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Chapter 222- Hand in Glove

Chapter 222- Hand in Glove

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Yongye Town, Lord's Manor.

As Ouyang Shuo busied himself with the lone peak medicine garden, Di Chen had linked up Sha Pojun and Heise Pifeng. These two were finally working together, forming a temporary alliance.

"How many troops did Shanhai City arrange at the east?" Sha Pojun asked. To take revenge on Ouyang Shuo, Sha Pojun had spent a lot—2,000 gold to teleport an elite army of 2,000.

Heise Pifeng hadn’t remained idle; he said, “I've investigated. They have one full regiment on the west, a total of 2,500 men."

Sha Pojun frowned, “If it's like that, just depending on the two of us isn't enough to destroy that regiment, right?" Although Sha Pojun had a deep hatred for Ouyang Shuo, he didn't lose his mind.

"Brother Sha don't worry. I've contacted Xiaofeng Canyue and Chengfeng Polang from the Sky Blade Alliance. They will arrive soon," Heise Pifeng said with a lot of confidence.

"Great!" Sha Pojun was delighted.

Xiaofeng Canyue originally advocated getting outside help, and Chengfeng Polang was like Yongye Town, who directly faced Shanhai City's threat. Heise Pifeng had made it clear in the alliance channel that he had already invited Sha Pojun, who had brought a 2,000 strong army.

Xiaofeng Canyue was also very ambitious. She knew that she couldn't hesitate at such a time, so she brought over 1,000 of her elites and Chengfeng Polang brought 500.

Although Ba Dao didn't come, he promised to take part in the operation and attack from the east to tie up Shanhai City's military, forcing them to fight a war on two fronts.

They were very clear that this operation had to succeed. Once they failed, they would face the wrath of Shanhai City, and there would be no room for negotiation.

Even Sha Pojun didn't have the ability to send a second reinforcement squad in a short time. His 2 thousand strong army, the teleportation cost was already 4,000 gold, which was a huge sum to Asura City.

Heise Pifeng was also a ruthless person. To protect his own base, he didn't mind dragging down his allies.

9th month, 2nd day in the afternoon, a 4,000 strong army secretly met at Yongye Town.

The 4,000 strong army was composed of sword-shield soldiers, archers, and about 1,000 cavalries.

In the wee hours of the morning, they made use of the dark sky to sneak out of Yongye Town.

Their target was the Shanhai City west camp. It was only around 20 kilometers away from Yongye Town.

As darkness masked the troops, the soldiers had no choice but to light torches so that they could see their path. The light from the fires created the illusion of a fire dragon in the wilderness. This sight scared off the leopards and tigers that came out to find food, and they rushed into hiding.

At 3 AM, the troops reached the Shanhai City border. To prevent the sentries from spotting their tracks, they extinguished the fires and made use of the little light to continue forward.

Shanhai City hadn't built a settlement here yet near the border, as they had only recently acquired this territory. On the way here, one could occasionally see empty towns or villages that Shanhai City had taken from the previous lord's. However, Shanhai City hadn’t sent any residents to live there.

When they saw these conquered territories, Heise Pifeng and the others felt threatened. If they did not unite to fight together, the situation before them would probably be their future.

As they had just won a war, the city west camp head Shi Wanshui grew careless, and he didn't arrange any night patrols. In his mind, it would be enough if he didn't bully others. Who would have the courage to attack Shanhai City?

At 5:30 AM, the army of 4,000 was like a specter that suddenly appeared outside the city west camp. The sky was slightly bright and a red sun rose up from the horizon.

As an advanced barrack, the city west camp was very well protected. It had thick wood walls and arrow towers. The invading troops killed the tired and unfocused sentries on the tower before they could warn the others. The last sentry gave out a cry as the enemy shot him down.

"Ahhhh!" a loud scream broke the silence of the wilderness and sounded the horn of death.

The sound threw the camp into a frenzy. The ones that patrolled within the camp reacted the fastest, and they rushed toward the gate doors. At the same time, a small squad broke off to wake up the soldiers of each unit.

Sha Pojun was the commander of this operation. When he saw that they had alerted the enemy, he tossed aside his intentions of infiltration and shouted, “Kill!"

The 2,000 odd sword-shield soldiers were like a pack of hungry wolves, as they charged toward the camp gates. Soldiers that carried huge logs rammed the gate. As no one was defending the gate, it looked like the soldiers could knock it down soon.

Luckily, at this time, the patrolling squad had rushed over and used their bodies to block the gate. At the same time, they used a circular piece of wood to block the gate to try and win time for the troops.

Under the assault of 2,000 men, the less than 10 men squad could not prevent the destruction of the gate for more than a few minutes. The invaders destroyed the gate and knocked the patrolling squad to the ground.

The captain of the patrolling squad, a rank 8 elite, grabbed the spear in his hand and hollered, “Kill!"

The enemies that broke in raised their blades and mercilessly chopped. The captain's spear stabbed into the stomach of one soldier. Unfortunately, the soldier’s blade chopped down and instantly killed the captain. The other squad members didn't even have the chance to climb up, the enemies slashed and none of them survived. The troops that followed stepped onto the bodies of the patrolling squad, turning them into meat paste.

The sword-shield soldiers started to form squadrons. Like a pack of hungry wolves, they dashed toward the tents. The shouting and killing had alerted the Shanhai Army soldiers in the tents. Some had already dressed up, while others just grabbed their weapons and directly engaged the enemy.

The soldiers of the 1st regiment were elites of the Shanhai Army. Hundreds of battles had tempered each and every one of them. Even if they didn't wear their armor, they weren't afraid; they weren’t even at a disadvantage. They fought off the enemy troops and gathered together. Then, they dashed out of the tent to gather with the main troops.

The enemy cavalry charged up under the command of Sha Pojun. They weaved in and out between the tents, as they focused on the groups that had formed up. This action prevented the soldiers of the 1st regiment from gathering up, which forced them all to fight alone.

The archers at the back fired wave after wave of arrows at the various tents, ruthlessly reaping away the lives of the Shanhai soldiers in the tents..

At this moment, the enemy had thrown Shanhai City's 1st regiment into chaos, and the troops could not gather up. The battle cries, the sounds of sharp arrows, the sounds of warhorses, and moans of pain from the injured formed a despondent song.

As a special rank general, Shi Wanshui's instincts were very strong. After the patrolling squad discovered something strange, he immediately woke up. As a general with vast experience, he didn't run out to check the situation. Instead, he started to don his armor.

After he wore his armor, he grabbed his spear and walked out of the tent. At this moment, the enemies were still attacking the main gates of the camp. As he faced this attack, he didn’t ask why or who the enemy was first. Instead, he gathered the troops.

Shi Wanshui sent out his personal troops to sound the alert for help.

He commanded the patrolling squads to wake up all the soldiers, and he ordered them to suit up and gather near him.

While he waited for the troops to gather, Shi Wanshui asked his personal guards to fire the warning signal.

When the sentries on the other end saw the signal, they instantly fired theirs. One fired after another, as they worked together to pass the warning signal all the way to the main base. The troops that guarded the walls—the City Protection Unit—saw the warning signal and split into two groups. One group went to report to the main camp of the City Protection Unit; and the other made their way to the Lord's Manor to inform Ouyang Shuo.

The fastest unit to gather was the first unit. Shihu brought 500 armored warriors and rushed over. They were located behind the camp, so they had enough time to gather troops.

When he saw the first unit rush here, Shi Wanshui calmed down. He had confidence with the first unit here.

When he heard the sounds of killing increase, Shi Wanshui made the decision to retaliate, as he gathered all the troops along the way. He ordered the first unit to form a defensive formation, and they slowly advanced toward the second unit.

On the way there, they met a bunch of enemy cavalry, who weren't able to break down their defensive line. The first unit cut them to the ground. When the soldiers along the way saw the first unit, they rushed out and gathered with them.

Hence, Shi Wanshui used the first unit to open the road to gather more troops. As they went further, they reduced the number of men that dared to provoke them. When they got to the second unit, they had already expanded to 1,000 men.

As the 2nd unit was closer to the front, the difficulty of wearing the Buren Armor caused issues. The situation forced the mountain barbarians to helplessly use their shields and Tang blades to fight the enemies, which resulted in huge losses.

The sight of the large group of reinforcements delighted the lucky survivors. The 1st unit pushed up the defense line to buy the 2nd unit time to don their armor. At that moment, Li Mingliang brought the 3rd unit to reinforce them.

When he saw that the enemy troops were about to form up, Sha Pojun didn't dare to tarry. He gathered up his troops to prevent them from being split off.

Both sides had started to gather their troops, as they awaited the final battle.

Shi Wanshui made some calculations. In a short hour, the 1st regiment had lost 700 soldiers, which infuriated him. Such a big loss had never happened to him. When he saw the enemy troops gather, he didn't try to rashly force it. Instead, he ordered his guards to send a distress signal to the main camp.