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Chapter 209 - Battle of Muye (11)

Chapter 209 - Battle of Muye (11)

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After King Wu left, a strong sense of despair clearly entangled those who were left behind.

“We fight to the death!” Some did not want to die without trying, so they picked up their weapons and decided to put up a fight before dying.

Meanwhile, along with Jiang Shang and his chariot, Ouyang Shuo had already left the battlefield. He asked Lin Yi to handle the rest. Emotionlessly, Lin Yi raised his hand to signal to the soldiers, “Fire!”

A tremendous arrow rain that seemed like it could blot out the entire sky instantly poured onto the surrounded enemies. After a brief moment, all the grieving shouts and scary moans stopped. None of them had survived. Then, Lin Yi asked his men to check on the bodies one by one to ensure that all of them were dead. If they were not dead, the soldiers were more than happy to deliver another fatal strike. Other than that, they also beheaded the enemies, covered it up, tied it to the back of the horses, and returned to Zhaoge. Di Xin had specifically ordered this.

Jiang Shang lamented on his chariot, as he heard the dying cries of his former soldiers.

At three in the afternoon, the party passed by Muye. At the same time, the main forces of Shang had returned to Zhaoge with their emperor, Di Xin. Therefore, Ouyang Shuo decided to not stop at Muye. Instead, he returned to Zhao Ge as fast as possible.

After arriving at Zhao Ge and meeting up with the other members of the Shanhai Alliance, Ouyang Shuo immediately rushed to the palace. He needed to make a report of the situation to Di Xin and claim his rewards at the same time.

Meanwhile, the Battle of Muye had officially ended, and the campaign announcement rang out.

“Campaign announcement: The Battle of Muye has ended. Congratulations to the Shang dynasty faction for successfully reversing the ending of history. Every player of this faction will be rewarded with 500 merit points. Shang dynasty faction player lords’ battle contribution points will be raised by an additional 50% based on the original value. Friendly tips: additionally awarded battle contribution points are not counted toward the campaign contribution value board.”

The way that Gaia awarded players was still very reasonable. It had awarded 500 merit points as a basic award to the players to ensure that everyone benefited. It also awarded additional battle contribution points to the player lords who had contributed more than anyone else. The more you contributed, the better the rewards, separating them from the normal players.

Lastly, the additional rewards that did not count toward the campaign contribution value board also ensured the fairness for both sides. This avoided scenarios where the losing side got stripped of their chances for getting listed on the campaign contribution value board.

“Campaign announcement: The Battle of Muye has ended. Now, players are now awarded additional rewards based on their contribution on pushing the momentum of the campaign, their contributions to their own faction, and other contributions.”

Right after that, another system notification rang beside Ouyang Shuo’s ears.

“System notification: Player Qiyue Wuyi, player representative of Shang dynasty. He contributed 100,000 crossbows to form up the crossbowmen division with the slaves. Ambushing the enemy players at the southern suburbs of Muye and destroying the enemy's command post. Effective battle commanding; pursuit of the remaining enemies; elimination of enemies that fled. With all these achievements, you are awarded 800,000 points of battle contribution points.”

A crucial point of their win in the Battle of Muye was the forming of the slave crossbowmen division, and Ouyang Shuo had handled all of this. He managed to pull it off, and the forming of the crossbowmen had an even better result when compared to the Battle of Zhuolu.

In return, the additional battle contribution points awarded to Ouyang Shuo for this had reached the total of the points he gained in the Battle of Zhuolu. However, chances for special occasions like the Battle of MuYe were going to be hard to come by.

After assessing the contribution value of all the players, the final top 10 contribution list had also been confirmed and published.



【Battle Contribution Points】


【Qiyue Wuyi】

【240,000 points】


【Bai Hua】

【 55,000 points】


【Feng Qiuhuang】

【50,000 points】


【Mulan Yue】

【45,000 points】


【Xunlong Dianxue】

【42,000 points】


【Di Chen】

【40,000 points】


【Siege Lion】

【32,000 points】



【30,000 points】


【Hua Huo】

【25,000 points】


【Chun Shen Jun】

【15,000 points】

Shanhai Alliance had achieved another great victory again. Ouyang Shuo’s battle contribution points had an incredibly huge lead from the second place. After the final assessment, Ouyang Shuo had achieved 41,000 merit points, and this was before the addition of the 4,000 merit points he acquired by recruiting Jiang Shang.

Till then, Ouyang Shuo had achieved 85,800 merit points, reaching the title of 3rd-class marquis. He was just one step away from reaching the required points of 102,400 to advance and become a 2nd class marquis.

With the help of Zhang Liao, Bai Hua had once again managed to surpass Feng Qiuhuang and achieved the runner-up position. Also, with the points they had acquired, Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang had both managed to advance into 1st-class counts. This advancement raised their town to grade 3, sweeping away their obstacles in one shot.

Other than that, Mulan Yue skipped 3rd-class count directly and advanced into 2nd-class count. Mulan Yue’s main source of contribution in this campaign was from her general, Mu Guiying.

Xunlong Dianxue and Siege Lion had also advanced to 2nd and 3rd-class counts respectively. With these, the titles of all the Shanhai Alliance members had skyrocketed with the two campaigns.

However, those who had chosen the Zhou dynasty faction like Chun Shenjun had completely missed their chance to advance their title due to their losses in the Battle of Muye. As for their town level advancement, they would have to wait for a longer time or even until the next campaign. Whereas Di Chen managed to pull it off by obtaining 6,000+ merit points, but it was still not enough to advance to the next title.

The Battle of Muye had become an important turning point for all of these higher level players.

Lin Yi brought a cavalry squadron and escorted Ouyang Shuo into the palace. For Jiang Shang, in order to not attract the attention of the other lords, Ouyang Shuo arranged for him to stay outside of the city and had a cavalry squadron protect him.

After a few moments, Ouyang Shuo and his guards stopped somewhere near to the palace. An hour later, Wang Feng had returned with the elite guards and rejoined Ouyang Shuo and his party.

Then, Ouyang Shuo ordered Lin Yi to return back and hand over the rewards to the elite guards division. Lin Yi needed to lead the elite guards into the palace under the guidance of the palace guards.

Di Xin summoned and met Ouyang Shuo at the main hall. Without any further ado, Ouyang Shuo immediately asked the guards to present the heads of the alliance’s lords. Other than that, Wang Feng personally handed another head stored in a box to the palace guard.

When the palace guard took the box for examination, they saw the beheaded head of King Wu, which quietly laid in the box.

In truth, Ouyang Shuo did not want to let the rewards for killing King Wu slip away from his hands.

Therefore, even after he promised Jiang Shang that he would let King Wu leave safely, he had secretly ordered Wang Feng to head to the front through the small path and intercept the chariot of King Wu. Although this was really despicable, he did not regret his decision.

To be honest, Ouyang Shuo had still kept his promise with Jiang Shang. He had promised Jian Shang that he would let King Wu go, but he did not promise that he wouldn’t ask his men to chase after him.

When he saw the head of King Wu, Di Xin said happily, “Good, good, good! Well done, Qiyue Wuyi, well done! You did not let me down.”

Ouyang Shuo took this opportunity and said, “My king, I have one little request. Could you kindly grant it to me?”

“Speak!” said Di Xin. He was in a happy mood.

“Could you keep this as a secret temporarily? Not for long, just until I leave this place.”

“Why so?” said the confused Di Xin.

Ouyang Shuo said with embarrassment, “Jiang Shang has promised to follow me back to my place, so I do not wish for him to hear any news about the death of King Wu to prevent unnecessary events.”

As a very smart man, Di Xin quickly grasped the main point of this little demand of Ouyang Shuo. After all, all he had to do was just announce it one day later after Ouyang Shuo left, so it really was not a big deal at all.

“Alright, you have my promise on this,” said Di Xin directly. Then, he turned to E’Lai who, was standing at the side of the main hall and said, “I will keep my promise as well. From now on, I hand over General E’Lai to you, you must never fail him.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, “Thank you, my king!”

E’Lai immediately understood the situation. He walked to Ouyang Shuo and kneeled down on one knee. Then, he said, “I am yours to command, my lord!”

Ouyang Shuo saluted him and quickly asked him to get up, “Rise, my general.”

At the same time, a system notification rang in his ears.

“System notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for recruiting an emperor-level historical figure, E’Lai.”

Ouyang Shuo took a look at E’Lai’s stats.


【Dynasty】:Shang dynasty

【Identity】:Shanhai City General

【Occupation】:Special-class Officer

【Loyalty】:80 points





【Specialty】:Power:increases party’s attack by 20% ;Evil Blood Aura:increases party’s morale by 40%;Earth Shaker:increases party’s defense by 20%

【Technique】:《Tiger Si Huang Jing》

【Equipment】:Bronze Armor

【Description】:Famous general of the Shang dynasty,Ancestor of the Qin dynasty,famous for his strength. He is able to wrestle with rhinos and brawl with tigers and bears.

Although he was a Special-class Officer just like Shi Wansui, he lacked proper equipment. But this did not matter anymore as Ouyang Shuo planned to craft better armor and weapons for him. Moreover, Ouyang Shuo planned to get him a proper ride in order to equip him with something good.

The rewards that Di Xin gave to Ouyang Shuo did not end here. Di Xin personally handed a damask pouch to Ouyang Shuo and said, “In this dynasty, we believe in gods and demons. We pray to them for protection. In this sack, there are five incense pills that comes from the condensations of our daily prayings. It is really precious, as it has an immense effect on all sorts of temples. I gift it to you now. Use it wisely.”

Di Xin’s words surprised Ouyang Shuo, as he did not expect that there would be such exceptional items when he came to accept his rewards.

Not only that, Di Xin continued, “Come, follow me. The final rewards I prepared for you are outside of the hall now.”

Ouyang Shuo followed Di Xin to the outside. He was very curious about the reward. What kind of reward requires one to head outside? In his mind, he guessed that the reward must be something that was extraordinarily big to be awarded to someone outside the hall.

As expected, Di Xin pointed to a huge bronze vessel and said, “Fan Ding, the symbol of power. I now grant you this to exalt your extraordinary achievements.”

Ouyang Shuo took a look at the vessel. This Ding appears to be in rectangular with four legs. It stood on the ground with a lid and two handles. On the body of Ding, were carvings of various godly animals that looked extremely realistic.

Although he did not know the usage of the vessel, it did not stop him from stowing it away. He bowed and thanked Di Xin for his generous rewards.

Then, Ouyang Shuo and his elite guards headed outside of the palace and his party joined him. After that, they teleported away through the portal.