all of them. In order to live, they would push down the other slaves, only because they were blocking the way.

Sha Pojun and the others were overjoyed as they watched their merit points constantly increase. In the time frame of less than 10-minutes, they dominated the whole battle contribution list.

Initially, when the slaves saw the armies coming from the south, the slaves thought that their countries had sent these people to save them. But who knew that these ‘saviors’ were actually their annihilators.

Rather than saving them, their own countries slaughtered them mercilessly instead.

You see it? These devils are still laughing out loud.

The slaves ran and fled for their lives, as an endless hatred toward their own countries was bred in their hearts. The hatred was so strong that they hated their home countries more than the Shang dynasty.

Damn you brats. Even the Shang dynasty did not do this.

Fortunately, the 500 royal guards acted quickly and came to the rescue.

Unfortunately, the guards were only infantries. Moreover, the bronze weapons and armors they were once proud of were nothing compared to the fine ironworks of the cavalries.

The slaves watched as the royal guards defended them. Their hatred grew deeper, stronger, and greater. Their kings had abandoned them and slaughtered them now like a pile of dead meat, yet their own enemies stepped forward to protect them with flesh and blood.

How ironic, they thought, as tears of despair flowed down their cheeks.

As the temporary chief-in-command, Zhan Lang decisively ordered the cavalries to stop the massacre and focus on the royal guards. The mighty cavalries charged in formation and pierced through the defensive line of the royal guards. Within an hour, for the price of fewer than 200 casualties, the cavalries crushed the last light of the slaves. Not even a single royal guard survived.

Just as the proud and complacent cavalries planned to continue harvesting the fruits of victory, a force of greater darkness shadowed them. It was a horrific nightmare that would haunt them.

10 thousand cavalries of Shang finally arrived under the leadership of the three generals.

Zhan Lang’s face turned pale white, as the 10 thousand reinforcement cavalries came forth. He mumbled in deep remorse, “I regret that I did not listen to Di Chen’s advice.”

There was no doubt that this was a conspiracy. Hence, Zhan Lang decisively ordered the troops to retreat.

Unfortunately, Ouyang Shuo would not allow this to happen.

In fact, Ouyang Shuo and the troops had arrived 20-minutes ago. But in order to completely exterminate the enemies, he had ordered the troops to make a big turn to the south. Then, they struck from the north, ambushing the enemies from behind.

Therefore, Ouyang Shuo had already blocked off their retreat route. If they wanted to retreat and return to Mengjin alive, they would have to breakthrough the 10,000 cavalries.

In their formation, Chun Shenjun stepped forward and made his final struggle. With a voice like a foghorn, he shouted, “Is this brother Wuyi? Brother Wuyi, can you give us a way out? I will repay you greatly after.”

Ouyang Shuo laughed and shook his head. Then, he replied, “Chun Shenjun, I am sorry, but we are now enemies. We serve our own kings. If you’d like to catch up with each other, I will welcome you with open arms in Shanhai City.”

Zhan Lang was as decisive as always. He turned and said to Chun Shenjun, “Victory will favor the braver of the two who come into unavoidable confrontation. The only way out now is to have the troops around us fight a way out for us. As long as we survive, there is still hope.”

His words were simple. According to the law of the battlefield that Gaia set down, when a lord died, their troops would be sent back to the territory along with them.

Therefore, as long as the lord survived, the losses of the cavalries were not a big deal to the battlefield. After all, there were still plenty of cavalries in Mengjin.

Chun Shenjun nodded in agreement.

On the other side of the battlefield, Ouyang Shuo specifically ordered the three generals not to allow the lords to escape. He pointed out each and every one of them to the generals. Speaking of the law of the battlefield, who could possibly know it better than Ouyang Shuo? Of course, he would not allow such low-level errors to take place.

This was the sole reason he had established the lord’s guards—to protect and defend his safety.

Zhan Lang split the cavalries into three groups and each went on their own path.

Ouyang Shuo’s cavalries tripled them in quantity. Furthermore, they had just gone through a battle. Now, a sudden ambush faced them, so the morale of the two sides could be clearly distinguished.

The two forces of cavalries simultaneously charged forward, and they clashed like two strong waves of torrents stirring together. Blood water sprinkled into the air and flowed down onto the ground.

Ouyang Shuo personally led the lord’s guards and stared at Sha Pojun. Sha Pojun had acted resentful to him several times, so Ouyang Shuo had long since thought of making him pay. On the other hand, Sha Pojun was not a kind-hearted man either. He had seen blood in the real-world. Naturally, he wasn’t scared of Ouyang Shuo.

Sadly, this was a game. Whether it be weapon, armor, mounts, or even personal combat skills, Ouyang Shuo was better than Sha Pojun. Ouyang Shuo waved and brandished his iron spear, fully showing the true power of Yang spearmanship.

Yang spearmanship was born in war, for war.

Ouyang Shuo made a move of the famous ‘Whitesnake spit letter’ and directly aimed for Sha Pojun’s weak point. Sha Pojun quickly reacted and barely countered Ouyang Shuo with his halberd.

The two fought for twenty over rounds, and Sha Pojun grew more and more powerless.

Even at a time like this, Ouyang Shuo did not let his guard down. He continued to use his Yang spearmanship and suppressed Sha Pojun to his limit. Finally, he seized an opportunity and used the ultimate move ‘Throat-killing Spear’. His exquisite iron spear was like a mighty dragon fluttering in the nine skies. It pierced Sha Pojun’s throat like a lightning bolt, killing him in one blow.

Sha Pojun’s eyes widened. He could not believe his death and fell off his horse. Eventually, he turned into a flash of white light.