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Chapter 214 - Luosha

Chapter 214 - Luosha

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After he finished announcing the reorganization of the Shanhai City 1st division, he continued his military expansion plan.

He looked toward Pei Donglai and said, "Beihai Naval fleet will expand two units and reach the organization of a regiment. The colonel role will be handed over to you."

"Yes sire." Pei Donglai knew that the goal of expanding the naval fleet was to attack the pirates on Yue'er Island.

"General Wang!"

"Present!" Wang Yuanfeng stepped out.

"The god machine unit will expand an additional unit. At the same time, the general must guide the affiliate territories to at least have a crossbowmen squadron to help the city protection unit." Ouyang Shuo planned to place arcuballistas in the affiliate territories.

"Yes sire!"

With that, the new round of expansion of Shanhai City had ended. The new addition of 2 cavalry units for the 2nd regiment, the spearmen, archer units of the 3rd regiment, and the 2 units of the Beihai naval fleet, 1 unit for the god machine unit, and the cost for class change was 3250 gold.

Ouyang Shuo had only 2250 gold on hand and had a 1000 gold shortfall. It was 10 days until the end of the month, and to use profits from the territory was too late. This sum could only be obtained from raiders.

Ouyang Shuo ordered the 3rd regiment to be the priority, followed by the Beihai Naval Fleet and the god machine unit, while the 2nd regiment would be pushed back. At the same time, the 1st and 3rd regiments would be in charge of the east and west exterminations of raiders.

Considering that the 3rd regiment was just built and the organization wasn't complete, Ouyang Shuo made the 3 city protection units to help them, appointing Shanhai City protection unit major Zhao Sihu as the temporary deputy of the Eastern camp.

As for the 2nd regiment, they were positioned at the north camp and couldn't quickly be moved. The situation in the plains was more and more intense. Friendship City's trading market was also becoming famous, and the trades had been doubling and proliferating. It was because of that that it needed the 2nd regiment to prevent the tribes from having other thoughts.

Ouyang Shuo's strategy towards the plains was to wait, see, and adapt to changes.

After ending the military meeting, E'Lai was the only one that stayed.

This general was wearing the Buren armor that the Armory Division had made for him; on his back was a halberd made of elite iron. Compared to his look in the Battle of Muye, he looked fiercer and more powerful.

"General, what issue do you have?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

E'Lai laughed and said in embarrassment, "Sire, I saw a horse and was wondering if sire was willing to gift it to me."

Ouyang Shuo froze. "Didn't the Military Affairs Department assign you an elite Qingfu horse? Is general not pleased with that horse?"

"That's not it." E'Lai shook his head. "A few days ago when I was walking around the territory I saw a pair of beasts and instantly adored them."

Ouyang Shuo didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "The beasts you refer to are they the Nian beasts?"

"Yes yes yes, it's the Nian beast. Director Zhu told me that it was you that tamed it."

In truth, the 2 Nian beasts had already stayed in Shanhai City for half a year. Last month, they gave birth to a pair of baby beasts, one male, and one female. On the surface, they were different from the Nian beast, slowly starting to awaken the bloodline of the qilin, looking similar to the qilin of legends.

The newly born beasts became Bing'er's playmates. She often ran to the back mountains to play with them. It was weird that the fierce Nian beasts were caring and gentle with her.

Sometimes, the pair were willing to follow Bing'er outside the territory to the plains. This made it that other than Xue'er and Blackfang, there was a new pair of little beasts following her around.

All the kids in the territory including Er Wazi worshiped Bing'er. Bing'er had now become the queen of Shanhai City, having a bunch of little followers.

Now for E'Lai to suddenly raise up the topic to Ouyang Shuo to pick the Nian beasts as mounts made Ouyang Shuo very curious. "General, can you tame the Nian beasts?"

E'Lai laughed. "As long as sire agrees, I have 90% confidence."

"Ok, I agree." Ouyang Shuo decided to let E'Lai try.

Ouyang Shuo was thinking that instead of letting the Nian beasts spend their days on the back mountain, why not do something purposeful like fight and battle? As long as the baby beasts were there, the specialty and buffs that the beasts brought wouldn't disappear.

E'Lai had good taste. If he were able to take them, they would be much better than elite Qingfu horses. They also brought two such strong skills.

As he was very curious, Ouyang Shuo got up and brought E'Lai towards the back mountains.

After rushing there, the Nian beast family was having their meal and enjoying the feast that the Resource Division had sent them.

Under Ouyang Shuo's permission, E'Lai slowly walked towards the Nian beast. He chose the fiercer and stronger male beast. Seeing him get close, he looked alert and unhappy that it was disturbing his meal, roaring as a warning.

Ouyang Shuo took the chance to cancel the contract with the Nian beast to allow E'Lai to tame it.

"System Notification: Player Qiyue Wuyi has canceled the contract with the Nian beast, as it has given birth in Shanhai City, it still is the protector beast of Shanhai City."

The moment Ouyang Shuo broke the contract, anger swept across its eyes, but when it looked at the two baby beasts, it's fierceness disappeared. It was evident that the Nian beast had regained its fierce and brutal personality.

"Nian~" it roared out again, this time appearing more anxious.

E'Lai didn't have any fear and made a brutal expression, staring straight at it before making wild beast shouts, seemingly communicating with it.

This seemed like the method E'Lai was going to use to take it. In legends, E'Lai could capture tigers and leopards alive.

Being challenged by E'Lai, it appeared more restless. It was initially sitting down, but now it stood up, its tail straight up as it took an attacking stance. It roared towards E'Lai, revealing its sharp teeth.

E'Lai didn't retreat and instead advanced, his hands moved like lighting and grabbed onto both horns, he head-butted the Nian beast, wanting to compete with the beast in strength.

The Nian beast was part of a small number of fierce beasts so how could it take such a challenge? Especially its horns which were signs of pride. It buried its limbs on the ground and forced its head forward, wanting to pierce E'Lai with its horns.

Unexpectedly, although the Nian beast was strong, E'Lai wasn't much weaker. He stepped onto the ground, the enormous strength causing him to sink down but not slip backward. Ouyang Shuo predicted that E'Lai was using some technique to change the direction of the power forcefully.

It didn't expect E'Lai’s adaptation. The Nian beast didn't expect the human in front of it to be so strong to be able to compete with it. This provoked it even more as it roared and roared, its strength increasing. E'Lai's legs could visibility be seen to sink down.

Luckily at the crucial moment, he used his strength to jump out from the ground and do a somersault. Grabbing onto the horns of the Nian beast and changing positions, his body turned mid-air and he landed, sitting on the back of the Nian beast.

How could the Nian beast take such humiliation? It immediately jumped and flung itself right and left trying to get E'Lai off its back.

Unfortunately, E'Lai stuck onto its body like glue, and no matter how it struggled, it couldn't get him off. Seeing E'Lai's movement, Ouyang Shuo was reminded that the Bajiquan’s laying on the mountain looked very similar.

What followed was a battle of attrition.

The Nian beast, with its back facing E'Lai, was running around in the back mountain, struggling with all its might. Before it reached its goal it wouldn't stop. Sometimes, it even bumped into the trees and flung itself onto a rock.

Unfortunately, although E'Lai was injured, he wouldn't let go and stuck to its back.

Two hours later, the intense workout had ended. What was worse was that the Nian beast had just eaten and such jumping around made it feel very uncomfortable.

In truth, E'Lai was already at his max and was relying purely on resilience.

At the crucial moment, E'Lai's knowledge and experience came into play. He knew that the Nian beast had recognized his ability and as long as it gave him a chance, it would be able to be tamed.

Er Lai released his grip on the right horn and softly rubbed its head saying, "Nian beast, you are so strong and so fast but have to stay on such a small mountain. I, E'Lai, cannot bear to see you like this. Why don’t you follow me to war?"

The Nian beasts were very smart and could understand human words. Hence, after listening to his words, the Nian beast stop struggling.

Seeing the situation, E'Lai was delighted, patting its head. "Okay, from today onwards you will be called Luosha. Together we will rule the battlefields."

"Nian~" The beast gave out a high-pitched roar.

E'Lai seemed like he could understand what it meant and was elated.

Ouyang Shuo stood to the side and smiled. He couldn't imagine how majestic it would look for E'Lai to ride Luosha on the battlefield, giving the enemies so many nightmares.

Riding on the Nian beast, E'Lai rushed over to Ouyang Shuo's side and jumped off, saying excitedly, "Thank you sire!"

Ouyang Shuo nodded. "Congratulations general, for getting a good mount. The Armory Division will help build a set of armor for Luosha in order to protect it."

"Thank you, sire!" E'Lai was really on cloud nine.