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Chapter 226- Pursuit

Chapter 226- Pursuit

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Naturally, the General in front of the archer unit was the third regiment colonel, Er'Lai. His mount, Luosha, was entering its first battle. Not only did it not feel out of place, it even excitedly roared, “Niannn!"

The suppression of the beast scared the alliance troops into a frenzy, which made them unable to advance.

Er'Lai stood at the front; he held his halberd and stood as a shield for his troops.

"Face your death!" Er'Lai hollered. He felt no fear even when he faced 200 cavalries alone. He launched an attack and charged into the group. He wielded his halberd and swung it around to perfection. He effortlessly flourished the 20-kilogram halberd. It was like a hook from hell; every wave took a life and made the enemy cower in fear.

Er'Lai's strokes were highly efficient and deadly. After a short moment, he sent blood and flesh flying around.

The Nian beast followed his master and unleashed its bloodthirst and charge abilities. It exuded an aura of ferocity and scared all the mounts; some even fell to the ground.

Luosha had a powerful charge that directly knocked some of the soldiers off their horses. Its horns were sharp weapons, which could easily pierce through the armor of the warhorses, and painted a truly gruesome scene.

The alliance cavalry surrounded Er'Lai, but they could not get close to him. Even if they luckily landed a spear on him, it barely scratched his Buren Armor. Their attacks failed to cause much harm. The same went for the iron armor that covered Luosha's body, head, and joints. As for the other areas, it had scales as strong as the Buren Armor.

Strong attack combined with an unbreakable defense, and the addition of a ferocious beast, the three together made them unstoppable. A man and his mount made the little mountaintop instantly become hell on earth.

Fresh blood flowed down the hill and slowly accumulated into a stream that trickled downward. Amongst the green of the hill, there was a line of striking red.

Such a stunning sight pumped up the soldiers of the 3rd regiment. Their majestic General had made their blood boil, and they charged toward their enemies.

On the other side, the alliance troops were in tatters, their morale at a freezing point, and they were on the verge of collapse.

The commander of the alliance forces, Ba Dao, had a look of despair as he witnessed the slaughter of his troops. He couldn't see any way to salvage this. At the crucial moment, he abandoned his troops and brought ten of his Guards to flee the battlefield, as he turned and escaped to the east.

Ba Dao's escape finally led to the alliance force’s utter collapse.

When they saw their commander escape, the soldiers all lost their will to fight and followed behind.

Dengtai Baijiang gaped, as he looked at Ba Dao’s escaping figure. He was unable to believe his eyes. He couldn't understand how the usually righteous Ba Dao would be such a coward and make such a low-level mistake. When he saw the mess in front of him, Dengtai Baijiang let out a long sigh and fell back. At least he had the slight air of a gentleman; he covered Ruoshui Sanqian and her troops before he followed behind.

People would only reveal their true colors when forced into desperate straits. Ba Dao was such a person. He only found out that he wasn’t as courageous as he seemed when the situation turned sour.

After he fled for four kilometers, he finally realized the extent of the disaster he had caused. He wanted to rush back to reorganize the forces. Unfortunately, it was already too late.

The Shanhai City cavalry relentlessly chased them. When the alliance forces saw that their efforts were futile, they decided to just surrender. Anyways, their lord had abandoned them and the warriors didn't have a psychological burden anymore.

As they needed to round up the prisoners, they missed the best time to make chase, which allowed Ba Dao to escape from death. The other two lords, Ruoshui Sanqian and Dengtian Baijiang, weren't as lucky. The 2nd unit of the 2nd regiment caught and killed them.

With that, the third regiment and the second unit of the second regiment had killed 820 men and captured 1180. At the same time, they had only lost less than 200 men—a total victory.

On the east side, Ba Dao had escaped, but the few lords on the left weren't so lucky.

Ouyang Shuo, his Guards unit, and the 3rd unit of the 1st regiment surrounded Sha Pojun and the rest. The alliance did not even manage to escape the Shanhai City border.

"Sha Pojun, why are you here?" Ouyang Shuo questioned.

Sha Pojun retorted defiantly, “Is it your business?"

Ouyang Shuo shook his head and laughed coldly, “It's not my business; I'm just afraid that someone is being used without them noticing." If Heise Pifeng wanted to find reinforcements, he would have asked Di Chen or Chun Shenjun. Why would he find Sha Pojun? Ouyang Shuo guessed that someone had schemed this and that someone wanted to make use of Sha Pojun.

Sha Pojun's expression changed; he seemed unsettled. However, he forced himself to calm down and said, “B*llshit, I find you an eyesore, and I want to destroy you. It's that simple."

"Good! You have balls! I'll fulfill your desire for death!" Ouyang Shuo didn't chatter on any longer and ordered, “Kill him!"

"Yes, lord!"

There were no challenges in this war. The Shanhai forces had surrounded 200 odd troops and did not allow any of them to escape. They destroyed all of these troop on the border of Shanhai City.

Before Sha Pojun died, he looked at Qiyue Wuyi with anger. 2,000 elite troops had died. He did not know how he would explain this to his family. The only consolation was that he didn't need to pay the teleportation fee. He could only comfort himself in this way to find a positive out of such a bad situation. Qiyue Wuyi's words left a seed of doubt in his head. After Sha Pojun thought hard, Di Chen's actions did seem a little suspicious.

Heise Pifeng could already imagine the outcome that awaited his territory. When he thought back on his past year of running the territory, he couldn’t control his emotions when he realized that Shanhai City would conquer it. He scolded, "Qiyue Wuyi you coward; you're a butcher. You don't deserve to represent the common players."

Ouyang Shuo kept silent. In truth, he didn't have any anger toward Heise Pifeng's actions. If it was him, he could also only take a risk when forced onto such a path.

The winner was king; you die, and I live. The war between territories was just that cruel.

After they destroyed the remaining enemies, Ouyang Shuo recalled the troops and went back to the city west camp.

When he returned, it was pretty much back in order. The 1st unit of the 2nd regiment, under the leadership of Sun Tengfei, had rushed to assist. However, they were too late and didn't arrive in time for the final battle.

In the tent, Ouyang Shuo called the generals for a simple military affairs meeting.

Shi Wanshui made a report of the casualties and painfully said, “My lord, a total of 1,100 troops from the 1st regiment died, nearly half of the troops in the regiment. The 2nd unit is even worst, there are only 100 men left, it will need to be rebuilt."

After he finished the report, Shi Wanshui stepped out and kneeled, “The 1st regiment has lost many troops, as the commander of the city west camp, I have not done my job. Please give me my punishment, lord."

The five other majors all stepped up and kneeled behind Shi Wanshui, “Please give me my punishment, lord."

They had suffered heavy casualties because of their lax defense, which allowed the enemy to launch a sneak attack. Such a mistake, the generals predicted that someone was going to die for it.

Ouyang Shuo expressionlessly said, Come up!"

They all looked at each other. They remained on their knees, afraid to stand up.

"What is this? Do you need me to personally help you all up?" Ouyang Shuo's meaning confused them.

"The losses in this battle were not entirely your fault. Even I didn't expect the enemy to rush over, so I can't blame you all for not expecting the same," Ouyang Shuo said. However, his tone changed, “But to suffer such heavy casualties, you all are to be blamed. The enemy reached the camp and you all didn't notice it, isn't that too slow? The whole regiment must reflect. We cannot be too arrogant and think that just because we are within the border that nothing will happen to us."

"Yes lord," the various officers were all ashamed.

"In the military, we are very fair. If you do well, we will reward you. But if you fail, we will punish you. Shi Wanshui is docked half a year of wages, the five majors three months," Ouyang Shuo announced their punishments.

"We thank the lord for letting us off!"

After this, Shi Wanshui started to talk about the hostage situation, “My lord, we have captured 320 archers, 1,260 sword-shield soldiers, and 54 cavalry—a total of 1634 people."

Ouyang Shuo nodded, “Pass them all over to the Military Affairs Department and temporarily send them to the reserve force. As for the 1st regiment, after this operation ends, we will fortify the forces."

"Operation?" Shi Wanshui didn't understand.

"That's right. The enemy dares to challenge us, so they will have to pay a price in blood. I'll return to the main camp and gather the City Protection Unit and the God Machine Unit to help the first regiment destroy Yongye Town and Guangshui Town. How is it? Do you have confidence?" Ouyang Shuo announced his plan for revenge.

As Yongye Town and Guangshui Town had exhausted many troops now, it was the best time to attack. Ouyang Shuo didn't want to leave them any time to recoup, nor did he want to allow them to recruit and train new forces.

When he heard that they were going to take revenge, the blood of the general boiled. Then, he emotionally said, “Lord don't worry, we won't let you down!" Although the 1st regiment had lost half of their troops, with the help of the City Protection Unit and the God Machine Unit, he had absolute confidence in taking down two empty towns.

As it was wartime, the meeting ended quickly. Ouyang Shuo temporarily stationed the Guards unit and the 1st unit of the 2nd regiment at the city west camp, and he brought ten of his Guards to hurriedly return to Shanhai City.