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Chapter 213 - Nirvana

Chapter 213-Nirvana

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Three days later, the whole situation with the Feng Clan finally came to an end.

The Yanhuang Alliance provided a black iron rank village creation token to Feng Wu's brother—Feng Tianlie. This action allowed him to set up the Fengxiang Village. All of the clan members who lived in Fallen Phoenix City left and moved over to Fengxiang Village.

Out of the core members, apart from Feng Qiuhuang's best friend, Qing Luan, the families of the rest like Zhu Que, Hei Tian'er and Xueyan, forced them to move over. After Ouyang Shuo learned of this news, he removed the three of them from the alliance channel.

The moment Feng Tianlie created Fengxiang Village, the Yanhuang Alliance took it in right away as a new member.

In a moment, the Fallen Phoenix City had lost a lot, losing 10 thousand of men, which caused the territory to enter a half-handicapped state. They also owed Shanhai City a huge debt now.

To gather enough cash, Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to gather the profits from the first half of the 8th month. The 8,500 gold that he had, in addition to the 14,000 gold from before, totaled of 22.5 thousand gold.

Ouyang Shuo loaned 20 thousand gold to Feng Qinhuang. Naturally, this sum was paid through the Four Seas Bank branch in Fallen Phoenix City.

This 20 thousand gold had a loan length of two years. Each month would add interest, and she would have to pay 1,418 gold. This was same the treatment as Xunlong City. The gold that was paid every month would automatically be placed in the Four Seas Bank's funds to be further loaned out.

With such a method, Fallen Phoenix City and Xunlong City could both borrow the funds they paid back to build their territory. The price they paid would be the Four Seas Bank slowly controlling their economic ability.

After sending off the last batch of players, Ouyang Shuo stood beside her. Strangely, she did not look sad. Instead, she had a look of relief and freedom.

Looking at the setting sun, she suddenly turned around and revealed a bright smile toward Ouyang Shuo. That smile contained the look of a finally liberated girl with a new lease of life.

In an instant, Ouyang Shuo saw the proud phoenix rise from the ashes as if it had undergone a nirvana rebirth.

In that instant, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

"Aiyo, why do I feel like I'm being used?" Ouyang Shuo pretended to be unhappy.

Feng Qiuhuang turned around, “You're a man, so don't bother about such small details. I'll repay you."

"How will you repay me?"

"How about I give you myself?"

"Cough cough," Ouyang Shuo choked and said in embarrassment, "Big miss, please don't make this kind of joke. You will scare people to death."

"Why? Are you feeling guilty? Relax, I won't tell Song Jia," Feng Qiuhuang laughed.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, “Stop! How are we even going to continue as friends if you act like this?"

"Aish, do I really have no charm?" Feng Qiuhuang was originally just joking, but her pride took a hit when she saw his reaction. In such areas, girls were quite sensitive.

Ouyang Shuo raised his hand and surrendered, “You fans will kill me if I dared to say that the top beauty in China has no charm."

Ouyang Shuo said this because not long ago, China’s top 10 beauties leaderboard was released and it gained much recognition and agreement.

Feng Qiuhuang, who took first place, gained many new fans in an instant.

She giggled, “It is good that you know."

As Ouyang Shuo left, Feng Qiuhuang shouted from behind him, “Wuyi, thank you!" Ouyang Shuo didn't turn around and simply waved his hand. He turned into a white light, as he disappeared from the teleportation formation.

"Sister, Qiyue Wuyi is a total blockhead. He actually didn't care about your charms," Qing Luan was fighting for her Sister. While the two talked, she had stood at the side and listened on.

Feng Qiuhuang shook her head, “It seems like he's a loyal guy. You didn't join in the Battle of Muye, so you haven't seen his girlfriend, Song Jia,she's also a total beauty." There was a tinge of loneliness to her voice. What woman didn't hold a little thirst?


Handan City.

"Grandpa I don't understand."

"What don't you understand?"

"I don't understand why we let Fallen Phoenix City off so lightly. Couldn’t we have extorted more from Shanhai Alliance?"

"Do you think that it was not enough?"

"Of course it's not enough. They spent 20 thousand on a silver village creation token and had used it for half a year, so it's worth it. How can it be considered crushing them?"

"Ah, you only look at the surface. Didn't you see that the price of grain on the market has started to soar and that the grain in the territory granary is about to run out?" Di Chen's Grandfather looked at him with a little disappointment.

"Grandpa, your meaning is?"

"20 thousand gold is not a small sum. Even if Shanhai City has so much money, this amount is probably all the movable gold they have on hand. Their population is the highest in China, so they require the most grain. Once the grain prices rise, and he doesn't have enough money, what can he do?"

Di Chen understood and sucked up to his grandfather, “You understood everything!"


After Ouyang Shuo returned to the territory, he ordered a military meeting.

He said straightforwardly, “As the territory upgraded again, the main camp population has broken 50 thousand. We have the ability to expand the military once again."

As for expanding the military, the various leaders didn't have an issue. Shanhai City's last expansion was three months ago when the territory became a grade 1 City. At the grade 2 City level, it didn't have any large scale changes. Hence, now would be a right time to expand the military.

Based on his reasoning, he wanted to reorganize the military structure once and for all to prevent constant restructuring, which would affect fighting strength and morale.

Ouyang Shuo swept across the room and said, “I've decided to officially build the first division. There will be five regiments and a brigade under it, so a total of 13.5 thousand men."

They were shocked, as they didn't expect their lord to initiate such a huge change. One must know that Shanhai City only had a Mixed Regiment now. It was a large leap to directly add four regiments and one brigade.

Military Affairs Department Ge Hongliang bit the bullet and said, “Sire, based on the population of Shanhai Alliance, it's not enough to have a division. Shouldn't we just build one or two regiments first before building a division when the time is right?"

Ouyang Shuo shook his head “Director Ge, please relax. We don’t have to fully complete the building of the division straight away. If nothing goes wrong, we will focus on the first division at the city stage.

Ouyang Shuo's words cleared all their doubts. A grade 3 City had a population of 100 thousand. With the addition of the affiliate territories, if was enough for a division.

After they came to a common understanding, Ouyang Shuo announced the organization of the military, “The Mixed Regiment at the west camp in the city will become the first regiment of the division, and Shi Wanshui will continue to be the colonel. The vanguard unit in the north camp will have an additional two cavalry units and form the second regiment."

"Lin Yi!"

"Present!" Lin Yi stood out.

"I appoint you as the colonel of the second regiment. You are in charge of its building."

Although he had an inkling he might be chosen, Lin Yi still very emotional after Ouyang Shuo appointed him as a colonel, “Thank you, sire. I won't let you down!" A colonel needed an intermediate general, so Lin Yi fitted the bill.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and continued, “At the east side of Qiushui City, set up the east camp. They’ll be in charge of the east defense and the fitting of the territory. Similarly, the east camp will form the 3rd regiment and the arrangements of the units will be similar to that of the east side. They will have two heavy infantry units, one cavalry unit, one spearmen unit, and one archer unit. The original Qiushui cavalry unit will be in this third regiment and be its third unit.”

In truth, when setting up the Qiushui cavalry unit, he had already created the groundwork for the east camp. At the start, he had separated the cavalry unit from the Qiushui City city protection unit and belonged to a fighting unit.

Ouyang Shuo turned around and looked E’Lai, who was attending a military meeting for the first time. Ouyang Shuo smiled and said, “General E’Lai, you will be the colonel of the third regiment and the General of the east camp."

"Yes, sire!" E’Lai stepped up and bowed.

No one disagreed with his appointment, so his fame was evident.

"Because of the uniqueness of the heavy armored infantry, we must choose elite mountain barbarian soldiers. Hence, the 3rd regiment can only choose from the reserve squad to build a spearmen and archer unit. The two heavy armored infantry units will be temporarily delayed. When the time is right, they will be built." E’Lai had just arrived at Shanhai City, so he didn't understand the situation too well. Ouyang Shuo felt that E’Lai needed an explanation.

E'Lai nodded and expressed that he understood.

"As for the 4th and 5th regiments, they are temporarily pushed back and won't be built in the near future," Ouyang Shuo said helplessly. The lack of intermediate generals made him powerless, and no one else could take up the role of colonel. He looked around and said solemnly, “Now I'll promise all of you something. The general that can reach intermediate rank will be appointed colonel. May all of you work hard. Don't disappoint me."

Zhao Sihu and the others revealed shame on their faces. Being unable to help their lord was the same as not doing their job.

Ouyang Shuo continued, “I will temporarily take the role of major General. The lord's guards will be upgraded to the guards unit, and Wang Feng will be their major," Ouyang Shuo looked over to him, "Wang Feng!"


"Although the guards unit needs to expand, the standards must not drop. I don't expect you to do so straight away, but try to extract the essence and the elite. Do you understand?" Ouyang Shuo didn't want the trump card in his hand to be weakened because of the expansion.

"Understood!" Wang Feng said solemnly.