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Chapter 212 - Forcing the Emperor to Abdicate

Chapter 212- Forcing the Emperor to Abdicate

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Out of the five basic buildings required for a grade 3 city, the brothel and the college had already been built. He still needed the clock tower, the Confucius Temple, and the Military Temple.

It had to be said that the brothel in the game centered around the entertainment value of the civil servants. The girls there were selling their art and not their bodies, so they were mostly singers and dancers.

For the building blueprints for grade 3 counties, each of them was sold for 1000 gold. As the market had already removed the function of buying blueprints, Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to send three thousand gold over to little aunt and ask her to purchase it for him. Then, she could send it over to him to save the 10% sales tax.

At this stage, basic buildings stopped being the bottleneck that prevented territories from upgrading.

While Ouyang Shuo was upgrading, he still paid attention to Di Chen and the others.

As expected, the upgrading of Shanhai City had once again provoked the other territories. That afternoon, Di Chen, Chun Shenjun, Zhan Lang, Feng Qingyang, Sha Pojun, and Wandering Magic announced the merger of Handan, Chunqiu, and Blood Metal Alliances, forming the Yanhuang Alliance.

The Yanhuang Alliance didn't have a leader—all seven of them shared the leadership. Just as Wufu had said, they excluded him from the alliance. Based on sources, if Xiaongba didn’t protect Wandering Magic, they would also remove her. As the old man had said, they needed to maintain the purity of the alliance.

Yanhuang Alliance had overtaken the Shanhai Alliance and became the top alliance in China. Compared to the Six Tyrants of Handan at the start of the game, their strength was stronger now. The name of the alliance showed their ambition. They wanted to be the flag of the Chinese players and be the leaders.

As the China region welcomed this huge change, many players—especially the lord mode players—didn't know what to do.

Bai Xiaoshen pointed out that the formation of the Yanhuang Alliance represented the splitting up of the rich and the commoner player groups. As the representatives of both parties, Yanhuang Alliance and Shanhai Alliance were bound to be enemies that fought to the death to be the leader of the China region.

His viewpoint had gained the agreement and acknowledgment of many players.

As for which party was stronger, it was hard for one to tell. Based on overall strength, the Yanhuang Alliance was stronger. But the existence of Shanhai City was a mountain that the Yanhuang Alliance couldn't overcome, enough to make up the difference in strength. After the migration, the position of Shanhai City had gained the recognition of everyone, and it was unassailable.

In two consecutive battles, Shanhai Alliance had won, and Di Chen had lost badly, which was the best indicator. Especially after Ouyang Shuo was named the Lianzhou Marquis and had reached a peak.

Many commoner players left messages in the country channel. They asked Qiyue Wuyi to come out to make a stand. He naturally wouldn't listen to such request. He wanted to fight, and the best way was to let the results do the talking.

What Ouyang Shuo didn't expect was the establishment of the Yanhuang Alliance to go against Shanhai Alliance.

Feng Qiuhuang panicked in the alliance channel, "Wuyi, my family is forcing me to leave the Shanhai Alliance to join the Yanhuang Alliance. They want me to give up my position as lord. The big bosses of the Yanhuang Alliance have all come."

Ouyang Shuo coldly laughed. Those fellows really thought that they could do anything that they wanted in the game? So arrogant. "Feng Wu, don't worry I'll teleport to Fallen Phoenix City straight away."

"Ok, I'll wait for you at the teleportation formation," Feng Qiuhuang heaved a sigh of relief.

Fallen Phoenix County, lord meeting hall.

Feng Qiuhuang suddenly stood up, "Let's stop for a while. I'll go receive someone before giving you an answer."

"Who are you receiving?" asked Feng Tianlie. This person was Feng Qiuhuang's brother.

Feng Qiuhuang didn't bother about him and said a simple sentence, "Qiyue Wuyi." Then, she turned and left the lord's manor.

It was like it had a certain magical element. The moment his name was mentioned, the hall fell silent. Especially the Feng clan members who remembered that Feng Qiuhuang had such a backer.

"Hei, isn't he just a stupid brat? See how you all are so scared," the one that spoke was a 60 year old man. He looked arrogant; he was Sha Pojun's Grandfather, Grandpa Dao.

"To be able to get such results, that brat should have some talent," Di Chen's Grandfather laughed as he said this. However, his words had a feeling of elitism.

After 10 minutes, Ouyang Shuo followed Feng Qiuhuang and walked into the meeting hall.

Ouyang Shuo looked around and judged the situation. Not only did all the people who ran the big powers come, even the younger generations like Di Chen had come and were sitting behind their elders.

Such a group, it seemed like they wouldn't stop till they got what they wanted.

Ouyang Shuo was imposing and had an awe-inspiring aura. Toward this group of people, he didn't feel scared at all, and he calmly sat down beside Feng Qiuhuang.

Earth online was a stage for common players to make legends. The earth had become a thing of the past, and the past glory had ended. A new planet, a new world. Who would rule that? Really, no one could tell.

"Brat why are you here?" Grandpa Dao said.

In truth, he wasn't as rash as he looked. He knew that if his side wanted to gain a footing, they needed to rely on other strong powers. Today was a good opportunity for him to act as a bad person to show his worth, so how could he miss it?

Ouyang Shuo's eyes turned frigid, as he looked toward Qiuhuang and asked, "This person is?"

Feng Qiuhuang looked at Grandpa Dao with disgust, "He's Sha Pojun's Grandfather, Grandpa Dao."

"Grandpa Dao. May I ask what are you here for? If I remember correctly, this isn't the Asura City that has just upgraded."

"Stupid brat. We are here to get justice for the Feng clan. Such a useless person like you, what right do you have to appear here?" Grandpa Dao didn't expect Ouyang Shuo to not care about his status and fumed.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head and looked around. Then, he said to the older generation, "I am the Shanhai Alliance leader, you people have invaded Fallen Phoenix City. Naturally, I must step up. On a personal level, Feng Wu is my friend, and I can't sit aside and watch her get bullied. Hence, I have more right to be here than any of you present. What do you say, Grandpa Dao?"

Grandpa Dao was stunned, and he didn't know what to say.

"Qiyue Wuyi, this is our family matter. You are an outsider, so please don't step in," a member of the Feng Clan tried to help Grandpa Dao get out of this embarrassing situation.

"Since it's a family matter, what's up with all of them?" Ouyang Shuo pointed at Grandpa Dao.

"They are friends of the Feng Clan. Naturally, they can appear here."

Feng Qiuhuang couldn't take it much longer and bluntly said, "Wuyi is also my friend. And since you all pushed me to this step, it means that you all didn't see me as a member of the Feng Clan. I, Feng Wu, officially announce that I'll leave the family and I have nothing to do with the Feng Clan from this day on."

"You, you this rebellious child!" Grandpa Feng was furious.

Ouyang Shuo remained silent; her decision was something he had expected. This strong woman that her family distrusted had waited for such a day, driving her to seize the chance and make the bold move of directly contacting Ouyang Shuo.

Feng Qiuhuang didn't bother about their scoldings and continued, "And also, Qiyue Wuyi has the right to represent me."

To play the long game with this bunch of old men, Ouyang Shuo didn't have the confidence, so he decided to be quick to prevent trouble, "'ll make it clear. Not only will the Fallen Phoenix City not leave the alliance, Feng Wu will also not let go of her position. One cannot deny how much she contributed to this city. Enough talk. What compensation do you want before you agree to leave Fallen Phoenix City? Say it straight and stop wasting time."

"Young man, you dare to utter such big words?" Grandpa Feng was still furious.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, "Grandpa I'm not talking on impulse. The Feng Clan splitting up is bound to happen. To put it bluntly, if she isn't willing to give up her lordship, there's also nothing you can do. Don't think that the Yanhuang Alliance can really rule the whole of China."

"What? Are you challenging us?" Di Chen's Grandfather couldn't help but retort.

Ouyang Shuo coldly laughed, "I could make you lose all your forces in the Battle of Muye. I can do it again. Old grandpa, this isn't Earth. One must speak with strength."

"Young man, don't be too arrogant. A little victory doesn't mean anything," Di Chen's Grandfather was still angry about the defeat at the Battle of Muye. At such a moment, he couldn't back down.

"Speak your conditions," Ouyang Shuo didn't care about the war of words.

Grandpa Feng looked at the others and said, "if you want us to leave, it's simple. Give us a one-time payment of 50 thousand gold for us to use to build a new territory."

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, "Grandpa I hope you guys use some sincerity. For Fallen Phoenix City to have this day, it is all because of Feng Wu. To put it bluntly, the only thing you all did was give her a silver village creation token."

"You, are speaking nonsense." After Ouyang Shuo exposed him, the Grandpa Feng became embarrassed and angry.

Ouyang Shuo continued, "Last offer, 20 thousand."

They were actually very happy with this price. In truth, the various powers had prepared a backup for the Feng Clan. They had promised to provide them with a black iron village creation token.

Hence, for them to build a new territory, what they lacked was money. And 20 thousand was enough to upgrade one to the city level.

"21 thousand and it must be paid upfront." These words were typical bargaining.

Ouyang Shuo looked at Feng Qiuhuang and knew that this was already the best outcome, "Deal, I'll pay you 10 thousand first. As for the rest, I'll pay it when you all leave."