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Chapter 225 - Ambush

Chapter 225 - Ambush

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Sha Pojun felt like he was in a nightmare, a nightmare that he wanted to quickly wake up from.

When Di Chen told him that he had a chance to sneak attack and scheme against Qiyue Wuyi, Sha Pojun was on cloud nine. He was unable to forget how Qiyue Wuyi humiliated him during the Battle of Zhuolu, saying that he was Di Chen's dog. Such an insult was worse than killing him.

Hatred would make a person lose rationality and he had undoubtedly been consumed by the bloodlust.

Sha Pojun had never stopped to think why Di Chen didn't do it himself and went to find him; he even didn't discuss with his family and directly brought 2,000 elites and teleported to Yongye Town.

He wanted to start his journey of revenge to let his soul filled with revenge burn bright.

At the start, the war was so smooth. They traveled in the dark and weren't spotted even when they were right in front of the enemy. Even when there was a small accident, the battle was still in their favor.

The alliance had smoothly charged into the enemy camp and started to slaughter. Seeing the Shanhai City soldiers one by one falling into puddles of blood, at that time Sha Pojun was having fun and having such a pleasant time.

Sha Pojun had even started to imagine that once he destroyed the sub-camp, he might even be able to lead the alliance troops to continue to attack the main camp of Shanhai City, making Qiyue Wuyi bow at his feet. Right now, he wanted Qiyue Wuyi to beg him to let him know who was who's bitch.

But, when did it start? When did the situation turn on its head?

The gathering speed of the enemy troops was far faster than the alliance expected. The enemy's strength was far stronger than the alliance’s. Those mountain barbarians, even not wearing armor could actually fight head to head with the elite of the alliance.

Victory was so short-lived, and the slaughter couldn't continue. When the enemy’s heavy armored infantry gathered, Sha Pojun knew that the time for him to pick them off had ended and the real hard battle was starting.

Even at that moment, Sha Pojun still thought that victory was still in his hand, as after entering the camp, the alliance forces were twice that of the enemy. If they commanded properly, there's no way they would lose.

Sha Pojun's alliance got into a formation outside the camp, taking the initiative to launch an assault on the enemy. For that, Sha Pojun didn't hesitate to bring his elite cavalry to line up at the front of the forces, equipped with sharp blades.

Unfortunately, the enemy heavy armored infantry was too strong and gave Sha Pojun a huge slap to the face. Shanhai City didn't hesitate to send the heavy armored infantry that Ouyang Shuo had spent large amounts of money on, how would the light armored infantry go against such an unearthly strong heavy armored infantry?

Following which, the sneak attack by the enemy cavalry unit gave Sha Pojun a huge blow.

Sha Pojun wasn't discouraged. He still believed that victory would belong to him. He calmed himself down and spurred his soldiers on, ordering a portion of the sword-shield soldiers back to defend while asking the remaining to advance to try to eat the enemy’s heavy armored infantry forces.

Sha Pojun saw victory was in sight, however, that devil Qiyue Wuyi actually brought a bunch of terrifying heavy armored infantry. The enemy relied on just 500 heavy armored infantry and managed to withhold 3-4 times that of the alliance's troops, destroying their sword-shield soldiers.

What happened next was Sha Pojun's nightmare.

First, the alliance archer forces being totally decimated, and they started running for their lives. Following which, the cavalry forces that Sha Pojun were so proud of were also eaten piece by piece by the enemy’s steel beasts, while only the remaining 100-200 lucky members were able to escape.

Lastly was the total destruction of the alliance forces.

Facing the enemy's heavy armored infantry and heavy armored cavalry attacks, the sword-shield soldiers who were struggling to hold on finally collapsed, raising their hands up to surrender. The warriors were very clear that as infantry, they couldn't escape the chase of the enemy's cavalry. The archers who tried to escape were the best example.

The lords were despondent. After the cavalries were destroyed, they immediately took their bodyguards and escaped. All their courage and faith were destroyed at that moment with nothing left.

They bet everything on this, and what they got in return was the utter destruction of their troops.

The lords were like birds to a gunshot. They even forgot to inform the eastern alliance soldiers who were still advancing through the alliance channel, causing them to be ambushed by the 3rd regiment.

Sha Pojun was about to look down on and despise this bunch of cowards, but he turned around and found that he was actually part of the large group that was escaping. The cavalries who escaped found their lord and together they escaped toward Yongye Town.

Ouyang Shuo was furious. The poisonous bugs that he’d reared for more than six months had retaliated and bit him instead. The thought of letting these lords go back alive had never crossed his mind.

When he saw Sha Pojun appear in the alliance, he knew that the Yanhuang Alliance and himself would have an irreparable relationship. It's either you die or I live.

Ouyang Shuo let Shi Wanshui stay and put him in charge of rounding up the prisoners and save the wounded as well as repairing the camp. He personally brought the Guards unit and the 3rd unit from the 1st regiment to chase the enemies.

At Qiushui City’s eastern suburbs, 15 kilometers away from the border, there was a small mountain. On top of it, apart from wild grass, there wasn't even a single tree. This was the place that E'Lai selected for the ambush; the 3rd regiment and the 2nd regiment 2nd unit were all hiding behind the hill, waiting for the fish to get hooked.

Broken Blade Town’s lord Ba Dao, brought an alliance force of 2,000, not facing any problems on his way. Over time he met a few raider camps. Upon seeing such a huge army, the raiders were like turtles and hid in their shells.

As the journey was peaceful, Ba Dao started to put down his guard, even not arranging a vanguard squad to explore the path ahead.

"Brother Dao, don't you find it weird? We have walked so long, and we haven't even seen a single patrolling soldier, is there a trap?" Gushan Town’s lord Dengtai Baijiang felt a little uneasy.

Ba Dao shook his head. "You're thinking too much, did you notice that there are still raiders in this region? What does this tell you? This means that Shanhai City hasn’t cleaned up this area. Naturally, there wouldn't be soldiers patrolling here. If not, they would be free food for the raiders." Ba Dao's explanation made a lot of sense.

Dengtai Baijing thought about it and felt that it made sense, so he didn't think about it anymore.

Behind the hill, the 3rd regiment’s 3rd unit major, Zheng Liaokai, walked in front of E'Lai and said, "Colonel, they’re here!"

E'Lai was riding the domineering Nian Beast Luosha. "Get ready to move!"


Until the eastern alliance forces reached the central section of the hill, the 2 cavalry units of a 1000 cavalry were like wildlands spectres, suddenly popping out. Without any hesitation, they charged down the hill.

Closely after the appearance of the cavalry, the 3rd regiment’s archer unit rained down on the alliance forces, suppressing the alliance archers, and applying cover fire for the cavalry forces.

The rain of arrows made a beautiful arc in the air, precisely landing on the archer forces of the alliance troops. When the arrows reached the soldiers, it entered their shoulders and their heads. Those who were hit in the head died instantly, and those who were pierced in the shoulder let out screams of pain. If they weren't attended to in time, there was a chance they would be paralyzed from the waist up.

Such a sudden attack made the alliance forces panicked; they had never expected that they would be attacked at such a time and place.

Ba Dao was flustered, panicking. “Get into formation, get into formation." The sword shield soldiers in the center turned and prepared to turn to the wings to build up the defensive line.

However, it was all too late. Before they could change formations, and before the sword-shield soldiers could raise their shields, the cavalry had made use of the downhill momentum to charge down.

The high speed charging cavalry force was a wide force as it covered the land, instantly messing up the alliance forces. The soldiers in the front cowered in fear and retreated while those at the back were still trying to get into position. The two parts knocked into one another, sending the military into chaos.

Just at that time, the 1st, 2nd, and 4th units made a loop from the back of the hill, appearing behind the alliance forces and stabbing them in the butt.

The mountain barbarian soldiers together with the spearmen started to launch an assault towards the enemies. The alliance forces which were in chaos were unable to coordinate with one another. The command system had failed, and soldiers started to fight for themselves. On the other hand, the 3rd regiment troops were united, and their movements were coordinated. Adding with the cavalry charging about freely in the enemy lines, they held the upper hand in the battle, grabbing onto the enemy troops.

The cavalry of the alliance forces were originally at the front of the force. At this point, however, they were totally useless. Charge in front, and there was no one in front; charge behind, and they were blocked by the sword-shield soldiers. Suddenly, the cavalry commander had an idea and ordered his men to charge up the mountain to get ready to kill the archer unit.

It was easy to go down the mountain but hard to go up. The archer unit at the top wasn't afraid, aiming at them and firing shot after shot. The archer unit captain ordered the soldiers to focus on the horses. Those that were hit felt to the ground, affecting the advance of the cavalry behind them.

On the short mountain road, the archers had managed to shoot 3 waves of arrows, and the cavalry was badly injured. The original 500 cavalries were only left with less than 200. They had struggled to reach the top of the mountain. Just as they were ready to harvest the archers, a general riding a green-scaled beast suddenly appeared in front of the archer unit.