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Chapter 218 - Lord

Chapter 218 - Lord

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The next morning, Yingyu brought Er Wazi to thank Ouyang Shuo.

"Cui Tianqi sees sire, thank you for adopting me." Er Wazi, who was now Cui Tianqi, respectfully bowed to Ouyang Shuo.

The growth of NPC kids grew faster than in the real world. When Cui Tianqi came to the territory, his skin was tan and he was thin. Although he was already 11-12 years old, as he had little amounts of nutrients, he looked around 8 years old. After only just half a year, as he had gotten enough nutrients, his bones started to grow and in addition to the education at the private school, the once naughty little brat had become a young teen.

Ouyang Shuo told him to stand up before continuing, "Be it studying or practicing martial arts, I’ll support you. Since you chose martial arts, you must walk to the end of the path to be a useful person to the territory. Do you understand?"

"I understand!" Cui Tianqi said solemnly.

Ouyang Shuo nodded happily, "Now go greet your master!"

Just as Cui Tianqi was about to bow to Song Jia, she raised her arm and stopped him, he looked confused and didn't know what to do.

Song Jia turned towards Ouyang Shuo and said, "Wuyi, before he calls me his master I also want to teach one of your other people. Is that okay?" At a formal occasion, Song Jia would be like Bai Hua and the rest, and call him by his in game name.

Ouyang Shuo didn't understand what was going on. "Who?"


"You want to let Banxia continue to serve you?" Ouyang Shuo could only make such a conjecture. She was busy dealing with the sect, didn't have time to hire a maidservant, and it was Banxia who was serving her.

She shook her head. "I want her to be my core disciple."

Ouyang Shuo frowned, immediately guessing what was happening, his expression changed and he called out in a low tone, "Banxia!"

"Sire!"' She stepped out and bowed in front Of Ouyang Shuo, her face filled with fear and anxiety.

"Say, what’s all of this?" Song Jia wouldn't want to take Banxia as her disciple without any reason, so Ouyang Shuo guessed that Banxia must have begged her. Song Jia was too nice and agreed. For such a thing to happen in the lord's manor where rank and power wasn't taken into account, Ouyang Shuo wouldn't accept it.

The atmosphere of the hall instantly became very serious.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo so furious, Banxia was freaked out and tears nearly rolled down from her face. She kowtowed and cried, "Servant is wrong, sire please punish me." Just as Ouyang Shuo had predicted, Banxia had heard that Song Jia accepted Er Wazi as a core disciple and went to ask Song Jia.

Banxia's village was robbed by a bunch of raiders and she only survived by hiding in the bushes. In the night, she personally witnessed her family being killed by raiders and a seed of hatred was planted in her heart, making her hope that one day she could take revenge.

Coming to Shanhai City and being recruited by Yingyu in the lord's manor, Banxia had quenched the need to take revenge, wanting to lead her life peacefully in the manor. Who would have thought that such a change would happen and that Song Jia would accept disciples, reigniting the hatred in Banxia's heart.

Banxia didn't dare to go and beg Ouyang Shuo, for fear that Ouyang Shuo would reject her. Last night, she took the opportunity when she was serving Song Jia to tell her about her past and beg her to take her as a disciple. Song Jia's heart softened, and seeing that her qualities weren't half bad she agreed and thus went to ask Ouyang Shuo for his permission.

Ouyang Shuo calmed himself down, wanting to kick her out of the lord's manor. Luckily, Yingyu stood out to calm him down. "Big Brother, seeing that she's immature, let her off this time."

"Yes big brother please give her a chance!" Qing'er pleaded too.

Lastly, even Zisu stood up and kneeled. "Sire please give her a chance."

Banxia was still young and seeing everyone speak up for her she really didn't know what to do. Only then did she know that she made a huge mistake and dragged down everyone, making her even more anxious, looking pitifully at Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo sighed and said, "Banxia didn't do her job and broke the lord's manor’s rules. From today onwards she's kicked out and given back her freedom. From today onwards, she cannot use the name of the lord's manor or she won't be spared." Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to give out a punishment, if not how would he lead the lord's manor?

"Thank you sire!" Ouyang Shuo's decision was similar to admitting to allowing Song Jia to accept her as a disciple. Banxia was feeling emotional but also a bit sad as she would no longer be a part of the lord's manor.

The storm passed just like that. Banxia and Cui Tianqi bowed to their new master and became Song Jia's core disciples. As the future big sister and big brother of the Dongli Sword Sect, their futures were limitless.

Getting Banxia as a disciple, Song Jia decided not to hire a maidservant as she already had a disciple to serve on her. Ouyang Shuo also didn't want to hire another one, so only Zisu was left to look after the main courtyard.


Gaia first year, 8th month, 25th day

Ouyang Shuo held a territory affairs meeting.

Before all the directors could report, the culture and education secretary Xu Shuda stood out and bowed solemnly to Ouyang Shuo," Sire, our division has a suggestion, please approve it."

"What suggestion?"

"At the moment, the imperial court has tilted sire Lianzhou Marquis. Based on our manners culture, you must be called lord. So calling you ‘sire’ will have to be stopped and everyone will call you lord; the various workers and civil servants as ministers; the lord's manor must also be renamed Lianzhou Marquis’ manor, to stick with tradition." Xu Shuda was following traditional etiquette.

One shouldn't just think of it as a small change, in actuality it represented a change in the nature of the territory. Before being titled a noble, when the lord was reclaiming land in the wilderness or anywhere else, the court didn't give their permission. After becoming a lord, especially being titled a marquis personally by the court, his territory was now official.

Originally all this would be done straight after the title was given. Secretary Xu realized this problem.

Only 2 days after getting the title, the territory was upgraded. He then stayed in Fallen Phoenix Town for three days. Xu Shuda decided that he might as well just raise it at the end of the month meeting.

"Yes, lord, your subjects agree!" Fan Zhongyan changed his address and stopped using sire.

"Yes, lord, your subjects agree!" Tian Wenjing followed.

"Yes, lord, your subjects agree!" Everyone got up and bowed.

Ouyang Shuo said expressionlessly, “Permission granted!" From today onwards, he was one step closer to being lonely.

After Xu Shuda backed down, the Secretary of Meritorious Services Division stood up. “Lord, ever since the brothel was opened, many officials have started to spend their time to fool around there. How should we deal with such officials?"

Tian Wenjing spoke up. “Minister suggests to investigate and close down the brothel to prevent the problem from spreading." Tian Wenjing wasn't used to being soft and decided strong action was needed.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head. "Such a method can't work; it's an entertainment outlet. We can't close it down or be so violent in our actions. if we do, we’ll make the commoners angry. On the other hand, secretary Qin is correct, we cannot allow the officials to do their business matters there. Spread the lord's decree: if spotted once, they will be fined 3 months. Twice, they will be suspended, and the third time, they will be sacked."

Ouyang Shuo was curious about the olden brothel and wanted to go take a look, only now the situation didn't permit it. As a lord, he had to set an example. After Song Jia came, he couldn't go to such a place all the more.

"Yes lord!" Qin Shijian backed down.

Tian Wenjing approached once again and bowed down. “Lord, there are new developments with the mountain barbarians."

"Oh? Quick, quick, tell me!" Ouyang Shuo was excited.

"Recently, minister visited several tribes and heard of the same thing. Based on their descriptions, in the deep mountains there's a gigantic bandit mountain stronghold, and they often go down to rob the mountain barbarians. Hearing that we have such a strong military, the leaders of the tribes say that if we could help them destroy the stronghold, then they will be willing to cooperate with us and allow their elite warriors to join the Shanhai army."

"Bandit stronghold?" Ouyang Shuo couldn't understand how a stronghold would cause Tian Wenjing to be so solemn, and based on Shanhai City's military might, they could take it down easily.

"Based on their descriptions, this bunch is crafty and built the stronghold on a dangerous peak. There's only a narrow road up, making it easy to defend and hard to attack. Their numbers are also not small. Although we don't have specifics, it's definitely more than ten thousand people. Hence to take it down, it will definitely not be easy."

Ouyang Shuo nodded. So that was why, it was really not easy. Although Shanhai City’s military had huge numbers, more than half were cavalry and sailors. Only around 4000 people could be used to attack the stronghold. With so few people, Ouyang Shuo didn't have confidence.

"First, contact the Military Intelligence Division. Let the mountain barbarians lead them and find out details about the stronghold. Second, persuade them to allow mountain barbarians to come down to class change and form the 3rd regiment. After completing both things, I don't believe we can't even take down a stronghold."

"Yes, lord!"

"Today, the 3rd regiment is still building, and after completing its development, we still need to clear out the raiders. Hence, Director Tian needs to cooperate well with the Military Affairs Department, and not let the mountain barbarian tribes think that Shanhai City are liars. When it's needed, we can send them a batch of grain to show our sincerity." Ouyang Shuo was prepared to play the grain card again. To these mountain barbarians, the grain was a savior.

"Understood, I won't let lord down!" Tian Wenjing had spent a long time building up relationships with the mountain barbarians, and understood their weak spots. With Ouyang Shuo's promise, he was more confident in completing the mission.