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Chapter 216 - Dream Pavillion

Chapter 216- Dream Pavillion

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At night, Ouyang Shuo held a feast at the Sangu hotel to welcome the siblings.

As this was a family feast, Ouyang Shuo invited Yingyu, Qing'er and Sun Xiaoyue, and of course the little brat Bing'er too. She followed Song Jia for a day and was now already so close to her. At the table, she insisted on sitting beside Song Jia, not bothering about her brother.

During the feast, Sun Xiaoyue was looking a little weird. Only then did she know that Ouyang Shuo had a girlfriend. This was naturally noticed by Song Jia. As women, they were very sensitive to such an area. It was Ouyang Shuo who was usually very sharp but this time he made such a rookie mistake to invite Sun Xiaoyue to the feast.

After it ended, Ouyang Shuo arranged Song Wen to rest at the inn. As for Song Jia, Ouyang Shuo had already ordered Zisu to clean up the eastern courtyard to get it ready for Song Jia to rest.

Returning to the lord's manor, Yingyu and Qing'er said goodbye and went back to their courtyards. Ouyang Shuo ordered Zisu to bring Bing'er back to wash up and let the little brat rest early.

Nowadays, Zisu had taken over what Ouyang Shuo used to do, being in charge of telling stories to Bing'er. She obviously wouldn't tell any stories with princesses and white knights, but instead she told her stories like the journey to the west, making that little brat engrossed in it.

After spending so long with Zisu, Bing'er started to rely heavily on her. Zisu took very good care of Bing'er and made Bing'er treat her as a motherly replacement. The mother-daughter relationship between those two was very deep.

In the calm night, Ouyang Shuo brought Song Jia across the long walkways and into the east courtyard. The layout was similar to the main courtyard, and it was exquisitely designed. Ouyang Shuo didn't hire a maidservant for her and let her pick one for herself. Hence for today, Banxia would serve her and familiarize her with her room.

The pure moonlight shines onto the patio. Song Jia wasn't sleepy and requested Ouyang Shuo to accompany her to admire the skies. Banxia brought tea and fruits for them before going back to arrange the room.

Song Jia laid on Ouyang Shuo's shoulder. "Blockhead?"

"En?" Ouyang Shuo guessed that there was something on her heart.

A look of fear and anxiousness appeared on her face as she mumbled, "Blockhead, I don't want to be your burden."

Song Jia had imagined that Ouyang Shuo was good in the game but she never expected that he would be so incredible. In the Battle of Muye, she witnessed firsthand him leading the troops with such elegance and style, making her look on in awe.

Following beside him, someone who was so ideal, be it the quiet and elegant Bai Hua, the graceful and dignified Feng Qiuhuang, or even the cute and petite Mulan Yue, they were all lords of many people. They were his allies, friends and strong shields to help him out in times of trouble. She could only stand aside and not be able to help. This made Song Jia, who was always prideful and never liked to lose, feel really out of place, especially as Ouyang Shuo had prepared so many valuable gifts for her.

Ouyang Shuo could understand her feelings. The difference in his ability in reality and in game made her unable to react all of a sudden. In reality, she was the princess of the Song family and had the backing to chase and flirt with Ouyang Shuo. With such a background and power, she could chase whomever she wanted and love whomever she loved.

Unfortunately, a big change made all of this disappear.

The Song family financial group who ruled over Lingnan could only struggle to survive in the game. On the contrary, the ordinary Ouyang Shuo had underwent a huge change, becoming the center of attention of hundreds of thousands of players. This big change wasn't something someone could adapt to in a short while.

Ouyang Shuo hugged her and said gently, "Silly girl, things are not as complicated as you think it is, let nature takes its course. Additionally, didn't you want to build a sect to become a sect leader to many? If you really manage to do so, you will be doing me a huge favor."

"Will a sect really help you?" Song Jia's eyes flashed across with a little emotion.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. "Well of course. Our guard captain is also the direct disciple of the dojo head. If a person practices martial arts and joins the military, it's a huge advantage. Even if he doesn't fight, he can investigate for intelligence, assassinate, be a bodyguard, etc. He will also have an innate talent."

"Good, I'll start recruiting nominal disciples tomorrow." Song Jia had done much research for building a sect. Out of the 4 main points of cultivation, what she lacked was 500 nominal disciples.

"This is the Song Jia that I know!" Ouyang Shuo said happily.

Song Jia tenderly punched him. "You only know how to make people happy."

The two of them continued confiding in one another. Mainly it was Ouyang Shuo describing his experience in game, how he finished village quests, how he built Shanhai Village, how he faced the monster siege, and how he built the Shanhai Alliance...

Song Jia was totally engrossed in his stories, as if she had gone through the entire experience together with him and was filling up a lost memory. The Ouyang Shuo in front of her slowly became the guy in her memory, combining with the past once again and now there was no distance between them.

The night was dark, the moon hung in the sky, and everything was quiet, the only sounds being the crickets at the corners.

Ouyang Shuo asked her to rest early, while he returned to the main courtyard and started cultivating.


The next day, Ouyang Shuo brought Song Wen to tour Shanhai City. Compared to the grand and advanced Shanhai City, Song Wen felt that Tianshuang Town was a primitive little village. It was lacking so much.

Song Jia immediately did what she said she would and asked the guards for help, pasting notices of recruiting disciples at the north and west gates. Player sects could accept both players and also NPCs.

Song Jia's notification was very powerful and attractive.

"You want to fly up walls? You want to travel the world with one skill? You want to get famous with one blade? The paladin of a generation Jiaqi Rumeng who has both the and the two martial arts, is recruiting disciples. There's a limited number of slots so please contact the lord's manor manager Zisu."

Song Jia was very smart, using the name of the lord's manor to hire people, raising her reputation by a lot.

After pasting the notification, Song Jia didn't slack and instead asked Ouyang Shuo to arrange some guards to follow her out of the city to find a suitable place to build her sect.

Ouyang Shuo wanted her to build the sect inside the city so she didn't need to travel so much. However she didn't want to rely on him so much and she said that a sect which wasn't in the mountains wasn't a proper sect.

Ouyang Shuo was helpless and could only follow what she wanted.

In the afternoon, Song Wen returned to Tianshuang Town. As Song Jia was still outside, she didn't see him off making him laugh bitterly.

At night, when it was near to dinner time, only then did Song Jia return.

"How was it? Did you find a suitable place?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

Song Jia shook her head with sadness. "'No. The west side of the territory is basically forests and there wasn't even hills, let alone mountains."

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head. "Tomorrow I'll follow you to the east side. The is a mountain region there, so there will be something suitable."


When eating dinner, Yingyu laughed, "Big brother, shouldn't the east courtyard also have a name?"

Ouyang Shuo nodded and looked at Song Jia. "Yingyu is right, what do you want to name it?"

Song Jia was excited and said, "How about Dream Pavilion?" She looked at Ouyang Shuo with eagerness.

Of course, he agreed.

Yingyu giggled, it was rare for her to see Ouyang Shuo so gentle.

"Sister Dream, tomorrow will you find time to come to the tailor shop? I'll help you sew a few shirts." Qing'er, that little girl, started to launch her garment attack.

Song Jia's eyes brightened. "Great, I've always heard about how good your skills are. Seeing all your dresses, I felt so envious." Song Jia was really jealous. Yesterday Bing'er had showed off all her dresses. Dresses were something that girls couldn’t resist.

Qing'er smiled slightly. She wasn't too close to her, so she wasn't as playful as when she was in front of Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo seeing Bing'er sit beside Song Jia, said, "Baby, there's still a week before school reopens. You cannot be so naughty. Look at how wild you have become in such a short time."

Bing'er laughed in embarrassment. That little brat knew that she had played too much during the holidays. Combined with not doing any holiday homework, she was really crazy.

"I know." Bing'er gave a lovely nod, sighing like an old man. "Haiz, Bing'er wants to grow up fast."

"What does this have to do with growing up fast?"

"After I grow up I can be like sister and brother not needing to go to school." Bing'er's words made a lot of sense.

Ouyang a Shuo nearly fainted. This kid used to love going to school, however with just one holiday even her heart became wild.

"You, ah, so playful." Ouyang Shuo said helplessly. "From tomorrow onwards I'll invite a teacher to teach you Chinese when you aren't going to school."

Bing'er frowned. "Brother please don't, okay?"

"You think?" Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to bring out the elder brother position.

The little brat was smart and knew that he was going to be angry, so she didn't dare to rebut him anymore turning to Song Jia and saying pitifully, "Sister~"

Song Jia naturally doted on Bing'er and was nearly touched by her little shining eyes, however she couldn’t override Ouyang Shuo's rights as a brother, causing her to shake her head, which made Bing'er depressed.