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Chapter 220 - Fuse

Chapter 220 - Fuse

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Before Lin Jing left, she passed the blueprints of the basic buildings to Ouyang Shuo. She had bought these for three thousand gold.

Ouyang Shuo passed the blueprints over to clerk Bai Nanpu. He asked Bai Nanpu to pass these blueprints to the Construction Division and rush them to quickly build it. Based on the plans, they would build the Confucian Temple and Martial Temple beside the Yellow Emperor Temple. As for the clock and drum tower, they would build it in front of the black turtle gate, south of the commerce street, and the riverside of the inner city river would be its east and west sides.

8th month, 26th day. After two months of construction, they finally completed Xinan University. Ouyang Shuo led a group of officials to join the unveiling ceremony.

Compared to Ouyang Shuo’s original design, Xu Shuda's advised him to place the grade 2 city basic building chess courtyard in the university, and it became the 4th college.

Ouyang Shuo pointed out during the unveiling ceremony that the motto of Xinan University was inclusivity and diversity. The future Xinan University had to produce many leaders and become the sacred grounds of learning.

After the unveiling ceremony, Xu Shuda accompanied Ouyang Shuo to visit Jiang Shang.

After Fan Zhongyan and Xu Shuda's persuasion, Jiang Shang had finally agreed to settle down in Xinan College. At the same time, he rejected the position of dean of the economics college.

It was autumn. Viridescent leaves filled the trees in the college and the birds chirped. At the northwest corner of Xinan University, there was a small man-made lake called moon lake. The lake water was from the inner city river that was separated from one wall. The lake had a small island in the center that was called Fallen Star Island. Jiang Shang had secluded himself here.

The Fallen Star Island wasn't connected to the outside. As such, you could only ride on a raft to reach the island. The raft gracefully drifted left and right. Through the clear lake water, one could see the fish that swam within.

As a thin rain drizzled from the sky, the water droplets fell onto the leaves.

Jiang Shang was already 80 odd years old. The Culture and Education Division had arranged two servants to serve by his side and take care of him. They helped him open a vegetable garden on the island to grow vegetables and fruits as well as rear poultry. To the ducks and geese, the moon lake was the best living environment.

After Ouyang Shuo arrived on shore, he looked around. The surroundings were graceful, but there weren't any carved columns, expensive trees, or flowers. A row of short thatched houses was built in the middle of the island. Before the houses were a row of fences that enclosed the area into a little courtyard. On the empty ground was a vegetable farm where various vegetables and fruits were grown, and some had even sprouted. Beside the small courtyard was a bamboo forest. As the wind blew over it, the crisp sound of bamboo rang in the air.

On the other side of the courtyard was a well, and beside it was a stone less than half a meter high. It looked very shiny and smooth. The servants introduced it as a place that Jiang Shang would sit on to read.

Jiang Shang was wearing a grass cape, as he fished next to the lake. Beside him, his little fish net was empty. He hadn't gotten anything. Ouyang Shuo wondered if he was playing a similar game to “Jiang Taigong is fishing, those that are willing will get hooked.”

"Taigong, lord is here to see you." Xu Shuda opened his mouth.

Jiang Shang didn't react. He only turned around and made a hush motion toward Xu Shuda. Jian Shen was telling him to keep quiet and not scare away the fish that he was trying to catch. Xu Shuda was helpless, and he could only stand beside the lord and wait patiently.

The servant was smart and brought out a small stool for the lord to sit on.

They waited an entire morning. The downpour grew heavier and heavier, but Jiang Shang still didn't move. He didn't say anything. He just held his fishing rod for the entire morning and didn’t even changed the bait.

Ouyang Shuo was helpless, as he knew that Jiang Shang was such a stubborn person. So, he could only leave, "Taigong, after coming without informing you, Wuyi will now leave. I’ll come again next time."

Just when Ouyang Shuo was about to leave, Jiang Shang suddenly opened his mouth, “Lord, you already killed Wuwang during the Battle of Muye, right?"

Ouyang Shuo was stunned, but he calmly said, "Taigong why do you say such a thing?"

When you came back, I saw the lord's guards riding on warhorses. Weirdly, your guards weren’t at your side during the interception. There is only one explanation—they were sent to intercept Wuwang," Jiang Shang's analytical skills were really terrifying.

Since Jian Shang found out, Ouyang Shuo had to speak the truth, “That's right, the guards killed Wuwang, and his head was sent to Di Xin. If because of that, Taigong wants to be a hermit and hole yourself up, I have else nothing to say. Farewell!" From this moment, Ouyang Shuo had given up on asking Jiang Shang to come out and assist him. He was a lord and was a Lianzhou Marquis. He would do things based on his principles, and he wouldn't change because of one person.

"Haih!" Jiang Shang exhaled a long sigh.

8th month, 28th day. Under the persuasion of the Internal Affairs Director Tian Wenjing, the mountain barbarian tribes had agreed to Ouyang Shuo's conditions. They sent one thousand men down the mountains to join the Shanhai City army.

One thousand mountain barbarian warriors were sent to the 1st and 2nd unit of the 3rd regiment. After the third regiment was built, they started to attack the raider camps in the east under the charge of Colonel E'Lai. They wanted to destroy all these raider camps within a week.

At this moment, they had almost finished the raider operation to the west. Moreover, they had destroyed all the territories near Shanhai City. The 1st regiment's troops were pointing at Yongye Town of the Sky Blade Alliance.

Yongye Town's lord freaked out. He panicked and pleaded to the Sky Blade Alliance, seeking their help to defend his territory and fend off Shanhai City's attack.

After they received Heise Pifeng's distress signal, leader Ba Dao and Xiaofeng Canyue called out to the others. Apart from Guangshui Town that was busy defending itself, the other allies headed to assist Yongye Town.

Ba Dao and Xiaofeng Canyue brought 500 troops each, while Gushan Town and Yishui Town brought 300 each. After accounting for Yongye Town's own troops, they had a total of 2,100 soldiers.

Sky Blade Alliance had just moved their men and was set on having a battle to the death with Shanhai City. Suddenly, Shi Wanshui received a retreat call and helplessly brought back the 1st regiment.

As the territory expanded, the position of the city’s west camp continued to expand toward the west. As they cleared the raider camps in the west, the city’s west camp moved west again. Now, it was set on a small hill just 10 kilometers away from the edge of the territory.

Ouyang Shuo chose to retreat, as he obviously had his considerations.

The Sky Blade Alliance would have high morale if Ouyang Shuo chose to fight at this moment. If he wasn't careful, the two leaders Ba Dao and Xiaofeng Canyue would use victory to solidify the alliance's goals and hearts. Based on the strength of the 1st regiment and their limited siege weapons, it was really difficult for them to take down the built up Yongye Town. Even if they did, there would suffer heavy casualties, which didn't fit his strategic mindset.

On the other hand, if he chose to surround them and not attack, the Sky Blade Alliance would not choose to take the initiative to advance. As time went on, the alliance troops would be unable to stay in the long term. They would definitely panic if he dragged out things for a longer period of time.

The time wasn't right. Ouyang Shuo was still waiting for the Combat Logistics Division to build ladders. He was also waiting for the 3rd regiment to finish the east camps and finish training the new troops.

After the raider operation, Ouyang Shuo's goal was still to attack the mountain bandit stronghold to help solve this problem for the mountain barbarians. Additionally, this would allow him to get more of the barbarians to move down the mountain.

8th month, 29th day, Yongye Town.

"Shanhai City has retreated. What should we do?" said the lord of Gushan Town.

Yishui Lord Ruoshui Qianxin panicked. Her territory was very close to the east of Shanhai City, so she was afraid of being sneak attacked, “Since they have already retreated, we should go back."

"No!" Heise Pifeng freaked out, “Once you all leave, what if they attack? I'm sure that is his plan."

"But we can't all sit here and waste time. Why don’t we go out and fight with them?" Dengtai Baifang didn't like doing nothing, and he hated feeling cooped up.

Ba Dao frowned and looked at Xiaofeng Canyue, “What do you think?"

"Based on our troops strength, if we give up the advantage of the city wall, we would definitely lose. It's not like all of you haven't seen the strength of their famous army. Their heavy armored infantry were directly opposite to us," Xiaofeng Canyue said helplessly.

Ba Dao nodded, “You're right. However, his considerations are valid. If we just sit here and wait, Shanhai will pick us off one by one in the end.”

"Since that’s that case, we can only request for assistance," Xiaofeng Canyue was looking very serious, “The Yanhuang Alliance are enemies with them. If we can get Di Chen to help us, Shanhai City wouldn't be a problem.”

These words shocked Ba Dao, and he spat out, “No, that would be inviting a wolf into our house. They aren't a charitable organization. It's easy to invite them, but it's hard to ask them to leave. Aren't you afraid that they’ll attack us from within?"

"I also think that it's not suitable," Ruoshui Sanqian and Dengtai Baijiang agreed with one another.

No one noticed that Heise Pifeng appeared out of sorts at the side, as an evil light flashed through his eyes. He was a cruel person. Now that his territory was in danger, even if it meant inviting a wolf in, he would do so. Heise Pifeng had already made a choice. Even if the alliance didn't accept it, he would contact Di Chen on his own.

Xiaofeng Canyue was frustrated, “This can't be done, that can't be done. Ba Dao, so what should we do?"

In this moment, the atmosphere was very tense and depressed.